KANDY CITY WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT Competitionline by alicejenny


                                              SRI LANKA

                                       MINISTRY OF WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE

                                     NATIONAL WATER SUPPLY & DRAINAGE BOARD

                              SLUDGE DRYING BEDS AND SUPPLY OF
                                CONTRACT NO: RSC-C/TP/JICA/KCWMP/2010/01
                            DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF TRUNK SEWERS,
                             BRANCH SEWERS AND SERVICE CONNECTIONS,
                                    MANHOLE PUMP STATIONS AND
                                CONTRACT NO: RSC-C/CS/JICA/KCWMP/2010/02

                             INVITATION FOR PREQUALIFICATION (IFP)
The Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as the GOSL) has received an
Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency, hereinafter referred to
as the JICA, in the amount of 14,087 Million Japanese Yen (JPY) toward the cost of Kandy City Wastewater
Management Project bearing Loan Agreement No: SL-P99 Dated 26th March 2010 and intends to apply a portion of
the proceeds of the loan to payment under the contract for which this invitation for prequalification is issued.
Disbursement of the ODA loan by JICA will be subjected, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the loan
agreement including the disbursement procedures and the “Guidelines for Procurement under JICA ODA loans”. The
beneficiary of the project is the Kandy Municipal Council (hereinafter referred to as the KMC). However, the project is
vested with the National Water Supply & Drainage Board “a body corporate established under the National Water
Supply and Drainage Board Law No. 2 of 1974 amended” (hereinafter referred to as NWSDB), who will own the
assets created by the project. The Government of Sri Lanka has appointed the National Water Supply & Drainage
Board as the implementing agency for the project. No party other than the NWSDB that acts on behalf of the GOSL
shall derive any rights from the loan agreement or have any claim to the loan proceeds. The above loan agreement will
cover only a part of the project cost. As for the remaining portion, Government of Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka
will take appropriate measures for finance.

JICA requires that bidders and contractors, as well as NWSDB under contracts funded with JICA ODA loans and
other Japanese ODA, observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts.
In pursuance of this policy, JICA;
a)       will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for award has engaged in
         corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question;
b)       will recognise a contractor as ineligible, for a period determined by JICA, to be awarded a contract funded
         with JICA ODA loans if at any time determines that the contractor has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent
         practices in competing for, or in executing, another contract funded with JICA ODA loans or other Japanese

The NWSDB (hereinafter “the Employer”), intends to pre-qualify contractors for following contracts comprising
following works.

                                                                   Description of work
                           Contract No :                                                         Meeting on
             RSC-C/TP/JICA/KCWMP/2010/01                   Design and Construction of ;
                                                             Wastewater Treatment Plant
                                                              (WWTP) at Gannoruwa,
                                                             Sludge drying beds at
                                                             Treated Effluent Disposal
                                                              System with Pipe lines              29 Oct 2010
                                                             Main Pump Station with pipe          at 10.00 hrs
                                                              lines at Gatambe                    (Local Time)
                                                             Capacity Building for O&M
                                                              Activities and
                                                             Supply of Operation and
                                                              maintenance equipment

                                                            Engineer‟s Estimate –
                                                              Approx. LKR 6,159 million.
             RSC-C/CS/JICA/KCWMP/2010/02                   Design and Construction of ;
                                                             Trunk Sewers
                                                             Branch Sewers,
                                                             Service Connections up to
                                                              the IC chambers,                    29 Oct 2010
                                                             Manhole Pump Stations and            at 14.00 hrs
                                                             Supply of Operation and             (Local Time)
                                                              maintenance equipment

                                                             Engineer‟s Estimate –
                                                              Approx. LKR 5,322 million.
VAT = Value Added Tax

It is expected that the Invitations to Bid through Limited / Restricted International Competitive Bidding (LIB) procedures
will be made in January, 2011.

Interested Applicants may obtain further information with prior appointment from Project Director, Kandy City
Wastewater Management Project, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Gatambe, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Tel. 081-
2385903 Fax. 081-2386393 E-mail: kcwdp@sltnet.lk, kcwmp@yahoo.com and inspect the prequalification documents at
the address given in Paragraph 6 of this IFP hereof from 09.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs on normal working days up to 28th October
2010 or in the Ministry of Finance web page (www.npa.gov.lk) or NWSDB web page (www.waterboard.lk).

Prequalification is open to firms and voluntarily formed association/joint ventures from all countries and areas.

Eligible Applicants (as per Paragraph 8 below) may obtain the prequalification documents by submitting a Letter of Request
for documents on a business letterhead during the period from 9.00 hours to 15.00 hours on normal working days up to
28th October 2010 from the Assistant General Manager (Tenders & Contracts), Tenders and Contracts Section, NWSDB,
Galle Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. Tel: 0094 11 2605328; Facsimile: 0094 11 2635885; E-mail: agmtenders@waterboard.lk

The request must clearly state “Request for Prequalification Documents for Kandy City Wastewater Management Project,
Contract No: ................. (As appropriate) ”. The documents are available for a non-refundable fee of LKR 4,000.00 plus 12%
VAT or United States Dollars Forty Five (US$ 45.00 inclusive of VAT) in cash. The NWSDB will promptly dispatch the
documents by registered airmail or by courier service on request with an additional payment of US$ 170.00 inclusive of
VAT, but under no circumstances will the NWSDB be held responsible for late delivery or loss of documents so sent out.
Payment could be made on Swift Transfer.

Swift Code         -        BCEYLKLX
IBAN               -        7010-051-1994324
                            Bank of Ceylon, Dehiwala Branch, Sri Lanka

A minimum requirement for qualification is set out in the Instruction to Applicants (ITA) Paragraph 5 of IFP document.
Details are available in web pages given in Para 5 in this Invitation for Prequalification.

Submission of applications for Prequalification must be received in sealed envelopes either delivered by hand or by
registered mail to:

The Chairman,
Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee,
Procurement Division,
Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage,
No 34, Narahenpita Road, Nawala, Sri Lanka,

not later than 10.00 hrs (Local Time) on 22nd November, 2010 and be clearly marked “Application to Prequalify for
Kandy City Wastewater Management Project, Contract No: ................. (As appropriate) ” at the top left hand corner of the

Late applications will be rejected.

Applicants shall not enclose testimonials, certificates and publicity material other than those requested in the „Instruction to
Applicants (ITA)‟ with their applications. Such information will not be taken into account in the evaluation of

A clarification meeting for above pre qualification will be held on 29th October, 2010 at the times mentioned in the above
table at Project Director‟s Office of Kandy City Wastewater Management Project, Regional Office, National Water Supply
and Drainage Board, Kandy Road, Gatambe, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Participation at the meeting is compulsory for the
Applicants or their authorized representatives. Non-participation at the clarification meeting will lead to rejection of the
application for prequalification.

Promptly after completion of prequalification, applicants will be advised of the results of their applications. Only firms and
association/joint ventures pre-qualified under this procedure will be invited to bid.

Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee


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