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									                              David H. Cohen
David is a senior level PMP Certified Project Manager.

       Managed a 4 company transition/conversion of selected Centura Financial Consultants (FCs),
        6000+ client accounts (including pensions and mutual funds) and the asset content of their client
        accounts to RBC Dain, including all IT Infrastructure hardware changes (including communication
        routing), software changes, re-imaging of hardware, email exchange transition.
       Managed structured analysis and design techniques to re-engineer, develop and integrate group
        pension databases (IDMS) and administrative support systems for defined benefits and
        contributions reserve calculations.
       Managed multiple assignments, policy management re-engineering and conversions in retirement
        systems development including defined benefits, defined contributions, actuarial reserves,
        matching assets and investment alternatives to projected pay out streams and management of
       Audited major banks database systems and disaster recovery review, including Commercial loan,
        Mutual Fund Accounting, ERISA, Credit Card, Coupon Bond and transaction histories.
        Recommended database changes, which reduced processing time by as much as 85%. (Chase).
       Managed development of the Mayo end-to-end PMO & PM methodology for all business, IT and
        infrastructure projects including initiation of CMM level 2 efforts. Selected objective criteria and
        metrics for monitoring project performance.
       Managed major data conversion and ETL efforts.
       Managed the re-engineering, development, conversion and implementation a loan request,
        creation and management system for a State Economic Development Agency.
       Managed the re-engineering/conversion of a 16-year-old, antiquated Cobol/BAL system and
        migrated it to a commercial database environment.
       Revamped the processes that support and surround the development of the Intel client platform
        model into a new, repeatable process, aligned with CMMI model concepts.
       Responsible for delivering & release management of 217 change requests (100% of resources
        were offshore) across 11 application areas under a world class (evaluation by Capers Jones)
        software development life cycle. Separate assessment of PM processes resulted in a CMM of 4.3.
       Responsible for identification and validation of requirements for the Statement of Work (RFP)
        sections for Hardware, Security and Confidentiality, Business Continuity, System
        Performance, System Availability, Problem Management, Change Management, Quality, Network
        Communications, Interface Support, Project/Account Management, and Disaster Recovery for
        migration from one major service vendor to another, for ATM, Debit Card, POS and Stored Value
        Card processing (100+ million transactions). Multi-million dollar vendor incentive.
       Managed proof of concept of using Thin-Clients (Bricks) in a Common Platform Program for Wells
       Managed the design, development, conversion and implementation of a Federal Prototype for
        National Managed Health Care including patient capitation, tracking client flow, computerized
        membership & medical records, under a mixed IPA/HMO/Hospital structure. Participated in grant
        proposal/acquisition/grant reporting.
       Implemented the first statewide, community controlled family planning health program in the
        nation. Managed for grant proposal/acquisition/reporting, computerized membership & medical
        records, conversion.
       Conducted comprehensive internal audit for Health and Hospitals Corp. of Integral Systems (ISI)
        production payroll processing (45,000 checks bi-weekly) as well as proposed on-line

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       Developed Management Information System for Metropolitan HMO.
       Managed an independent review (including vendors) of a highly complex, mission critical ERP
        (including trading functions), a multi-year, multi-million dollar, IT development project (3-tier, VB,
        SQL 7 integrated with an AS400, DB2) that was significantly behind schedule and over budget
        (Forest City Trading Group).
       Managed the development of the Buzzeo ERP Implementation Methodology Body of Knowledge,
        a full life cycle and gap assessment methodology for web-based (fund accounting as it relates to
        University and Federal Student Loans/Grants) software implementation, conversion. Included
        release management.
       Only Endorsed Service Provider for Project Management Services by the Arizona Association of

