Alaska Department of Fish and Game by leader6


									                        Alaska Department of Fish and Game
                        Fish Ticket Codes for
                        eLandings Statewide Fisheries 2009
                                                                  SpecieS codeS
110	    cod,	Pacific	(gray)             170	 sardine,	Pacific	(pilchard)     440	   salmon,	pink                    shellFish
112	    Pacific	hake                    172	 rockfish,	dusky	(formerly	      450	   salmon,	chum                    810	   clam,	butter
116	    flounder,	Bering                      light	dusky	rockfish)          511	   smelt,	eulachon                 812	   clam,	surf
120		   flounder,	general               173	 rockfish,	dark	(formerly	       515	   smelt,	surf                     815	   clam,	geoduck
121	    flounder,	arrowtooth                  dusky	rockfish)                516	   smelt,	capelin                  820	   clam,	cockle
122	    sole,	flathead                  175	 rockfish,	yellowmouth           521	   Arctic	char	(anadromous)        830	   clam,	razor
123	    sole,	rock                      176	 rockfish,	harlequin             531	   Dolly	Varden	(anadromous)       840	   clam,	littleneck
124	    sole,	dover                     177	 rockfish,	blackgill             540	   trout,	steelhead                842	   clam,	eastern	softshell
125	    sole,	rex                       178	 rockfish,	chilipepper           570	   Sheefish                        850	   scallop,	weathervane
126	    sole,	butter                    179	 rockfish,	pygmy                 580	   Whitefish,	general              851	   scallop,	pink	(or	calico)
127	    sole,	yellowfin                 180	 shad                            583	   Cisco	Whitefish                 855	   blue	mussel
128	    sole,	english                   181	 rockfish,	shortbelly            585	   Bering	Cisco	Whitefish          860	   abalone
129	    flounder,	starry                182	 rockfish,	splitnose             588	   Humpback	Whitefish              870	   octopus
130	    lingcod                         183	 rockfish,	stripetail            590	   Burbot                          875	   squid
131	    sole,	petrale                   184	 rockfish,	vermilion             600	   lamprey,	Pacific                880	   Pacific	oysters
132	    sole,	sand                      185	 rockfish,	aurora	               601	   Arctic	lamprey                  890	   snails
133	    flounder,	Alaska	plaice         191	 greenling,	rock                 625	   jellyfish	(unspecified)         892	   sea	urchin,	red	
134	    turbot,	Greenland               192	 greenling,	whitespot            666	   Atlantic	salmon                 893	   sea	urchin,	green	
135	    rockfish,	greenstripe           193	 greenling,	atka	mackerel        680	   sturgeon,	general               895	   sea	cucumber
136	    rockfish,	northern              194	 greenling,	kelp                 689	   shark,	other		(Use	specific	    899	   coral
137	    rockfish,	bocaccio              200	 halibut                                species	code	for	spiny	         900	   crab,	box
138	    rockfish,	copper                210	 eels	or	eel-like	fish                  dogfish,	Pacific	sleeper	or	    910	   crab,	Dungeness
141	    perch,	Pacific	ocean            211	 wrymouths                              salmon	shark)                   921	   crab,	red	king
142	    rockfish,	black                 212	 hagfish,	Pacific                690	   shark,	salmon                   922	   crab,	blue	king
143	    rockfish,	thornyhead	(idiots)   213	 grenadier,	rattail              691	   shark,	spiny	dogfish            923	   crab,	golden	king	(brown)
145	    rockfish,	yelloweye	(red	       214	 grenadier,	giant                692	   shark,	Pacific	sleeper          924	   crab,	scarlet	king	(couesi)
        snapper)                        215	 prowfish                        700	   skate,	other	(Use	specific	     931	   crab,	Tanner,	bairdi
146	    rockfish,	canary                216	 lumpsucker                             species	code	for	longnose	      932	   crab,	Tanner,	snow	(opilio)
147	    rockfish,	quillback             217	 wolf	eel                               or	big	skate)                   933	   crab,	Tanner,	grooved	
148	    rockfish,	tiger                 218		 snailfish,	general             701	   skate,	longnose                        (tanneri)
149	    rockfish,	China                 219	 poacher,	general                702	   skate,	big                      934	   crab,	Tanner,	triangle	
150	    rockfish,	rosethorn             220	 saury,	Pacific                  710	   sablefish	(blackcod)                   (angulatus)
