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OWL is the ONLY national membership organization to focus exclusively on critical issues facing women as they
age. We work together to improve the status and quality of life for midlife and older women through national,
state, and local networks.

                                          OWL March Meeting

                            Saturday, March 28, 2009
            10 am – 11 am: Business meeting/socializing (all welcome)
                            Program: 11 am - Noon
                FLOOD BUILDING, 870 MARKET ST., ROOM 1185

                                  The Economic Downturn:
         How Can Midlife and Older Women Plan for the Future?

Are you retired or planning to retire? What if the current recession continues?
Now is the time to create a personal plan for your future. CATHERINE PINKAS,
M.B.A., will outline ways to address both the current and future needs of midlife
and older women.

Pinkas is an experienced financial advisor serving individuals and small business
owners. She also teaches at UC Berkeley Extension and the University of San
Francisco. (And she is the immediate past president of our OWL chapter!)

          Join us for this timely discussion. This event is open to all.

                                                      - -1
Allyson Washburn, President      Kathie Piccagli
E-mail: amwashburn@comcast.net   Amy Hittner                            SF OWL Board meetings: first
Nan McGuire, Co-VP               Ruth Strassner                         Monday of the month, 3-5 pm, 870
Jane Swinerton, Secretary        Eunice Rosenberg                       Market St.
Esther Wong, Treasurer           Lorraine Honig                         Phone: (415) 989-4422
Mary Goode                       Marcia Soffer                          Email: owlsanfran@juno.com
Judi Sahagen                     Jonee Levy                             Web: www.owlsf.org
Leda Sanford                     Newsletter– The Newsletter Committee   Mail: 870 Market St., Room 905, San
                                  (415) 989-4422                        Francisco, CA 94102

                                               - -2
    WELCOME TO OUR NEW BOARD                                planning, product development and large
           MEMBERS                                          systems application development. Most
                                                            recently she has been a consultant with a focus
As indicated in the last newsletter, new board              on facilitation of groups, developing large
members were elected at the annual meeting in               strategic efforts in order to quickly come to
December; short biographical sketches of the                closure on complex business issues.
new board members follow:                                           A perfect demonstration of Judi’s skills
                                                            was her facilitation of OWL’s recent annual
        Jonee Levy moved to San Francisco                   planning meeting where her use of flip charts
from Marin/Sonoma Counties, having closed                   and attention to people’s issues was outstanding.
eight-year-old “Whiskey Creek Pottery”,                     Judi’s background in financial services is a
unencumbered by debt, financial or emotional.               major contribution in the management of SF
And now what? A job plucked from a SF                       OWL’s financial record-keeping and budgeting.
Chronicle want ad grew to become Jonee Levy
Associated Mills, JLMA, a small design,                                              ******
marketing and sales company which ran for                           Leda Sanford was the first woman to
eleven years. Jonee and company designed and                become publisher of a major American
sold socks and hosiery throughout the United                magazine, American Home, in 1975. Since then
States, Europe and Asia.                                    she has been publisher and editor of Bon
        Jonee’s creative and leadership skills are          Appetit, Modern Maturity (AARP), Chief
evident in her participation on the SF Parks and            Executive, Attenzione, and also directed the
Recreation Open Space Committee (PROSAC),                   publishing division of Age Wave Publications,
the Board of Telegraph Hill Neighborhood                    publishers of Get Up & Go!, the magazine for
Center, North Beach Neighbors, and District 3               women living anew. A collection of her
Democratic Club. Along with her neighbors,                  columns written for this publication was
she helped save Fay Garden and founded                      published by Elder’s Academy press and titled,
“Friends of Fay Garden”. She is founder and                 “Look for the Moon in the Morning”.
current chair of “Aging in Place Committee/                         Leda was born in Italy and raised in the
Telegraph Hill.” Perfect credentials for a seat on          Bronx. She moved from Manhattan to the Bay
the board of OWL!                                           area in 1992. She is divorced, has two sons and
                                                            two grandchildren and lives in Sausalito. She is
                          ******                            currently writing her memoir.
        Kathie Piccagli has had three “careers”                                       *****
since she was 40. First, she was a public school
teacher in San Francisco, ending this career as a                   Arlene Silverman has been a high-school
middle school math and science teacher.                     teacher, director of parent-involvement
Thereafter she was a women’s health educator,               programs for San Francisco School Volunteers
teaching community classes about menopause                  and grant writer for local non-profits. She is
and women’s health. This eventually led to                  currently development consultant for RSVP,
career number three, working in OWL on many                 which matches older adults with volunteer
aspects of quality of life for mid-life and older           opportunities at 100 Bay Area non-profits,
women. She is particularly involved in                      Experience Corps and Senior Companions of
promoting single-payer universal health care                Marin. Her writing has appeared in the San
and improved economic conditions for women                  Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, ELDR,
as they age. She is a past president of San                 Saturday Evening Post, Christian Science
Francisco OWL and currently serves on the                   Monitor and other publications. Her experience
Board of OWL-National.                                      with volunteers and professional writing skills
                          ******                            bring vital assets to the board.
                                                                    Marcia Soffer
        Judi Sahagen has spent her professional
career primarily in the financial services
industry. She has been involved in strategic
                                                     - -3
                                                           Act less effective than it should be in combating
                                                           wage discrimination. It will also strengthen
                                                           outreach, education and enforcement efforts
                                                           and prohibit retaliation against workers who ask
  Welcome to NEW MEMBERS                                   about employers' wage practice.

