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									Intelligent Learning Summer Program information:
Designed with your children in mind, we are offering a quality summer program at an affordable rate. Your child
will have fun learning Chinese, Chinese Culture, Math, English, and Science! Please see the brief attached program
outline for details. A more detailed weekly teaching plan will be sent out to registered parents at the beginning of
every week.

You can register for 1 to 11 weeks (6/11 to 8/24) of the summer program based on your need of full day or half day
Registration* - $100/student.
Full Day (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) option per week - $280/student.
Half Day (8 a.m. - 1 p.m. OR 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.) option per week - $200/student.

*Register by April 30, and your registration will be waived. For registration after May 1, there will be a $100 per
student registration fee in addition to the program tuition.

Intelligent Learning Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Can my child participate on a per day basis?
Sorry, only the weekly option is available.

2. Can I register my child for different sessions as we go through the summer?
Yes, you can.

3. Two periods of Chinese in the morning seem heavy for a summer program for children to concentrate.
The two periods of Chinese are designated to have students immerse in a Chinese environment. Teachers will use
Chinese to communicate with students. Besides the learning from Chinese text books, it’s our goal to introduce
Chinese culture through engaging stories, games, and activities.

4. Instead of AM/PM selection, can my child participate between 10 AM -3 PM and pay half day camp fee?
Full day camp fee will be accessed even with late drop-off and early pick-up.

5. Can children’s lunch be heated? Do we have to pack our own snacks?
Yes, we can heat children's lunch. Parents will need to prepare lunches and snacks. Please no soft drinks and candy.
Also, due to the high number of students with severe nut allergies, please do not prepare food containing peanuts.

6. What number to contact the school for late pick up or any other emergency?
AM class -Teacher Yan 650-302-3194 (Intelligent Learning)
PM class - Teacher Amy 650-302-3194 (Intelligent Learning)

7. If my student is in the afternoon class, can he/she come earlier to eat lunch with the other students?
Yes, your student may come earlier to eat lunch.

8. If my student misses a day/days in a week, can he/she make it up in a different week?
Sorry, no make-up days are available.

9. Can I switch around the weeks that I registered?
It's only allowed if we are given two weeks notice. Students can stay in a class only if his/her name appears on the
camper list.

10. Where is the new location?
Our new location is 1766 El Camino, Burlingame. It has ample parking space and a welcoming court yard!

11. Is there any outdoor time or field trips?
No. However, when weather permits, we will allow students to partake in some activities in the court yard.
12. Are there any discounts for siblings?
Yes, there is a 10% discount for the second student.

13. If I register for more than one week, do I need to pay the tuition all at once?
Yes, but you may pay using separate checks. If the tuition is paid using a separate check, it will only be deposited at
the beginning of the registered week. The tuition check should be included with the registration forms.

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