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					  Clean Energy Rail Center

  Industrial Solutions for a Renewable Future

Project Overview and Bridge Loan Package

                 Robert Skinner
                  Mark Shipley
                  Will Crawford

                 January, 2010
               Clean Energy Rail Center

             Table of Contents

Bridge Loan Deal Points…                       3

Bridge Loan and Project Overview…              5

Maps…                                           7

Project Plan and Budget…                        8

Sales Forecast…                                 9

Market Segment Plan…                           10

Broker Opinion of Value…                       11

Letter of Support from the Mayor of Fernley…   21

Developer Biographies…                         22

                         Clean Energy Rail Center
This letter is an introduction to the Clean Energy Rail Center (CERC), a unique 1040 acre clean
energy industrial rail park project located in Northern Nevada.

The developers of the project are seeking investors with $1,020,000 to invest for the purpose of
completing engineering and design work, pre-acquisition costs and fees and initiating option
payments for the property.

We project that initial sales during the first year of operation will be sufficient to pay all of the
bridge loan principal, interest and profit participation, and fund further infrastructure
development for the project.

       The Product: A large scale rail served heavy manufacturing development

       The Size: 800 acres of industrial development and 240 acres of work force housing

       The Cost: $44,000,000

       The Sales Pipeline $115,000,000

       The Estimated Project Profit Range $35,000,000 – $70,000,000

The Investment Opportunity

The complete build out of the 1040 acre CERC project is estimated to cost $44,000,000, a
substantial portion of which can be funded through land sales and Joint Development
Agreements. The total bridge loan investment required is only $ 1,020,000 because of our
pipeline of well-financed users and our strategy of funding many of the infrastructure costs
through Joint Development Agreements. The bridge loan structure would be as follows:

       Bridge loan: Bridge loan of $1,020,000

       Loan repayment: Less than one year

       Interest: Hard money interest rates

       Profit participation : Up to the value of the $1,020,000 loan.


We believe the CERC project represents a unique investment prospect. In particular, our
substantial pipeline of enthusiastic users provides a solid and verifiable source of funding and
sales proceeds. In addition, our excellent location, beneficial business conditions and
competitive pricing should result in a very successful venture.

                        Clean Energy Rail Center
The Clean Energy Rail Center (CERC), is a unique 1040 acre clean energy industrial rail park
project located in Northern Nevada. The developers of the project are seeking a bridge loan
investor with $ 1,020,000 to invest for the purpose of completing engineering and design work,
funding pre-acquisition costs and sales due diligence charges, and making option payments on
the subject property. The source of repayment of the bridge loan will be sales of portions of the
property which will be consummated with users who have already executed letters of intent or
have entered into our qualifying process. We project that sufficient sales of the property will
take place in 2010 to enable the developers to repay the bridge loan in less than one year.

Development Stages:

RMS Development, LLC, the Managing Member of CERC, has already created a substantial
amount of added value for the subject property through our significant efforts, including: (a)
annexing portions of the land into the City of Fernley and commencing discussions on a
Development Agreement for the project, (b) successfully pursuing a strong program of pre-sales
activities, (c) creating design and engineering solutions that will enhance the property, (d)
forming strong relationships with the applicable governmental agencies as well as Union Pacific,
BNSF, Vulcan Power, NV Energy, and other development service providers, (e) completing a
major portion of the due diligence for the property, and (f) qualifying several well-funded users
who are anxious to purchase portions of the project.

The pre-construction stage of the project includes the following elements: (a) complete the
pending zoning change for the land, (b) finish the on-site and off-site engineering work, (c) have
the rail design approved by Union Pacific, (d) enter into a Development Agreement with the City
of Fernley, and (e) close on the purchase of the initial portion of the CERC land and execute
Option Agreements on any remaining portions of the land.

The infrastructure construction stage of the project is divided into two components: (a)
completion of the basic on-site and off-site infrastructure; and (b) completion of all the rail spurs,
switches, turn-out tracks and loop tracks that are required by specific buyers of rail-served
property. Some of our users are not planning to purchase rail-served property, and therefore will
require only the basic level of infrastructure in order to close on their property.