 Marilyn Hayward                                           Sincerely,
                                                           Name and address

 Channa Omer                                                      Marcia Soffer

                                                             March is Women’s History Month
                                                           The March celebration of Women’s History
On Thursday, January 29, President Obama
signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the very
                                                           Month has local roots in Sonoma. In 1978 the
first of his new administration. This legislation          Sonoma County Commission on the Status of
righted a wrong perpetrated by the Supreme                 Women instituted “Women’s History Week”
Court in its 2007 Ledbetter v. Goodyear                    which included March 8, International Women’s
decision in which the court ruled that Lilly               Day. On March 8, 1857, women in New York
Ledbetter, an employee of Goodyear Tire and                City factories protested working conditions. On
Rubber Company, could not sue for wage                     March 8, 1917, Russian women in St.
discrimination because her claim was brought               Petersberg took to the streets “for bread and
more than 180 days after the first act of                  peace”, a protest that merged with three days of
discrimination. The Fair Pay legislation                   riots. March 8 subsequently became a Soviet
restores the fundamentally just principle that as
                                                           holiday “The Heroic Woman Worker Day”
long as discrimination continues in the
workplace, so too does an employee's ability to
                                                           which currently in Russia has evolved into a sort
do something about it.                                     of Mother’s Day. In 1981 Senator Orrin Hatch
                                                           (R-Utah) and Representative Barbara Mikulski
The Paycheck Fairness Act will put an end to               (D-MD) co-sponsored a joint Congressional
loopholes and weak remedies that made the                  resolution proclaiming a Women’s National
Equal Pay Act less effective than it should be in          History Week that included this March date.
combating wage discrimination. It will also                The initiative was expanded in 1987 to a full
strengthen outreach, education and                         month observation.
enforcement efforts and prohibit retaliation
against workers who ask about employers'                   Celebrated within organizations, schools,
wage practices.                                            workplaces and communities, Women’s History
                                                           Month has sparked an interest in and awareness
At our February general meeting we wrote
postcards to our legislators in support of the             of women’s rich heritage. If you observe
Paycheck Fairness Act. If you were unable to               tradition and take to the streets on March 8,
attend the meeting, we encourage you to write              remember to take a moment to salute the
from home.                                                 contributions of our sisters who have brought us
(Senator Barbara Boxer, 1700 Montgomery,                   to this hopeful moment in history.
Suite 240, San Francisco, CA 94111)
(Senator Dianne Feinstein, One Post Street,                “Women are the real architects of society” --
Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104)                       Harriet Beecher Stowe
Dear Senator (Boxer or Feinstein ),                               Jane Swinerton
As an OWL member and California voter, I urge
you to support the Paycheck Fairness Act of
2009 which will put an end to loopholes and
weak remedies that have made the Equal Pay
                                                    - -4
                                                            going through Congress: He can reaffirm his
Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social                    support for Social Security and assure the baby
Security and Medicare                                       boomers nearing retirement that he will not
(used with permission)                                      allow their benefits to be cut. If this huge cohort
                                                            in their late 40s, 50s and early 60s knows that
by: Dean Baker, t r u t h o u t | Perspective               they can count on getting their promised
                                                            benefits, they will feel more comfortable
                                                            spending and supporting the economy at a time
Alan Sterling supplements his $500 a month
                                                            when it badly needs a boost.
Social Security check with his independent
oyster business. Baby boomers are worried                      Workers are likely to be especially fearful
about cuts in retirement benefits as the economy            about the prospects of getting their Social
worsens. (Photo: Kathy Willens / AP)                        Security benefits now, due to an all out assault
                                                            on the program financed by billionaire banker
   Remember all those headlines about how the               Peter Peterson. Peterson has spent much of the
baby boom cohorts just lost several trillion                last two decades trying to cut Social Security,
dollars in home equity due to the collapse of the           Medicare, and other benefits for the elderly. He
housing bubble and how they lost trillions more             recently contributed a billion dollars to a
in their retirement accounts as a result of the             foundation bearing his name that is primarily
stock market crash? Most people probably don't              committed to this goal.
remember those articles because most of the
media have failed to notice the stories.                       Peterson's investment has paid off both in
                                                            exposure from the media and, more importantly,
   This should have been an easy one for the                attention from many members of Congress and
media to see. The people who take the biggest               their staffers. There are now dozens of senators,
loss when home prices plummet will be the                   members of Congress and staffers running all
people who have equity to lose. This will mean              around Capitol Hill crafting creative new ways
