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					                      Interactive Games
               AIR HOCKEY                                                                    FOOSBALL
                                                                                Another classic arcade favorite. This
    A classic, all-time favorite arcade
                                                                                fast-paced soccer game requires
    game. Our tables are full size arcade
                                                                                participants to control miniature
    quality games. Players go one-on-one
                                                                                players attached to metal rods and use
    hitting the fast-moving puck in an
                                                                                them to block their opponents players
    attempt to score a goal against their
                                                                                from scoring goals. Up to four players
                                                                                at one time.

    Ever dream of competing in the Indy                                              3-D MINIATURE GOLF
    500? Our giant slot car race track lets                                     Windmills, Loop-de-Loop & more.
    you experience all the thrill with none                                     Now try it in our wild & wacky 3-D,
    of the danger! A sure fire hit, our                                         neon version. All the fun & challenge,
    racetrack entertains participants (up to                                    in our high-tech form. We provide
    five players at a time) and spectators                                      the course, the obstacles, the balls &
    alike. The figure-8 layout challenges                                       clubs. And of course, the 3-D glasses.
    wanna-be racers of all skill levels.                                        A nine-hold course. Great fun for all
    Loved by kids & adults. The racetrack                                       ages.
    measures 6 ft. by 15 ft.

    Play against yourself or a friend. Two                                         ELECTRONIC FOOTBALL
    players can shoot hoops                                                     Just like Electronic Basketball, but with
    simultaneously while the backboard                                          a football theme.
    keeps score electronically. A smash hit
    at any event, indoors or out.

         THE JEOPARDY SHOW                                                         THE MILLIONAIRE SHOW
                                                                                Based on the popular TV Show, guests
    Our rendition of the classic show,
                                                                                get a chance to sit in the "hot seat" and
    featuring an emcee, hostess & sound
                                                                                test their intellectual might. Includes
    technician with a life-sized game
                                                                                host, lock-out buzzers, video screen,
    board. Lock out buzzers, electronic
                                                                                sound system, music & lifelines.
    scoring & personalized questions can
                                                                                Numerous upgrades & options
    be added. Ask your sales
                                                                                available. Ask your sales
    representative for options.
                                                                                representative for specifics.

         Maurice’s Party Animals, 665 Mountain Drive, South Orange, NJ 07079
973-762-8550 Fax 973-761-4801email
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                      Interactive Games
             SHOW                                                                   X-TREME GAME SHOW
    All the excitement of the hit television                                    You just may get pied. You may get
    show. We supply an emcee, hostess &                                         tied up. You may get tongue-tied
    technician. Letters turn on a 4-ft by 7-                                    trying to come up with that trivia
    ft. backdrop surrounded by rope lights.                                     answer you know you know. Our
    A 36-ft wheel, sound system, podium,                                        emcee will host a side splitting hour of
    mylar skirted board, music and stage                                        trivia, relays, stunts and outrageous
    lighting complete the set. Three                                            contests. Show includes professional
    contestants try to solve each puzzle.                                       sound system, props, prizes &
    Five rounds of play are followed by the                                     backdrop.
    top three players returning for a final

         Maurice’s Party Animals, 665 Mountain Drive, South Orange, NJ 07079
973-762-8550 Fax 973-761-4801email
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