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Magazines – Alphabetically by Title


									Magazines – Alphabetically by Title
Updated April 2008

Magazine Title:                           Living Room title is located in:

AA Directions                             Transport
AdmiNZ                                    Business & Economics
Adventure : NZ's #1 outdoors magazine     Sports & Hobbies
Advocate                                  Relationships
Airborn                                   Sports & Hobbies
Air New Zealand                           New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Allergy Today                             Health & Wellbeing
A Low Hum                                 Music & Performing Arts
Americas                                  Community Languages
AMI                                       Transport
Anime Insider                             Youth - General Magazines
Antiques and Collectables                 Arts & Crafts
Antiques and Collecting Magazine          Arts & Crafts
Apparel                                   Society
Archaelogy                                Countries
Archifacts                                New Zealand - Genealogy
Architectural Digest                      Home Maintenance & Design
Architecture NZ                           Arts & Crafts
Arena                                     General Magazines
Army News                                 Society
Art AsiaPacific                           Arts & Crafts
Artforum                                  Arts & Crafts
Artist                                    Arts & Crafts
Art News New Zealand                      Arts & Crafts
Art NZ                                    Arts & Crafts
Arts of Asia                              Arts & Crafts
Asia Pacific Perspectives                 Countries
Atlantic Monthly                          General Magazines
Atomic : Maximum Power                    Computers
Audubon                                   Environment & Landuse
Australian Birdkeeper                     Animals
Australian Country Craft                  Arts & Crafts
Australian Family Tree Connections        New Zealand - Genealogy
Australian Home Beautiful                 Home Maintenance & Design
Australian Homespun                       Arts & Crafts
Australian Macworld                       Computers
Australian Woman's Weekly                 General Magazines
Australian Wood Review                    Arts & Crafts
Australian Yoga Life                      Health & Wellbeing
Autocar                                   Transport
Aviation Modeller International see AMI   Transport
Aviation Week and Space Technology       Transport
Back2Basics                              Youth - General Magazines
Barbie                                   Childrens - General Magazines
BBC Focus                                Sciences
BBC Gardens Illustrated                  Plants & Gardening
BBC Good Food                            Food & Drink
BBC Homes and Antiques                   Home Maintenance & Design
BBC Wildlife                             Animals
Belle                                    Home Maintenance & Design
Better Homes and Gardens                 General Magazines
Bike                                     Transport
BMX Plus                                 Youth - General Magazines
Boys Life                                Childrens - General Magazines
Bratz                                    Childrens - General Magazines
Bravado                                  Fiction - General Magazines
Break In                                 Technology
Bright :reflecting business brilliance   Business & Economics
BRW                                      Business & Economics
Bulletin with Newsweek                   General Magazines
Bungeishunju                             Community Languages
Burkes Backyard                          Plants & Gardening
Business Week                            Business & Economics
Camera                                   Arts & Crafts
Chartered Accountants Journal            Business & Economics
Chickadee                                Childrens - General Magazines
Classic Wings Downunder                  Transport
Colors                                   Community Languages
Computer Gaming World                    Youth - General Magazines
Computerworld                            Computers
Conde Nast Traveler                      Countries
Connecting Cultures                      Adult Learning
Consumer                                 New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
Consumer                                 New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Consumer Reports on Health               Health & Wellbeing
Contraband                               New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Cosmopolitan                             General Magazines
Cosmos                                   Science
CQ Radio Amateurs Journal                Technology
Craft Arts International                 Arts & Crafts
Crème                                    Youth - General Magazines
Crescendo                                Sound & Vision Reference
CS Arts                                  Arts & Crafts
Cuisine                                  Food & Drink
Current History                          Countries
Curve                                    Relationships
Cut                                      Sports & Hobbies
Danz Quarterly                           Music & Performing Arts
Desh                                     Community Languages
Destinations                       Countries
Diabetes : the magazine of         Health & Wellbeing
Directions                         Transport
Dirt Rider Downunder               Sports & Hobbies
Discover                           Sciences
Disney Adventures                  Childrens - General Magazines
Disney Girl                        Childrens - General Magazines
Dmag                               Childrens - General Magazines
Dogs Life                          Animals
Dolly                              Youth - General Magazines
D Photo                            Arts & Crafts
Du Zer Wen Zai                     Community Languages
Du Zhe                             Community Languages
Ecologist                          Environment & Landuse
Economist                          Business & Economics
EDUVAC : the education...          New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
Electronics World                  Technology
Elle                               General Magazines
Embroidery                         Arts & Crafts