mostly older workers or people who are already              to cut Social Security. Baby boomers are right
retired, since these are the people who will most           to fear that Peterson and his crew will take away
likely have paid off much or all of their                   their benefits.
                                                               The idea of taking away Social Security
   Similarly, the loss of stock wealth would have           benefits from baby boomers was always
been concentrated among older workers and                   outrageous. After all, this is a generation that
retirees. Few workers manage to accumulate                  has paid into Social Security at the current 12.4
any substantial stake in the stock market in their          percent tax rate for almost their entire working
20s or 30s. This means that loss when the stock             life and will be forced to wait until age 66 or
market collapsed was almost entirely born by                even 67 to get full benefits. Their average
older workers and retirees.                                 returns are projected to be lower than the
                                                            generations that follow and far lower than the
   Given the massive loss of wealth incurred by
                                                            generations that preceded them.
the baby boom cohorts that are nearing
retirement, it would be reasonable to think that               Even more importantly, because of the
President Obama and Congress are trying to                  incompetence of Mr. Peterson's friends in the
develop plans to ensure that they can still enjoy           financial industry and the regulators and
a secure retirement. In fact, the opposite appears          economists who could not see an $8 trillion
to be the case. There are reports President                 housing bubble, the baby boom cohort has just
Obama is considering establishing tasks to                  experienced the largest loss of wealth of any age
examine Social Security and Medicare with an                group in the history of the world. Much of the
eye toward making cuts in both programs.                    $8 trillion in lost housing bubble wealth
                                                            belonged to the baby boomers, as did much of
  However, there is one step that President
Obama can take to boost the economy without
                                                     - -5
the $7 trillion in wealth lost in the stock market          use of language. President Obama reflects the
crash.                                                      intelligence, beauty, power and personality of
                                                            these three presidents, and he now adds the
   The loss to the baby boomers is a gain to                element of race. His birthright is literally
younger generations. They will, on average, be              African and American. He is poised to show a
able to buy up the housing stock for prices that            generation of young African Americans that
are 30 to 40 percent lower than what they would             they can truly become the President of the
have faced three years ago. They will be able to            United States.
buy the wealth of corporate America at a                             The question must be asked: Will the
discount of more than 40 percent.                           first African American President influence the
                                                            children of poor, multi-generational,
   If policy were responding to reality, then this          disenfranchised African American families? I
massive redistribution from older generations to            am hopeful. My 40+ year career in public
the young should cause the government to focus              education tells me that role models can be a
more attention on helping the elderly. But the              powerful influence if the children are made to
agenda of Peter Peterson and his ilk never had              feel that they too can succeed. As a teacher and
anything to do with generational equity. The                school counselor in from 1969-1977 in Pittsburg
point was always to gut Social Security and                 CA and San Francisco, I helped working-class
Medicare. These programs stand out as key                   students take advantage of affirmative action
targets precisely because they are hugely                   opportunities to gain college educations. Their
effective and popular programs.                             children are most likely part of the successful,
                                                            prosperous middle-class. As a counselor
Dean Baker is the co-director of the Center for             educator from 1977-2004, I trained counselors
Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). He is                  to work with disenfranchised poor families in
the author of "Plunder and Blunder: The Rise                schools and mental health clinics. I directed
and Fall of The Bubble Economy." He also has                grants devoted to violence prevention and career
a blog, "Beat the Press," where he discusses the            exploration for at-risk teens in health careers..
media's coverage of economic issues. You can                         We know that educational success for
find it at the American Prospect's web site.                children living in poor, drug infested third and
                                                            fourth generation welfare families is a daunting
                                                            task. There are few if any positive role models
                                                            in their families or in their community. The
                                                            schools continue to struggle with financial and
                                                            other difficulties. One promising program I
                                                            consult with is a private non-profit organization
                                                            Friends of the Children that provides paid,
                                                            professional, full time staff mentors who work
IN MY OPINION…..                                            with only eight children and their families for 12
                                                            years. Their success is impressive, but the
Looking Back…Looking Forward
                                                            program is expensive. Perhaps the new stimulus
        The election of Barack Obama points to