Skills / Technologies

Senior Project/Program Manager/Business Planner/Analyst who has worked in Project Re-engineering,
Project Recovery, Earned Value, Disaster Recovery, SDLC (change & Release Management), Off-
Shoring, Operational Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Information Technology Development (fixed fee),
Implementation, Data Management & System Conversion, Quality Assurance, Strategic and Tactical
issue resolution, Compliance, Internal Audit, Process Flow, Telecommunications, Governance, Proposal
and Grant applications, supply chain and ERP. He has a reputation for leadership and PM skills
(including project recovery), high energy, detail orientation, dedication, creative problem solving,
facilitation, communication, consensus building (collaboration among groups and cultures), impartiality,
technical awareness and outstanding customer focus and service. He has completed 5 successful global
projects and projects over $100 million. His experience encompasses numerous industries including
Government (DMV, DJJ, CDCR, NJEDA, HRA, etc.), Insurance, Pensions, Healthcare (HIPAA),
Brokerage (including mutual funds prior NASD license), Banking (including SOX, Mortgage origination,
refinancing and Basel 2 Accord), Manufacturing, Retail, Community Service Organizations, Market
Research, Printing/Publishing and, as a working team member on the projects.

Professional Experience

Decision Support, Inc.                  Managing Consultant                              4/2001 to Present

Senior Project Manager           CA Dept. of Motor Vehicles/Delegata                  4/2008 to Present
Responsible for the re-development and recovery of the Web Site Infrastructure (WSI) Project master
integrated project schedule, for a vendor based, $35 million, SOA, Web Portal, the capture and
monitoring of project risks and issues as well as change control. Utilized Microsoft EPM.
     This was the FIRST, DMV fully integrated schedule including: the vendor, DMV business areas
        (21), DMV IT as well as DMV organizational readiness, with "committed" buy-in from all parties.
     This required the involvement and coordination of 21 resource groups from the DMV.
     This re-planning effort identified a number of tasks which previously had been accidently omitted.
     Three key functional components of the project were Identity Management, Enterprise Service
        Bus (ESB) and an Agency wide shopping cart concept for various DMV service offerings. The
        Identity Management, ESB and organization wide shopping cart concept is being considered by
        the Statewide CIO as a possible model for the other 130 CIO based organizations in the State of

Senior Project Manager CA Division of Juvenile Justice/Delegata                     3/2008 to 4/2008
Enhanced the structure of the transformation capabilities of the Division of Juvenile Justice to enable
realization of a reform vision that also satisfied the Farrell remediation requirements. Collaborated with
the Office of the Attorney General to respond to an Order to Show Cause Why DJJ should not be given
over to a Receiver.

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       Enabled the DJJ executive team to sponsor the projects which will drive DJJ to achieve the vision
        of Reform and Farrell Remediation.
       Enhanced DJJs ability to define and manage projects to achieve the reform vision, introduce
        standard project management principles into DJJ based on recognized PMBOK standards.
       Provided Project Management and Mentoring services for the DJJ Transformation Structure
        Enhancement project.
       Prepared and management of a Master Project Schedule and of all related Sub Project Schedules

Senior Project Manager CA Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation/Delegata 1/2008 to 3/2008
Member of four (4) person facilitation & planning team which assisted CDCR executive management
(Asst. Secretary Level) in a major project planning effort. CDCR needed to create a plan which
satisfied California Court Orders to correct agency deficiencies as well as effect the organizational
transformation changes necessary to revamp the agency. This is currently estimated to be a multi-
BILLION dollar business and IT project effort.

Senior Project Manager CalPERS/Delegata                         10/2007 to 1/2008
Guided the CalPERS Information Technology Services Branch (ITSB) in the definition and
implementation of a Workload and Capacity Management process and tool. The purpose of this process
and tool is to ensure that the ITSB Management Team can lead ITSB to fulfill its work commitments for
the Pension System Resumption (PSR) Project, while simultaneously maintaining existing production and
project schedules. Allowed ITSB Management to clearly see its volume of work, so they can make
appropriate decisions to support it. This effort has received a GTC Award.
The project is to better organize and communicate ITSBs capability to support:
     Immediately the incoming $200 million PSR project and all other associated projects
     Need to support CalPERS with the PSR solution being delivered
     Retirement of all technology and applications being replaced by PSR
     CalPERS ongoing business

