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Unit Four


									Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)
      主 讲:金 钏
                  Analysis of Textbook

Role of Unit 5
                                    Talking face to face    Being all ears

    Unit 5                 Reading
At a Restaurant                             Passage I      Passage II
                   Aims   Translating

                          Writing     Sentence writing     Applied writing
                   Analysis of Textbook

Division of This Unit
  Section I:   Talking Face to Face (Speaking)
                                                      Basic Skills
             Being All Ears (Listening)             (Lays the foundation)

  Section II:    Maintaining a Sharp Eye
                 ( Passage I) (Intensive Reading)   Emphasis

 Section III: Passage II (Extensive Reading )
                Sentence Writing(Grammar)            Enhancement
                Applied Writing(Writing)
                      Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)

Aims and Requirements:

Aims of knowledge: enable Ss to learn some related information about
food and culture

2.To teach Ss some basic expressions used in restaurants

Aims of capability:
1. To cultivate Ss’ capability of listening and speaking

2. To practice Ss’ capability of presentation
3. To develop Ss’ capability of communication
          Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)


Talking Face to Face: Related information about food and culture
                         Word study
                         Making dialogues
                        Topic discussion

Being All Ears: (Retelling story)
           Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)

Significance :

Tend to upgrade Ss’ listening and speaking ability

Lay the basis of reading and writing

Arouse Ss’ interest in learning
                       Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)
                                            Chicken Slices with Walnuts
Expressions of how to order dishes:
 I would prefer a table near the window.         Roast Beijing duck
                                                   (北京烤鸭)                   Gfffiiixcc

 May I take your order?                          Steamed fresh fish
                                                     (清蒸鱼) Chicken Slices with Walnuts
 Would you like something to drink?        Sweet and sour yellow croaker桃仁鸡片)
 May I have the menu, please?                       (糖醋黄鱼)           with Orange Peel
                                                  New York Steak        (陈皮牛肉)
 Would you like to try some Chinese                 (纽约牛排)          Roast Beijing duck
 food?                                                               Steamed fresh fish
                                                               Sweet and sour yellow croaker
                                                                      Newyork Steak
              Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)
Teaching Steps:
1. Warm-up activity (5分钟)
   related information about food and culture
2. Presentation of the new materials (25分钟)
   New words and expressions
   Follow the Samples
3. Reinforcement (35分钟)
   Act Out
   Being All Ears
4. Summary (15分钟)
   Topic discussion
  Retelling story
5. Assignments (10分钟)
   Put in Use
Where is the

At a restaurant.
            Related information about food and
Contents    different eating habits between Chinese
            and foreigners

               Asking and responding

           To arouse Ss’ interest in learning
                 What did the customer order ?

  Dialogue 1

               How would they like their steak ?

Dialogue 2
                Did the waiter make a mistake ?
              Words and expressions
Contents      Follow the samples

   Methods        Reciting

             To help Ss to master useful
             expressions and sentence patterns
                              Act out
          Contents            Being all ears

          Listening              A couple at a restaurant:
                                 Ordering Chinese food
Methods   Performing tasks       and a bottle of beer
          Role playing           The waiter:Recommending
                                 Beijing Roast Duck

            To upgrade Ss’listening & speaking ability
                           Topic discussion
                           Retelling story


           To cultivate Ss’capability of presentation
          contents         Put in use
                           Act out a play (after class)

methods       Practice

             To consolidate Ss’ knowledge
                                 Teaching Steps

information          Step 1 Lead-in

                                         Methods to be employed:              Aims:
Follow the samples   Step 2 Input               Listening Reciting
                                                   Role playing
                                                 Topic discussion
                                                                       To cultivate Ss’
                                                  Retelling story
                                                                      ability of speaking
                                                Working in pairs
Act out                                                                  and listening
                     Step 3 Take-in                 Introducing
Being all ears                                Asking and responding

Topic discussion     Step 4 Output
Retelling story

  Put in use         Step 5   Consolidation
               Unit 5 At a Restaurant (I)


                                   2.How to stimulate
1.The teacher’s role in class
                                      Ss’ interest
  1.The teacher’s role in class

As the whole teaching process is task-based, the
teacher’s task is to organize classroom activities in
a natural and smooth way and make sure the Ss
are stimulated so as not to weaken their eagerness
to participate.
         1.The teacher’s role in class
                      Classroom activities
                             To watch over Ss to
                              prevent them from
                                doing off-key


                                                   A Organizer, monitor
To make judgment &
provide information
                                                    and facilitator
         2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?

Ss’ interest in learning is a crucial point of classroom activities.
The teacher should make every means to arouse Ss’ interest


                Classroom activities
           2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?
                      ( Listening )

                         Pre-listening prediction
                   (Provide Ss with a purpose for listening)

From traditional
 Listening to

                       Post-listening retelling story
                      (Reinforce what Ss have heard)
          2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?

                                           2 minimizing interrupting
 1 utilizing the means
                                             for corrections to
        of praise
                                            maintain Ss’ confidence
to enhance Ss’ interest
                                                 in speaking

                           3 introducing
                          into classroom
       2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?

                            respond with “good”
                            “excellent”, “well done”
Utilizing the means
of praise to
enhance Ss’interest

                            to push Ss to make
                             greater efforts to get
                             better results in study
          2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?

                              Unnecessary to correct
                              any mistakes in the
                              course of Ss’ expression
interrupting for
corrections to
Ss’confidence in             So as not to break up the
speaking                     discourse and cause Ss to lose
                             confidence in speaking
              2 How to stimulate Ss’ interest?

                                 Divide the whole class into
                                 groups with the same topic
                                 to discuss, each group
                                 recommending one person
                                 to present. Keep reckoning
                                 the time
competition into
class to bring Ss
 into a friendly
rivalry with one
another                         Be useful for stimulating Ss’
                                eagerness to participate
  related information                         Ss’listening and
about food and culture                        speaking ability

                   Unit 5 At a      Restaurant (I)

                           Key point

        Utilizing the
       means of praise
                                             for corrections
                           into classroom

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