Empire                             Music & Performing Arts : magazine                    Technology
Esquire                            General Magazines
Fairuz                             Community Languages
Family History Monthly             New Zealand - Genealogy
Family Tree Magazine               New Zealand - Genealogy
Far Eastern Economic Review        Business & Economics
Fashion Quarterly                  Society
Field                              Countries
Fine Homebuilding                  Home Maintenance & Design
FineScale Modeler                  Transport
Fine Woodworking                   Arts & Crafts
Fish and Game New Zealand          Sports & Hobbies
Fitness Life                       Health & Wellbeing
Forest and Bird                    Animals
Fortune                            Business & Economics
FourFourTwo (UK ed)                Sports & Hobbies
Froots                             Music & Performing Arts
Future Times                       Environment & Landuse
Games for Windows : the official
magazine                           Youth - General Magazines
Garden                             Plants & Gardening
Gardens Illustrated                Plants & Gardening
Gekkan NZ                          Community Languages
Genealogists Magazine              New Zealand - Genealogy
Geographical Magazine              Environment & Landuse
Girlfriend                         Youth - General Magazines
Girl Power                         Childrens - General Magazines
Glamour                            General Magazines
Good Housekeeping UK                 General Magazines
Good Housekeeping US                 General Magazines
Good Health and Medicine             Health & Wellbeing
Good Reading : the magazine          Fiction - General Magazines
Gramophone                           Music & Performing Arts
Granta                               Fiction - General Magazines
Grass Roots                          Environment & Landuse
Grey Power                           Society
Guitar One                           Music & Performing Arts
Guitar Player                        Music & Performing Arts on order
Guitar World                         Music & Performing Arts
Hair and Beauty Inspirations         Society
Harpers                              General Magazines
Harrowsmith Country Life             Environment & Landuse
Harvard Business Review              Business & Economics
Health and Fitness                   Health & Wellbeing
Healthy Options                      Health & Wellbeing
Her Business                         Business & Economics
Her Magazine                         Business & Economics
Heritage Matters                     New Zealand - General Magazines
High Performance Imports             Transport
History Today                        Countries
Home New Zealand                     Home Maintenance & Design
Homestyle                            Home Maintenance & Design
Hoop                                 Sports & Hobbies
Hot 4s and Performance Cars          Transport
Hot Rod                              Transport
Hot Wheels                           Childrens - General Magazines
House and Garden                     Home Maintenance & Design
Hyper                                Youth - General Magazines
Images                               Society
In Britain                           Countries
Instyle                              Society
Internet Genealogy                   New Zealand - Genealogy
Interview                            Music & Performing Arts
Investigate                          New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
J.A.A.M                              Fiction - General Magazines
Jet Boating : the official journal   Sports & Hobbies
Journal of Pacific History           New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Keyboard                             Music & Performing Arts
Kia Ora                              New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Kiwi Conservation Club               Childrens - General Magazines
Kiwi Parent                          Childrens - Parenting Collection
Kiwi Rider News                      Transport
Koreana                              Countries
Kokiri                               New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Lending
Krash                                Childrens - General Magazines
K Zone                               Childrens - General Magazines
Landfall                            Fiction - General Magazines
Landscape New Zealand               Plants & Gardening
Linkz                               Adult Learning
Listener                            New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
Listener                            New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Literary Review                     Fiction - General Magazines
Little Angel                        Childrens - General Magazines
Little Treasures                    Childrens - Parenting Collection
Littlies                            Childrens - Parenting Collection
LNZ                                 Plants & Gardening
MacWorld                            Computers
Mad (Australian edition)            Youth - General Magazines
Mad (US edition)                    Fiction - General Magazines
Ma Hay Nau                          Community Languages
Mana                                New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Reference
Mana                                New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Lending
Mania                               Childrens - General Magazines
Manual Magazine                     Youth - General Magazines
Marie Claire (Australian edition)   General Magazines
Marie Claire (UK edition)           General Magazines
Marketing Magazine                  Business & Economics
Mens Health                         Health & Wellbeing
Merge                               General Magazines
Metro                               General Magazines
Modern Family                       Community Languages
Mother Earth News                   Environment & Landuse
Mothering                           Childrens - Parenting Collection
Mother Jones                        General Magazines
MS                                  Society
M2 Magazine                         General Magazines
Music in the Air                    Sound & Vision - Reference
My Mobile                           Technology
National Business Review magazine   Business & Economics

National Geographic                 Environment & Landuse
National Geographic Kids            Childrens - General Magazines
National Geographic Traveler        Countries
National Wildlife                   Animals