Senior Project Manager                        US Airways                      3/2007 to 9/2007
Recovered two multi-million dollar, vendor, web-based projects. Accepted responsibility after both
projects were beyond their implementation dates. Previously, each project had either 3 or 4 prior project
managers, who had attempted, unsuccessfully to develop and move the projects forward. Both projects
were been brought under control, requirements (including network) and plans revised with team input and
successfully recovered. FAA Single certification awarded 9/2007.
EmpowerMX (Project recovery )
   The project focus was to replace/install, at locations across the country, the existing Sinex
     production maintenance and engineering tracking application for aircraft maintenance with a
     customized Java based EmPowerMx application. Its web based and utilizes Java technologies
     and Oracle. It was also necessary to develop several new interfaces. This will enhance the
     company service capabilities at all service sites nationwide and save over $1 million/yr.

Jouve Content Management (Project recovery )
    The other project will utilize customized Jouve software (using Jouve, Documentum, Renderex &
       Arbortext), across the division, nationwide, to perform content management and authoring of work
       packages, task cards, manuals for maintenance of the various aircraft fleets and comply with FAA
       governance. An initial guiding principle was to formulate a DTD as a single-source DTD. Project
       will save over $2 million/yr.

Senior Project Manager                        RBC Dain            3/2006 to 12/2006
Took responsibility for co-developed vendor web-based project which was 8 months late. Project was
delivered early and under budget based on the revised time table and budget specified in the approved
change order request.

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The custom, vendor developed marketing site provides Financial Consultants (FC) the ability to order and
send personalized, on demand, marketing and collateral materials to their clients utilizing an extract,
transform and load (ETL) process. Image portion is written in .Net. Includes all compliance processes:
       Allows for turnkey delivery of marketing programs that align with the firms strategy and are
        compliant with regulations.
         Presents more branding opportunities for the development of FC business.
       Image Library application provides users the ability to store and manage images and metadata of
        employees. The creation of an Image Library allows for the ETL of photos and employee
        associations to outside vendors.
         Executives will have the ability to search for and view images of employees.

Centura Conversion/Transition, (On-time, under budget):
Managed a 4 company data extract and transition of selected Centura Financial Consultants (FCs),
6000+ client accounts (including pensions and mutual funds) and the asset content of their client
accounts to RBC Dain, including all IT Infrastructure hardware changes (including communication
routing), software changes, re-imaging of hardware, email exchange transition, transfer of the individual
FC files from Centura to Dain as well as facilitate data security and credentialing for the personnel
involved. As a by-product, I created a repeatable process for future utilization. He also managed the
development of a Referral Tracking Report for cross-company shared fees.

RBC Dashboard (On-time, under budget):
Product (business intelligence) was co-developed with the vendor to identify different opportunities for
business development with existing client accounts for a FC. Managed the rollout of a single sign-on
environment and a daily ETL data feed for the vendor as well as create an easy web-based internet link
for the Financial Consultants for ease of utilization of the RBC dashboard.

The Individual FC Web Sites (On-time, on-budget-in flight):
Managed the in-house portion of a single sign-on environment and daily ETL data feed update of a
vendor hosted web environment. The hosting will provide up to 1400+ FCs with a personalized web site,
complete with a link from the corporate site. Includes all compliance processes.

FDIC Sweep (Held pending One B-D implementation)
Project will provide the ability for brokerage clients to seamlessly sweep funds to a FDIC-insured account
with unlimited transactions.
     Offer Tiered Interest Rates based upon account or cash value to maximize revenue on the
         account level and provide incentive for clients to consolidate cash balances.

Senior Project Manager - Planning                        Intel                  9/2005 to 2/2006
High Productivity Client Platform Project focus is to create a repeatable process for development of
cutting edge, integrated, mobile client computing platforms (80,000) through harnessing leading edge,
component models, software and hardware capabilities. Establish a unique alignment of Hardware,
Operating System, ISTG Services, and Productivity Software roadmaps to allow Intel to completely
redesign the client experience, becoming the absolute role model for worker productivity aligned with
CMMI model concepts.
      Revamped the processes that support and surround the development of the client platform
      Delivered convergence of Santa Rosa notebook with associated component software
      Integrated the notebook development with the product groups.