After we complete the development stages described above, we will proceed to complete the
sale of parcels to users, many of which are currently in our pipeline and have already, or will
soon, execute letters of intent. Initial users have indicated a willingness to close on the entitled
land and enter into joint development agreements for the completion of the infrastructure (Joint
Development Agreements.) Our development plan is designed to have these users fund the
major portion of the infrastructure costs through periodic payments pursuant to the Joint
Development Agreements. As we add infrastructure to the project, Union Pacific and BNSF
have indicated an interest in informing their major customers of the benefits of the CERC
project, and a willingness to provide leads to pre-qualified users.

Users: (See attached Sales Pipeline)

The target users for the CERC project are large-scale manufacturing and processing facilities
that will benefit from rail and truck service.

We have obtained executed Letters of Intent (LOIs) from several users for portions of the
property totaling approximately 630 acres and we have generated a strong pipeline of other
users who are actively considering CERC. The bulk of the LOIs and expressions of interest are

                       Clean Energy Rail Center
from companies that will manufacture ethanol and biodiesel fuels, however, we have also
received expressions of interest from mining companies and other manufacturing entities.

Development Cost Overview (See attached Project Plan)

The CERC phase of the development will cost, on an all-in basis, approximately $44,000,000,
which includes the following estimated expenditures:

   1.   Pre-acquisition/pre-construction budget                     $ 810,000
   2.   Land Option payments                                        $ 210,000
   3.   Land Acquisition                                            $13,800,000
   4.   Off-Site Construction                                       $17,680,000
   5.   On-Site Construction                                        $11,500,000

                                                            Total: $44,000,000

The purpose of the bridge loan is to provide funding for the $1,020,000 of pre-acquisition/pre-
construction costs and option payments described in items 1 and 2 above.

Total Land Acquisition Opportunities: (See attachments Overall Site Plan and On-Site

The 1040 acre CERC site is only part of a much larger area of property that can be developed.
The total land available to develop or trade is comprised of five full Sections (640 acres each),
and three partial Sections equaling about 1,200 acres, for a total of approximately 4,400 acres
of fee simple developable land (Master Project).

Adjacent to the privately owned Sections of the Master Project are two Sections of Bureau of
Reclamation (BOR) land (1,280 acres) that are very desirable for development. The developers
intend to pursue acquisition of the BOR land through a purchase, trade or lease transaction with
the Bureau of Reclamation.

For the 1040 acre CERC phase of development we plan 820 acres of clean energy
manufacturing uses and 220 acres targeted to “green energy” employee housing. We will also
pursue acquiring a portion of the immediately adjacent Bureau of Reclamation Section 20 land
which would add an additional 200 acres or more to the CERC project with little additional
infrastructure costs.

The CERC developers have negotiated option agreements and purchase terms to control the
CERC property and to help secure our financing. The due diligence on the CERC land is
virtually complete, and the developers have assembled an excellent project team and have won
the enthusiastic support of the local governmental agencies.

The Bridge Loan Investment Opportunity

The total amount of the bridge loan required is $1,020,000. The developers offer the following
terms for the loan:

                       Clean Energy Rail Center
1. Monthly payments of interest at a current market rate for hard money loans.

2. Additional profit participation in property sales proceeds, calculated to provide (inclusive of
interest payments) a total investment profit of $1,020,000 after a return of the original loan
amount (100% return on investment.)

3. Loan term: Two years. There will be a priority repayment of principal to be made from the
first sales at the project.

4. Security: Collateral assignments of Letters of Intent and Option Agreements


We believe the CERC project represents a unique investment prospect. In particular, our
substantial pipeline of enthusiastic users provides a solid and verifiable source of funding and
sales proceeds. In addition, our excellent location, beneficial business conditions and
competitive pricing should result in a very successful venture.

We anticipate that the bridge loan investor and its consultants will require further due diligence
materials and financial projections for the project, and we stand ready to provide additional
information at your request.

                       Clean Energy Rail Center


The Clean Energy Rail Center (CERC) is           CERC is located 9 miles from downtown Fernley
located about 45 minutes West of Reno in         and Interstate 80.
Fernley, NV

The first phase of CERC includes about           There are about 4,000 acres of fee simple land
1,000 acres of land and easily accomodates       to develop or trade with Bureau of Reclamation
2 Unit train loops and large capacity manifest   (BOR) . The trades would create large
train tracks.                                    contiguous properties that would share in the
                                                 off-site infrastruture.

