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					     N O V E M B E R
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    V O L U M E      1 7
       I S S U E    4

 PTO EXECUTIVE BOARD                       S T A R S    O F    T O D A Y      A N D     T O M O R R O W

 Rebecca Bankey
 Vice President:
 LuAnn Parker
                                                From the Desk of Mrs. Bell
 Recording Secretary:
 Becky Phinney
 Corresponding Secretary:     Once the calendar turns to November              granted the dedicated teachers
 Jennifer Harris              I begin my yearly panic. Have I in-              and staff who work every day to
 Treasurer:                   cluded everyone in the Thanksgiving              make sure every child is learning.
 Ginger Yost
 Assistant Treasurer:
                              meal? Have I started shopping for                Never do I take for granted the
 Jessica Walter               gifts? What about decorating? Will I             wonderful students who work hard
 Advisor:                     find time to get everything done be-             to be successful. Never do I take
 Kay Norton                   fore guests start arriving? I think we           for granted the families who en-
                              all get caught up in the rush of No-             trust us with their children and
                              vember and December. I have                      support us along the way. I hope
                              started a new way of thinking this               you will take the time to count
                              year. Breathe! Slow down for just a              your blessings as well.
                              moment and enjoy family and
From the Editor:              friends. I doubt very seriously that             To the families who have loved
                              anyone will notice if I polished the             ones serving in the armed forces, I
If you have an interesting
                              silver. I don’t think they will count            applaud you. We value your sacri-
feature story idea, or know
                              the gifts to make sure everyone has              fice and encourage you to enjoy
of something interesting
happening with a Braelinn
                              the same number. (Although I think               the season as well.
student, teacher, parent,     my children still do this!) I have
or staff member, we would     made a resolution to slow down and               Remember to keeping reading with
love to follow up and write   enjoy the season.                                and to your children. Try to
about it for everyone to                                                       squeeze in a few math facts here
read!                         I like to count my blessings and re-             and there.
                              flect upon Thanksgiving as well. I
We would love to publish      consider Braelinn students, families,            Mrs. Bell
student writings.
                              and staff to be among my many
                              blessings. It just doesn’t get any
Comments regarding the
                              better than this. Never do I take for
newsletter are welcome.

Please send items to:
Braelinnnewsletter@ The next dead-
line is December 12.

                                                        Braelinn Elementary
                                                        975 Robinson Road
                                                   Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
                                               School Office and Clinic: 770-631-5410
                                                After School Program: 770-487-3947
                                                         Fax: 770-631-5430
PAGE   2         PTO News
             From the President
              I love this time of year...the                ing and after school, volunteers
             weather has been beautiful (at least           popping up everywhere, com-
             if we don't have rain, it's been               mittee chairs who take things
             pretty!!), I can finally wear my fa-           and run with them, faculty and
             vorite sweater, and the holidays are           staff that welcome new ideas,
             around the corner. Hopefully, you              an executive board that answers
             can take some time from your busy              my numerous questions and
             schedule to enjoy it (not my                   emails, my friends that put up
             sweater, but the time of year!!)               with me and my family who
                                                            knows I love to be busy with
             I would like to thank Braelinn fami-           anything but housework and
             lies for all their support. It's been          cooking!! Ya'll are THE best!!
             an incredible first few months of
             school. There has                              Happy Thanksgiving!
             been incredible support and encour-            Rebecca 
             agement of Braelinn activities dur-

                 SPOT    YOUR     SPIRIT

                 The following license plate was spotted at Riley Field! 357 WTF
                 If you drive a Blue Honda Van with this license plate, email
        for your child(ren) to receive free ice-cream!