                                                            package will provide funds to expand the
a seminal change in America. Most of us think
                                                            program, so the poorest of our families can
of two other presidents who did the same--
                                                            become a true part of the American dream. It is
Abraham Lincoln and FDR. Both past
                                                            so good to be proud to be an American again. I
presidents were eloquent, brilliant, and
                                                            will feel even better if President Obama’s
ingenious and served during two of the most
                                                            presence will be a powerful role model for those
trying times in the history of the US. For me,
                                                            who I believe to be the neediest population in
JFK comes to mind as well, not because of what
                                                            our country.
he did, but because of how he made me feel. He
                                                                     Amy Hittner
was young, beautiful and charismatic. After
older, somber, lackluster presidents I had a “big
brother” with a beautiful family and wonderful
                                                     - -6
                 CARA News
                                                            OWL/CALIFORNIA WINTER MEETING
CARA (California Association of Retired
                                                          .....was held in Sacramento on February 7—8.
Americans) continues to be a major voice
                                                          The San Francisco chapter was well
representing seniors in California; OWLs                  represented with Jacqui Snowden, past
throughout CA are part of CARA’s coalition                president of OWL/CA, National Board member
efforts. Be sure to visit their website often to          Kathie Piccagli, SF Chapter representative Nan
get up-to-date information on relevant                    McGuire and OWL/CA recording secretary
legislation affecting seniors----                         Rosemary Bacy. They joined about 30 other
www.californiaalliance.org                                OWLs from the six OWL chapters and at-large
                                                          members in California. There was little good
CARA held their annual Northern CA all day                news to report on the legislative front, with few
“training” on Feb. 18, 2009. Paulette Aroesty             of the bills supported by OWL getting signed by
and Kathie Piccagli from our chapter attended,            the governor, and with the devastating cuts in
                                                          the State budget to programs serving the
as did eight OWL’s from the East Bay and
                                                          elderly and disabled.
Sacramento chapters.                                               OWL/SF will be getting a grant for
                                                          website updating and revision through OWL/CA
In the morning session, we “polished” our                 from MeDIC, a coalition which is working to
lobbying skills, and in the afternoon we learned          expand participation in Medicare Part D and
more about two areas where we need to apply               other health programs.
these efforts: We heard from Sara Rogers                           Kathie led a discussion on how to
(Health Consultant to Mark Leno; formerly                 expand OWL membership. She said that we
health consultant to Sheila Kuehl) about SB 840           need to rethink the structure of OWL, perhaps
(or whatever its new “number” will be) and                by becoming a “virtual” organization, with on-
Becca Gonzalez about the state budget (which              line membership rather than chapters. Until
                                                          that happens, OWL visibility can be improved
has cut so deeply social, health, and education
                                                          by contacting other organizations with similar
services, including many which drastically                concerns, writing op-ed letters to news papers
impact seniors.)                                          and other publications, and contacting newly
                                                          retired women through their professional
CARA’s next three-day Leadership Academy                  groups.
will be held from June 1-3 in Burlingame at                        The next major OWL/CA event will be
the Mercy Retreat Center. The three OWL                   Mothers’ Day in Sacramento on May 7th.
SF members who attended last year’s                       This is the day when OWLs from all over Cali-
Academy (Jonee Levy, Nan McGuire, Kathie                  fornia will gather at the State Capitol, armed
Piccagli) can attest to the fact that it is very          with postcards for the Governor and State
worthwhile. You learn about major issues                  legislators. Instead of flowers and pretty cards,
                                                          the OWLs will be asking that mothers be
and how to address them. Since OWL/CA
                                                          honored by support for legislation benefiting
knows the value of this program, they will                older women. The legislation to be targeted
cover chapter members’ expenses to attend.                this year has not been selected, but will likely
(Besides the Academy being extraordinarily                focus on elder abuse and elderly mental health.
interesting, the site is beautiful and relaxing,          Anyone can sign the postcards, not just OWLs,
and the food and accommodations are                       so when they’re available in April, take a
terrific.) We have one chapter member                     handful and start collecting signatures. One
signed up already, and we hope there are                  Santa Clara County OWL has requested 300
more! If you are interested, contact Kathie               sets. Consider joining a group from SF/OWL
Piccagli at 585-3950 or kpiccagli@gmail.com               and visit your state senator and
.                                                         assemblyperson to deliver the cards. It’s fun
                                                          and educational to visit the legislators in their
        Kathie Piccagli
                                                                 Rosemary Bacy

