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					                                                                      Quick Reference Card

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut                                Shortcut
           Pick Flyout                             Touch-up Flyout
   O             Object Pick Tool          5              Red-Eye Removal Tool

   M             Mask Transform Tool       C              Clone Tool

                                           7              Touch-up Brush Tool
           Mask Flyout

   R             Rectangle Mask Tool
                                                   Shape Flyout
   J             Ellipse Mask Tool
                                           F6             Rectangle Tool
   K             Freehand Mask Tool
                                           F7             Ellipse Tool
   A             Lasso Mask Tool
                                           Y              Polygon Tool
   4             Magnetic Mask Tool
                                           L              Line Tool
   W             Magic Wand Mask Tool
                                          F10             Path Tool
   B             Brush Mask Tool

                                                   Fill Flyout
   D             Crop Tool                 F              Fill Tool

           Zoom Flyout                     G              Interactive Fill Tool

   Z             Zoom Tool

   H             Pan Tool

   E              Eyedropper Tool

   X              Eraser Tool

   T              Text Tool
Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut                                                                              Shortcut
                   Brush Flyout                                                                  Interactive/Transparency Flyout

     P                      Paint Tool                                                     S            Interactive Drop Shadow Tool

    V                                                                                                   Interactive Object Transparency
                            Effect Tool                                                    1

     I                      Image Sprayer Tool                                             2            Color Transparency Tool

    U                       Undo Brush Tool                                                3            Object Transparency Brush Tool

    Q                       Replace Color Brush Tool
                                                                                           6            Image Slicing Tool

! You can apply a straight brush stroke using any brush based tool by holding down Ctrl after you begin to drag in the image window. While
  still holding down Ctrl, you can press Shift to switch between horizontal and vertical brush strokes.
! When defining editable areas, you can use Ctrl and Shift to constrain the shape of the area you add or subtract after you begin to drag. For
  example, if you’re using the Ellipse Mask tool, holding down Ctrl constrains the shape to a circle, and holding down Ctrl + Shift makes the
  circle expand from the center.
! You can select a fill color by right-clicking a color on the color palette.
! You can fit text to a path by clicking the Text tool, moving the pointer over a path, and clicking where you want the text to begin. As you
  move the pointer over the path, the pointer changes. This change indicates that you can now click and type.
! You can change the order of objects using shortcut keys. Move an object to the top of the stack by pressing Shift + PgUp; move it to the
  bottom of the stack, but above the background, by pressing Shift + PgDn; move it up one step in the stacking order by pressing Ctrl + PgUp;
  and move it down one step by pressing Ctrl + PgDn.
! You can switch to the last tool used by pressing the Spacebar.

                                                                 Property Bar                    Standard toolbar
                                                                 Contains commands that          Contains shortcuts to some
     Contain drop-down menus                                     change according to the         menus and basic commands
      with commands grouped                                      active tool
                   by category

                          Toolbox                                                                                                      Provides access to
                                                                                                                                       additional commands and
         Contains tools for editing,
                                                                                                                                       image information. The
               creating and viewing
                                                                                                                                       Object docker is displayed
           images. The toolbox also
                                                                                                                                       by default
          contains the color control
         area, which lets you select
                      colors and fills

                                                                                                                                       Color palette
                                                                                                                                       Contains color swatches
                 Image window
              The area in which the
                     image displays

                                                                                                                                       Status Bar
                                                                                                                                       Displays image information,
                                                                      Navigator                                                        system information and tips
                           Lets you view a thumbnail of the entire image so you can
                        focus the image window on a specific area. The Navigator is
                       only available if areas of the image exceed the image window
Keyboard shortcuts
Menus and menu commands

Menu            Command                                                           Shortcut                                     Menu            Command                                     Shortcut

