2013 BMW 7 ActiveHybrid

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					2013 BMW 7 ActiveHybrid
2013        BMW          7       ActiveHybrid          -       Navas         Muda

BMW introduced its new model with several improvements. BMW has changed
some parts that result in the case of this hybrid version in the loss of two
cylinders, in addition to the common changes across the range of 7 Series.

2013 BMW 7 ActiveHybrid Review
The car moves from one block V-8 cylinders to 6 cylinders in line. In contrast, the
7 Series electrified passes of the 4.4-liter displacement to 3,000 cc now
developing a total power of 354 hp with a torque of 500 Nm, with a loss of both
power and torque to be considered as The V8 had 465 hp and 650 Nm torque.
It has 340 hp and an average consumption of 6.4 liters per hundred kilometers.
With these changes it has been incorporated improvements in some aspects of
its chassis, with new bushes and shock absorbers that make company to
pneumatic rear suspension and an improved cabin soundproofing. The car is
more expensive than the M 35 HYBRID and the GS 450h. It is considerably more
affordable than Porsche Panamera S Hybrid. Compared to other versions of the
Series 5, the car s 10 000 € more expensive than the 535i petrol variant of 306
hp with automatic transmissioand 8000 € more affordable than 535d (Diesel).
BMW ActiveHybrid5 used in a gasoline engine six-cylinder, supercharged by a
turbocharger with dual input (“twin scroll”), direct injection and variable valve
timing system “Valvetronic”. This engine is coupled to a gearbox that developed
by ZF. In his cabin there are screen with the wide of 10.25 inches that serves as
the instrument panel in full color, with the ability to change color depending on
driving mode and redesigned seats. There is also important entertainment
system for rear seats with 9.2 inch screens behind the front seats and sound
system Bang & Olufsen of 1,200 W and 16 speakers.
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