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					First impression lasts, and this compact SUV made a huge one the moment
you lay your eyes in it. The 4th generation Honda CR-V comes fully loaded
with all the things you would want in a modern SUV: A sleek and stylish
design matched by a functionality you would never see in other vehicles
in its category.
Since seeing it, I had been dreaming of taking it for a spin and in my
head, I made plans of driving up to Baguio for a weekend respite or
taking a short drive to Nasugbu just to test what this machine can do.

   The opportunity finally did com at the best possible time. Typhoon
Gener was o his way out of the Philippine area of responsibility, but on
the same day that I got the keys for the new Honda CRV, the typhoon
decided to extend its stay in the country, only to be followed by strong
monsoon rains.

   I initially had some apprehensions on driving this SUV. It wasn't
because of the nearly week-long continuous rains and the widespread
flooding in the city but because of the CRV's size; driving anything
bigger than a Honda Jazz makes me think twice.

   However, despite its bigger size and my being used to driving a more
compact car, there was a certain feeling of familiarity the moment I sat
on the driver's seat and the utter excitement of seeing what's inside the
CRV. The ambient lighting changes its color to reflect your driving
style: Green means fuel-efficient driving, yellow means moderate
acceleration/deceleration while white means aggressive

   For a compact SUV, this vehicle is in a league of its own. It's one of
the best cars in its category when it comes to fuel efficiency. I know
this because I saw it with my own eyes when i was Practically crawling
through the streets of EDSA during the height of the monsoon rains. When
it comes to handling, I didn't feel that I was driving an SUV, as the CRV
was even lighter than my on Jazz.

   One thing I also found very useful was the hands-free telephone
feature of the CRV. This allowed me to cal and receive calls from my
parents, friends and siblings conveniently during the widespread flooding
to update me as to the best route I should take to get home safely.

   I could also access my iPod or any other mp3 player device, for that
matter, with the i-MID via the CRV's Bluetooth system. All these just by
pressing several intuitive controls conveniently found in the steering
wheel. Not only that the i-MID also allowed me to park conveniently
through the help of a built-in read camera. As soon as I shift the
transmission on reverse, the rear camera was automatically activated,
giving me an image of the rear view of the car.

   In terms of cargo space, the CRV is spacious enough especially for
someone who is used to loading cargo in the tinier Jazz; I was pleasantly
surprised to see how much I was able to put inside this SUV. With the
one-pull fold down rear seats of the CRV, there was even additional cargo
space available.
   One thing i regretted not being able to try in this vehicle was the
cruise control feature. I was tempted to try it along NLEX with the
sunroof open but i had to forego it. No on a flooded NLEX.

   All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with the compact SUV. it has a ca-
like drivability and provides drivng and riding comfort I haven't
experience in other SUVs. With the efficiency of a passenger car, the
functionality of a mini-van, and the security and confidence of an SUV,
would i want to drive this machine home for good? Definitely!!