File            New                                                               Ctrl + N                                     Object          Create } Object: Copy selection             Ctrl + Up Arrow
                New from Clipboard                                                Shift + Ctrl + N                                             Create } Object: Cut selection              Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow
                Open                                                              Ctrl + O                                                     Duplicate                                   Ctrl + D
                Save                                                              Ctrl + S                                                     Arrange } Align and distribute              Ctrl + Shift + A
                Acquire Image } Select source                                     Ctrl + Shift + Q                                             Arrange } Group                             Ctrl + G
                Acquire Image } Acquire                                           Ctrl + Q                                                     Arrange } Ungroup                           Ctrl + U
                Import } Import                                                   Ctrl + I                                                     Arrange } Order } To front                  Shift + Page Up
                Export                                                            Ctrl + E                                                     Arrange } Order } To back                   Shift + Page Down
                Export for Office                                                                                                              Arrange } Order } Forward one               Ctrl + Page Up
                Print                                                             Ctrl + P                                                     Arrange } Order } Back one                  Ctrl + Page Down
                Exit                                                              Alt + F4                                                     Combine } Combine objects together          Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
                                                                                                                                               Combine } Combine objects with background   Ctrl + Down Arrow
Edit            Undo                                                              Ctrl + Z                                                     Combine } Combine all objects with
                Redo                                                              Ctrl + Shift + Z                                                        background                       Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
                Repeat last command                                               Ctrl + L                                                     Feather                                     Ctrl + Shift + F
                Cut                                                               Ctrl + X                                                     Marquee visible                             Ctrl + Shift + H
                Copy                                                              Ctrl + C
                Copy visible                                                      Ctrl + Shift + C                             Movie           Move frame                                  Ctrl + Shift + G
                Paste } Paste as new object                                       Ctrl + V
                Paste } Into selection                                            Ctrl + Shift + V                             Tools           Customization                               Ctrl + J
                Paste } New from Clipboard                                        Shift + Ctrl + N                                             Visual Basic® } Visual Basic Editor         Alt + F11
                Fill                                                              Ctrl + Backspace
                                                                                                                               Windows Cascade                                             Shift + F5
View            Full screen preview                                               F9                                                   Tile horizontally                                   Shift + F4
                Rulers                                                            Ctrl + Shift + R                                     Color palettes } Color palette browser              Ctrl + F5
                Grid                                                              Ctrl + Shift + E                                     Dockers } Objects                                   Ctrl + F7
                Snap to } Grid                                                    Ctrl + Y                                             Dockers } Channels                                  Ctrl + F9
                Snap to } Guidelines                                              Ctrl + Shift + Y                                     Dockers } Path                                      Alt + F10
                Zoom in                                                           F2                                                   Dockers } Info                                      Ctrl + F1
                Zoom out                                                          F3                                                   Dockers } Image slicing                             Alt + F1
                Fit in window                                                     F4                                                   Dockers } Recorder                                  Ctrl + F3
                                                                                                                                       Dockers } Undo                                      Alt + F9
Image           Adjust } Tone curve                                               Ctrl + T                                             Dockers } Artistic Media                            Ctrl + F10
                Adjust } Brightness/Contrast/Intensity                            Ctrl + B                                             Dockers } Brush settings                            Ctrl + F8
                Adjust } Color balance                                            Ctrl + Shift + B                                     Dockers } Color                                     Ctrl + F2
                Adjust } Hue/Saturation/Lightness                                 Ctrl + Shift + U                                     Dockers } Movie                                     Ctrl + F11
                                                                                                                                       Dockers } Scrapbook } Browse                        Ctrl + F12
Effects         Repeat } Last effect                                              Ctrl + F                                             Maximize work area                                  Backspace

Mask            Create } Mask from object(s)                                      Ctrl + M                                     Help            Help topics                                 F1
                Select all                                                        Ctrl + A
                Invert                                                            Ctrl + Shift + I
                Remove                                                            Ctrl + R
                Paint on mask                                                     Ctrl + K
                Marquee visible                                                   Ctrl + H

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