Senior Project Manager                               American Express         4/2005 to 7/2005
    Security and Governance

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      Facilitated compliance with security mandates from the U.S. government and other international
       regulatory agencies. AMEX must provide web-based Security Awareness Training to all
       (150,000) global AXP employees, contractors and vendor employees who use AMEX systems.

    Sarbanes/Oxley (SOX) Application Controls Compliance Support Project.
    Implemented as result of AMEX internal re-organization, an Ownership Validation of 128+ Critical
    Supported SOX Application Control Guidance on Process, Risk, Type of Control, and Test. The
      SOX controls are intended to reduce risk associated with various application processes.
    Implemented a Pilot SOX Application Control Effort
    QA review of SOX Critical Key Control Tests for AEB Financial Closure.

Senior Project Manager                                    USAA          9/2004 to3/2005

      Given responsibility of delivering 217 change requests (100% of resources were offshore) across
       11 application areas under a world class (evaluation by Capers Jones) software development life
       cycle. Separate assessment of PM processes resulted in a CMM of 4.3 status.
      IT PM for the emergency acquisition, installation of Triple DES Encryption, and implementation of
       4 ATMs, from a credit union that was closing 4 of its regional offices, across 4 different time
       zones. The project was allowed a 45 day duration to become
       operational on 12/31/04. Implemented all networking requirements, design & implementation,
       QA, development of internal processes, support contracts with all vendors, including level one
       and two, equipment/software maintenance, ATM processing provider, procurement of equipment,
       communications and interface with personnel of selling institution.
      IT PM responsible at USAA for identification and validation of requirements for the Statement of
       Work (RFP) sections for Hardware, Security and Confidentiality, Business Continuity, System
       Performance, System Availability, Problem Management, Change Management, Quality, Network
       Communications, Interface Support, Project/Account Management, and Disaster Recovery for
       migration from one major service vendor to another, for ATM, Debit Card, POS and Stored Value
       Card processing (100+ million transactions). Multi-million dollar vendor incentive.
       Migration/conversion planning.
      Responsible at USAA for the initial planning of the Enterprise Caching Project to reduce calls to back-
       end systems and improve application performance for 2 million members and 14,000 service
       representatives, by providing a high performance caching utility for use by all USAA Web Applications.

Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst - Wells Fargo/Executive Directions Inc. 8/2004 to 9/2004
      Team was tasked with researching, identifying, defining, and high-level mapping of existing
       operational domain risk controls and measurement systems used within the bank and its current
       operational risk processes. Utilized the Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA) approach to
       gather current process flows to develop the necessary data feeds for a loss event database, to
       facilitate a qualitative and quantitative review and numerical calculation of operationally related
       loss reserves. These efforts would incorporate some/all of the operational risk requirements of
       the Basel 2 Accord, Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, for governance and compliance and CMMI
       alignment of CPM.
      Responsible for the Risk Assessment of the Corporate Project Management methods/processes
       (CPM) domain and identification of required data fields to populate the Op-VAR Loss Event
       Database. Identified 15 gaps in the CPM.

PM Mentor/Business Analyst/SME           MD Anderson Cancer Research                1/2004 to 7/2004

      Team (multi-cultural) was tasked with removing the need for shadow accounting and the
       improved utilization of encumbrances in a customized PeopleSoft 8.0, fund/commitment
       accounting environment for a state university.

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      Responsible for assisting in process flow requirements gathering (JAR), including the initial
       (JAD), and implementation of the requirements for a re-engineered management process, for the
       organization with strong roots in CMMI.
      Team mentor for business case, analysis, investigation (frequently acted as a working session
       facilitator), prototyping, functional requirements and design of a 2-phased implementation effort.
      Developed the QA strategy and SQA metrics for the migration/conversion of over 1500 objects
       within a 6-month window.
      Developed the project management metrics for the project.