151	    rockfish,	rougheye              230	 herring,	Pacific	(directed	     714	   ratfish                         940	   crab,	hair
152	    rockfish,	shortraker                  fishery)                       715	   skilfish                        951	   crab,	multispina
153	    rockfish,	redbanded             235	 herring,	Pacific	(bycatch	to	                                          953	   crab,	verrilli
155	    rockfish,	yellowtail                  groundfish	fishery)            Forage Fish
                                                                                                                    961	   shrimp,	northern	(pink)
156	    rockfish,	widow                 250	 tomcod,	Pacific                 206	   Pacific	sand	fish
                                                                                                                    962	   shrimp,	sidestriped
157	    rockfish,	silvergray            260	 Pacific	flatnose                207	   gunnel
                                                                                                                    963	   shrimp,	humpy
158	    rockfish,	redstripe             270	 pollock,	walleye                208	   prickleback	
                                                                                                                    964	   shrimp,	coonstriped
159	    rockfish,	darkblotched          410	 salmon,	Chinook                 209	   bristlemouth
                                                                                                                    965	   shrimp,	spot
160	    sculpin,	general                411	 Chinook,	under	21	in.           772	   lanternfish
166	    rockfish,	sharpchin             420	 salmon,	sockeye                 773	   deep-sea	smelt
167	    rockfish,	blue                  430	 salmon,	coho                    774	   Pacific	sand	lance
                                                                             800	   krill

                                                      ManageMent prograMS
eLANDINGS	only	codes.                                CDQ		 (Directed	Fishery)	Community	                 RES	 Short	term	Special	Study	or	Research
                                                           Development	Quota                             RPP	 Rockfish	Pilot	Program
A80	 	Amendment	80                                   CPF	 Commissioner’s	Permit	Fishery                  SMO	 State	Managed	Groundfish,	Other	
ADAK		Adak	Community	Crab	Fishery	                   EXP	 Experimental/Exploratory                       SMPC	 State	Managed	Pacific	Cod
AFA	 American	Fisheries	Act	Pollock	                 IFQ		 (Directed	Fishery)	Individual	Fishery	        SMS	 State	Managed	Sablefish
      Program                                              Quota		Program                                STB	 Salmon	Troll	Bycatch
AIF	 Annette	Island	Fishery                          LE	   Limited	Entry	                                TEST	 Long	Term	Stock	Assessment
AIP	 Aleutian	Island	Pollock                         OA	   Open	Access

                                                                   gear codeS
01	     purse	seine                     10	   ring	net                       21	    pound                          41	     sunken	gillnet
02	     beach	seine                     11	   diving                         22	    dredge                         47	     pelagic/mid-water	trawl
03	     drift	gillnet                   12	   handpicked                     23	    hydro/mechanical	dredge        61	     longline	(hook	and	line)
04	     set	gillnet                     13	   dip	net                        25	    dinglebar                      77	     fish	ladder/raceway
05	     hand	line/jig/troll             14	   weir                           26	    mechanical	jigs                90	     trap
07	     non-pelagic/bottom	trawl        15	   power	gurdy	troll              27	    double	otter	trawl             91	     pot	gear
08	     fish	wheel                      17	   beam	trawl                     34	    herring	gillnet                99	     other
                                        18	   shovel                         37	    pair	trawl
            deliv. cond. codeS                                                            overage codeS
The	condition	of	the	fish	or	shellfish	at	the	point	it	is	    19	   Forfeited	catch—bycatch		overage—State	Managed	Groundfish
weighed	and	recorded	on	the	fish	ticket.                      20	   Forfeited	catch—trip/season	limit	overage—State	Managed	Groundfish
                                                              28	   Forfeited	catch—bycatch		overage—State	Managed	Groundfish—Retained	for	
01	    whole	fish	or	shellfish                                      Personal	Use.
