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					           Bayside 4-H Club News
              A Newsletter For Bayside 4-H of Fremont, Newark and Union City, CA

                                    Slogan For The Year
               4-H            4-Fun               4-Everyone 4-Ever
            Remember! Please bring 1 or more gifts for our adopted families.
            See page 4 for our most updated list of already purchased gifts.
            Also, please bring something for the food basket or a grocery gift
            certificate for our 2 families. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

           This Newsletter                                     Tonight’s Agenda
 Happy Birthday                          Page 2                   December 8, 2008
 Kids Korner                             Page 2
  Articles By Ariele Silvas, Christine                  Call to Order
  Larisch, Erin Larisch, Kalina                         Flag Salute/4-H Pledge
  Montgomery & Zachary Montgomery                       Minutes
 Are You Smarter Than A 4-Her?           Page 3         Treasurer’s Report
 Adopt-A-Family Information              Page 4         Committee Reports
 General Information                     Page 5           Caroling
 November Meeting Minutes                Page 6           LOV Food Serving
                                                        New Business
                                                        Leader’s Report
          Upcoming Activities                             Alameda County Fair
                                                          State Record Book
Date/Time         Activity                                Presentation Registration
Dec. 5-7           State Record Book Judging            Birthdays
*** No other meetings in December ***                     Anyone In December
Jan 16-19          Snow Camp                            Announcements
Jan 20, 7pm        Citizenship Mtg, Farm Bureau           Snow Camp
Jan 23-25          Cal Conference, Walker Crk Rnch        Presentation day-Jan. 21
Jan 27-7:30pm      Leader Council Mtg, Farm Bureau        Alameda County 4H camp –August 2-8
Jan 28-7pm         Camp Academy, Farm Bureau              Skit Night- Late March
Jan 31             Presentation Day, TBD                Program
                                                          Cookie & Gift Card Exchange
                                                          Christmas Card Making
        Community Club Meetings
Maloney School, 38700 Logan Drive, Fremont

Tonight: Monday, Dec 8, 2008                         Next Month: Monday, Jan 12, 2008
Theme: Winter Wonderland                             Theme: Picture Perfect Pets
Activity: Cookie & Gift Exchange                     Activity: Guest Speaker & Games
Community Service: Canned Food, LOVE Newark          Community Service: Blanket and Toys
Food Serving, Card Signing

                                                                            December, 2008 - Page 1
                                                               Skit Project

KI D S                                                         By Ariele Silvas

                                                               The Bayside 4-H Skit project has been doing very
                                                               well. We have came up with a very creative plot,
O                                                              and we are all having fun.
                                                               Though, we do need some recruits. We having 4-

R                   James Michael-
                                                               Her and alien parts that need to be filled in with
                                                               more people. The 4-Hers tend to have more lines
                                                               than the aliens, but every part that we have in the
N                   Sandness - 17

                    Theresa Kim - 13
                                                               skit are just as vital to us. We would like to have
                                                               new members to help us out and to enjoy the skit
                                                               along with us.
E                   Krish Masand - 12                          If you have an interest to help us in the sit, you can
                                                               contact me at Remember, the

R                                                              more, the merrier!!!!

                                                            Banana Slugs Galore
                                                            by Christine Larisch

Primaries                                                I am in the hiking group and we recently went on a 5 mile
by Erin Larisch                                          hike in the Portola redwoods. What could be more peace-
                                                         ful than a hike in the redwoods? A hike in the redwoods
I really like 4H Primaries because we do really fun while setting a record for banana slugs seen on one trail!
projects. We do sewing, painting, drawing, and all those The hiking group counted all the banana slugs we saw.
other things. There are really nice kids there. I really When the hike was half way done we already had about
love 4H Primaries!                                       56 banana slugs! We found them in most areas with shade.
                                                         By the end we saw 101 banana slugs. Oh, I forgot to tell
                                                         you we called them all Bob except with numbers - Bob 1,
                                                         Bob 2... So say hi to all the Bobs at the redwoods.
Bicycles Galore!
by Zachary Montgomery
                                                            My Outdoor Adventure
On November 16th my bicycle club and I had an amaz-         by Kalina Montgomery
ing experience. My dad, the leader of this group, took
us all on our bikes to Starbucks. It was kind of scary      On November 15th I had an outdoor adventure to Portola
because when I looked back I would see a car coming         State Park with my hiking group. We arrived and started
very fast towards me but I remembered the rules of the      out to brave the wilderness. I had two water bottles, a
road, and I would keep to the right.                        camera, a notebook, a backpack, and my lunch. The red-
                                                            woods were majestic and beautiful especially with the sun
My dad made us take “the scenic route” and it took us       rays blazing through the leaves. The trail was woven like
        40 minutes to get to a Starbucks that was 10        a blanket through the hills: in some places going up, some
           minutes away. We did discover an old road        places going down and some places remaining flat but
            that was meant to be paved but the workers      curving around like waves on the seashore. On the way
            never got to it. Nothing was on this piece of   we saw 101 “Bobs” also known as banana slugs. We also
         land. Actually it was part of a major road in      saw two “Freds” also known as newts. This was a record
   Newark , Cedar Blvd. We never knew this existed.         number of newts and banana slugs on a hike. In the future
Ha! What a waste of land! When we arrived back at             I hope more 4-H members are able to come out to the
my house, everybody was complaining that their “be-             wilderness to enjoy the magic and beauty of our nearby
hinds” were sore. All I had to say was “This                      precious forests.
bicycle club rocks!”
                                                                                        December, 2008 - Page 2
Are You Smarter Than
                                                   7.   What substance makes plants green?
A 4-Her?
                                                   a.   chloroform
                                                   b.   chlorophyll
These questions were taken from a game show
                                                   c.   pigment
held at the Pitt County, North Carolina Agricul-
                                                   d.   photosynthesis
tural Center last May. Answers are at the
bottom of page 5.
                                                   8. What fruits are known for providing Vitamin
1. To find your maximum heart rate, subtract
                                                      a . citrus fruits
   _____ from 220.
                                                      b. berries
   a . Your resting heart rate
                                                      c . melons
   b. Your cholesterol
                                                      d. dried fruit
   c . Your age
   d. Your shoe size
                                                   9. How many county commissioners does Pitt
                                                      County have?
2. In which of these places is it acceptable to
                                                      a . 12
   have your phone or beeper turned on?
                                                      b. 7
   a . movie theater
                                                      c. 4
   b. grocery store
                                                      d. 9
   c . wedding ceremony
   d. job interview
                                                   10. What unit of measure do you use to tell how
                                                       tall a horse is?
3. Entomology is the study of what?
                                                       a . Hands
   a . birds
                                                       b. Feet
   b. trees
                                                       c . Inches
   c . insects
                                                       d. Yards
   d. sports