                     Clean Energy Rail Center
                         Project Plan and Budget

The project is expected to take about two years to complete.

The budget is organized as follows:

   1. Land acquisition Option Agreement

   2. Pre-acquistion and Pre-construction Activity

   3. Land Acquisition

   4. Off-site construction

   5. On-site construction

                             Clean Energy Rail Center
                                  CERC Sales Forecast
Title                             Type                         Acres   Sales Stage          Revenue

Q2 2010
        Ethanol refinery          Switch grass to Ethanol      120          LOI          7,840,800.00
        Unit Train Loop           Switch grass to Ethanol      200          LOI         13,068,000.00
        Turbine Manufacturer      Wind Turbine 35 acres         35     Qualified Lead    3,811,500.00

Q3 2010
      Yerington Minerals          Mineral processing company    45     Qualified Lead    4,900,500.00

Q4 2010
      Solar Developer             PV Solar Power Producer      100     Qualification    10,890,000.00

Q1 2011
      16 Acre Transloader         Transloader                   16     Qualification     2,787,840.00
      Waste Transfer
      Company                     Waste-to-energy               60      Qualification    6,534,000.00
      Waste oil/MSW to Diesel     Waste To Diesel               20      Qualification    2,178,000.00
      Rail Spur                   Hazmat transfer station       60     Qualified Lead    6,534,000.00

Q3 2011
        Wind Turbine              Wind Turbine Manufacturer     35     Qualification     3,811,500.00
                                  Plasma Gasification MSW to
        Waste to Energy           Power                        141     Qualification    15,354,900.00
        Camelina Crushing Plant   Camelina to Biodiesel         86         LOI           9,365,400.00
        Ethanol processing                                             Pre-Funding
        facility                  Tires to Ethanol              83         LOI          16,204,320.00

Q4 2012
        Work Force Housing        Home Builder                 220     Qualification     9,757,440.00

The sales pipeline is very strong with leads coming from EDAWN, a local economic
development agency, local rail consultants and direct marketing.

We are told by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Railroad that once we have our
track infrastruture installed they will recommend the site to users.

The pricing in the sales pipleine is very conservative and does not include all the options
included in the infrastructure budget.

                      Clean Energy Rail Center
                         Market Segment Strategy
We have targeted multiple market segments as categories of potential users at the Clean
Energy Rail Center (CERC). Each market segment has been placed into three levels of contact
priority based on customer criteria we have derived from the beneficial features CERC has to
offer such as:

      High rail capacity
      Flat topography
      Available water rights
      Redundant power
      Process heat

Our strategy to approach and develop these market segments is to: 1) learn and understand
each segment and identify the top companies, 2) discover valid business justifications for each
company to select CERC, 3) use corporate level sales techniques to contact the appropriate
persons at each company, 4) research competitors for points of comparison and contrast with
the advantages at the CERC project, and 5) continue to fill our pipeline with high quality users
who may provide synergies of production interaction with other users, and who will contribute to
the clean energy reputation of the project.

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

                          Broker’s Opinion of Value
We feel the Clean Energy Rail Center (CERC) is highly competitive in both acquisition costs and
projected re-sale value. We will be acquiring the CERC properties for a blended acquisition
price of $0.36 per square foot and we have rough development cost estimates for both off-site
and on-site improvements. We are projecting approximately $30 MM profit if we sell all of the
land at $2.00 per square foot, which we believe is a very conservative figure.

The average price for unimproved land adjacent to rail facilities for properties in Nevada is $1.32
per square foot and $0.91 per square foot for land in 5 Western states. All the comparable
properties we have researched have flat topography, adjacent rail service, and utilities relatively

The average price for improved land with rail service in Nevada is $5.60 per square foot and
$3.35 per square foot is an average price of similar land in the 5 Western states. All of the
comparable properties in the improved land category have an existing rail spur on-site; utilities
stubbed, and are rough graded.

Below are charts showing acquisition prices for four types of comparable properties as follows:
(1) unimproved land adjacent to rail in Nevada, (2) improved land with rail service in Nevada, (3)
unimproved land adjacent to rail in 5 Western states, and (4) improved land with rail service in 5
Western states.

