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									                                                      A newsletter for
                                                       the supporters,
                                                  volunteers and friends of
                                                      Namaqua Center

Healing & Learning For                                   Fall 2007
 Children & Families
                                                     A Partner Program of LCMH

                  This Halloween, I was greeted by many ghosts
 What’s           and goblins at my door step. And I think it was
 Inside           the ghosts that haunted me, that made me re-
                  member a child who came to live at our center.
  Kids Say        A boy who wanted to be a ghost, a boy who
   page 2         truly wished he was invisible…
 Wish List
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Holiday Tips
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Holiday Wish
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  & Praise
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How to Help
  page 11         He was tiny with golden blonde hair and fiery
                  blue eyes. His name was Joey but to me he
                  was “G.I. Joey.” It’s no stretch of the imagina-
                  tion why I gave him that name. G.I. Joey began
                  each day the same way; out of his green cam-
                  ouflage pajamas and into the costume he al-
                  ways wore, the unmistakable green pattern of
                  Army fatigues.
Wish List Kids say…
Fall                            The following class reports are written by children
                                in our special education classrooms and are
                                printed in their original, unedited format.

Miscellaneous                   Pumpkins
♦ Sweatshirts/ hoodies           I carved my pumpkins at Namaqua house. I
♦ Sweatpants (sizes 8-14)       carved my pumpkins with my mom and my
                                brother. I had a lot of fun! The reason why is
♦ Pajamas & slippers
                                cause it is fall. It was a lot of fun.
♦ Batteries (all sizes)         I also got to hang out with my
♦ Large dog pillows             mom. And that is why carving
                                pumpkins is fun. —MM
♦ Bike helmets, elbow and
  knee pads
♦ 27” Color TV
♦ DVD/VHS Players
                                I like Namaqua because it really helps
                                              me get my feelings out.
School supplies
                                              It gives me a chance to
♦ Gift certificates to Knowl-
  edge Bound school supply                    talk about things from
♦ Pencil Boxes
                                              the past and things I am
♦ Small CD/tape players
                                              worried about in the
♦ Boom boxes with speakers
                                future. I think Namaqua is the best
  attached                      place. —CS
♦ Headphones
                                Studying Spiders
Gift Certificates to:           We are going to study spiders by text
♦ McDonalds                     books. We are going to study their
♦ Wendy’s
                                venom. We got to make a paper spider
♦ Subway
                                and got a plastic spider from a
♦ Dairy Queen
                                pumpkin troll. — RB
♦ Pizza Hut

Craft Supplies                  I’m a person who likes boxing. I dislike
♦ Moon sand with a case/        pink. I like football. I would never say God
  durable container             in vain. I love to play basketball. I want to
♦ Packs of single color con-    learn how to say prayers. I used
  struction paper               to be afraid of scary movies. I like
                                to climb. I’m really happy about
    For more information,
                                getting a Bible. I get really angry
    please call 669-7550.
                                when I get quiet times. — JR

GI Joey continued from cover
Children are children, many        that year, Joey met his new
enjoy wearing their favorite       family.
clothes over and over, but
Joey’s situation was different.     Joey’s family recently sent us
He wasn’t just wearing a fa-       a photo update that was ti-
vorite shirt and he didn’t have    tled, “What ever happened to
dreams of growing up to be a       Joey?” With their permission,
soldier. For him, being invisi-    we have included some of
ble was survival. Being un-        their family’s highlights to
seen meant no one could find       share with you. As you enjoy
him and if he couldn’t be          learning more about Joey’s life
found, then he couldn’t be         since Namaqua Center we ask
hurt again. I imagine that for     that you know, Joey may have
the children living in our         not ever received a “forever
home, at some point in their       family” without you.
lives, each has closed their
eyes and wished with all their
might to be invisible. Joey
was simply holding onto the
only tool he had to survive.               G.I. Joey

 While in treatment, his bio-
logical parents’ rights were
terminated by the courts for
failing to complete their treat-
ment plans. With each goal
Joey achieved, he grew more
confident of himself. I re-
member the first time I saw
him without his green mask.
That moment was a Namaqua
Center highlight for me. He
was wearing brightly colored
snow pants that came to us
through a donation. He
wanted to be seen. And later