                 (The Childers family was "spotted" in September…)

Star Tree Update                                     Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Tis the season! It's time to get ready for           October 22nd was Bus Driver Appreciation Day
our annual Star Tree Program. This year,             here at Braelinn. The Braelinn PTO recog-
we are working with FACTOR (Fayette                  nized each of our bus drivers with gifts of ap-
Alliance Coordinating Teamwork Out-                  preciation for all they do for our children and
reach Resources) to help families in need            for our school. We salute our bus drivers -
for the holidays. We are “adopting” 40               Bobby Bates, Vicki Clute, Judy Killpack, Jessie
children, ages newborn to 12 years old,              Price, and Wayne Robinson. Thank you!!
to make their Christmas wishes come                  The 4th grade class hosted the October Staff
true. I will fill out Stars with the child’s         Appreciation Lunch on Wednesday, October
age, any requests they may have and an               24th. “SPOOK”tacular finger foods were
ID number. These Stars will be hung on               served to the staff. They ate eyeball meat-
the tree in our lobby and each classroom             balls, pumpkin swamp mush, and many other
may adopt as many Stars as they would                spooky, scary foods! Thank you to our 4th
like. If you would like to adopt a Star,             grade families for all the creative, savory, and
please make sure and record your name                very delicious food. Also, thanks to our 4th
next to your Star Childs' number on the              grade room parents – Gay Rogers, Kay Nor-
form next to the tree. The presents are              ton, Beatriz Hardy, Shanna Hester, Beth
due back to school on December 12th,                 Hubeli, Bridget Adams. Great job!
wrapped and placed in a plastic bag with             May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with
the ID number on the outside. Thank you              joyous blessings!
for your help and giving!! Jamie

   More PTO News                                                                                        PAGE    3

   Boundary Committee update from Kay Norton
On Monday, Nov. 12 , the Community Redistricting Committee presented two plans to the school board. As a re-
sult of the meeting, the date for the public forum has changed. It will be held on Monday, Dec. 3; time
and place to be determined. This will be the time where the community can express any concerns or thought re-
garding the plans. People who wish to speak may sign up beginning at 6 p.m. and will be limited to three minutes.
The Superintendent suggests neighborhoods organize to present their points from one speaker, or if there are dif-
fering opinions in a neighborhood, one speaker per view point. The school board will accept packets with more
detailed points of view to be considered.

Additionally, the school board representatives will meet with the Committee on Nov. 26 for a workshop and ques-
tion and answer so that members of the board are more familiar with the options presented. The public is permit-
ted to attend, and may find the information discussed helpful, but will not be allowed to comment.

None of this is set until the school board votes. They may accept one of the options or neither option...or maybe
a combo of both. They plan to vote at the Dec. 17 board meeting so that planning can be underway beginning in

We hope to have the actual maps in each elementary school by the end of the week.

Let me tell you all up front, this was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. We had our first meeting in May
and then began meeting regularly in August...each week. I figure each representative has put in at least 60
hours into this process. At the end of our last meeting we were all tired, emotionally drained and ready to put
this to bed. Both plans were voted on democratically but neither of them received unanimous approval.

I will briefly outline the two options that have been presented. as they will affect Braelinn:

Option A: Closes East Fayette Elementary School (this will save the county a significant amount of money).
• The following neighborhoods will go to Peeples (those off of Redwine Rd and Holly Grove Rd): The Preserve,
   Foreston Place, Rubicon, Bedford Park, Kenton Place.
• Highgrove will then come to Braelinn from Peeples. (fyi: Whitewater will go to Sara Harp Minter)
• This will put Braelinn at 94 percent capacity next year and 102% capacity in 2011.

Option B: Keeps East Fayette Open.
• Braelinn will lose the following two neighborhoods (the two off of Red Wine Road): The Preserve & Foreston
• Balmoral Village students will come to us from Oak Grove. (fyi: Highgrove and Whitewater will then go to
   Sara Harp Minter).
• This will have Braelinn at approximately 76% next year and 80% in 2011.

