High Tech Public Relations: Maximize Your Marketing Spend by naihyasmin


									Your company is moving ahead. Your products, your people are regarded as
key players in the industry, or as a newcomer you offer key features and
capabilities competitors cannot. Yet your market profile does not reflect
the true value-added you offer your customers/clients/partners. That gap
between perception and reality is costing you business and market share.
Perhaps, your company would benefit from undertaking a high tech public
relations campaign or program.

As you contemplate a high tech public relations program, ask yourself the
following questions:
- Is my product well differentiated?
- Are the stories that the media is writing about my company or product
credible and memorable to my target audiences?
- Can my sales team tell the story well?
- Do my marketing materials -- electronic and print -- show the company,
products and services in their best possible light?
- Am I maximizing my use of the new media, including online video, to get
the message out clearly and with compelling calls to action?

Whether you are launching a revolutionary new technology or planning
updates to your product or service portfolio, most seasoned high tech
public relations practitioners recognize that successful marketing
campaigns begin with effective communication.

Effective high tech public relations can be a great tool in maximizing
scarce resources. High tech public relations can efficiently deliver the
message about your products and your organization to key decision makers
and influencers. High tech public relations inherent flexibility also
makes it a natural fit when employing a multi-channel strategy across
traditional, new and social media.

An experienced high tech public relations professional knows how to speak
and write effectively about complex technologies. The tools and
techniques at their disposal include thoughtfully crafted collateral,
such as print or video assets, to strategic high tech public relations
campaigns targeting the nation's top news outlets and technical
publications. An active and strategic use of social media - influential
blogger relationships, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others - can
also build awareness and lead to a positive commercial decision.

The makers of hardware, software, and information technology have come to
recognize the importance of a multichannel approach to high tech public

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