4. What skills does 4-H teach youth?
   a . citizenship
   b. leadership
   c . service to others
   d. All of the above

5. In computer terms what does CPU stand
   a . computer panel utilities
   b. central processing unit
   c . computer personnel united
   d. central programming unity

6. What is the population of Greenville (accord
   ing to the City of Greenville website)?
   a . 94,265
   b. 72, 233
   c . 89,361

                                                                          December, 2008 - Page 3
                                              Adopt A Family
                                          The Rojas’ and The Books
                                    Thank you for your loving & generous gifts! Please
                                    bring wrapped gifts with name tags to the meeting.

               The Rojas Family                                                 The Books Family
Pat and Reyes Rojas are a low income family who have 3
kids. This is the first time they are asking for help during   Jessie Books is a single dad with 4 kids. He said nothing for
the holidays.                                                  himself. Although he did mention warm blankets for the family.
                                                               Gifts cards are another option for Dad.
Pat wears a 7 short in pants and a medium top.
  - Pratts: Pants and a top                                    Gift cards for Dad
                                                                 - Briers: $20 Target gift
Reyes wears a large shirt and 38/30 pants.                       - Nikzats: $20 Wal-Mart gift card
 - Olson: Gift cards                                             - Olson: Probably gift cards

Ernesto is 8 years old. He wears a size 10.                    Jamen is 14 years old. He wears 32/32 pants and XL shirts.
He would like matchbox cars and toys.                          (gift cards?)
  - Colglazier: Shirt (Long sleeve)                              - Strouses: Gift certificate to Zumez (Zumees?) at Newpark
  - Steeles: Cars                                                - Gilliams: 2 long sleeve t-shirts (1 black, 1 gray)
  - Olson: Hot wheel cars                                        - Olson: Sideout coat, “Sideout” t-shirt, Sweatshirt, Jeans

Marlenne is 5 years old. She wears a size 7.                   Evie is 11 years old. She wears a 7/8 in juniors and medium
She loves Hanna Montana.                                       tops. She asked for warm things, -PJs (like the ones with
  - Zhao- Clothes                                              flannel or fleece bottoms). She likes movies.
  - Silvas-winter set; sweater, mittens and hat                   - Gilliams: 2 pairs of fuzzy slipper socks
  - Montgomerys: Hannah Montana shirt and a H.M. gift             - Pratts: PJs and a movie
                                                                  - Devika Sagar: Top
Elizabeth is 3. She wears a size 4.                               - Olson: Jacket w/hood, jeans, zip up hoodie with tank
She likes to play with dolls.                                       top. Jewelry?
  - Colglazier- Outfit
  - Larishes- Doll and some doll items                         Jessie is 6 years old. He wears a 7/8. He said he wants to go
  - Olson: Doll                                                to Toys R Us! He likes action figures and wrestlers.
                                                                  - Tashjians: Action figure
Family Gifts                                                      - Gilliams: Transformer
  - Larishes: Board game for all the kids.                        - Olson: Hulk sweatsuit, t-shirt & jeans, Sideout jacket
  - Olson: Stuffed dolls/animals
  - Bayside 4H: $50 gift card **                               Colline is 1 year old. She wears 18 month size and size 4 or 5
                                                               diapers. She is almost due for a car seat. Dad says she needs a
Food Basket:                                                   warm coat and baby items such as lotions and powders etc.
  - Pratts: Safeway gift card                                    - Briers: Box of diapers and baby wipes
  - Strouses: Bag of food                                        - Gilliams: Extra warm jacket/rainproof
  - Larisches: Canned veggies, pasta, and a jar of sauce         - Steele: Clothes
                                                                 - Olson: 2 - 2 PC jacket/pant sets, 3 coord shirts, stuff toy