There is information on the PTO Table about the process. If you should have any specific questions please email
me at:

                                                                                        Photographer needed
                                                                                        for newsletter. Email
               More PTO news on                                                         Braelinnnews-
                pages 6, 7 & 8                                                

                                                                                        NOVEMBER        2007
PAGE   4

           Grade Level News
       Kindergarten is going into a busy
       November. We will learn about the
       first Thanksgiving. Why we celebrate
       and how it is different today com-
       pared to how the Pilgrims celebrated
       will be the focus of our discus-
       sions. We will talk about the Pilgrim
       children and how their lives were dif-
       ferent from the children of to-           We hope you all have a wonderful Thanks-
       day. The students will also discover      giving.
       the difference between our "needs"
       and our "wants".                          Third grade is excited to be learning their
       It's exciting to watch the kindergar-     multiplication facts. Daily practice at home
       ten children learn to read! They are      is very beneficial. Be on the look out for
       doing an awesome job!!!!!                 upcoming field trip information. We will be
                                                 going to Shenandoah in Newnan on Decem-
       All first grade classes will be cele-     ber 12th to learn more about rocks, min-
       brating Thanksgiving with special ac-     eral , soil, and fossils. Be sure to practice
       tivities. Mrs. Buffington's class will    for the upcoming poetry recitation con-
       feast with their parents. Mrs. Holley's   test. Good luck to all!
       class will feast with their 5th grade
       buddy class. Ms. Harris' class will be    Fourth Graders honored Veterans through
       bringing ingredients for a Pot Luck       different writing assignments and heard
       Stew. Mrs. Lucsko's class will have a     wonderful guest speakers at the Veterans'
       little Thanksgiving presentation for      Day Program. Students discussed the im-
       parents. We are all very thankful!        portance of drug awareness during Red Rib-
                                                 bon Week. We will celebrate Thanksgiving
       2nd graders are looking forward to        with the Holiday lunch and discover new
       some fun November activities! They        books in the Book Fair. We look forward to
       will rotate through the second grade      the Poetry Recitation and Geography Bee in
       classes as they learn about the Native    December. Happy Thanksgiving!
       Americans of the Eastern Woodlands.
       They will also enjoy some Native          Fifth graders are getting ready for the Po-
       American games, "Trading Day" and         etry Recitation Contest to be held in De-
       a FEAST!                                  cember. Parents please help your child
                                                 practice reciting their published poem! We
       The students are also hard at work        are fast approaching the half way mark in
       learning to add and subtract two and      our year! Remind your child to study con-
       three digit numbers with regroup-         sistently, work at being organized, and turn
       ing. It is essential that the students    in assignments on time. We love working
       know their math facts to be success-      with your children, and we have high ex-
       ful in this. Please be sure your child    pectations for them. Our group of fifth
       spends a few minutes each night           graders Shining Stars!
       memorizing these facts.

                                                                                                            PAGE   5

                                         Braelinn Earns State ‘Gold Award’
   Braelinn Elementary was awarded the Gold Award by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement last
   month. We were one of only 27 elementary schools in Georgia to earn this honor.

   Braelinn met three criteria to earn the award:
   •   We made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two consecutive years
   •   At least 30% of students exceeded standards in all test areas of CRCT tests
   •   At least 97% of students met or exceeded CRCT standards

   Several other Fayette County schools earned awards of distinction. Rising Starr earned a Silver Award;
   Starr’s Mill earned Bronze.

   Congratulations students, staff and parents for the hard work that has brought about this award!

                                                                                Concert and again in May at the
Club Corner:                       CHORUS                                       Spring Concert. The concert in De-
                                                                                cember will feature a Christmas
                                                                                theme including speaking parts. The
                                                                                Spring concert is unique in that it
                                                                                will combine performances by the
                                                                                chorus, band, and strings.
                                                                                Mrs. Meyers has enjoyed working
                         Chorus                                                 with the students and says one of
                                                                                her favorite things about the chorus
                         Photo                                                  is “getting to work with kids who
                                                                                want to sing and enjoy it”. She also
                        Removed                                                 mentioned something the kids love
                                                                                about chorus, and that is the end of
                                                                                the year party. Students look for-
                                                                                ward all year to this party where
                                                                                everyone brings treats to share,
                                                                                they watch a movie, and have fun as
The Braelinn Chorus performs at the Veteran’s Day Program                       a group.
                                                                                Chorus is a wonderful opportunity
                                                                                for students to acquire a greater ap-
Chorus is our highlighted club of the month. Auditions are held at              preciation for music, gain greater
the beginning of the year for students in the fourth and fifth grade.           self-confidence from performing in
This year 39 students make up the chorus. Mrs. Amy Meyer, the                   front of a group, get the opportunity
music teacher at Braelinn, has been directing the chorus for seven              to make new friends, and have fun.
years now.                                                                      Any children who moved to Braelinn
Chorus students meet once a week throughout the school year to
                                                                                after the August audition that took
practice songs that will be performed at several different concerts.
                                                                                place can set up a special audition
The chorus just finished a performance at the Veteran’s Day pro-
gram where they sang patriotic songs. They looked great in their                with Mrs. Meyer if they would like to
uniforms of blue skirts/pants and white shirts, and their songs were            join chorus. You can contact her at
inspiring. The chorus will also perform in December at the Holiday     .

