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									Transcend Security Series USB flash drives -
Your best line of defense

      What information Transcend collects?

Personal information shall mean any information that can be used to identify or locate an
individual, including, without limitation, name, date of birth, telephone number, address, email
address, account number, ID number, and credit card information.

Non-personal information shall mean any information that does not by itself identify or locate an
individual, including, without limitation, gender, occupation, language, location and
interest.When you voluntarily disclose additional personal information, without being prompted
by Transcend, in the chat rooms, discussion forums or otherwise of the Website, this Policy does
not apply to such information.

      How Transcend collects information?

You may freely elect to engage in any activity provided by Transcend when visiting the Website,
including, without limitation, membership registration and login, newsletter subscription, online
store, promotional event, download center, product registration, product warranty, questionnaire
survey, CEO mailbox and technical support, and Transcend may request certain information
from you in accordance with the nature of such activity.

Transcend will never ask you to provide sensitive personal information, including, but not
limited to, health, political or religious beliefs, criminal offences alleged or committed and
sexual orientation, and please refrain from furnishing such information to Transcend. However,
this Policy still applies to such information voluntarily disclosed by you.

      How Transcend uses information?

Transcend will only use or transfer your personal information for the purposes of promotion and
advertising, commercial activities, product services, benefits and market analyses, unless
otherwise required by applicable laws or governmental or judicial orders, and will not lease to, or
trade with any third party such information. In order for the purposes stated above, Transcend
may further provide your personal information, whole or partial, to the related distributors,
retailers, agents or partners.

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Transcend may use, transfer or disclose your non-
personal information for any purpose. If Transcend combines your non-personal information
with personal information, such combined information will be treated as personal information for
as long as it remains combined.

       Change of information

To ensure the accuracy of your information, you may review and edit your personal and non-
personal information by accessing the Website with your account name and password.

Upon your request, Transcend may remove the information about you if Transcend is not
required to retain it by applicable laws.


       Information storage and transfer

Transcend may set up servers worldwide to store your personal and non-personal information,
and such information would be transferred among those servers.

       Cookies and other technologies

In order to improve the quality of the Website and even customize the services to you, Transcend
will use cookies or other technologies to collect your browsing history, including, but not limited
to, IP address, time spent on the Website or any web page thereon, the browser being used and
the web pages being browsed. The data will not be used for identification, and will be treated by
Transcend as non-personal information unless otherwise required by applicable laws.

Cookies are bits of electronic information generated by web servers and stored on the users' hard
drive, and you may refuse the use of cookies through a proper setting on your browser. By
disabling cookies, you may as a result not be able to enjoy the full function of the Website.

       Commercial materials
Your choice as to whether to subscribe or unsubscribe the Transcend newsletter is respected, and
Transcend will only send the commercial materials about products, promotional events, benefits
and otherwise to you, who elect to opt-in the service. Upon your unsubscribe request, we will
complete the process in a timely fashion, and however, due to system limitations, it may take us
a few days to complete the setup.

Please further contact Transcend with the below contact information if you keep receiving the
newsletter from Transcend with the below contact information if you still
receive the newsletter after making a valid election to opt-out.


      Security

To ensure the safety of your information, Transcend will strictly comply with this Policy, and
take proper precautions to protect your personal information against unauthorized access,
alteration or destruction. However, Transcend may not guarantee the security on the internet.
Please put your password in safekeeping and regularly change it (should avoid common and easy
password), as well as, update the anti-virus and safeguarding software on your computer from
time to time.

      Third-party site

The Website may contain links to third-party sites, and this Policy does not apply to the
information and data collected and processed through such sites. Transcend shall bear no
responsibility and liability for the materials on or about such sites.

      Children

Without the consent of their parents or guardians, we do not knowingly collect personal
information from children. If Transcend learns that, under notification or self-detection, personal
information of children has been collected, such information will be removed.

      Change to the Privacy Policy
Transcend reserves the right to modify the Policy at any time, and the version released on the
Website shall govern. You will be deemed to have understood and agreed to the updated privacy
policy, if you continuously use the Website after such release.

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