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Incoming 7th grade Registration


									Incoming 7th & 8th grade

   Roach Middle School
      Spring 2011
Where we are now?
 6th PAP Math is a compaction of all the 6th
 and 7th grade math TEKS.
 6th grade is a transition year (elementary to
 middle school) with several new math
 concepts taught
 7th grade PAP is actually 8th grade on-level

Can you have true rigor in an advanced course
when you teach two years of content in 180
days of instruction?
Where we are now?
 BIG PROBLEM: Once you leave the PAP tract in
 6th grade it is almost impossible to get back on it
 due to curriculum gaps

 BIG PROBLEM: In the future world of STAAR, we
 have a pure “acceleration” curriculum model in
 MS. Rigor and Enrichment have not been primary
 targets for our MS curriculum. (A mile wide and
 an inch deep)
Where we may want to go?
• 6th PAP curriculum is redesigned into a
  “rigorous” and enriched curriculum with
  6th grade TEKS ONLY + Problem Solving
• 7th PAP curriculum is redesigned into a
  “rigorous” and enriched curriculum with
  7th grade TEKS ONLY + Problem Solving
• 8th PAP Math class is designed with
  “rigorous” and “enriched” curriculum with
  8th grade TEKS and Algebra Readiness
         Middle School Math

                                                 8th grade
                                                 PAP math

8th PAP Math class is designed with “rigorous” and “enriched”
curriculum with 8th grade TEKS + 8TH Grade Problem Solving
Registration Card &
        Course Guide…

           All students should
           – 7th: registration card
             and course guide

           – 8th: registration card
             and course guide
        Course Selection

They should have printed their name and ID
number on the front of the registration card.
               Name: _________________________

               Student ID # ____________________
 Student Registration Information…
       Your child should have printed his/her name and
       ID number, CIRCLED next year’s grade level,
       and then CIRCLED the appropriate gender on the
       back of the card.

Student Name: ______________________________    Grade:    6   7   8
Student ID Number: __________________________   Gender:   M   F
Required Classes – 7th Grade

ELA27100M       ILA             All students are required
ELA27200M       PreAP ILA       to take the following
                                core classes…
MTH17100M       Math 7
MTH17200M       PAP Math 7*          ILA or PreAP ILA
                                     Math or PAP Math*
SCI17100M       Science              Science or PreAP Science
SCI17200M       PreAP Science        Texas History

SST17100M   X   Texas History
  Art I

  Art II*
                                                   Electives –

  Theatre I
                                                      7th Grade
  Theatre II*
  Advanced Theatre Studies*
  Beginning Technical Theatre
  Choir                                          Each   student receives
  Skills for Independent Living                  2 electives.
  Teen Leadership                                Your child needs to
  Robotics                                       rank the electives, with
  Video Production I & Multimedia I Combo        1 being their first
  Spanish IA
                                                 choice and 6 being
                                                 their last choice.

Courses marked with an * require a prerequisite. Please refer to the course
guide for the prerequisite requirements. Spanish IA is the first year of a two
year course. Students must complete two full years of Spanish in middle
school in order to receive 1 credit for Spanish I in high school.
PreAP Maintenance

   PreAP Maintenance Criteria (for all grade levels): A
   student who earns below a 70 in two consecutive six
   weeks grading periods will be placed on academic
   probation and a committee including the student,
   parent and teacher will convene to develop a plan for
   future success. If at the conclusion of the six weeks of
   probation the student again earns below a 70%, the
   committee will reconvene to determine if Pre-AP is the
   appropriate placement. Students enrolled in these
   courses should expect high standards and an
   additional time requirement.
   Required Physical Education class
          (7th Grade ONLY):
All 7th graders are required to take 1 physical education class
Please choose 1 Physical Education class from the list below

              Girls’ Athletics

              Boys’ Athletics

              Rams Strength and Conditioning – Girls
              Rams Strength and Conditioning - Boys
              Beginning Tennis
              Coed PE
Information packets will be provided once
registration is complete.
No cost involved
If a student only wants to be involved in soccer,
cross country or track, he/she will NOT sign up
for athletics
If a student did not participate in athletics as a
7th grader, he/she must get approval from
Coach White (girls) or Coach Salazar (boys) in
order to participate in 8th grade.
A physical is required to participate
     Required Classes –             8th   Grade
ELA28100M       ILA             All students are required
ELA28200M       PreAP ILA       to take the following core
MTH18100M       Math 8
MTH18100M       PAP Math 8           ILA or PreAP ILA
MTH11100M       PAP Algebra 1        Math 8, PAP Math 8 or
                                     PAP Algebra 1*
SCI18100M       Science               Science or PreAP
SCI18200M       PAP Science
                                     U.S. History
SST18100M       History
           Electives – 8th Grade

Each   eighth grade student receives 3 electives.

Your   child needs to rank the electives, with 1 being
their first choice and 6 being their last choice.
                      Electives – 8th Grade
                                 Skills for Independent     Spanish IB
                                 Living II*
Art II*                         Teen Leadership            Office Aide / Library Aide
                                                             (App. RQ)

Art III*                                                    Athletics (Girls)
Band                            Robotics                   Athletics (Boys)
Orchestra                       Video Production I &       Strength & Conditioning-
                                 Multimedia I Combo          Boys
Theatre I                       Video Production II &      Strength & Conditioning-
                                 Multimedia II Combo         Girls
Theatre II*                     Digital Graphics &         Advanced Tennis (coach
                                 Animation                   signature required)
Advanced Theatre Studies        Broadcast (App RQ)         PE
Beginning Technical Theatre     Yearbook/Journalism (App

Skills for Independent Living   Health ( h.s. credit)

                                                                 *Prerequisite Required
          Schedule Changes
Schedule Changes: Schedule changes are
   allowed for the following reasons: 1)
   Missing a required class (math, science,
   social studies, ILA). 2) Too many/too few
   classes on the schedule. 3) Need to change
   between Pre-AP and Regular level class.
   Make sure you choose your classes carefully
   and understand the schedule change policy
            TAKS Tests
TAKS (for all grade levels): If your child
does not meet expectations on any section of
TAKS (math and/or reading), your child will
be scheduled into the appropriate TAKS
preparation class. According to state law, we
are required to provide your child with
intense accelerated instruction to promote
future academic success. This class(es) will
take the place of one or more electives.
   Parent Information…

 Please make sure you have included appropriate
 phone numbers in case we have any questions
 and need to contact you this summer.
 A parent needs to sign the card before turning it
 Please initial each policy on the back of the

_______________________________   _____________________
         Parent Name                  Phone Number
        Parent Signature
Turn in the REGISTRATION card

              6th grade and 7th grade: ALL
              registration cards are due to your
              child’s ILA teacher no later than
              Monday, February 7th. Any cards
              turned in after the deadline will be
              processed last.
              All applications due to teacher of
              that class by Monday, February
              Available for questions after this

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