                                                   - -7
                                                    We really need womanpower for our
                                                    “equal pay” bake sale. The number of
       EQUAL PAY BAKE SALE                          sites will depend on the number of
                                                    volunteers. (We hope to get the cookies
 “Equal Pay Day was originated by the               donated; we are not suggesting that our
National Committee on Pay Equity                    political activism include baking.) So
(NCPE) in 1996 as a public awareness                PLEASE contact Kathie Piccagli at 415-
event to illustrate the gap between                 585-3950 or kpiccagli@gmail.com , and
men's and women's wages. The day,                   volunteer to help. It will be fun and
observed on a Tuesday in April,                     educational.
symbolizes how far into the year a
woman must work, on average, to earn                                      *****
as much as a man earned the previous                         Membership Committee
year. (Tuesday is the day on which
women's wages catch up to men's                     While our membership is increasing slowly, we
wages from the previous week.)                      must do better at recruiting new members so
Because women earn less, on average,                that we can really be an effective advocacy
than men, they must work longer for the
                                                    organization. We are also trying to engage our
same amount of pay. The wage gap is
even greater for most women of color.”              present members so that they feel part of a
                                                    group. You may have noticed on our last
To illustrate how slow progress has                 postcard announcing the Feb 21st meeting that
been: In 1960 women earned about                    we want every member to have a complete
$.61 to the $1.00 earned by men for the             roster of SF OWL members so that they can
same work. Almost 50 years women                    contact each other and possibly organize peer
are now making about $.78 to the $1.00.             groups with their neighboring members. Please
This inequity exacts a high price over              call the office if you don't want your
time. “You can’t save what you didn’t               information shared with other OWL
earn.” Between unfair wages, lower                  members.
paying jobs, and time taken out of the
labor market for caretaking, women earn             We want you to feel part of an organization and
a half million dollars (often much more)            to participate as much as you are able. Please
less in a lifetime. So they have lower              call me at 415-291-0706 or e-mail me at
savings, lower social security, lower               lrhonig@comcast.net if you have any questions
pensions, etc. It is no surprise then that          or ideas for increasing our membership.
older women comprise a large majority               Lorraine Honig, Membership Committee Chair
of poor, aging adults.

