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					                 2013 Fiat Viaggio - Navas Muda

Fiat Viaggio 2013 is a car that is similar to Dodge Dart but created for a Chinese
market and it is expected that will arrive to the dealerships in late 2012. There
isn’t big difference between these two cars but they are

also similar to another car.

                                             We have all come to grips with the
fact that the Dart is essentially just an Alfa Romeo Giulietta in a different
wrapper. Now Fiat is about to confuse all of us even more by essentially
taking the Dodge Dart’s blueprints to China and manufacturing the Viaggio.
From the teaser images Fiat released, we can tell that the only difference
between the front end of a Dart and the Viaggio is that they have differing
front fascias. On the rear, the Viaggio will not bear Dodge’s full-width light
bar and the license plate recess moves to the trunk lid. That’s where the
differences stop, with exception of some chrome accents.
To recap, the Dodge Dart is a Giulietta with a new body, and the Viaggio is
a Dodge Dart with a new front fascia and different taillights. So that would
make the Viaggio and Giulietta third cousins once removed, right?

Enough with the genealogy, the Viaggio will bear the same MultiAir
turbocharged 1.4-liter engine that the Dart has, but in two different
versions. The base model will crank out just 120 horsepower and the
optional engine will produce 150 horsepower, 40 horsepower and 10
horsepower less than the Dart’s 1.4-liter, respectively. The engines will link
up to either a five-speed manual transmission or a dual-clutch automatic

Fiat has kept wraps on whether or not this model will remain only in China,
or if it will be an export model. Likely with manufacturing happening in
China, this creation will stay there. To avoid confusing us all, Fiat, we ask
that you please keep this model overseas. We would appreciate it.

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