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer               Morgan Financial LLC                   8/2003 to 12/2003

      Client interface for the origination and processing of new mortgages (purchase) and refinancing.
       Originate loan, locate appropriate lender and negotiate terms (rates and pricing). Oversee loan
       processing and removal of borrower underwriting conditions. Established a lender matrix
       comparison for benefit of the client.

Senior Project Manager                               Wells Fargo-Retail             8/2002- 7/2003

      Managed the Proof of Concept project to ascertain the advantages and viability of using 30,000
       Thin-Clients as a strategic and tactical device in a Common Platform Program. Responsible for
       the analysis, investigation, prototype and pilot program, user and functional requirement
       development, developed a full business case with cost benefit and risk analysis. Worked with
       project control, many functional units, review boards and financial management team.
      Managed the development of a process enhancement to provide better financial control and
       forecasting of IT project budgets and reduce monthly budget variances. Primary area of focus
       was external contractor personnel.

Director of Project Management Office         Mayo Collaborative Services, Inc.         1/2002 to 7/2002

      PMO development with implementation of all necessary methodology and selection of staff within
       salary constraints.
      Established a PMBOK (PMI) -based PMO and related processes for business, IT and
       infrastructure projects.
      Established a company-wide, end-to-end, Program/Project Portfolio with comprehensive project
      Expanded company-wide project planning and control, including training and mentoring of
       fledgling Business Project Managers and a model for business requirements estimating.
      Establish a central repository for templates, tools and other corporate knowledge for CMMI level 2.
      Selected objective criteria and metrics for monitoring project performance.

Project Management Mentor/Methodology              V-Commerce                    8/2001 to 12/2001

      Developed and Implemented Project Management Methodology with business intelligence and an
       initial PMO structure.
      Mentored development of a modified RAD Methodology and a project effort estimating

Senior Business Advisor to CEO and VP of IS          Forest City Trading Group ($3.8 billion trading
organization) 5/2001 to 7/2001

      Utilized various information processes to assist with strategic and organizational planning.

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      Reviewed business process (and business intelligence) flow from a strategic IT view and impact.
      Developed strategy to identify/capture Intellectual Capital/Knowledge Management/Intellectual
      Identified disaster/recovery/contingency issues at independent operating company sites.
      Provided independent review (including vendors) of complex, mission critical ERP (real-time
       trading), multi-year, multi-million dollar, IT project (3-tier, VB, SQL 7 integrated with an AS400,
       DB2) behind schedule and over budget.
      Assisted management in building consensus of alternatives to complete the remainder of the
      Provided project mentoring to individuals to facilitate project completion.
      Helped to formalize revised project schedule using a metrics-based, sizing/estimating approach.
      Reviewed and offered suggestions on the SQA process being utilized.

Senior Implementation Project Manager                    Buzzeo, Inc.                   4/2000 to 4/2001

      Responsible for the selection & implementation of a Web-based CRM/SFA tool and Product
      Responsible for the full life cycle of Web-based eLogix fund accounting, including process flows
       as    they   relate     to    University   and   Federal    Student   Loans/Grants      software
       implementation/conversion at client site(s).
      Responsible for development of the Buzzeo Implementation Methodology Body of Knowledge
       (BIMBOK), a full life cycle ERP methodology, PMBOK compliant, for gap analysis and web-based
       software implementation and Conversion at client site(s).
      Responsible for quality testing and internal implementation of the eLogix Budget, Accounts
       Payable & Inventory Management software modules using Oracle or MS SQL Server with
       Actuate reporting.
      Managed business process workflow mapping, business requirements / rules, gap analysis and

Project Manager/Senior QA Architect            Compuware Corporation                    6/1998 to 4/2000