On page 3, we urge you to write letters                                  *****
to your Senators urging support for the                          Social Connections
Paycheck Fairness Act. Even though
we are seeing some forward-movement                     A meeting was held to discuss the feasibility
in pay equity, progress has been slow.              of a social connection group. The proposed
EQUAL PAY DAY, this year is April 28,               goal is to promote an exchange of ideas and
The purpose of the designated day is to             friendship via small group events.
draw attention to the continuing inequity              To this end, coordinators are needed for the
in women’s pay.                                     following type of events: Walks, tours,
                                                    restaurant or lounge get-togethers.
OWLs in several chapters in California                 If you are able to share your time and
are drawing attention to the issue by               enthusiasm as a coordinator, please contact by
having a bake sale. At the sale, we,                e-mail indicating preference. Thank
dressed in red (the color for the day),             you. Pauletteca@mail.com
will sell cookies for $.75 to women and             Paulette Aroesty, Social Committee Chair
$1.00 to men, symbolizing the
approximate difference in wages. We
will also be distributing literature about
women’s wages, as well as OWL.
                                             - -8
              PEER GROUPS                                  SF OWL to Host OWL/CA Annual Meeting

Proposed Project: OWL San Francisco proposes               On the weekend of October 2-4 we will host the
to create two or more Neighborhood Peer                    Annual Meeting in cooperation with OWL/CA.
                                                           Nan McGuire and Rosemary Bacy will co-chair
Groups to engender social support, peer
                                                           the event and they would be happy to have help
interaction and discussion and community based             from chapter members who plan to attend. The
assistance for members who live independently              meeting will begin mid Friday afternoon and
in two specific neighborhoods in San Francisco.            end at 3 pm on Sunday. The meeting is
   Using zip codes as a way of identifying and             tentatively scheduled to be held at the Mercy
combining adjacent "specific neighborhoods" in             Retreat Center in Burlingame.
which most OWL members live, 94133 and                            Nan McGuire
94109 (North Beach, Russian Hill/Nob Hill) and
94114, 94117 and 94118 (Castro, Noe Valley,
Haight-Ashbury and Presidio/Laurel Heights), it
is now time to do some specific planning.                  Second Annual Art of Aging Gracefully -
   Direct contact will be made to members                         Women's Resource Fair
living in these neighborhoods within the next
few weeks inviting them to a planning session              An upbeat, fun-filled and informative day
for each neighborhood group.                               devoted to women's successful and positive
   If you live in a zip code other than those              use of resources in the quest to embrace
                                                           graceful aging.
listed, and would like to be included in a
planning session, please call the OWL office                 Tuesday, March 17, 2009
(415-989-4422). You will receive an invitation.              Resource Fair: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  Marcia Soffer                                              (please be with us for that time period)
                                                             Speakers: 9:30 am - 3:15 pm

         Wanted – Newsletter Editor                        Free for participating agencies

The newsletter is valuable to OWL. Members                 Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
and non-members alike enjoy it and look to it to              Resource Fair: Kanbar Hall
find out what OWL members are thinking and                    Speakers: Fisher Family Hall
                                                            3200 California Street
what they are up to.
                                                            San Francisco, CA 94118
The current editor has too many things taking              (As we did last year, OWL will be tabling at this
her time and energy to keep this job. After                event. We need members to help! If you can
more than three years, it’s time to move on.               volunteer to staff our table for an hour or more,
Since the newsletter is SO important to OWL, I             please contact Health Committee Chair Kathie
hope another OWL will take over this job. It’s             Piccagli at 415-585-3950 or
pretty interesting, and you get to find out a lot          kpiccagli@gmail.com )
about what’s going on. (It goes without saying
that I’d be happy to train my replacement.)

If you are interested, contact President Allyson
Washburn at amwashburn@comcast.net, or                     Experienced and professional interior
current editor kpiccagli@gmail.com                         house painter available to paint that room
                                                           or hallway that’s been bugging you for so
                                                           long. References available. Call Jim
                                                           Stevens at (415) 928-8111

                                                    - -9

  (For a more complete and current listing, see the OWL website: www.owlsf.org [click “calendar”]).

