2013 BMW X5 M50d

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					2013 BMW X5 M50d
2013 BMW X5 M50d - Navas Tua

equipped with the new engine inline 6-cylinder diesel, which shares the same
block with the other two models presented, the car appears as the step lower
than the X5 M Sport, with an engine more usable in day to day depending on
German own brand and own aesthetic touch with the department.

2013 BMW X5 M50d Specs Reviews
The engine is a 6-cylinder diesel with TwinPower Turbo technology, resulting in a
supercharger that comes from three common rail turbos and direct injection, all
accompanied by an 8 Sport automatic transmission speeds and chassis
tuning. The car also offers BMW EfficientDynamics technology for management
of energy. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds. This car also
has benefit from the enormous reserves of diesel engine power when
accelerating based on high speeds.
Top speed is limited in both models cut-mail to 250 km / h. The average
consumption of the car is 7.5 M50d liters per 100 kilometers. The car has more
poise and improved performance through the power of your diesel engine and
chassis set-up, specific to M. The 280 kW/381 hp propeller and maximum torque
of 740 Nm, especially developed for BMW M cars Performance, achieves the two
BMW X models achieve spectacular performance for a vehicle of its size and
The car comes with the system of recovery of braking energy, enabling or
disabling side groups as needed and the system of decoupling the compressor if
the conditioner is not used. Regarding aesthetics, receive winks in the body of
other packages M as the front grille with three starts. Includes 19-inch wheels
and are available optionally one in 20 inches. The mirrors also acquire a grayish
hue, something it shares with the X6 and M550d M50d. This car presented under
the label of M Performance Automobiles, with a starting price of 82,300 euros for
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