Natural Health                      Health & Wellbeing
Natural History                     Animals
Nature and Health                   Health & Wellbeing
Navy Today                          Society
Netguide                            Computers
New African                         Countries
New Internationalist                Countries
New Scientist                       Sciences
New Statesman                       General Magazines
NewType USA                         Youth - General Magazines
New Yorker                          General Magazines
New York Times Book Review            Fiction - General Magazines
New Zealand AM : the Asian magazine   New Zealand - General Magazines
New Zealand Author                    Fiction - General Magazines
New Zealand Autocar                   Transport
New Zealand Books                     Fiction - General Magazines
New Zealand Bride & Groom             Society
New Zealand Business                  Business & Economics
New Zealand Classic Car               Transport
New Zealand Dancer                    Youth - General Magazines
New Zealand Education Gazette         New Zealand -General Magazines Reference
New Zealand Engineering News          Technology
New Zealand Family Tree               New Zealand - Genealogy
New Zealand Fishing News              Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Fitness                   Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand 4WD                       Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Gardener                  Plants & Gardening
New Zealand Garden Journal            Plants & Gardening
New Zealand Genealogist               New Zealand - Genealogy
New Zealand Geographer                New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
New Zealand Geographic                New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
New Zealand Geographic                New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
New Zealand Growing Today             Environment & Landuse
New Zealand Healthy Food Guide        Health & Wellbeing
New Zealand Heritage                  New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
New Zealand Heritage                  New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
New Zealand Home & Entertaining       Home Maintenance & Design
New Zealand Horse & Pony              Sports & Hobbies
NZ House & Garden                     Home Maintenance & Design
NZ House & Garden                     Bestsellers
New Zealand Humanist                  Society
New Zealand Hunting and Wildlife      Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand International Review      Society
New Zealand Investor Monthly          Business & Economics
New Zealand Law Journal               New Zealand - Law - Lending
New Zealand Legacy                    New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
NZ Life & Leisure                     General Magazines
NZ Life & Leisure                     Bestsellers
New Zealand Lifestyle Block           Environment & Landuse
New Zealand Management                Business & Economics
New Zealand MCC                       Transport
New Zealand Memories                  New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
New Zealand Memories                  New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
New Zealand Model Railway Journal     Transport
New Zealand Mountain Biker            Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Multisport                Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Musician                  Music & Performing Arts
New Zealand Netguide                  Computers
New Zealand Orienteering              Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Outdoor             Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand PC World            Computers Reference
New Zealand PC World            Computers
New Zealand Performance Car     Transport
New Zealand Property Investor   Business & Economics
New Zealand Quilter             Arts & Crafts
New Zealand Railfan             Transport
New Zealand Railway Observer    Transport
New Zealand Rodder              Transport
New Zealand Rod & Rifle         Sports & Hobbies
NZ Rugby World                  Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Runner              Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand RVlifestyle         Transport
New Zealand Snow Boarder        Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Soccer Talk         Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Speedsport          Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Surfing             Sports & Hobbies
NZ Today                        New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
New Zealand Trends              Home Maintenance & Design
New Zealand Trucking            Transport
New Zealand Weddings            Society
New Zealand Wilderness          Sports & Hobbies
New Zealand Woman's Weekly      General Magazines
Next                            General Magazines
Next                            Bestsellers
Nexus                           Beliefs
Nintendo Gamer                  Youth - General Magazines
Nipponia                        Community Languages
North and South                 New Zealand - General Magazines Reference
North and South                 New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Oldie                           Society
Onfilm                          Music & Performing Arts
On Holiday                      New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Organic Gardening               Plants & Gardening
Organic NZ                      Environment & Landuse
Orient Express                  Countries
Pacific Connection              New Zealand General Magazines Lending
Pacific Wings                   Transport
Palmy Parent                    Childrens - Parenting Collection
Parenting the Magazine          Childrens - Parenting Collection
Paris Match                     Community Languages
Password                        Adult Learning
Pavement                        General Magazines
PC Gamer                        Youth - General Magazines
Pet New Zealand                 Animals
Pitch Engine                    Fiction - General Magazines
Playcentre Journal              Childrens - Parenting Collection
Player                          Sports & Hobbies
Playmarket News                          Fiction - General Magazines
Playstation : official magazine          Youth - General Magazines
Poetry NZ                                Fiction - General Magazines
Poets and Writers                        Fiction - General Magazines
