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A Brief History


									Greenville High Wall of Fame

      Callie and Riley
Nick Theodore was born on September 16, 1928. He attended Greenville
High School, where he was president of his senior class, and Furman
University. Theodore served in the state Senate and the state House of
Representatives. Theodore was also Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.
Theodore married Emilie Demosthenese. Together they had 3 children and
have 12 grandchildren.Theodore is still living in Greenville and continues to
make an impact on our community.
• Responsible for Education Finance Act
• Established Basic Skills Assessment
  Testing Program(BSAP)
• Senate leader for Education
  Improvement Act
• Co-author of Homestead Exemption
• Author of Habitual Offenders Law
Theodore for Lieutenant Governor

                       In 1987 Theodore
                       was elected
                       Governor. He
                       won the election
                       carrying 34 of
                       South Carolina’s
                       46 counties.
• Theodore served a total of 24 years in either
  the State Senate or the State House of
• The Marine Biology teacher, Mrs. Paouris,
  at GHS is Theodore’s niece.
• Nick Theodore is responsible for the driving
  rule, “right on red”
Mr.Theodore, what made you want to run for Lieutenant
- My senior year at GHS I was elected class president which
  led to my interest in leadership. I began in the House of
  Representatives, then moved to State Senate, and then was
  elected Lt. Governor.
How many years did you serve as Lt. Governor?
- 8 years from 1988-1995
What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
- Establishing a very effective group and restructuring the SC
  government, which was the first ever reorganization
                    Interview Continued…
Did you have to move for your job?
- “My wife, Emilie, and I had an apartment in Columbia. Lt. Governor is a part-
     time job, but I considered it a full-time job.”
Which act that was passed was most important to you?
- Education Finance Act because it was the first major legislation that made SC
     commit to improving elementary and secondary schools and upgrade all
What do you feel you gained from being Lt. Governor?
- “I learned more about South Carolina and her people. I gained a greater
     appreciation from traveling to all parts of SC, and met many diverse people who
     were hard-working and willing to support our government.”
• The Education Finance Act of 1977 is continually used as a
  basis for arguments that the state has done its part to raise
  the standards of education (Drake)
• Another of Theodore’s acts, The Education
  Improvement Act, is also used to support
  the statement that the state has done its part
  to improve education.
       Purpose of the Education Finance Act
• To offer students at least minimal education opportunities to meet
  their needs
• To encourage school districts to meet goals set forth for each program
• To establish a procedure for the distribution of state funds
• To establish a balance between the money provided by the state and
  the money provided by the school district
• To ensure that tax dollars spent in public schools are utilized
• (These came directly from the law itself)
Nick Theodore in his first year
   as Lieutenant Governor
                   And the Winner Is…
Theodore was presented with many awards
for his achievements. Some of them included:
                    1962- SC Outstanding Young Man
                 1977- Outstanding Legislator of the year
                 1987- SC State House Legislative Award
                   1988- US Jaycees Hall of Leadership
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