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									                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

After You Read This Report…You’ll Understand
The Concept Of Your Sales Funnel
       The single most common marketing mistake new internet
       marketers make

       The two most important questions you have to ask yourself,
       before ever starting to plan!

       The most crucial step to building customer trust - and
       what you have to do next

       The most important secret to achieving sales funnel success -
       even if this is your first introduction to the concept

       The single most important detail you have to take care to
       set up (miss it, and you'll notice it hurts!)

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

 Quick Start Guide To
               Sales Funnels
About the author

                     Eirik Vold started his first business with a partner in 1996
                     and sold it five years later for millions. He used some of
                     the cash to start a second business, with services aimed
                     for Media & IR Contacts, during a period of 3 years served
                     more than one hundred thousands clients, and Eirik
                     ultimately sold that business to a larger international
                     media company.

                   After working as a consultant and marketing strategist for
                   small and medium businesses on four continents, Eirik
realized his passion and talent was helping other entrepreneurs be super-
successful (online & offline) and in 2005 coined the term Marketing Coaching
to describe his work.

Internationally recognized as a business advisor and author, Eirik has worked
with thousands of small and medium businesses whose names you’ll never
know, but whose entrepreneurial owners have pocketed a substantial sum in
increased income and proceeds from sales. (50% year over year client
growth is typical, and 100% sales increases are not uncommon) Thousands
more have read Eirik’s publications, cources and reports, including his wildly
successful website nofluffreports.com. “No Fluff Reports” has hot little reports
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online as well as offline, to make more profits and serve your customers
better. These reports is a must read for anyone in the "biz".

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

                                The Basics
One of the biggest mistakes new internet marketers make? Create a
product, launch it – and stop.

That’s only the start of your Sales Funnel.

In fact, it’s not even the beginning. (Not if you’re doing things

What is a Sales Funnel?

It’s an open door inviting potential customers to enter. Once they step
voluntarily inside, imagine catching them up on a slide – as in a
children’s slide or waterslide – that swiftly spirals them downwards.
On the way, they are able to grab various other goodies: Which makes
it an exciting ride.

And at the end is… The Big Prize. (For both you and your customer!)

If you’ve done it properly, they’ll have enjoyed the ride so much that
they’ll eagerly rush to the beginning of other slides you create (almost
faster than you can create them!) They’ll be totally confident they’re
going to have a richly-satisfying time – and you’ll have lifetime

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

But you have to guide them there by the shortest, simplest path. You
have to make it easy for your visitors to spend money – and make
sure they are going to be happy with the results when they do spend!

                Is A Sales Funnel Anything
                Like A “Pyramid” Scheme?

Absolutely not. The reason pyramid schemes are illegal in many
places? They’re dishonest.

The way they work is through preying on trusting people, telling them
falsehoods and stuffing them full of big dreams about unlimited cash.
(Sounds like some of the shadier gurus out there, doesn’t it?) Pyramid
companies encourage and often actually intimidate their gullible
victims into sucking in friends and relatives.

The hapless victim ends up spending a fortune, annoys her nearest
and dearest, and never makes any money. (In fact, many of them
report actually buying more of their own products than they’re paid –
mostly to get the “free gifts”.)

Do the big guns at the pyramid top know this? Absolutely. In fact,
they count on it.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

The few members who actually do make money from pyramid
schemes? You guessed it. The 3 or 4 levels at the top. But once those
particular levels start branching outward, the market quickly becomes
seriously oversaturated, so that the poor Joes at the widest part of
the pyramid – the base – haven’t a hope in a very hot place of making
a significant profit.

                      Using A Sales Funnel

Some internet marketers also suffer from “pyramid mentality. They
indiscriminately sign on more and more affiliates, set no boundaries,
provide unlimited PLR, unlimited Resell rights, sell shoddy, half-baked
products and take on even more affiliates – knowing the value of their
product is already outdated and that they’ve oversaturated their
market. Their disappointed affiliates quit in droves, annoyed
customers opt out and even though they make a profit, it’s not half as
big as they once hoped.

As an ethical internet marketer trying to earn an honest living, create
loyal, lifetime “repeat” customers and provide value in your services,
“pyramid mentality” shouldn’t be your problem.
But the most common reason some marketers develop “pyramid
mentality” isn’t through greed –
it’s through not having a clear picture of what they’re supposed to
be doing, and why.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

It’s easier to sell to buyers you already “own” heart and soul, than to
continually start the process all over again, working your aspidistra off
to find more new prospects. The best way to create lifetime
customers like these is through informed use of a Sales Funnel.

A Sales Funnel is nothing more than a plan for how you’re going to
run your Marketing Campaign. And make it the best Marketing
Campaign you can – for you and your customers.

1.     Decide On The Slide

You need to decide:

              What you want to sell
              Who you want to sell it to.

The second criteria is totally dependent on the first. The more
specifically you answer these two questions, the more absolute detail
you add to the picture you’re painting. The more detail, the more
successful you are likely to be in attracting pre-sold or pre-qualified

Establish Trust

That can be done in a few seconds – if you hit the right chord.
Usually, your potential subscriber reads your landing page and if
you’ve gauged it right and you totally understand your individual
future customer, he thinks with a heartfelt gush of certainty and

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                    Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

emotion, “She’s describing me!” That’s usually immediately followed
by “she’s been there!”