Popular Mechanics                        Technology
Popular Photography                      Arts & Crafts
Popular Science                          Sciences
Positive Living                          Society
Practical Parenting                      Childrens - Parenting Collection
Private Eye                              Society
Prodesign                                Arts & Crafts
Professional Skipper                     Sports & Hobbies
Psychology Today                         Health & Wellbeing
Pulp                                     Youth - General Magazines
Q : the modern guide to music and more   Music & Performing Arts
QST                                      Technology
Rails                                    Transport
Rainbow News                             Beliefs
Readers Digest                           Fiction - General Magazines
Readers Digest - Large Print             Fiction - General Magazines
Readers Digest - Chinese                 Community Languages
Real Groove                              Music & Performing Arts
Resurgence                               Society
Rip It Up                                Music & Performing Arts
Rolling Stone                            Music & Performing Arts
RSA Review                               Society
Rugby League Week                        Sports & Hobbies
Runners World                            Sports & Hobbies
Saddle Club                              Childrens - General Magazines
SAFE : New Zealands #1 Animal rights
magazine                                 Animals
Samtoh                                   Community Languages
Savvy                                    Society
Scale Models International see SMI       Transport
Scientific American                      Sciences
Sea Spray                                Transport
Selvedge                                 Arts & Crafts
Seventeen                                Youth - General Magazines
SGI                                      Community Languages
Shed                                     Technology
Shojo Beat                               Youth - General Magazines
Shonen Jump                              Youth - General Magazines
Sierra                                   Countries
Sight & Sound                            Music & Performing Arts
Skeptical Inquirer                       Beliefs
Sky & Telescope                          Sciences
Slam                                     Sports & Hobbies
SMI see Scale Models International       Transport
Smithsonian                              Society
Socialist Review of Aotearoa/New
Zealand                                Society
Social Policy Journal of New Zealand   New Zealand - General Magazines - Lending
Sojourners                             Beliefs
Songlines                              Music & Performing Arts
Sound and Vision                       Technology
Spasifik                               New Zealand - General Magazines Lending
Spectator                              General Magazines
Spin                                   Fiction - General Magazines
Spoke                                  Sports & Hobbies
Sport                                  Fiction - General Magazines
Stamping & Papercraft                  Arts & Crafts
Standards New Zealand                  Technology
Stella                                 Youth - General Magazines
Sunset                                 General Magazines
Taiohi                                 Youth - General Magazines
Taiwan Panorama                        Community Languages
Takahe                                 Fiction - General Magazines
Taste                                  Food & Drink
Taste                                  Bestsellers
Tearaway                               Youth - General Magazines
Te Karere Maori News                   New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Lending
TESOLANZ Newsletter                    Adult Learning
The Cut                                Sports & Hobbies
The Shed                               Technology
Third Age                              Society
This England                           Countries
Thrasher                               Youth - General Magazines

Time                                   General Non-Fiction - Reference
Time                                   General Magazines
TLS                                    Fiction - General Magazines
Top Gear NZ                            Transport
Total Gamer                            Youth - General Magazines
Total Girl                             Childrens - General Magazines
Transworld Skateboarding               Youth - General Magazines
Tu Mai                                 New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Reference
Tu Mai                                 New Zealand - Kohikohinga Maori - Lending
Two Wheels                             Transport
Unlimited                              Business & Economics
Upstart                                Childrens - General Magazines
Up2Scrap                               Arts & Crafts
Urbis                                  Arts & Crafts
Urbis Landscapes                       Plants & Gardening
Utne                                   Society
Valley Micropress                      Fiction - General Magazines
Vanity Fair                            General Magazines
Vanity Fair                            Bestsellers
Vegetarian Living New Zealand          Food & Drink
Vegetarian Times                          Food & Drink
Vogue Australia                           General Magazines
Vogue Australia                           Bestsellers
Vogue Entertaining & Travel               Food & Drink
Walking New Zealand                       Sports & Hobbies
Wallpaper                                 General Magazines
Wanderlust                                Countries
Webb's Auction Catalogues                 Arts & Crafts
Weekend Gardener                          Plants & Gardening
Wired                                     Computers
Wisden Cricketer                          Sports & Hobbies
World of Antiques and Art                 Arts & Crafts
World of Interiors                        Home Maintenance & Design
World Soccer                              Sports & Hobbies
Writers Digest                            Fiction - General Magazines
Xbox 360 : the official Australian xbox
magazine                                  Youth - General Magazines
Your Cat                                  Animals
Your Home & Garden                        Home Maintenance & Design
Your Home & Garden                        Bestsellers

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