                          Tips for Holiday Season Stress
 The holiday season can be stress filled. Now is the time to consider new traditions in self-
care. Search for community support that will open your heart to the joys that are possible in
                                         this season.
 Remember the things that are the most stressful are the things that you care the most about,
but have the least control over. World events, the economy, the way people respond, and our
                      families are major stressors that we wish we could
                                   control, but often cannot.
1. Schedule Time for Self-Care—Regular exercise and time for stress management is a must!
2. Eat Well—Moderation is key. Do not use drugs or alcohol for stress management.
3. Avoid Caffeine
4. Plan the Holiday, Set some limits—Don’t over spend financial & emotional resources.
5. Control Your Expectations of: Happiness, Joy, Sadness, and Loneliness
6. Be Nice to Others
7. Reach Out for Support—Talk with friends, family, clergy, or mental health counselors.
8.. Humor Helps... Have Fun
9. Stay in the Present!
10. Find the True Spirit of the Holidays

                      H o l i d a y Wish List
                             We kindly request that gifts be unwrapped.

 Stocking stuffers            Toys to share                  Special Requests
♦  Coloring books            ♦ Craft projects               ♦ Transformers

♦ Play-doh                   ♦ Skate boards                 ♦ Bionicles

♦ Silly Putty                ♦ Sit-n-spins                  ♦ Etch a Sketch

♦ Stickers                   ♦ GeoTrax Sets                 ♦ Anything @ bugs

♦ Mini Lego sets             ♦ Footballs, volley-           ♦ Remote-control car

♦ Bouncy balls
                               balls, basketballs
                                                            ♦ Legos
                             ♦ Game Boys
♦ Friendship bracelets                                      ♦ Craft Foam
                             ♦ Game Boy video
♦ Hot Wheels                                                ♦ Discman
                               games—rated E for
♦ Slinkies                     Everyone and geared          ♦ Boombox

♦ Word search books            to 8 and under               ♦ Baby doll

♦ Disposable cameras         ♦ X-Box games—rated
                                                            ♦ Jewelry
                               E for Everyone
♦ Chapstick/lip gloss                                       ♦ Science kit
                             ♦ Frisbees
♦ Mini note pads                                            ♦ Moon Sand Kit
                             ♦ Large dog pillows
♦ Card games                                                ♦ Scooter
                             ♦ Board games
♦ Mini-travel games                                         ♦ Magic Set
                             ♦ Elbow & knee pads
♦ Balloons

    Grandfamily Support & Education

     Second Time Around for
      Grandparents Raising

   When: Wednesday Evenings

   Where: 404 E. 7th ST.
          Loveland, CO 80537

                            Are You Raising Your
                             Second Time Around
                        offers caregiving grandparents
                              the opportunity to:

       ♦     Share common experiences
       ♦     Better understand their grandchilds needs
       ♦     Locate resources
       ♦     Gain information from a community professional

Discussion Topics:

Understanding Your “Not-so-new” Role
Promoting Personal Well Being
Building Relationships
Refining Parenting Skills
Navigating School and Community
Managing Family Finances
Exploring Legal Options
Looking to the Future

This FREE program is open to any grandparent raising their grandchild,
                         regardless of age.
                     Children’s Program and Dinner Provided
  This educational series was made possible through a grant from the
                        Bohemian Foundation
       Call Cyndi at (970) 622– 7314 for information or to register

Thanks                  &Praise
We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who
helped make our Give Hope Fall Festival such a great success.
Thanks to the generosity, dedication, and hard work of many,
we were able to raise over $30,000 for the children in our care.

The following businesses and individuals helped make this event possible.
                                  Platinum Sponsors
    Realities For Children, Mike Schmitt, Rich & Cartmill Insurance of Colorado, LLC.
                               Crystal Flute Sponsors
           Advanced Energy, Clear Choice Coaching and Mediation, Collins
          Cashway Lumber, Davidson—Gebhardt Chevrolet Subaru, Nick and
            Barbara Davidson, Excelsior Software, Foothills Service League,
     High Country Beverage, Home State Bank, Liquor Max, Loveland Luncheon
    Optimist Club, Medical Center of the Rockies Foundation, Norlarco Credit Union,
                  Portable Rental Systems, Preuss Family Foundation,
             Reporter-Herald, Swanty Insurance Agency, US Engineering,
                            Wal*Mart Transportation #6819
                               Golden Goblet Sponsors
                    Dellenbach Motors, Shelly Hill, The Group, Inc.,
              Kodak Colorado Division, Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies,
              Quick Print Shop, Lis and Earl Sethre, Shirazi and Associates,
                                   Wells Fargo Bank
                              Silver Stein Sponsors
         Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, P.C., Dechairo Construction,
                    Hauser Architects, P.C., The Group, Inc.,
                                 Other Sponsors
                                 King Buick Pontiac GMC