                             Best Comparable Properties
                      Unimproved and Improved Acquisition Prices

       AREA                     TYPE            SIZE          PRICE             PSF
Northern Nevada         Unimproved land        118.00      $7,504,516.80       $1.46
                        adjacent to rail
Northern Nevada         Improved land with      28.47      $4,526,559.18       $3.65
                        rail service
Western Five States     Unimproved Land       1,141.00     $49,701,960.00      $1.00
                        Adjacent to Rail
Western Five States     Improved Land          107.82      $21,100,000.00      $4.49
                        Adjacent to Rail

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

              Best Local CERC Area Comps for Unimproved Property

                                         Hwy 50, Hazen

This site consists of 118.0 acres at $1.46 psf. The advantages of this site are:
     Existing rail spur with UP rail service
     Unit train capacity
     Flat topography
     Sufficient water rights for immediate user
     220 volt single-phase nearby
     Existing telephone line

The disadvantages for this site are:
    Rail line is not dual-served
    Ground water not suitable for commercial use
    Approximately $12 million in infrastructure costs are necessary to bring out municipal
       water and natural gas
    Only minimal power is available

Google Earth Image:

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

                   Best Local CERC Area Comp for Improved Land

                                  240 Nevada Pacific Pkwy

This Northern Nevada rail-served land consists of 28.47 acres at $3.65 psf. The advantages of
this site are:

      Existing rail spur on-site.
      Dual served by UP/BNSF.
      Improved roads to site.
      Municipal utilities nearby.
      Available affordable housing.

Disadvantages of this site are:

      Cannot support unit train user.
      Zoning permits only light industrial and manufacturing uses (heavy uses not allowed, too
       close to residential).

Google Image:

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

                Best Comp for Western 11 States Unimproved Land

                          Buckeye Logistics Transportation Center:

This property is located in Buckeye, Arizona and is 1,141 acres offered for $49,701,960.00 at
$1.00 psf. The advantages of this site are:

      Served by UP railroad
      Next to Hwy 85
      Long contiguous parcel

Disadvantages of this site are:

      Not dual-served
      $.64 psf more expensive for initial purchase price than the CERC property
      Availability of utilities unknown
      Site is very narrow and cannot support a loop track

Google Earth Image:

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

                Best Comp for Improved Land in Western 11 States

                             2301-2603 Wilbure Ave. Antioch, CA

This property is 107.82 acres offered for $21,100,000.00 at $4.49 psf. The advantages of this
site are:

      Rail-served
      Water pier shipping available
      Improved land

The disadvantages of this site are:

      Limited room to expand
      Not dual-served
      Located in California; non-favorable Corporate and Personal Tax structure
      Lack of State Economic Incentives
      Potential soils issues from prior uses

Google Earth Image:

                    Clean Energy Rail Center

                   “Market Availability” Approach Compared to
                  “Purchase Price” of Subject Property: Nevada

    Location         Zoning      Acreage     Sale Price/        Key Features:
Hwy 50              Industrial   118.00     $7,500,000.00/   Limited utilities
Hazen, NV                                       $1.46
                                                             Unit train capability

                                                             Single rail service

                                                             Switch installed on
2550 Waltham Way    Industrial    17.30     $893,000.00/     Access to rail siding
McCarran, NV                                   $1.18
                                                             Dual rail service

                                                             Manifest train
                                                              capability only

                                                             Utilities are nearby

                                                             Off site street
                                                              improvements are

   Average Size           Average Sales Price      Average Price Per Square Foot
    67.70 acres              $4,196,500.00                     $1.32

                      Clean Energy Rail Center

                     “Market Availability” Approach Compared to
                      “Resale Value” of Subject Property; Nevada

     Location          Zoning       Acreage    Sale Price/         Key Features:
240 Nevada Pacific       M-1         28.47    $4,525,000.00/    Dual Service
PKWY Fernley, NV                                  $3.65
                                                                Rail switch on site

                                                                Utilities nearby

                                                                Manifest train
1600 USA Parkway       Industrial    20.00    $3,179,880.00/    Access to rail
Storey County, NV                                 $3.65
                                                                Dual rail service

                                                                Manifest train
                                                                 capability only