      Managed Business Process Re-engineering of the Phoenix branch Resume Process. Scope
       included defining, developing, and implementing an interactive web application. Utilized Oracle
       database and Crystal reporting.
      Public Safety Project Manager for Y2K Contingency planning for a large city. Performed a review
       and gap analysis using a services/systems matrix for 28 departments including police, fire, and
       airport. Established interdependency relationships, service gaps, and resource conflicts across
       departments, and contingency efforts still required and determined potential citywide impact
      Designed a custom QA methodology using Compuware Corporation automated test tools for
       integrated testing of three business critical systems for major manufacturer (Distribution &
       Control, EDI and Accounting) (Micro-Age).
      Developed assessment criteria and metrics to identify Global Communication Carriers (194) who
       might not fulfill their commitments to the major credit card financial company in Year 2000
             Supervised development of a strategy, project plan, budget, web utilization, and risk
                assessment and contingency issues, for various telecommunication carriers.
      Led a team of three members in the conduct of an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
       survey of a state agencies Year 2000 remediation effort for the Federal Regional Management
      Planned, developed, scheduled, tested and implemented a Y2K Vendor/Service Provider
       readiness survey for a multi-national client (AMEX). Conducted on-site interviews and
       inspections at various vendor locations.

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             Provided direction for vendors to rectify any deficiencies and or risks and contingency
       Managed the development a Global Testing Strategy Primer for business IT areas of AMEX.
            Interviewed senior management to define requirements. Directed creation of Strawman
              Generic Y2K Test Strategy/Plan to be used by business areas with specific customization
              by each areas director.

Managing Consultant                      Decision Support, Inc.                        4/1980 to 6/1998
Provided management and Information Technology consulting services to manufacturing, engineering,
financial, insurance, and health industries as well as city and state government agencies. Specialized in
strategic planning, full systems life cycle, project management, re-engineering, conversion, QA, Disaster
Recovery hardware/software selection, systems development, telecommunication, and database
solutions. Performed studies, audits, project rescue/implementation and multi-phased projects for over
twenty Fortune 200 clients. Managed:

       Conceptual and logical data model for cash, holdings/position, and risk exposure for a major
        insurance and pension company. Model included all 9 portfolios, securities, equities, real estate,
        mortgages and loans etc. $170,000,000 in assets (Prudential).
       Initiation, team development, planning and initial execution of an IT development project for the
        Defined Benefits Pension Marketing and Administration departments at a major Insurance
        Company (ELAS).
       Structured analysis and design techniques to re-engineer, develop and integrate group pension
        databases (IDMS) and administrative support systems for defined benefits reserve calculations.
        Determined feasibility and developed real-time and batch system architecture for group pension
        area. Saved $450,000 annually (MET).
       Approximately a 40% efficiency improvement in the 401K processing environment for a major
        actuarial & pension company. RFP selected a departmental processor for record keeping needs.
        Assisted in re-design& conversion, and disaster recovery for IBM migration to ADABAS/Natural
        and functional enhancement of the application (Segal).
       Capacity study for a major medical insurance carrier to determine the impact of possible new
        products and system enhancements on a Medical Claims System under a 1,200 terminals
        network (EMPIRE Blue Cross).
       Re-engineered, developed, converted and implemented a loan request, creation and
        management system for a State Economic Development Agency. The project focused on loan
        request, approval (multiple requests could be approved for an applicant), creation, billing,
        payments and management of commercial and capital loans, including school/municipal
        mortgage loans. Loan management included monitoring, collateral, guarantee and
        restructuring.(NJ EDA).
       Buy/build, including a full RFP process, which resulted in the complete overhaul of an existing
        Commercial Loan MIS, for a major bank. Re-engineered/converted a 16-year-old system and
        migrated it to a commercial database environment. Saved approximately $500,000 and cut 6
        months off original implementation schedule. Subsequently expanded to include asset
        based/retail lending (Marine Midland-HKSB). Similar assignments at Manufacturer Hanover &
       Global seamless (any terminal to any host) computer connectivity study and design for a global
        investment firm utilizing off the shelf hardware and software, multiple mainframes, minis and
        client/server, IBM, DEC, Prime, Wang, Hewlett-Packard, Novell and LANs. Only solution without
        custom programming. (DBL).
       Product Development, publication & global deployment of TUXEDO Documentation/Services, at
        request of USL.
       Re-engineering, database design, development, conversion, disaster recovery and
        implementation of a trading desk, back office and management system for a global banks foreign
        exchange trading, which doubled trading profits in the first year. Savings in errors and staffing
        were over $200,000. (Credit Commerciale Francais).
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       Audits of a major banks database systems and disaster recovery review, including Commercial
        loan, Mutual Fund Accounting, ERISA, Credit Card, Coupon Bond and transaction histories.
        Recommended database changes, which reduced processing time by as much as 85%. (Chase).
       Capacity study for a large teleprocessing call center to determine the volume of check cashing
        business that could be absorbed before additional hardware was necessary. Resulted in 28%
        business increase.
       Formulated a strategic business plan for the project consulting division of a technical consulting
        company. This included marketplace analysis, product planning, market strategy and a
        $1,500,000 budget.
       Planning and the implementation of Cullinet Financial Accounting System for a multi-national
        manufacturing company, including cash processing. Set goals, objectives and re-engineering
        requirements for multi-company G/L Consolidation Project using Cullinet. (AGFA/BAYER).
       DB design, development, conversion, disaster recovery, and implementation of an MRP/supply
        chain system for a manufacturing and engineering (standard models and custom manufacturing)
        company. The ERP spanned sales order thru bill of materials (BOM with automatic pricing of kits,
        and custom models) and was integrated with a just in time sophisticated purchasing, receiving,
        inventory control, A/R, A/P, payroll and G/L. System minimized work in progress costs, reduced
        staff effort by approximately 50% and significantly reduced on hand inventory costs.
       For a major retail consumer product company, collaborated on functional requirements and
        database design of their market expansion, planning and tracking system. The market expansion
        system focused on the promotional metrics and accounting associated with assessing the costs
        and success of their respective efforts. (A&H).