                                                               Family Gifts
                                                                 - Tashjian: blanket
                                                                 - Bayside 4H: $50 gift card **

                                                               Food Basket
                                                                 - Pratts: Safeway gift card
                 ** Per approved motion made at                  - Strouses: Bag of food
                 November Bayside 4H meeting.                    - Larisches: Canned veggies, pasta, and a jar of sauce
                 See Minutes page 6.                             - Lucky’s: Lucky gift card    December, 2008 - Page 4
Child Safety Online Training
Child abuse and neglect are important concerns in the
California 4-H Youth Development Program. This on-
line course will show you key indicators for identifying
child abuse, outline and clarify the law, and lead you
through interactive exercises of real life situations.
This course does not qualify you as a volunteer leader.
In any case of suspected child abuse, please notify
your local County Extension Office and 4-H staff

Cooking Community Service Project
and Card Signing
by Elaine Vallecillo-Miller, Project Leader

For this year the Cooking project 4 H members are par-
ticipating in the Marine Recruit Angel project whereby
we will be sending cards or letters to Angelina Miller’s
fellow female recruit in Platoon 4005. There are 65 mem-
bers in her platoon. For those who do not know my daugh-
ter, Angelina was one of the four camp directors this                           CLUB OFFICERS
past summer. She started her Marine basic training on                                      President
November 17th for 13 weeks at Parris Island, South                                        Ashley Steele
Carolina. Every recruit counts on letters or cards from                                   Vice President
home - knowing that there is someone out there who is                                     Paige Scheving
thinking of them during their daily challenges.                                     Recording Secretary
                                                                                        Devika Sagar

During the December meeting, the first set of 65 cards                                     Treasurer:
                                                                                           Tony Zhao
will be laid out so that all 4 H members can sign these
                                                                                 Corresponding Secretary
cards. If anyone would like to be a pen pal, contact Elaine                            Ariele Silvas
at 510-793-5344.
                                                                                           Ariele Silvas
                                                                                            Sahil Sagar
Bayside Calendar                                                                        Sahil Sagar
                                                                                       Ashley Steele
                                                                                      Kayla Colglazier
Julie is working on the Calender for Dec, Jan & Feb.                            Song & Recreation Leaders
If you know your dates for your projects, please send                                 Ashley Steele
                                                                                     Rosemary Davis
them to Julie ASAP so she can get them on it.
                                                                                      River Gilliam
                                                                                     Sergeant at Arms
                                                                                      Christine Larisch

                                                                                 Community Club Leader
                                                                                 Julie Colglazier (490-6655)

                                                                                  Rhya Gilliam (742-3290)

                                                                                                 December, 2008 - Page 5
                                    1. c 2. b 3. c. 4. d 5. b 6. b 7. b 8. a 9. 9 10. a
                                       Bayside 4-H Meeting
                                         November 2008

Call to Order: The Bayside 4-H meeting was called to order at 7:16 P.M.

Flag Salute and 4-H Pledge: Christine L. led the Flag Salute and Sahil Sagar led the 4-H pledge.

Minutes: Christine Larisch made a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter, and Kayla Colgla-
zier 2nd the motion.

Committee Reports:

SKATE NIGHT: Ariel Silvas and Harley Pratt talked about Skate Night in San Ramon.
GARDENING FIELD DAY: Ariel Silvas and Harley Pratt talked about what they did and that they liked it.
HAUNTED TRAIN: Devin Strouse, Zack Montgomery, and Kalina Montgomery talked about the haunted train.
ADOPT-A-FAMILY: Catherine Scheving, talked about the progress of the Adopt a families and how to eliminate
duplicating gifts.

A Motion was made by Kayla Colglazier to donate a $50 gift card to each of the families. Zach Montgomery 2nd
the motion. No Discussion

Birthdays: Month of November
Rosemary Davis

New Business:
BUDGET VOTING: Harley Pratt motioned for the budget to be accepted as printed, and Kyle McMann 2nd. No
L.O.V. FOOD SERVING: Ashley Steele discussed the food serving organization.
COOKIES/GIFT CARDS: Paige Scheving talked about the gift and cookie exchange for December.

Leader’s Report:
CAL CONFERENCE: Julie Colglazier talked about who qualifies for the CAL Conference and some of the
benefits for attending. Applications need to be in by Nov.20.

Canned Food Drive and Pine Cone Feeders,
PJ day

Adjournment: The Bayside 4-H meeting was motioned by Ashley Steele to be adjourned at 7:47 P.M

                                                                                     December, 2008 - Page 6

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