; All that you want to know about Skin Whitening
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All that you want to know about Skin Whitening


All that you want to know about Skin Whitening

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									There is no denying that skin whitening products is a big business- but
is all skin whitening creams and related cosmetic products swarming the
markets really safe to use. The fact is most manufacturers use skin
bleaching products and other suspect ingredients that the FDA has
declared as unsafe. The FDA categorically states that "over-the-counter
(OTC) skin bleaching drug products are not generally recognized as safe
and effective".

 The use of skin lightening creams is associated to dermatological
diseases and skin cancer and also advances aging. Skin bleaching products
are banned in the UK and in Europe, though there is a flourishing black
market. It is known that for centuries, women have aspired to improve
their beauty and physical looks to remain attractive.It is possible today
to buy a variety of skin lighteners and whiteners at beauty shops and
skin clinics. Despite warnings, women continue to use skin lighteners and
whiteners to remove bothersome freckles and combat aging.

 The modern ways of skin whitening treatments vary greatly from earlier
times and a person can choose products for their skin according to their
taste. Besides whitening of skin on the face and neck, there are also
special techniques of bleaching the skin of lip, armpit, and body areas
that are exposed.

 The technique of natural skin bleaching is one of the safest skin
whitening treatments as they use ingredients of vegetative raw material.
This method allows for the gentle weakening of the skin pigmentation and
it does not damage the upper layers of epidermis. The more effective, but
much cruder way of skin whitening is bleaching the skin with the help of
artificial chemical ingredients such as zinc, iron, hydroquinone,
glycolic, dairy, and citric acid. These substances delete the top layer
of epidermis and interfere with the development of melanin, which is the
basic painting pigment in our skin.

 Use of special protective creams is strongly recommended as they would
interface with the penetration into the skin of the ultra violet beams.
The application of protective creams can also improve the results of skin
bleaching considerably and safeguard the skin. However, everyone who
wants to undergo skin whitening procedures should remember that it is
necessary to define the degree of skin sensitivity and to consult a
dermatologist and a cosmetician.

 If your profession entails field work and you expose your skin to the
sun for long periods of time, your skin will get darker over time.
However, when you are looking for skin whitening creams, make sure not to
be unduly influenced by all the advertising you read in the media and
choose a product of proper quality that is void of artificial
ingredients. Always read the label to make sure that it does not contain
synthetic ingredients, but is full of natural components.

 Two unsafe artificial ingredients found in skin whitening creams are
benzene and mercury. These should be scrupulously avoided as they can
give rise to cancer and your skin may also develop severe and, at times
irreversible damage. Mineral oil, for instance, has been found in
literally hundreds of skin whitening products and manufacturers mislead
by using alternative names like liquid paraffin, paraffin wax and
petrolatum. Please know that mineral oil can clog up pores and interfere
with skin breathing.

 Skin whitening creams are, of course, known to play a role in providing
a radiant appearance, but you should not depend on these creams alone to
get the results you want. Rather, ask about certain natural products like
functional keratin, coenzyme Q10, natural vitamins E and C, honey and
avocado extract, and jojoba oil.

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