March 2         Monday – OWL Board Meeting, 870 Market, 3:30-5:30, (check office for room)
March 28        Saturday – OWL General Meeting – see Page 1
April 6         Monday – OWL Board Meeting, 870 Market, 3:30 – 5:30;(check office for room number)
April           OWL General Meeting
April 28        Tuesday – Fair Pay Bake Sale

                                                              could not participate in the January meeting,
      January 2009 Planning Meeting                           please call the office (989-4422) if you are
                                                              interested in helping out with any of the
  The January meeting was the annual planning                 programs or committees.
  meeting. The objective of the meeting was to                        Judi Sahagen
  determine types of programs for the year, types
  of social engagements between OWL members,
  and what committees were required to more                   Thanks to Our End of Year Appeal Donors
  effectively meet OWL goals. The discussions
  were lively with lots of good ideas being shared.           OWL work is all done by volunteers, however
  Programs – a tentative program calendar for                 we do have some expenses. Our invaluable
  2009 was developed. Focus remains on key                    donors allow us to continue our important work.
  OWL goals: financial security, health care,
                                                              Jewell Ashby             Rosemary Bacy
  political advocacy, and housing. There was a                Els Boesten              Muriel Brotsky
  great deal of discussion on how OWL could                   Shirley Costello         Carroll Estes
  become more active in local political issues,               Rose Gadda               Gloria Garcia
                                                              Eleanor Gettman          Sarah Goldman
  collaboration with other groups addressing                  Amy Hittner              Lorraine Honig
  similar issues, and key national issues effecting           Alison Jordan            Frances Lana
  older women (universal health care and social               Lilly Layman             Megan Lehmur
                                                              Phyllis Lyon             *Sheila Malkind
  security reform).                                           Barbara Mannheim         *Nan Carole McGuire
  Social Connections – there were many ideas                  Marjorie Miller          Maureen Jane Perry
  shared on how OWL members could interact                    Josie Philip             Kathie Piccagli
                                                              Catherine I. Pinkas      Jean Robovsky
  outside of the standard monthly meeting format.             Eunice Rosenberg         Judith Sahagen
  These included groups dinners, attendance at                Elizabeth Sasek          Mary K. Schardt
  concerts, walking groups, etc. The concept of               Bonnie Scialanga         Jacqui Snowden
                                                              Marcia K. Soffer         Sandra Sohcot
  Peer Groups was explored. These would be                    Margaret Spaulding       Rita K. Stack
  smaller groups of OWL members, probably                     *Ruth Strassner          Susan Sunderland
  within the same neighborhood, who would meet                Jane Swinerton           Suzanne Taylor
                                                              Mary S. Twomey           Allyson Washburn
  and develop there own interests.                            Ann West                 Esther Wong
  Committees – there have been a number of
  standing committees and it was agreed that                  *donated in memory of Shirley Sidd
  more committees (and more volunteers!) were
  needed to help strengthen OWL. The following
  committees were discussed: Membership,
  Housing, Legislative Advocacy, Health Care,
  Communications, Social Connections, and Peer

  In general, the meeting provided a good frame-
  work for the coming year. For those of you who

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      YES! I WANT TO JOIN OWL!                                            The Founding of OWL

NAME: ________________________________                     OWL was born in 1980 in Des Moines, Iowa,
                                                           during one of the pre-conferences held around
ADDRESS: ____________________________                      the county in preparation for the third White
                                                           House Conference on Aging, which was held in
_______________________________________                    1981 in Washington, DC. At the pre-conference
City                  State       ZIP                      in Des Moines, TISH SOMMERS noted that
                                                           little attention was being paid to the ways in
TELEPHONE: __________________________                      which aging was different for women. She called
                                                           for a special “ad hoc” meeting to discuss this
E-MAIL: ______________________________                     concern. OWL has been a voice for the special
                                                           concerns of midlife and older women ever since.
Annual dues of $50 include $15 SF OWL, $10
State OWL and $25 National OWL. Members
receive SF OWL monthly, OWL CA quarterly                   Comments or questions? Please contact the SF
and National OWL Observer quarterly                        OWL Office at (415) 989-4422; FAX: (415)
newsletters. When you pay dues to the San                  989-4050; e-mail: owlsanfran@juno.com
Francisco Chapter, you automatically become
a member of State and National OWL. (No one
will be turned away if unable to pay the full              Office hours: Monday 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
amount.)                                                   Next newsletter deadline: March 15, 2008

Make a check out to and mail to:
  OWL, SF Chapter
  870 Market Street, Room 905
  San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Chapter
870 Market Street, #905
San Francisco, CA 94102

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