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Treat yourself to a spa relaxation


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									Treat yourself to a spa relaxation

Written by Jherlyn Meneses / AJPress Los Angeles
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 22:13 -

THESE days, the level of stress appears to be always at its peak and pressure
seems to be endless. Once in a while, there has to be a diversion from the
busyness of life and one needs to indulge and pamper themselves with relaxation
and rejuvenation - a visit to a spa!

The benefit of spa goes way beyond relaxation. It’s a total package. It de-stresses
not just the body but the mind and spirit as well. It enhances spiritual awareness,
increases energy flow in the body, improves body flexibility, reduce high blood
pressure and tension, heal emotional distress, reduce effects of aging, soothes
tired muscles, tones and nourishes the skin, detoxifies the body, stimulates
circulation, reduces weight and reduces insomnia, fatigue and stress.

There are different kinds of spas to choose from:

Day spa

A health spa frequented by people who seek professionally administered personal
care treatment. It offers spa treatment on a daily basis such as massages, facials,
body wrap, scrubs, water treatments and hair or nail services. It has a calming
and nurturing environment that is suitable for relaxation and wellness. Their staff
includes professional, licensed estheticians and therapists.

Getaway spa

These are destination spas that offer the same services of a day spa in a hotel
setting where people stay for more than a day. It is sort of like a vacation that is
not just focused on sightseeing but on wellness and relaxation as well. Its sole
purpose is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through spa treatments, exercise,
and educational programming. It normally includes a full program of fitness and
stress reduction classes, nutrition consultation and other wellness programs.

Treat yourself to a spa relaxation

Written by Jherlyn Meneses / AJPress Los Angeles
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 22:13 -

Medical spa

Medical spas are owned and operated by licensed healthcare professionals and
offer non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments. Wellness treatments at medical
spas offer executive health screenings, addiction therapy programs, acupuncture
and biofeedback therapy to name a few. Common cosmetic treatments at medical
spas include laser and intense pulsed light procedures, medical
microdermabrasions, photo-facials, botox and restylane injections, thermage,
laser hair removal, and chemical peels. Most of these services are minimally
invasive and require little downtime.

Nowadays, spa services are easy to find. They have emerged in different
locations such as shopping malls, hotels, stand alone facilities or connected to a
wellness center or a medical facility. So wherever you may reside or your travels
take you, find a spa that’s nearest you and give yourself a treat. Enjoy and
experience the rejuvenating feeling of being pampered! n

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( Published on September 2, 2009 in MDWK Magazine p. 2 )


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