                               Special Thanks to:
                 Catering to You by James Buehler, Tim Hanauer
             K99’s Todd Harding, High Country Beverage, Liquor Max,
              Mantooth Company, Mountain States Tent and Awning,
                  Osborn Farm, Scott Shuman, and The Hollyfelds

     A great big thank you to all of the individuals and businesses who
           contributed so many wonderful silent auction items!
     And special thanks to the Give Hope Fall Festival Volunteers for
     taking time out if their busy schedules to create a fabulous event!

Thanks                   &Praise
Donations made April 1st—September 3oth 2007

Dave Nichols
 Priscilla Plumb                      Cash & In Kind
Emily Dawson Peterson                   Donations
Mike Schmitt
Bill and Jan Frame
Jason and Christie Adamson
Beth and Denny Allan                              Gary A. and Darlene J. Flaa
John and Candice Ambrose                          Sharon and Larry Flentie
Matthew and Amanda Anderson                       Janine Freed and Garnet Perkins
Luke and Tamar Arnold                             Linda J. Gibson
Carmen Avalos                    In Honor of      William and Carolyn Goldsberry
Kent Barnes                                       David and Rhonda Gorham
Donald and Sharon Barr            Monica          Margery Grell
Mark and Jennifer Beath                           Connie Haddock
Mark and Sarah Bellino
                                  Stiller         Calvert and Kristina Hall
Jerimiah and Elizabeth Bentley     For            Christi Halsey
Diane Blair                                       Rebecca Harders
Richard and Barbara Blanks        Mothers         Susan Harris
Kimberly Bouck                     Day            Lois M. Heflin
                                                  James and Darla Herndon
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bowman
Holly Boyce                                       Sandra and William Herring
                                 Christine and    Mitchell and Elizabeth Herzberger
Joanne Boyd
Charlene Branscum
                                 Sean Rutledge    Llyod Hodges
Sandra M. Brewer                                  Lona and Greg Hoffman
Charles and Sandy Briggs                          Vivian Holland
Zella Brink                                       Arlene Houkap
JE and PE Bruce                                   Caleb and Christine Howard
Kevin and Lisa Burton                             Dan and Susan Hutchens
Melanie Carter                                    Cheri L. Jackson
Larry and Linda Castor                            Susan Jandrew
Ardena Chandler                                   Julie Johnson Haffner
Patty Chandler                                    William and Cheryl Jones
Steven W. and Sharen A. Chie                      Cindy Joyner
Debra Covert                                      Steven and Debra Kanten
Bettina Cribari                                   Wayne and Laurel Kayl
Leon and Barbara Crosson                          Carol Klein
Edward and Joni Czech                             Darrell and Sharon Koleber
Clark and Lorene Davison                             Doug and Lori Koschel
Kathy Depperschmidt                                  Cindy Krist
                                  In Honor of        Jonathon and Lindsay Kuntz
Judy M. Deringer
                                                     Mura LaBue-Smith
Lacy Detwiler                    Carol Beach         Corey and Stephanie Lane
Elizabeth Dickerson
Casey Eidson                                         R and S Lawrence
                                  John Beach         Carl Lee and Eloise Lee
Tiffany Epstein
Kathleen Erbes                                       Lauren Light
Steve and Lisa Ferguson                           Janis Listowski
Lisa Field                                        Robert and Kelly Lockman
M. Deanna Fink                                    Jessica Lopez
Robert Firsch                                     Ned Love
D Fischer                                         JE Luethold
Michelle Fisher                                   Mark and Elizabeth Lundeen