03	    bled	only                                              29	   Forfeited	catch—bycatch		overage—Federally	Managed	Groundfish
04	    gutted,	head	on	(gutted	only)                          30	   Forfeited	catch—trip/season	limit	overage—Federally	Managed	Groundfish
05	    gutted,	head	off	(headed/gutted)—IFQ	halibut	          39	   Forfeited	catch—bycatch		overage—Federal	Managed	Groundfish—Retained	
       only                                                         for	Personal	Use/Donation
06	    headed	and	gutted,	with	roe                            40	   Forfeited	catch—IFQ	
07	    headed	and	gutted,	western	cut                               beyond	allowable	overage
08	    headed	and	gutted,	eastern	cut                         56	   Forfeited	catch—trip	limit	
10	    headed	and	gutted,	tail	removed                              bycatch	overage—State	
                                                                    Managed	Shellfish
Processed Product                                             57	   Forfeited	catch—season	
11	    kirimi	(steak)                                               limit	bycatch	overage—
12	    salted	and	split                                             State	Managed	Shellfish
13	    wings,	skates	only—both	wings	removed                  59	   Yet	to	be	determined	overage
14	    roe	only—specify	primary	or	ancillary	product          81	   Chatham/Clarence	Sablefish	Fishery	only—Allowable	Trip/Season	overage
15	    pectoral	girdle	only—ancillary	product
16	    heads	only—ancillary	product                                                           port codeS
17	    cheeks—ancillary	product
18	    chins—ancillary	products                               ADA	 Adak,	AK                 HYD	 Hydaburg,	AK            PBG	 Petersburg,	AK
19	    belly	flaps—ancillary	product                          AKU	 Akutan	,	AK              JNU	 Juneau,	AK              PEL	 Pelican,	AK
20	    fillets	with	skin	and	ribs                             ALI	 Alitak	Bay,	AK           KAK	 Kake,	AK                POR	 Portland,	OR
21	    fillets	with	skin,	no	ribs                             ANA	 Anacortes,	WA            KAL	 Kaltag,	AK              PRO	 Port	Protection,	AK
22	    fillets	with	ribs,	no	skin                             ANC	 Anchorage,	AK            KAS	 Kasilof,	AK             PRU	 Prince	Rupert,	BC
23	    fillets,	skinless/boneless                             ANG	 Angoon,	AK               KCO	 King	Cove,	AK           PTA	 Port	Armstrong,	AK
24	    deep	skin	fillet                                       ANI	 Aniak,	AK                KEN	 Kenai,	AK               PTB	 Port	Bailey,	AK
25	    Salmon	carcass—roe	removed	(females	only)              ANV	 Anvik,	AK                KIP	 Kipnuk,	AK              QUK	 Quinhagak,	AK
30	    surimi                                                 AST	 Astoria,	OR              KLA	 Klawock,	AK             SAV	 Savoonga,	AK
31	    minced	fish—specify	primary	or	ancillary               ATK	 Atka,	AK                 KNG	 King	Salmon,	AK         SEA	 Seattle,	WA
32	    fish	meal—specify	primary	or	ancillary                 BEL	 Bellingham,	WA           KOD	 Kodiak,	AK              SEL	 Seldovia,	AK
33	    fish	oil—specify	primary	or	ancillary                  BET	 Bethel,	AK               KOT	 Kotzebue,	AK            SEW	Seward,	AK
34	    milt—ancillary	product                                 BLA	 Blaine,	WA               KTN	 Ketchikan,	AK           SIT	 Sitka,	AK
35	    stomachs	(internal	organs)—ancillary	product           CHF	 Chefornak,	AK            LAC	 La	Conner,	WA           SKG	 Skagway,	AK
36	    octopus/squid	mantles                                  CHG	Chignik,	AK               LIO	 Port	Lions,	AK          SOL	 Soldotna,	AK
37	    butterfly—split,	no	backbone                           COR	Cordova,	AK               MEK	 Mekoryuk,	AK            SPT	 Sand	Point,	AK
39	    bones—ancillary	product                                CRG	Craig,	AK                 MET	 Metlakatla,	AK          STG	 St.	George	Island,	AK
75	    soft	shell	crab	(shellfish	only)                       DIL	 Dillingham,	AK           MHN	Manley	Hot	Spr,	AK       STM	 St.	Mary’s,	AK
76	    bitter	crab	(shellfish	only)                           DUT	 Dutch	Harbor,	AK         MOL	 Port	Moller,	AK         STP	 St.	Paul	Island,	AK