Director of Systems, Planning O.R. and Evaluation         CompreHealth Corporation           1978 to 1980

   Responsible for the project management, and implementation of a Citywide managed health care
    project (Medicaid Waiver), intended as prototype for federal national health insurance. Integrated
    systems, planning and operational research under a single program management to recover the
    project schedule and convert to a capitation payment, computerized membership, medical records
    and tracking system on time and within budget. Established a citywide medical provider network,
    which included all medical services i.e., homebound nursing, laboratory and pharmacy. Negotiated
    provider contracts, which included evaluation and monitoring criteria for internal and federal reporting.

Project Administrator-PMO/Manager and Internal Auditor          Chase Manhattan Bank         1976 to 1978

   Project Administrator and Internal Auditor, I mentored and developed IT project leaders to be higher level
    project managers by providing project management support and on the job training in initiation, planning,
    execution, control and closure. The commercial and custodial areas I was program manager for
    represented one sixth of bank’s development, conversion. Additionally, I had responsibility for
    maintenance of certain key programs & participated in the selection of the Enterprise-wide database.
        o Managed and controlled, concurrently, the planning and costs of projects with budgets of
            $3-$5 million and staffs of over one hundred and forty development professionals.
            Designed and implemented an interactive system to track project schedules, budgets, costs, and
            forecast completions, worldwide.
        o RFP for nationwide, private communications network for major bank.

Assistant Director, Office of Management & Control        Human Resources Administration, City of N.Y.
1974 to 1976
 Assistant Director of Office of Management & Control, provided the project management and
   implementation for the first on time system development, DB and data conversion, project in HRA
   history (Cost savings of $70,000,000+). Managed approximately 60 direct and indirect reports and
   several hundred outside consultants consisting of data processing professionals, Medicaid and social
   service personnel from project concept through system re-engineering, implementation & evaluation
   for over a half dozen concurrent successful projects. Provided project management for the “overhaul”

2a0dd1a9-58d5-41b7-9c21-09c15960d84e.doc     davecohen@dsgllc.net                         (480) 452-3283
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    of the delivery of several human services for the City of NY’s Human Resources Administration. Re-
    engineered and streamlined all major processes utilized in the delivery of purchased social
    services and federal reporting. Established & implemented QA requirements for human resource and
    social services. Managed the development and optimized several fiscal control systems (ADABAS)
    resulting in a 10:1 return on investment. Reduced contract-monitoring time by 60% for purchased
    senior citizen services: reduced telecommunication and related costs by 50%. Developed real-time
    and attendance system with disaster recovery for 30,000 people.