                                                                Utilities nearby
Hwy 168 &              Industrial    80.00    $13,939,200.00/   Rail Served
Hidden Valley Rd                                   $9.50
Moapa, NV                                                       Utilities Provided


    Average Size            Average Sale Price      Average Price Per Square Foot
       42.82                   $7,214,693.33                     $5.60

                          Clean Energy Rail Center
          “Market Availability” Approach Compared to “Purchase Price”
        Properties in California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona

       Location             Zoning      Size/acr    Sale Price/             Key Features:
                                           es           PSF
1400 Sierra Highway        Industrial    77.00     $3,291,625.00/     Contiguous with UP rail
Rosamond, CA                                           $0.98
                                                                      Close to Hwy 14

                                                                      Utilities nearby
Imperial County            Industrial   419.00     $6,285,000.00/     Rail Access
 El Centro, CA                                          $.34
                                                                      3 miles from Interstate
Bennet Road                Industrial   254.96     $3,825,000.00/     Rail Access
Seeley, CA                                             $0.34
                                                                      Close to Interstate 8
South 11 Avenue            Industrial    92.30     $5,000,000.00/     Rail Access
Hanford, CA                                            $1.24
                                                                      Access to Interstate 5
State Hwy 14 & Hwy 58      Industrial   280.00     $6,500,000.00/     Rail Access
Mohave, CA                                              $.53
                                                                      Direct Hwy links

                                                                      Utilities nearby
Road 68 & Avenue 308,      Industrial    54.37     $2,500,000.00/     Adjacent to Rail
Goshen, CA                                             $1.06
                                                                      Close to Hwy
Hwy 85 & Baseline Rd.,     Industrial   1,141.00    $49,701,960/      Rail Served
Buckeye, AZ                                            $1.00
                                                                      Unimproved

                                                                      Next to Hwy
425 N 3700 W, Cedar        Industrial    77.00     $6,545,000.00/     Rail Access Available
City, UT                                               $1.95
                                                                      Close to Hwy

                                                                      Unimproved land
800 North 4850 West,       Industrial    87.27     $3,400,000.00/     Adjacent to Rail Spur
Cedar City, UT                                         $0.89
                                                                      Contiguous with Port 15

                                                                      Light Industrial
Iron Springs Rd., Cedar    Industrial   420.00     $14,700,000.00/    Rail Access Available
City, UT                                                $0.80
                                                                      Close to power substation

                                                                      Close to Port 15

       Average Size                Average Sale Price          Average Price Per Square Foot
          290.29                     $10,174,859.00                        $0.91

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

         “Market Availability” Approach Compared to “Resale Value”
      Properties in California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona:

     Location           Zoning        Acreage      Sale Price/     Key Features:
   Mountain View       Industrial      296.50    $28,414,188.00/    Close to Downtown
   Industrial Park                                    $2.20
                                                                    Master Plan
300 S 6700 West Salt                                                 Approved
    Lake City, UT
                                                                    Needs Rail Spur

                                                                    Close to airport
 2301 Wilbur Ave.,     Industrial      107.82    $21,100,000.00/    Next to Rail
   Antioch, CA                                        $4.50
                                                                    Next to Water Port

      Average Size                  Average Sale Price       Average Price Per Square
         202.16                       $24,757,094.00                  $3.35

                     Clean Energy Rail Center

                   Sales Comparison Approach for the CERC Area

    Location          Zoning      Acreage           Price/       Date Sold
                                                 Per Square
1280 Portofino Dr.      I-2         11.28      $1,399,442.24/     6/16/08
 395 Denmark Dr.        I-2         1.562       $128,177.25/       6/9/08
PT S2 S11 T19N,         I-2         80.69      $10,227,343.50/    6/18/08
     R22E                                           $2.91
 3501 Peru Dr           I-2         11.38      $1,792,105.00/     3/28/08
PT S3 T19N,R22E         I-2         2.09        $205,259.50/      12/7/07
 470 USA PKWY           I-2         1.846      $1,291,554.00/      1/2/08
2910 Waltham Way        I-2          4.3        $455,167.96/      12/9/08
 201 London Dr.         I-2          2.0        $104,307.10/      1/30/09
 175 Wild Horse         I-2         1.63        $880,000.00/      2/28/08
   Canyon Dr.                                      $12.39
    Mustang             I-2         19.5       $6,857,000.00/      6/1/09

 Average Size/Acres      Average Sales Price   Average Price Per Square Foot
       13.63                $2,334,035.42                  $5.36

Clean Energy Rail Center

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

                       Development Team Biographies

Robert Skinner: President

Robert Skinner is the founder of RMS Commercial Real Estate and also of RMS Development,
LLC which is the Managing Member of the Clean Energy Rail Center, LLC (CERC).

