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                                       through the race it being his first      I managed to pass the Champion
    1          Lady
In the words of Marie Sudway:
Friday evening kicked off with a       triathlon!
                                       We cycled down to transition
                                                                                swimmer on the way out (though I
                                                                                was warned not too!!) and I
trip to the shore to have a look at
                                       under a very dark sky and the            pedaled with and like the wind on
the lake and transition. There was
a calm I could only compare with       rain started to fall!! I was on my
                                       TT bike and was looking forward
                                                                                the way back in. One of the girls
                                                                                could have come close but I was
Lake Garda. The water looked so
                                       to dry surfaces and a fast bike!         concentrating on what I had to do
inviting, I thought this will hardly
                                       By the time we exited the water          and managed to get back in
be like this in the morning? We
                                       and being first lady (9th overall)       transition and out still ahead. I
caught up with all the race
                                       out of the water I got some              didn't know by how much but at the
committee, hard at work
                                       cheer, the rain had gone and I           turn around point I found out ...
measuring and making all the
                                       was ready to try to stay ahead.          Yikes! So it was time to keep in the
necessary preparations to ensure
                                       This was a tall order with some          zone and accelerate. To the point
all would go to plan, and with a
                                       very good cyclists in the field.         we passed our house en route and
smile and friendliness I knew they
                                                                                I never even saw it!!! 30 sec
deserved a very good race day.         Doing a good bike would be like
                                                                                ahead. All the supporters seemed
We registered and Mark and             winning! That I did with the loud
                                                                                to say the right things and were
family from Pixels came and            cheerful shouts from the crowds
                                                                                eager and engrossed in the race I
stayed with us that night. We sat      and the careful observing from
                                                                                didn't feel alone in what I was
and chatted and Ciaran and             the Marshall's.
                                                                                trying to do!
Naoise went back to see if they
                                                                                I had it! With two kilometers to go
could help the club with final
                                                                                if I could just keep that lovely
                                                                                strong pace up. Could I?
Botond, the current Irish National
                                                                                Absolutely! A year of good training
champion sprinter also joined us
                                                                                and a season of racing experience
that night. We had a fine
                                                                                under my belt and with all that
breakfast thanks to Ciaran! and
                                                                                support, I was ready to win this
talked Botond
                                                                                race ...with a smile!

                               Thank You: Thank you to Race Director James, Andree, an amazing race committee,
                               sponsors Michael Moore Jnr., Roisin and Jason, Eamonn Tilly TI, Niall for the sessions
                               during the year, Sean for encouragement (and burgers), Brendan, Pj, Ronnie, Colm, Mark,
                               Eimear and Michael, Marie, Oonagh Linda and Dillon from Pixels for photos, Martin for
                               measuring, Tri Lanesboro, all our friends from Longford, Athlone and Mullingar.
                               Congrats to you all on a great day. A big thank you, to everyone in Lanesboro on the day.
                               (Marie Sudway)

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