Thanks                   &Praise
Donations made April 1st—September 3oth 2007

Individuals cont…                                    David and Deborah Tuttle
Luis and Heather Martinez                                   Ellen and Marty
Mary Martinez                                                  Van Raadshooven
                                     Cash & In Kind             Catherine and
Scott and Shani McBride                Donations
Francine McDonald                                               William Vance
Phoebe C. McWilliams                                          Jack and Gale Voorhies
Mary Melick                                               Scott Walker
James R. and Marcia Mellott                        Jodi and Ralph Walsh
Pat Meyer                                          Leann Walters
Kari Miller                                        Craig Weichel
Randal Miller                                      Jesse Wild and April Pietz
Sean and Tawnya Miller                             Curtis and Pamela Willer
Wayne and Cori Morrill                             John Killen and Laura Wing Killen
Larry Murch and Carol Murch                        Terrence L. and Mellisa E. Wisdom
Stacy J. Murdoff                                   Jim and Vickie K. Worthen
Michael and Dolly Myers                            Marlin and Nina Zweep
Dennis Nall                                        Dennis Breitbarth
Susan Nelson                                       Katherine Bauer
Troy Nemechek                                      Derek Godsey
Tony Newman                                        Mary Klecan and Loretta Bailey
Stephen and Deanna Nilsen                          Earl and Lisbeth Sethre
Lesley Nittler                                     Lynn and Norma Hammond
Brooke Pallasch                                    Bonny and Jim Schoolmeester
Garnet Perkins and Bill Wilmes                     Jane and Gordon Peterson
John and Judy Poovey                               Dirk and Heather Banks
Timothy and Wendy Reed                             Ken and Kathy Coulson
Randall and Teresa Reichert                        Liz and Anson Damosso
Kathleen M. Reiersgord                             Bill and Marcia Eads
Joyce B. Ren                                       Stephanie and Mark Haenny
Janet Ritz                                         Kathleen Henry
Sandra and Ken Rodarmel                            Jim and
Barbara and Ralph Rodriguez                        Elizabeth Kaylor
Kelly Runions                                      Robert and
William and Janet Sahl                             Jane Lewis
Gretchen Scales                                    Doug and Kathie Rechkemmer
Glenn and Barbara Schreiner                        Susan Strating and Rick Luebs
Larry and Kathleen Schuetz                         Dr. George W. and Barb Lee, III
Todd Seiler                                        David and Linda Allmoslecher
David and Susan Shaw                               Keryl nd Krysten Barrows
Phil Sheetz                                        Lindsay and Jack Cantley
Bonnie Smith                                       Roger and Kay Dechairo
Brian L. and Stephanie C. Snell                    Marie DeWolf
Michael and Ingrid Stahl                           Cyndi Dodds and Steve Buff
Louise and William Stakelin                        Nanci Garnand
Christopher and Michelle Stansbury                 David and Linda Jessup
Julie Sterkel                                      Sheri and John Lasher
Morris Stoskopf                                    Judith and Thomas Magara
Lindsay Stump                                      W. Richard and Barbara J. Mallot
Jeffery Thomas                                     Joann and Kevin McIntyre
Linda Thomas                                       Kathryn Spurrier
Bill Thompson                                      Mark and Paula Weiman
Kyle Tucker

Thanks                    &Praise         continued
Donations made April 1st—September 3oth 2007

Individuals cont…                  Corporations/Businesses
Mark and Kori Wilford              4th Street Chop House
Mary Jane and Jim Willard          Albertsons
Phil and Joni Friedman             Almosta Mercantile
Linda Gabel                        American Family Warehouse
Linda and Don Gledhill             Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Nancy Glen                         Barrett Enterprises Inc.
Carol Gregston                     Bas Bleu Theatre
Dick and Marion Hewson             Best Western
Shelly Hill                        Biaggi's
Stephen and Frances Howard         Big O Tires
Randy King                         Canino's
Barbara Kruse                      Carl's Jr. Restaurants
Karen O'Halloran                   Carousel Dinner Theatre
Patrick and Amy O'Keefe            CB & Potts
Herbert and Phyllis Reimer         Chiropractic Wellness Center
Jim & Sandy Roorda                 Chocolate Cafe
Kent and Pat Stillahn              Columbine Drug
Debra Timmens                      Cottonwood Cupboard
Phyllis and Norman Vlass           Dominos
Matt and Roxi Warriner             Egg & I
Michael and Jo Dee West-           Elkhorn Rod and Reel
brook                              Europa
Scott & Barb Billington            Fort Collins Nursery
Stephen and Catherine Butti        Fort Collins Symphony
Richard and Heather Coen           Fort Fun
Harry B. and Katherine L. Hunter   Front Range Resturant Management
Steve and Kim Joyce                Goldco Industries
Stephanie Kotts                    Harmony Gardens
John and Georgia Locker            Highland Meadows Golf Course
Gerald and Jeannette Nichol        Homefest
Robert E. and Shelley M. Oliver    Johnny Carino's
Leslie and Art Solomon             Johnson's Corner
Diane and Terry Wevers             Johnston Remodel and Construction, INC.
Beth Whaley                        Kitchell Engineering, LLC
Paul and Susan Von der Lippe       Liquor Max Warehouse
Alexa Goltz                        Longs Peak Animal Hospital
Lori and James Sabastian           Loveland Auto Auction, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Shannon               Mail Mart and Gift Shop
Dr. and Mrs. Pettine               Mantooth Company
Jim and Carol Moser                McCrea & Associates
                                   Morrison Retaining Walls Plus, INC.
                                   Mountain/Plains Corvette Club, LLC
                                   My Cup Runneth Over
                                   New Belgium Brewing Company
                                   Nuts and Bolts Quilt Group
            Cash & In Kind         Odell Brewing Company
              Donations            Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies
                                   Owens, LLC
                                   Papa John's
                                   Perennial Gardner