The certainty that you are the one they’ve been waiting for, the one
who has the missing pieces of the puzzle, has them stampeding to opt
in. Some of the emotional states they might experience at this point:


2.     Build A Relationship

It’s a great feeling when you start to get feedback that they feel like
this: But your job is far from over, once you’ve got them to opt in – in
fact, it hasn’t even started!

Now comes the most crucial part – the one that determines whether or
not they’re going to be thrilled with your magic waterslide – or
annoyed, disappointed (or even indifferent). (In which case, watch
how fast they jump off.)

Building the relationship is where all the work you did in planning and
preparation will really pay off.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

3.     Nurture The Relationship

They’ve bought a product from you – but here’s no time to breathe a
sigh of satisfaction. You should be too busy continuing to provide them
with meaningful contact, valuable content and more offers – both paid
and free. No matter how sincere you are, a Sales Funnel will definitely
provides a structured way to enhance this process significantly.

5.     The Metamorphosis

It may be a little fanciful, but think of a caterpillar. It goes through its
cocoon stage and emerges as a fully-fledged butterfly, with wings of
its own, able to fly away.

A subscriber who has made it all the way through your Sales Funnel
should emerge the same way. Encouraged by the small successes your
high quality content and low cost report helps them achieve in
their hobby, personal life or business (depending on what you sell),
they buy your higher end products. They join your membership
site. Perhaps they become enthusiastic affiliates, and help you sell.
They join your mastermind group. Eventually, if you’ve pre-qualified
subscribers with the money to spend, they sign up for one-on-one

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

If what you’re selling relates to internet marketing services or
products, be prepared for a select few to approach you and suggest
joint ventures – ones that will benefit both of you. These quality
customers have given you excellent, sales-inducing testimonials along
the way – and now it’s your turn to reciprocate, if it works out for both
of you.

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “I’m too new. Planning all that stuff
is way too advanced for me – I’ll be happy if I make a few sales” –
relax. We’ve all been there. And the big helpful secret I can tell you,
with unhesitating certainty? Work sincerely and smartly, and you’ll
learn along the way.

It won’t seem so hard, if you focus on moving forward one step at a
time, setting smaller “interim” goals for yourself.

But what may help more than anything in setting goals and providing
a clear picture of where you’re headed – and what you need to
do – is using a Sales Funnel. It’s not hard to use – in fact it will make
your marketing life easier! And it will get you much faster to the point
where you’re bringing in the ideal income you’ve decided you need.

So here is a diagram. Not of how you need to do things – that’s a
process you’ll be working on for a while. This is just a diagram of what
you need to know about your ultimate ideal sales “map”. It details the
steps you will want to be taking and set in place to launch a
strong Marketing Campaign.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

A natural part of your Sales Funnel will be watching some customers
bow out early. Don’t panic when this happens – just observe and
analyze. Disqualification often has nothing to do with the quality of
your products or any communication mishandling on your part. It may
be a result of factors outside your control – such as the customer just
not being able to afford a higher end product right now; or already
being a member of a different membership site.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

That’s why it’s absolutely vital for you to spend adequate time on
identifying who your ideal visitor would be – before they even
land on your site. (And perhaps provide migration options for those
who leave.)

Always remember, the focus should never be on sales, sales, sales…
but on the relationship – sometimes it is better to sacrifice the sale,
to keep a good customer. That’s what you do at the “front end”
(the wide part) of your Sales Funnel. You provide “free” products, trial
memberships and other demonstrations of your value (or pay your
affiliates high commission rates) to build trust and attract new
subscribers towards your high end and residual offers.

             5 Steps Towards A Successful
                     Sales Funnel

It is important to remember that not every sales model you create has
to follow every single step in the sales model diagram on the previous
page. The diagram is a only a guide. But you need to be aware of
your options, so you don’t leave the money sitting on the counter.

And knowing how to create a Sales Funnel is a proven way to ensure
this doesn’t happen.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

To run over the steps you need to take:

       Create interest (by measuring interest and matching your
       content to the need)

       Ask yourself some hard questions. Is it worthwhile developing
       this particular Sales Funnel? Will you and your customer both
       profit, if you go ahead and meet this need?

       Build a relationship with your subscriber, a “dialogue” that
       leads him to buy

       Don’t let your subscribers get “stuck” in your Sales Funnel. Be
       vigilant – watch to see if there are any weak spots slowing their
       progress through and remove obstacles

       Don’t get stuck yourself – don’t obsess over one stage, but keep
       the “big picture” always in mind.

Even when you’re new to the Sales Funnel process, making sure you’re
staying on target doesn’t have to initially involve the complex sales
pipeline skills that top gurus learn to develop. The good news is, the
simple formula I’m about to suggest is easy.

My tried-and-true secret formula?

Always focus on providing value that over delivers. Make building
that relationship with your customer more important than calculating
ratios and profits – and the profits will follow.

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                   Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

Especially if you don’t neglect using your Sales Funnel!

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                             Quick Start Guide To Sales Funnels

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