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									2012 Chevrolet Aveo

In sedan or five-door version, the Chevrolet Aveo 2012 still want to be a popular
utility after Daewoo’s collapse and GM’s takeover, although over the previous
generation, very old, has taken a giant leap forward in almost every respect,
whether we talk about design, interior, engines, equipment or safety. Prices have
also rises slightly, but still within the utilities more affordable.

2012 Chevrolet Aveo Engine Specs
For the engine the car offered 1.2 and 1.4 petrol engines and a 1.3 turbodiesel.
The length is where the difference between versions, while the five-door Aveo
HB5 measures 4.039 long, the Aveo sedan goes up to 4.399 meters, which also
marked differences in the trunk volume, with 290 liters in For the five-door and
502 liters in the sedan.

The case of HB5, can be expanded by folding down the rear seats up to 653
liters. The dimensions also highlight the detail of wanting to appear “more car”,
increasing slightly, reflecting this in greater livability. With a width common to both
versions of 1.735 meters and a height of 1.517 meters, the wheelbase grows up
to 2.525 meters.
Outside, highlights the new front, with double optical circular and a split grille with
Chevrolet logo in the center, we’ve seen in the latest generation of models of the
brand, as the Cruze. The projections, in the case of five doors, are quite short,
while another of his key details are handles for the rear doors opening hidden
under some shooters, also talking about the case of HB5 Aveo.

One of the shortcomings of the previous-generation Aveo was their safety, both
active and passive, and what you see have worked hard to change that. To begin
with, now used high-strength steel in more than 60% of the body structure,
chassis is specially optimized to dissipate energy during impact and finally has
six airbags as standard. Also the interior has been improved soundproofing.

Model                                                                            Price
Aveo                          1.2                        LS                    £9,995
Aveo                          1.2                       LT                    £10,995
Aveo                    1.4                LT                 Auto            £12,375
Aveo        1.3          LT         VCDi         Ecodiesel       (95g/km)     £12,795
Aveo              1.3               LT           VCDi           75PS          £12,345
Aveo                          1.4                       LTZ                   £12,195
Aveo                    1.4                LTZ                Auto            £13,195
Aveo 1.3 LTZ VCDi 95PS £13,615
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