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					 Issue 14                                                                                April 16, 2008

St. Edward School Newsletter
                 “ C O - O P E R A T I O N ,   R E S P E C T ,
                         R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y ”

    Inspire in us
  Lord, with faith               D a t e s        f o r      A p r i l / M a y / J u n e
   and with hope,
  And gift us with       April         17       Gr. 7/8 Steak Night
  patience to help                     18       School Community Council Spring Family Dance @ 7 - 9 pm.
       us cope.                        22       Earth Day Clean-up/Press Conference
  So fill us, dear                     23       Gr. 7/8 Eagle Creek
  Lord, with Your                      24       Floor Hockey Tournament @ St. Edward
 spirit and grace,                     25       Hot Lunch—Subway
 ‘til in every child                            Backwards Day
we see your face…                      30       Gr. 3-8 Swim @ Lakewood

‘til in every child we   May           7        Gr. 3 to Blackstrap
    see your face…                     8        Spring Fling Talent Show
                                       15       Gr. 3 to Meewasin (am)
                                       16       CDD—NO SCHOOL
                                       19       Victoria Day—NO SCHOOL
                                       29       Gr. 1 to Blackstrap
Parents – It is very                   30       Gr. 3-8 Swim @ Harry Bailey
important       when
your child will be       June          3        Griffiths
absent or late that                    4-6      Gr. 8 to Camp Kadesh
you    phone     the                   19       Gr. 8 Farewell
school. Please leave                   20       School Mass @ St. Michael's Church
a message on our                                9:30am
message manager if                     24       Last Day of School for Students
the phone is not
                                 w w w. s c s . s k . c a / e d w
Thank you!
Mrs. Stromberg                           St. Edward School
                                        1002 Avenue P North
                                      Saskatoon, SK S7L 2W7
                                     Ph: 659-7300 Fx: 659-2095

                                           Mr. T. Bairos, Principal
                                   Mrs. P. McKay, Vice Principal
                                   Mrs. R. Stromberg, Office Coordinator
    P a g e   2                                                                   S t .   E d w a r d   S c h o o l

       Please help our school become Peanut/Nut and Kiwi Free

    This is just a reminder to our school community that we have children and adults in our
    building with life threatening food allergies. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure the
    safety of all of our students. Below is a list of suggestions and advice to guide you in the
    decision making that take place when sending food with your child to the school. As a gentle reminder,
    please check all food labels when purchasing snack and lunch items for school

    Peanut/Nut and Kiwi Free Snacks include: Pretzels, Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars, Peanut Free Quaker
    Chewy Granola Bars, Dare Brand: Cookies, Bear Paws, candy, real fruit mini’s, wagon wheels, Breton
    mini crackers, Ritz crackers,, saltines, Goldfish crackers, Twizzlers, Nibs, Raisins, Cheese sticks, Yogurt ,
    Jell-O, Nestle chocolate bars: Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp.

    Kiwi products to be cautious of include juices, Skittles and Starburst candies. If you have any questions
    regarding food items and/or food allergies, feel free to contact our school at 659-7301

                           THEME: The theme for the month is Service.
        What is           Service is the giving of yourself to others and wanting to make a difference in
                          their lives. When you work in the spirit of service , you give any job your best
        Service?          effort. You make a real contribution. People who want to be of service can
                          change the world.

                          Without service, no one would be there to help when someone needed help
                          unless they were to be paid or had some selfish motive. With an attitude of ser-
                          vice, we do our work with our heart. People feel our compassion. When we are
                          being of service, we accomplish everything that has to be done without anyone
                          having to ask. We give our best.

 Speed Zone               Principal’s Message

Please adhere to all      Our school theme for April is service. We are busy teaching with activities, sto-
school zone signage.      ries and personal reflection around this theme. There are many activities that
As well, we ask that      are happening around this theme this month. One of the bigger school wide ac-
you park in the desig-    tivities will be our Earth Day Kickoff Press Conference. We will have a number
nated areas in front of   of media personnel in the building and the students will be cleaning up our play-
the school when pick-     ground and in and around the school. Please join us for the assembly if you are
ing up or dropping off    able.
students.                 To everyone in the St. Edward School Community, have a great week and enjoy
                          the change in the weather.
                          Mr. Bairos
I s s u e   1 4                                                                                              P a g e   3

                                   R.E.A.D. Club
                                              READ Club Volunteer Schedule

                                 APR. 17                                     Kayi & Kyle

                                APR. 24                              Brandy-Lee & Ryanne

                                 MAY 1                                 Nick, Matt & Chris

                                MAY 8                                   Cody & Tucker
                               MAY 15                                    Joel & Ryan

                          Kindergarten Registration for the 2008/2009 School Year
                  Thinking about Kindergarten for next fall? Our school is now accepting registrations. St. Ed-
                  ward is a warm, welcoming place where we strive to see children flourish academically, emotion-
                  ally and spiritually. Please call the school at 659-7300 for more information about our school and
                  how to register. To learn more about Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools and our programs,
                  check out

                  We are rooted in faith, growing in knowledge, reaching out . . . to transform the world.