                                                                                         THE     BRAELINN   STAR
         PAGE     6

      Vegetable Garden Struggling During
      Parents Melissa Meyhoefer and Jacinda
      Thomsen planted lettuce and radish
      seeds with first grade classes on Sep-
      tember 15. The radishes have sprouted,
      but the lettuce plants have not come
      up. We reseeded new lettuce on
      10/18/07. Due to the drought Georgia is
      facing our radish leaves are half yel-
      low. The garden should receive 1 inch of
      water per week and has been dry now
      for 3 weeks. Our parents have collected
      wa- ter from rain and during their
      showers to water the garden. We all
      hope to see some harvest soon despite
      the drought.                                        Planting the vegetable garden with a first
                                                          grade class

         Conscientious parents and staff of Braelinn have inquired if the courtyard is being watered with school
         water. Melissa Meyhoefer of the courtyard committee reports that no water is taken from the taps to wa-
         ter. Mr. Z placed two blue plastic baby pools in the courtyard to collect water (they can be seen from the
         cafeteria) and she is even collecting shower water that people are bringing it in from home (she is happy
         to have yours, too). She monitors watering by having volunteers log their watering time and amounts.
         Additionally, a new rain barrel is now installed to collect water (see feature article on next page).
         Now all we need is the rain…

            LANDSCAPE          COMMITTEE
                                                                to your child’s teacher. Please mark
            The Landscape Committee would like to               the envelope ATTN: Julie Oldenburg.
            maximize our Pike’s receipts nest egg               Include your name and the
            during the holiday season by offering a             teacher’s name. The winner will be
            raffle for a $25.00 Pike’s gift certificate         announced at the first PTO meeting of
            to a lucky Braelinn family. To partici-             the New Year. So, get over to Pike’s
            pate, all you have to do is turn in your            and get inspired by their beautiful se-
            original Pike’s receipt of $50.00 or more           lection of trees and holiday greenery—
                                                                maybe you’ll be the winner!

               Photo of Children
              Spreading Pine Straw            At least 10 parents and their children showed up on a
                   Removed                    Friday evening in September for what we called a
                                              “Pine Straw Social”. Parents and their Braelinn stu-
                                              dents carried and distributed 50 bales of pine straw to
                                              protect the plants for the winter.

                                                                                              PAGE   7

   Rain Barrel Ready for the Rain
  If and when the clouds bring         be allowed to decorate and
  rain, Braelinn Elementary will       paint the barrel if they like.
  be ready and waiting to catch        Additional barrels may be a
  some of it using a new rain          future Eagle Scout project.
  barrel in the courtyard. Mark
  Roddy, a Braelinn parent and         “One good storm can yield a
  owner of Roddy’s Professional        50-gallon barrel [of water]
  Floor and Wallcovering, an-          easily,” said Mr. Roddy. “It’s a
  swered Mrs. Bell’s request for       way to water the plants in the
                                                                                 The rain barrel
  a rain barrel by building one        courtyard and keep them
  using a recycled 55-gallon           alive.” He has two rain barrels    see plans and tips at
  drum. The bright blue barrel is      of his own at home, which he
  attached to a downspout in           built using instructions from      /Documents/creative.html. Mr.
  the courtyard (near the cafe-        the Georgia Master Gardener
                                                                          Roddy will also advise anyone
  teria door) and fitted with a        program.
  spigot at the bottom so a hose                                          who needs help; he can be
  can be used to water the             Anyone wanting to build their      reached at (678) 817-1727 or
  plants. Braelinn students will       own rain barrel at home can        at

