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									     Barnet’s Big Society Innovation Bank
       Round Two - Expression of Interest
This is the Expression of Interest form for Round Two of the
Innovation Bank (2012/13). Before completing the form, please
read the guidance on page 4 and the accompanying Prospectus,
which can be downloaded from the website.

Details of applicant


E-mail address:

Telephone number:

What is your connection with    Resident
Barnet?                         Work within the borough
(please tick all which apply)   Study in the borough

Which theme (s) do you want     Empowering residents
to work with?                   Local solutions to local problems
(please tick all which apply)   Supporting people into employment

Do you need to deliver your     Yes                 No
idea with a not-for-profit      If yes, please provide details

Where did you hear about the
Innovation Bank?

What do you want to do to make a difference in your local area and what challenge
are you seeking to overcome?

Who do you need help from in order to make it happen?

What are the practical things you need to do to make your idea work?

How much time would you be able to invest in this idea and over what period of time?

What would the benefits of your idea be and what would look different if your idea
was implemented?

I declare that I will be 18 years old or older on 1 August 2012 and live, work or study in
the London Borough of Barnet. I confirm that all of the information I have supplied on
this form is correct.

Signature ______________________________________________________

Expression of Interest for Round Two of the Innovation
Bank (2012/13): Guidance

Who Can Apply?
There are a limited number of places for participation in the Innovation Bank this
year. We will be selecting around 40-50 applicants interested in developing and
implementing innovative solutions to local challenges to take part. You will need to
be able to work in collaboration and make use of the support provided by the
Innovation Unit in tackling social problems and designing solutions.

To apply you must be 18 years old or older on 1 August 2012 and must live, work or
study in the London Borough of Barnet.

You are applying in your own right either as a private individual or as a nominated
individual from a not-for-profit organisation. If an individual, you may be informally
backed by a not for profit organisation, but that is not an advantage or a requirement.
However, please note that if you later bring forward a proposal on behalf of that
organisation, it must:

          not be a public sector body such as a school, health clinic or GP surgery
           (and if you work for any of the above you will not be able to apply to develop
           proposals that involve your employer or your employer’s services, roles or
          be independent of any statutory authority or body;
          not be a religious institution as such, although an independent group which
           a religious institution helps set up may apply; or
          be non-party political.

The council will take a view on any actual or potential conflict of interest and the
council’s view on this will be final.

Sending us your ‘Expression of Interest’ form
At this stage, we are simply looking to find out about you as an individual. You
should not send us any specific proposal at this stage. If you are selected, we will
brief you on what is needed in the first workshop.

Please send your Expression of Interest form to by
27 July 2012. Expressions of Interest received after that date will not be accepted.

Please use the form to tell us the most important points about you and don’t make
the form longer than it is already. Please print or type in black ink.

The information you supply on this form will be stored on our computer systems and
used only by people in the council and our partner organisations.

The full timetable for applications, awards and workshops in support of applications
and project development is at Please check for
updates and deadlines for future application cycles.

More Information
For general enquiries about the Innovation Bank, please contact the council’s Third
Sector Commissioning Team as follows:

            t: 020 8359 2020                  Ken Argent

            t: 020 8359 7540                  Jody Nason



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