                                           Electronic Newsletter
  If you are interested in receiving our newsletter via e-mail, please go to the following web
  site to sign up;

  Follow these steps, and the newsletter will automatically go to your e-mail;
        1.     click on the “Enter here for Current Newsletter”
        2.     click on “click here”
        3.     on the right side of the page enter your e-mail address in the
               “Email Subscriptions”
        4.     click on “Go” and you will be entered.
P a g e   4

              BOOK FAIR:
              By all accounts, the St. Edward Book Fair was successful. Money
              was raised at the book fair to purchase books and to put money
              toward the purchase of a Smart Board. As well, students and
              families had the opportunity to purchase good quality books to
              build literacy skills for their families. A special thank you to Mrs.
              Kruekl for organizing the book fair and to Agnes Komada for pro-
              viding assistance for the running of the book fair.

                 School Community Council News
          Our next meeting will be Monday, May 5 at 6:30 in
          the staff room. Free childcare will be provided at
          the meeting for those parents who attend.

          School Community Council Spring Family Dance
          Friday, April 18 from 7 - 9 pm. Doors open at
          6:45. Students must be accompanied by an
          adult to attend the dance.

     Mrs. Thorson’s kindergarten class is looking for donations of
     Hot Wheels cars for some classroom activities. If you have
     any Hot Wheels cars that you are willing to donate, please
     drop them off at the office. Your kindness and generosity is
     greatly appreciated.

      Spring Band Concerts

      Tuesday, April 29th - Grade 7&8
      Wednesday, April 30th - Grade 6
      Both Band Concerts will be at E.D. Feehan beginning at 7:00 p.m.
      Band Students are to meet in the Library at 7:00 p.m. to warm-up as they will not be the first band on the
      concert. All schools will be playing together - Bishop Klein, St. Edward, St. Gerard, St Maria Goretti, St.
      Dress for the concert is the usual Black and White - in any combination -preferably white top, black pants,
      socks, shoes (not dress shoes, if possible - fewer black marks to clean up following the concert)
      Selections - Grade 7&8 - Midnight Mission, Midnight Sky, Midnight Madness
      Grade 6 - band book, Beethovan's Ninth, Mickey Mouse March, Let's Go Band.
      Hopefully parents and families are able to come out and support our fine musicians.

      Doug McCosh, director
P a g e   5

                                                CORR Values at St. Edward
    Social skills are very important for the success of our students on a daily basis. Some of our students have the skills and oth-
   ers need to nurture them. It is important that we have a program that deals with the lack of skills and that those skills be
   taught in a formal manner. The CORR Values program in St. Edward School will complement the social skills teachings that
   already occur in the classroom.

   Guiding Principles
   1. Each student has the right to learn
   2. Each staff member has the right to teach
   3. Each person is responsible for their own behaviour.

    These are the core values associated with St. Edward School’s Code of Conduct and are a part of the school handbook and
   are expectations for staff, students and parents of the St. Edward School Community.

                                                                                        SPORTS NEWS
  Student of the month - March
                                                                   St. Edward is hosting a Floor Hockey Tournament on April
  Kindergarten:              Emma Lorenzo                          24th. Game time starts at 2pm.
                             Ethan Crossman

  Grade 1:                   Dylan McNutt
                             Calista Bourgeault

  Grade 2:                   Noah Mah

  Grade 3:                   Jordan Senterre
                             Desmond Daniels

  Grade 4:                   Austin Nault
                             Brooklyn Rae                                      Newsletter Draw
  Grade 5/6:                 Zachary Brown                          Students have your parents/guardians
                             Lea Spink                              sign and cut out this piece of paper . Return it to school
                                                                    and place in the draw box. A winner will be chosen at
  Grade 6/7:                 Jazzmin McCrea                         each school assembly.
                             Eric Olson
  Grade 7/8:        Sam Holman                                                 I have read the newsletter!
                    Tucker Fast
                                                                                                (Childs Name)
                                                                                          (Parent/Guardian Signature)
Grade 7/8 Fundraiser
 The grade 7/8 class is hosting a steak night at Mulberry’s on Thursday, April 17. They are raising money for their
year end trip to Camp Kadesh. You may purchase tickets from any of the students.

