Taipei W Hotel Review by gaudencio23abadines


									 W Hotel Review
W Hotels have always been known for their experiental quality, from the
charming old-world touch of W New York in Union Square, the vintage glam
of W Hollywood, the sensorial experience of luxury and art in W Hong
Kong, and the ethereal quality of W Seoul nestled on top of Mount Acha
overlooking the Han River. By virtue of the Starwood brand and the W
Hotel chain, one could almost predict W Hotel Taipei to be innovative,
contemporary, and design-driven, yet the narrative of W Taipei takes us
deep into the history and trade of Taiwan (which used to be known as the
electronics haven of Asia) fusing it with natural resources.
   This fusion between the rural surroundings of the Taipei and central
business district of Xinyi where the hotel is located, is best seen in
the hotel's design concept of "nature electrified."
You'll understand this upon approach as you see "The Chain," a gigantic
stainless steel chain that symbolically anchors the energy of W Taipei
building into the ground. Its roots in nature can also be seen with green
wall that covers a better part of the exterior, filled mostly with plants
organically grown throughout Taiwan.

Nature electrified
   As you enter the lobby, your sense go into overdrive towards two
directions, it puts yourself at ease in the tranquil interiors, while
keeping you on your toes with the electric vibe of the space.
Through the installation To Light You Fade by random international (also
an awardee of W hotel's "Designers of the Future") you get to interact
with light in an intuitive manner, and movements are in sync with the
surroundings, changing its shape, look, and feel, depending on your
proximity and movement. The installation is mounted on a reclaimed wooden
wall on the ground floor of W Taipei, and was developed using custom
software, requiring several hundred unique OLED (organic light emitting
diodes) to create a delicate sculpture of mirrored plastic and bamboo
   Inside, you are transported into a digital forest, with a delicate
sculpture of mirrored plastic and bamboo sheets hanging from the ceiling
as if imitating the tenacity of snow, the gentleness of rain, and light
trickling in between the forest leaves. Towards the lobby elevator is
Purple Target, a mandala-shaped canvas filled with high-grade thumbtacks
symbolizing the centrality of W Taipei in the heart of Xinyi district.
White up-lights on the floor present in both the lobby and the 10th floor
(where the main concierge and reception desks are located), continue the
discourse of nature-technology as these evoke the feeling of water

Sully the senses
   The keen attention to detail extends to their ecletic assortment of
signature restaurants and lounges. The Kitchen Table offers a variety of
comfort dishes such as spicy tandoori, wood-fired pizza, salad, seafood
and other grilled dishes. It offers light and airy garden cottage
setting, with a contemporary twist, of course, punctuated by a flood of
natural light on bold acid yellows and refreshing white colors.
    The Living Room doubles as a lounge and restaurant with tall slatted
timber cocoon chairs clustered in groups. It serves as access to the W
pool skydeck through generous sliding glass panels. At the edge of the
pool is a metal bubble sculpture evoking suspended droplets of water, to
complement the modern, clean lines of the boardwalk deck and the open-
style fireplace.
   Perched high on the 31st floor is YEN, the hotel's signature Chinese
restaurant, the first W inspired Chinese restaurant in the world, which
shall be the basis for future iterations in other branches. Yen shows off
a spectacular view of the pulsating Xinyi district that extends to the
natural mountain ranges around Taipei.

An urban escape
   Guestrooms are designed as private sanctuaries by leaning towards a
more natural palette of warm-colored stones, burnished wood, and lush
floral carpeting shown through the subtle light of Chinese lantern boxes.
Keen attention to detail are all key to relaying the cosmopolitan
lifestyle of any W guest: The interior balcony, the signature ultra-
comfortable W bed, the white workstation paired with a leather ergonomic
chair, and oversized vacation-style tub, and the red or chartreuse-
colored subway-inspired wall tile and wooden partition.
   True to the contemporary and design-led lifestyle brand of W Hotels
with more than 38 hotels and retreats around the world, W Taipei
encompasses their core passions of fashion, music, and entertainment,
through their fashion activities hinged on both local and international
fashion in the case of W's participation in international events like
presenting their "Global Glam" collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion
   Another component is their signature Whatever, Whenever service policy
that offers guests whatever they want, whenever they want it, with the W
Insider at the forefront. That is why the W hotel is a class of its own,
it does not only give you a place to rest, but in its own way, it gathers
all the exciting energy of the modern city of Taipei and lets you feel it
by virtue of the hotel experience.

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