Initial Setup of a Netgear Dual-Band Router by VikasBagwe


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									Initial Setup of a Netgear Dual-Band Router

This tutorial is about configuring a Netgear Dual Band router connected to a Cable Modem. Also, the SSIDs and
pass-phrases on the images are fictitious.

Note: The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) using the push button dome on the router won’t be included in this tutorial as
this tutorial is written to be easier to follow.

First Option – How to setup your Netgear dual band router by using a pre-configured setting.

If you’d like a hassle-free guide to setup your Netgear dual band router, you may follow this procedure.

To begin, unplug the power cable to turn off your modem. Connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s Internet port.
Turn on or plug-in the power cable of the modem. Connect the power adapter to the router to turn it ON. Connect
your computer to the router by using an Ethernet cable plugged in to the router’s Ethernet port. Wait for all the lights
to be stabilized.

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