Hot Lunch
 On April 25th there will be a hot lunch hosted by the Grade 7/8 class. Orders for lunch from Mr. Sub will be sent
home next week.

Spirit Day will be held on April 25 and it will be a backwards day!

We thank the eleven students who donated their time at the Saskatoon Food Bank on April 14th.
They helped sort clothes, and distribute food.

Spring Fling—An afternoon of the Arts
May 8, St. Edward students and staff will be putting on a Spring Fling: an afternoon of the Arts. Students will be work-
ing on creating murals for this day. The day will include skits, monologues and music performed by student volun-
teers. The entire school will also be participating in several activities; a dance competition and house group air band
competition and improvisation. Auditions for individual performances will be held the week of April 15th. We hope to
see some great talent!! Please talk to Miss Irvine or Mrs. Sutherland if you have any questions.

French Fries
There are a few students from grades 5-8 that have been meeting in Miss Irvine’s room to learn conversational
French. We hope to attend a French Festival in June! For more information please feel free to contact me at the
school, 659-7300. Miss Irvine.

Our 5th ANNUAL PEROGY SUPPER will be held on Sunday, April 27 at St. Michael’s School gym. Cash Beer, Cooler, &
Wine Bar at 5:00 p.m. and Supper at 5:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $10 for a full meal (12 perogies) and $7 for a half meal (6
perogies). All meals include sausage (full meal-2, half meal-1), sauerkraut, coleslaw, vegetables, dessert. Children under 5 are
free but need a ticket. There will be draws including 50/50. For tickets call Myrna at 242-5150 (St. Michael’s Church), Theresa
Austin at 665-9990, or Carole Sutherland at 382-1994. Tickets at the door: $12 for a full meal, $9 for a half meal. Tickets. will
be available after mass each Sunday.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation invites you to its 8th Annual
“Swing Into Spring” Fashion Show & Dinner on Thursday, May 1, 2008.
This fun-filled evening features a gala buffet, draws for diamond jewellery,
prize draws, table gifts and the latest in fashions from Klassique Designs,
Nancy Durham Jewellery & Clothing, Sandbox in the City Clothing Co., Tip Top Tailors and Burtons For
Shoes. Tickets are $45.00 and are available by calling the Foundation office at 659-7003.
This summer we are hosting our 23rd annual Wildwood Basketball Camps and would appreciate you passing
this info along to your players and their parents. The three Camps are:
Mini Camp (going into gades 3-6)-- July 8-11, 2008, at Walter Murray from 9-11:30 and 1-3:30 Tues, Wed, Thurs. & 9-11:30
(only) Fri.
Bantam Camp(going into grades 7,8 & 9 -- July 14-18, 2008, at Evan Hardy from 9-11:30 and 1-3:30 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.
& 9-11:30 (only) Fri.
Senior Camp(going into grades 10, 11 & 12 -- July 21-25, 2008, at Evan Hardy from 9-11:30 and 1-3:30 Mon, Tues, Wed,
Thurs. & 9-11:30 (only) Fri.
Our camp focuses on fun combined with basic skills. The staff to camper ratio is held low (about 5:1). Our staff is very experi-
enced and qualified and includes many high school coaches at all levels such as Bill Gordon, John Dewar, Dan Dewar, Paul Hum-
bert, Kory Dawe, Ryan Leier, Charlene Cooper, Shaun Nechvatal, Brett Czarnota, Kirk Gordon, Amy Prokop, Kara Lackie, Hilton
Jay and many others.... The cost is $120 for the mini camp, and $140 for the Bantam & Senior camps. Please contact Bill Gordon
any time between now and May 15th to register by phone. You may also visit our website at Thanks for your

Inactivity is a serious health problem in our society. Two-thirds of Canadian children are not active enough to pro-
mote good health. Often inactive children grow into inactive adults who become more prone to heart disease, diabetes and colon

Active families are healthier families.
Create fun physical activities for the whole              family (i.e.) start an activity jar – let        everyone give ideas.
Turn off the TV, computer, video games          (limit to one hour per day).
Initiate physical activity with your children   – kids do better if they see adults being          active.
Value small changes in activity level (i.e.)    keep a chart and work towards 60 minutes per day.
Enjoy feeling healthier and spending time       together.

For a copy of physical activity guides for youth and adults, contact Public Health Services at 655-4600. You can also check out
the in motion website at for more information on how to be more physically active!

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