A corporate sales expert, Robert is applying what he learned in a 30 year career in the high
technology industry to the development and sales of large scale industrial projects offering
renewable energy opportunities and unique transportation features. Over his career in the high
technology industry, Robert had world-wide sales responsibility at Intel Corporation and Level
One Communications and was the leading sales engineer with LSI Logic when it reached its
first one billion dollars in sales. Prior to forming RMS Development, LLC and Clean Energy Rail
Center, LLC, Robert enhanced his entrepreneurial abilities by creating and operating a
Manufacturer’s Representative Company for 12 years.

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, with a B.S. business degree, Robert now applies
his signature executive skills characterized by well-crafted sales strategies and careful,
persistent planning to the development and sales of clean energy industrial properties.

Mark Shipley: General Counsel

Real estate lawyer Mark Shipley is Clean Energy Rail Center, LLC’s general counsel for
development matters. Mark brings to CERC an extensive practical knowledge and high level of
experience in a variety of major real estate projects, including industrial parks, commercial
centers and office and warehouse projects. Mark’s practice has included all aspects of real
estate development transactions, and he has represented developers, lenders, investors,
buyers and sellers, as well as landlords and tenants. Mark earned his law degree from the
University of Southern California, and is licensed to practice in Nevada, California, Colorado and
Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining the CERC team, Mark was counsel at Mayer Brown LLP in Los Angeles, where
he represented institutional lenders and investors in the financing, acquisition, and disposition of
large real estate projects. Mark’s other law firm experience includes serving for many years as
a partner at Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory in Los Angeles, and later as special counsel
with Brownstein, Hyatt & Farber, P.C. in Denver.

                       Clean Energy Rail Center

Matt Rasmussen, P.E.: Civil Engineer

Matt Rasmussen is a partner/owner of Tectonics Design Group (TDG), a structural and civil
engineering design firm in Reno. Tectonics Design Group first opened its doors in January of
2006 providing Structural Engineering services in most western states and Civil Engineering
services in all northern Nevada jurisdictions. Through teamwork with its clients, TDG has
developed a reputation for providing prompt service and creative, cost-effective design
solutions. TDG’s land development staff is well versed in the areas of planning, site design,
zoning review and permitting processes, environmental and regulatory restrictions, and other
issues that impact development projects and TDG’s structural staff is able to provide creative,
economical solutions for a wide array of building types and materials.

Matt is a graduate of Washington State University and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is a
licensed Professional Engineer in Nevada and Utah and has over 12 years of work experience
in the engineering field. Matt has obtained his certification as a LEED Accredited Professional
by the United States Green Building Council making his firm uniquely qualified to address the
ordinances, guidelines and benchmarks defined by the USGBC. Only a handful of companies
in the northern Nevada region have a full understanding of the performance criteria needed to
meet LEED engineering standards, and TDG is well positioned to streamline these
developmental practices into any project, as may be required.

Will Crawford: Major Account Manager

Will Crawford is the Major Account Manager for RMS Commercial Real Estate and is a co-
founder of Clean Energy Rail Center, LLC. Will’s primary focus is corporate sales and
sustainable real estate development centered on the CERC project. Will has achieved several
marketing successes by bringing together renewable energy companies that can benefit from
CERC’s natural resources in combination with the clean energy bi-products created by other
potential co-tenants at CERC.

Prior to joining RMS CRE and helping launch the CERC project, Will worked in commercial real
estate with Prudential CRE where he focused on buyer/tenant representation and industrial rail-
served properties.

Will is a participating member in the Developing Leaders Program established by NAIOP, the
Sustainable Energy Forum sponsored by the University of Nevada, and the Economic
Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN).


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