78	    shrimp	tails                                           EGE	 Egegik,	AK               MOS	Moser	Bay,	AK            SWK	Selawik,	AK
80	    sections	(shellfish	only)                              EKU	 Ekuk,	AK                 NAK	 Naknek,	AK              TAC	 Tacoma,	WA
81	    meat	(shellfish	only)                                  ELF	 Elfin	Cove,	AK           NEN	 Nenana,	AK              TEN	 Tenakee	Springs,	AK
97	    other	retained	product—specify	condition               EMM	Emmonak,	AK               NIK	 Nikishka	or	            TOB	 Toksook	Bay,	AK
                                                              EUR	 Eureka,	CA               	     Nikiski,	AK            TOG	 Togiak,	AK
      product deSignation codeS                               EVT	 Everett,	WA              NIN	 Ninilchik,	AK           TUN	 Tununak,	AK
                                                              FBK	 Fairbanks,	AK            NOM	Nome,	AK                 UGA	 Ugashik,	AK
P      primary		     designated	product	made	from	each		                                                                 UNA	 Unalakleet,	AK
                                                              FSP	 False	Pass,	AK           NPT	 Newport,	OR
       	       	     fish                                                                                                VAL	 Valdez,	AK
                                                              GAL	 Galena,	AK               NUN	 Nunivak	Island,	AK
A	     ancillary		   secondary	product	in	addition	to	the		                                                              VAN	 Vancouver,	BC
                                                              GLB	 Glacier	Bay,	AK          OAK	 Other	Alaska
       	       	     primary	product	from	the	same	fish                                                                  WAR	Warrenton,	OR
                                                              GLN	 Glennallen,	AK           OCA	 Other	California
                     diSpoSition                              GRM	Port	Graham,	AK           OCN	Other	Canada             WAS	Wasilla,	AK
                                                              GUS	 Gustavus,	AK             OLD	 Old	Harbor,	AK          WHT	Whittier,	AK
The	intended	use	or	disposal	of	the	product.                  HDR	 Hyder,	AK                OLY	 Olympia,	WA             WRN	Wrangell,	AK	
                                                              HNH	 Hoonah,	AK               OOR	Other	Oregon             XIP	 Excursion	Inlet,	AK
41	    For	fish	meal	production                               HNS	 Haines,	AK               OWA	Other	Washington         YAK	 Yakutat,	AK
60	    Sold	for	human	consumption                             HOM	Homer,	AK                 PAL		 Port	Alexander,	AK
61	    Sold	for	bait
62	    Overage—specify	overage	type.                                                      interiM valueS
63	    Confiscated	or	seized	
64	    Tagged	IFQ	fish                                        CFEC	Permit	                   9998	00098A	0000W	           Select	MGT	Program	OA
79	    Deadloss—shellfish	only                                Year	and	Sequence	Number	      9999W
86	    Donated	prohibited	species,	food	bank	program          Vessel	                        99998
87	    Halibut	retained	for	future	sale—Halibut	only          The	interim	value	must	be	replaced	with	a	valid	value	within	72	hours.	Contact	your	
88	    Discarded,	infested                                    local	office	and	ADF&G	to	obtain	the	correct	information.
89	    Decomposed	or	previously	discarded
92	    Retained	for	bait—not	sold
93	    Damaged	by	observer	sampling
                                                                             at-Sea operation type codeS
95	    Personal	use—not	sold                                  FCP	 Floating	Catcher	Processor
98	    Discard	at	sea                                         FLB	 Floating	Bait	Seller	at	Sea
99	    Discard,	onshore—after	delivery/before		      	        FLD	 Floating	Domestic	Mothership
       processing—not	sold                                    IFP	 Inshore	Floating	Processor	-	Processing	in	State	of	Alaska	waters	only
Computer	Services	(907)	465-6157                                                         

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