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American Government


									Agenda: Thurs 8/17 & Fri 8/18
  Class Norms and Expectations
  RAP #1: Proud to be an American
  Collaborative Learning
  Stranded in the Desert
  Homework: Govt in Action
       Parent/Guardian Email
Essential Question:
How can collaboration improve one’s individual learning?
Content Objective:
Rank order items necessary for survival in a fictitious setting using collaborative skills.
Language Objective:
Discuss with your team how to rank the items necessary for survival and justification.
 RAP #1: Proud to be an American
What does it mean to be American?
What are your duties as an American
 How do you become an American
Class Norms and Expectations
Course Topics
LCD Projector
Cell Phones / Texting
Course Topics Overview
Foundations of Democracy
   •   U.S. History review
Political Behavior
Civil Liberties
   •   Bill of Rights
Civil Rights
State and Local Governments
Collaborative Learning
     (a.k.a. Group “work”)
Create a T-chart like the one below. Fill in chart w/
minimum of four reasons on each side.
What goes wrong…             What goes right…
         (Disadvantages)                (Advantages)
Qualities employers want in their employees:
Each Fall, the National Association of Colleges
  and Employers (NACE) surveys employers
  about the job market, asking, among other
 What skills and abilities does a
  new graduate need to be prepared
  for an entry-level job?
 How can a new graduate make a
  good first impression?
According to employers, the top 10 personal
 characteristics they seek in job candidates are:
 Communication skills
 Work experience
 Motivation/initiative
 Teamwork skills (plays nice w/ others)
 Leadership abilities
 High GPA/academic credentials
 Technical skills
 Interpersonal skills (build relationships)
 Analytical skills (problem solving)
 Ethics (honesty/integrity)
Education Pays!
Team Dynamics
 All members play an important role on
  the team.
 Players bring to the team different skills
  and abilities.
 Work Ethic- you’re only as strong as your
  weakest link.
 Team mates encourage each other.
 There is no “I” in team!
We are a Team!
Group Dynamics
“The Bossy Brat”
The Alpha Dog
“The Royal Princess”
“Too cool for school”
Volume Control
Cooperative Learning Groups:

Grading :     Individual
              Group accountability
Cooperative Skills
1.   Break tension and be friendly.
2.   Learn and use names.
3.   Arrange desks properly.
4.   Use positive body language.
5.   Be aware of eye contact.
6. Listen to others & take turns giving ideas.
7. Use positive comments, encourage, and
    express appreciation.
8. Be helpful and assist each other.
9. Disagree in an agreeable way
10. Stay on task.
    Sample Homework:
Sen. Vargas calls for regulators to deny Sempra permit to import wind power
Posted: Aug 16, 2011 5:14 PM PDT Updated: Aug 16, 2011 5:14 PM PDT
CHULA VISTA (CNS) - Sen. Juan Vargas, D-Chula Vista, introduced a resolution Tuesday calling for federal
   regulators to deny San Diego-based Sempra Energy a permit to import energy from a proposed wind farm
   in Baja California.
Vargas said the project would outsource five years worth of employment for 600 construction workers, jobs
   that could be better utilized in the Imperial Valley, which has the nation's worst unemployment rate at
   27.9 percent.
Officials with Sempra Generation, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, could not be reached for immediate
Sempra is near the end of the permitting process for its Energia Sierra Juarez plant, located just south of the
   border near the Mexican town of La Rumorosa. The firm hopes to begin construction next year and begin
   generating power in 2013.
"We can't sit back and watch thousands of jobs be outsourced to Mexico while Imperial County is
   experiencing some of the worst unemployment in the United States," Vargas said. "I'm urging our federal
   government to invest in our local workforce."
Vargas said he wants the wind farm to be built north of the border.
The measure, Senate Joint Resolution 13, calls on the U.S. Department of Energy to reject Sempra's request for
   a permit to construct a transmission line that will carry energy generated by the plant to this country.
Vargas cited a study by Peter Phillips, a senior labor economist at the University of Utah, who reported that
   the outsourcing would cost the Imperial Valley $4.5 million in human capital investment.
Imperial County makes up the bulk of Vargas' district. He has filed to run for the congressional seat being
   vacated by longtime rival Bob Filner -- who is running for mayor of San Diego -- that includes the same
Government in Action Article
1) Find a current article (newspaper/internet)
   demonstrating “government” in action. (“Current”
   means this week.)
2) Summarize the article in 2-3 sentences.
3) Explain the specific action “government” is taking
    in the article.
4) Share why you chose this particular article
 Essential Question: an academic reason ).
How can collaboration improve one’s individual learning?
Content Objective:
Rank order items necessary for survival in a fictitious setting using collaborative skills.
Language Objective:
Discuss with your team how to rank the items necessary for survival and justification.
 Sample Homework:
Government in Action Write-up
1. This article discusses Sen. Vargas’ introducing a resolution to stop
   Sempra Energy from contracting with a company in Baja for energy.
   Sen. Vargas makes the claim that the permit will proved jobs for
   those in Baja and not in the Imperial Valley where unemployment is
2. The government action in this article is the senator introducing a
   resolution (legislation) to prohibit Sempra Energy from obtaining a
   permit to cross international borders with a transmission line for
   the energy. The Senate and U.S. Department of Energy will also be
3. I chose this because I thought it was interesting to see the political
   actions of a senator hoping to be reelected. I also thought that the
   government may impact a decision related to energy and private
   business that could have an effect on many in San Diego County.

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