Project Director                           21-County Family Planning Program               1971 to 1973

   Project Manager for the First State-Wide, state initiated, Community Controlled Family Planning
    Health program in the nation. Successfully developed and implemented all aspects of program
    including doubling of service capacity, proposal preparation, grant acquisition and federal reporting.
    Project duties included development and training of a statewide board of directors consisting of 21
    consumers and indigents, 21 medical providers and 21 consumer advocates. Helped build a working
    partnership among dissimilar groups for a solid functioning community-based board of directors,
    which controlled and directed the project implementation and on-going operations. Designed DB and
    medical system and completed all data conversion. Funded by Medicaid and Family Planning


        MBA - Finance (with honors), St. Johns University, Queens, New York.
        MPM - Masters in Project Management (with distinction) Keller Graduate School of Management
        Associate Professor, Graduate Department of Computer Science CUNY 14 years - taught the
         entire SDLC -project management, business analysis/requirements, system analysis, QA, data
         and information retrieval, conversion and re-engineering.
        NSF Grant for Computer Application/Technologies.

Certificate and Training:

        Certified Project Management Professional by PMI and Re-certified.
        UML and EJB training.
        Completed Oracle Developers Training.
        Prior NASD license and licenses in all forms of personal insurance- retirement, pensions, health,
         life, disability.

    Affiliations :

        Past Member of Project Management Institute (PMI) International Scholarship Selection Committee.
        Member of the External Relations Committee of PMI
        President of Phoenix PMI Chapter -Years 2000 and 2001 - Project Management Institute (PMI).
        Membership Chairperson of Microsoft Project Users Group years 2003 and 2004.
        Member of Oracle Users Group of Applications in Arizona.
        Only Endorsed Service Provider for Project Management Services by the Arizona Association of

Selected Presentations and Publications


2a0dd1a9-58d5-41b7-9c21-09c15960d84e.doc    davecohen@dsgllc.net                        (480) 452-3283
                                Page 10 of 11
      A featured/guest speaker on The Project Management Profession and the International
       Project Management Day for the Project Management Week proclaimed by Governor Janet
       Napolitano 11/07
      Project Management and the International Project Management Day for American Express
       Financial Services Division 11/07
      Exploring the Practice of Project Management: An Introduction For Countywide Bank 7/07
      A Practical PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE*, Project Management Institute (PMI), Phoenix
       Chapter 7/02.
       ASSESSMENT PROCESS*, Arizona Millennium Group A Statewide Organization.
       Management Institute (PMI), Phoenix Chapter.
      SYSTEMS ACCEPTANCE TESTING* Mini-workshop to Northern New Jersey Society for
       Advancement of Management.
       for U.S. Environment Protection Agency.
       U.S. Government and Department of Defense Personnel.
       SERVICE REFERRAL AND INFORMATION SYSTEM*, Honors Seminar in Information
       Sciences, Brooklyn College.
       DELIVERY*, Graduate Schools of Public Health and Public and International Affairs, University of
      Database and Data Acquisition Concepts Seminar to NYS Department of Labor.
      SYSTEMS ANALYSIS FOR USER ANALYSIS* Seminar to New Jersey Department of Labor
       under auspices of U.S. Civil Service Commission.
       College NJ.
      Taught case study oriented courses at CUNY for Systems Development Life Cycle, QA, PM,
       MIS, Systems Analysis and Design, and Database and Information Retrieval at undergraduate
       and graduate level for 18 years.


       HEALTH DISORDERS National March of Dimes.
       Institute of the American Management Association.
       of Health, Education and Welfare.
       University of Alabama.
       DRUGS Nassau County, New York. Seminar curriculum conceived, developed and instructed by
       David H. Cohen.

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