Plan to Attend Christmas Shopping Events

           December 4th ,5th, & 6th                   and desserts made by the faculty and staff . The
 Students will be able to shop in our Santa           desserts will sell for $10 each; many will be able
 Shoppe December 4-5-6, All gifts will be             to be frozen and used for the holidays.
 priced from $1-$7. Each class will have an
 assigned time to shop. Your child’s teacher          Vendors will be in the gym from 9-12 on Satur-
 or room parent will be asking for volunteers         day. If you would like to set up a table or know
 to help with shopping and wrapping.                  someone. Deadline who would like to, please send
                                                      back the form sent home from school for vendor
             HOLIDAY FESTIVAL—                        sign up is November 19th.
      Saturday December 8th from 9-12
 Breakfast with Moodles in the Cafe. Enjoy a          Pictures with Santa. This will be in the
 Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit and juice; break-        gym….you can sign up your child(ren) and then
 fast is pre-order only. The PTO will also be         do some shopping in the gym. You will be called
 selling donuts and juice.                            a few minutes before your picture.

 Braelinn’s Relay for Life Team will be sell-         Santa Shoppe – The Santa Shop will be open
 ing hot chocolate and coffee in the café.            during the festival.
 They will also be selling whole pies, cakes
                                                      Volunteers are needed. Please fill out the
                                                      volunteer form and send it back to school.

                                                                        THE   BRAELINN     STAR
                                                                                                         PAGE   8

                             Braelinn Elementary School Calendar
                •   Thanksgiving Break—Nov. 21—23
                •   Progress Reports Home—Nov. 15
                •   Newcomer’s Coffee—Nov. 15, 9 a.m., cafeteria
                •   School Boundary Redistricting Public Forum—Nov. 26, 7 p.m., Whitewater High School.
                •   Holiday Festival—Dec. 8, 9-12 noon.
                •   Spelling Bee—Dec. 10
                •   Holiday Lunch—1st & 2nd grades, Dec. 13.
                •   Fayette County Board of Education meeting—Dec. 17
                •   PTO Meeting—?
                •   Spirit Nights: Mellow Mushroom, Dec. 3; Mike & C’s, Dec. 11.
                •   Semester Break—Dec. 21-Jan. 2.
                •   Happy Birthday! - Mary Beth Jones, Dec. 2; Lauren Toering, Dec. 4; Donna Buffington &
                    Susan Lucsko, Dec. 9; Connie Knowles, Dec. 12; Carol Burkett, Dec. 27; Billie Anderson,
                    Dec. 30; Dianne Richart, Dec. 31.

Gym      Braelinn Families: we are so close to our
         gym floor. Thank you for your donations
                                                          KEEP YOUR NOMINATIONS COMING FOR
                                                          MOST SPIRITED FACULTY/STAFF MEMBER!
         this week. In just 1 week, you sent in over
         $1,660. Just $1.689 left!!                       Congratulations to the winners:
Floor    If you have your own business, this is a         September - Mr. Scott Moore
         great tax deduction. Perfect time of year!!      October - Mrs. Ashley Mitchell

Update    Any questions, please email                     November-It's up to you!! Send your nominations to                

                                                          The winning teacher/staff member will receive a spirit
                                                          item, a local restaurant certificate and all year recogni-
                                                          tion on the front office bulletin board!
  To those of you who recycle Christmas
  trees when Kiwanis is giving away
  saplings and who don’t want the trees
  for your own yard, please contact Julie
                Oldenburg, Landscape                      WHAT ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR?
                                                       Mrs. Hanes—Hannah, K
                (                  My mommy– Peach, K
                She will take the trees                My house—Barrett, 1st
                and plant them around                  My family, school and teacher—Gabby, 2nd
                the school.                            My family, my friends and sports—Coury, 2nd
                                                       My family—Carly, 2nd
                                                       My friends, my family and my cat, Georgia—Emery, 3rd
                                                       My family and football—Hunter, 4th
                                                       My family and my friends. I consider my pets part of my
                                                       family—Erin, 5th

                                                                                             THE   BRAELINN      STAR

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