Appeal before the Member Secretary of the Central Zoo Authority - CZA under RTI Act, 2005 - Sukanya Kadyan

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The Member Secretary,

Central Zoo Authority – CZA, New Delhi.

Subject: Appeal under RTI Act, 2005.


Kindly refer to my application dated July 6, 2012 under the RTI Act, 2005 and half backed reply on
September 14, 2012, where as interim reply was given on the same day about Amar circus inspection
but action taken report / orders issued to recue the abused female elephant kept illegally by Amar
circus along with abused blind Hippo was not yet supplied to me, point wise complete reports from 1-
7 awaited.

It would be pertinent to mention here that CZA issued orders to rescue all elephants from the Zoo’s
for further rehabilitation, where as circuses are also covered under Zoo then why circuses are allowed
to abuse elephants with our strict compliance of the section 38-H of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
because these circuses don’t have tranquilizer guns along with full time veterinarian and these
elephants are being badly abused during performance with iron ankush, transportation as well from
one place to another.

Performing bears are reported 268 with Agra where as more than 600 dancing bears were rescued
from the Kalandars, where are the rest of performing bears?, please supply me the complete
information about all rescued performing bears and what legal action has been taken by the
concerned Chief Wild Life Warden during their rescue from the Kalandars and why these NGO’s are
allowed to keep rescued performing bears with out any legal action against the Kalanders?. Please
supply me the complete list of dancing bear rescued along with the sex of bear, date and place of
rescue, present status of bear and from whom bear was rescued by whom?. Why blind hippos are
allowed to perform along with elephants with out strict compliance of the legislation’s concerned?

Points not yet replied by the CZA:
1. Facilities with the Circuses / rescue centers.

2. Equipments to handle the animals as required in Circuses / rescue centers.

3. Rescue of abused animals in Amar circus etc.

4. When Elephants ordered to rescue then why not yet rescued from Zoo / circuses.

5. Why wild animal species with rescue centered?

6. No FIR lodged against the offenders in performing bears matters, why? 268 dancing bear
rescued for Agra with out legal action, where are the rest of dancing bear rescued?

7. Why these rescue centers owners are part of CZA / Member of the CZA Committees?

8. Why unwanted animals with the Circuses / rescue centers?

9. Why and how Camels and Elephants are being shifted from one place to another?

10. Why Elephant trading allowed by CZA in Amar circus matter, female elephant and blind
Hippo not yet rescue and rehabilitated?

11. Why blind Hippo's are being compelled to perform with Amar circus, Famous circus, Natraj
circus and Gemini circus?

12. Why performing monkeys are not yet rescued and rehabilitated from the Madari / Kalandars
and how many dancing monkeys are rescued and then rehabilitated with rescue centers, please
supply me the complete list of legal action taken during rescue of dancing monkey along with the
present status of animal.

Naresh Kadyan,

Rep. of OIPA in India, C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14,

Prashant Vihar, Rohini, DELHI – 110085.

Copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:

    1. The Secretary to the Ministry of Environment and Forest, CGO complex, New Delhi.
    2. The Secretary to the Animal Welfare Board of India – AWBI, Chennai.
    3. The Additional Director, Wild Life Crime Control Bureau – WCCB, New Delhi. He is requested
       to direct field functionaries of WCCB to book all so called owners of the performing bear
       rescued from the Kalandars and legal action may kindly be taken against Madari / Kalanders
       who have Langur and performing monkeys, it would be pertinent to mention here that many
       people have provided Langur services to keep common monkey away from the particular
       place against payment.

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