Thanks                    &Praise
Donations made April 1st—September 3oth 2007

Businesses cont…                          Cash & In Kind
Portable Rental Systems
Preston Pottery
Pro Golf
Realities For Children
Regent Broadcasting Tri-102 and K-99
Rio Grande Restaurant
Saturn of Fort Collins
Select Comfort
Terry's Stone Masonry, LLC
Texas Roadhouse
The Smoothie Life LLC DBA:Inta Juice
The Tanning Salon
Thunderbird Art Gallery
Trail Ridge Winery                                             In Honor of
Uncle Benny's Building Supplies, L.L.C.
Wal-Mart Super Center                                           Ila Vick
World Beverage
                                                         Scott and Lois Urquhart
Zephyr Hats

                                              Mount Olive Lutheran Church
                                              Mountain View Presbyterian Women
                                              Church Women United of Fort Collins, Colorado

                                              Thomas McKee Charitable Fund
                                              The Lind Foundation
                                              The Bluebonnet Fund Bill and
                                              The Coleman Living Trust
                                              Harry Thorson Foundation
            In Memory of
       Catherine Kuzmich                      Service Groups, Organizations
                                              Loveland Rotary Club
        Richard D and Elizabeth J             Big Thompson Kiwanis Club K12238
        Locicero Revocable Trust              Rotary Club of Thompson Valley
         Michael and Jane Elijah              Girl Scout Troop 100
           Jasper Locicero, Jr.               Hilltop Community Resources
            Betty Jo Locicero                 Collins #26 Order of the Eastern Star
                                              PEO Chapter GC

Thanks                  &Praise
Donations made April 1st—September 3oth 2007

        In Memory of
     Betty Harding
          J. & M, LLC
      Minnie Belle IMHOF
        Revocable Trust
Morland Community Foundation                       In Honor of
      Villas of the Village
    Trego County Treasurer                       Lois Kroh
    The Citizen's State Bank                            &
           Joan Berens                        The Lois Kroh Estate
            Bill Daise
         Maurice Daise
          Wilma Davis
     Mr. & Mrs. Jay Deines
          Rick Deines
           Larry Dietz
           Ralph Duell
         Mary Eldridge
       William Galloway
                                       H o w to H e l p
            R. F. Graff
         Bruce Harding                                                Giving
          Dollie Hutto
          Jeanne Irvin             Currency: Cash, checks or credit card
          Jerry Kobler
        Nancy Laughlin
                                   United Way: designate a gift to Namaqua
         Janet Mehling             Center. Make a one-time gift or schedule
          Faye Minium              multiple deductions through electronic
         Terry Minson              fund transfers.
            Chet Ross
         Lionel Sawyer             In-kind donations: non-perishable food
        Robin Schneider            items, books, gift certificates.
     Herbert Schwartzkopf
          R.P. Stember             Stocks, bonds, and real estate
Clark Stocking and Frances Clark
                                   Wills and bequests
         Nancy Stump
    Susan Whitfield-Lungren
    Paula and Mark Weiman
   William and Susan Wilcox        Attend our fundraisers and special events.
          Laurel Yasui
                                   In particular, mark your calendars and
                                   spread the word.
                                   Become a volunteer
          Cash & In Kind
            Donations              Join the CAFCA Legislative Action Net-
                                   work. You will be updated and informed
                                   on the latest policy issues regarding the
                                   state’s vulnerable and at-risk children.

                         NON-PROFIT ORG.
                           U.S. POSTAGE
                          LOVELAND, CO
Healing & Learning For
                          PERMIT NO. 166
 Children & Families

404 E. 7th St.
Loveland, CO 80537

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