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									                     NEXTGEN WEATHER PROCESSOR (NWP)
In accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Acquisition Management
System (AMS) Policy, this Market Analysis is to notify potential vendors of an
upcoming solicitation, gain an understanding of the current marketplace, and to
enhance the FAA’s insight into industry capabilities and best practices regarding
NextGen Weather Processor (NWP). Interested vendors are encouraged to provide
statements of interest and capability.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP). The FAA is not seeking nor accepting unsolicited

The FAA is preparing to conduct procurement for NWP capabilities in support of the
NextGen initiative. This announcement is not a guarantee that a procurement will occur
and is not a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract.

Approximately two-thirds of weather-related delays are avoidable, but significant
weather research and development is required to improve capacity. NWP is a pivotal
NextGen program to provide advanced weather information to enable improved
collaborative planning and efficient utilization of National Airspace System (NAS)
resources so as to optimize operations and reduce weather related delays from gate-to-
gate. NextGen is a multi-agency initiative to transform the NAS into a flexible, long-term
air transportation system that is able to satisfy future safety, security, mobility,
efficiency, and capacity needs. By 2025, the demand for airline services is expected to
double, producing capacity constraints significantly greater than those experienced
today. The NextGen vision is to provide performance-based operations with an
infrastructure that supports trajectory-based operations, high-density operations,
collaborative air traffic management, and other NextGen capabilities. Further
information is set forth in Attachment A, Draft Goal, Scope, and Capabilities for NWP.

This market analysis is to provide information for the FAA to consider in choosing the
method and type of procurement competition. This will be a new acquisition. At this
time the nature of the acquisition has not been determined. The FAA may decide to
conduct a full and open competition or to set aside all or part of the procurement for
small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, or eligible socially
and economically disadvantaged businesses that are certified by the SBA for
participation in the SBA’s 8(a) Program. The Principal North American Industry
Classification System (NAICS) code for this requirement is 541512, Computer Systems
Integrator Services with a size standard of $18 Million. The FAA expects to release the
associated Screening Information Request (SIR) - Request for Proposal (RFP) in Spring
The failure to obtain adequate and appropriate SBA 8(a) or other small business
responses may result in a determination to conduct this procurement under other
competitive procedures.
The FAA requires copies of certification letters for interested service-disabled veteran-
owned small businesses or eligible socially and economically disadvantaged
businesses that are certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for
participation in the SBA’s 8(a) Program.

The responses to this Market Analysis will be used for informational purposes only.
Proprietary information will be protected if appropriately marked. This is not a screening
information request or request for proposal of any kind. The FAA will not pay for any
information received or cost incurred in preparing the responses to this Market Survey
or for any activities contained herein. All costs associated with this submission are
solely at the interested vendor's expense.

Responses containing proprietary information, although not prohibited, are discouraged.
If a response contains proprietary information, the responder must prominently so
indicate on the response and clearly mark all such information.

Interested vendors must complete and submit the attached Business Declaration Form,
provided as Attachment B.

Interested vendors may provide one response per company. Responses must be
submitted on company letterhead. Responses are limited to twenty typewritten pages.
No type font less than 11-point may be used.

Responders must provide a Capabilities Statement demonstrating its’ knowledge, skills,
and abilities to:

      Provide a nationwide integration and implementation program in the NAS,
       including for whom and when the work was performed, and indicate the total cost
       (order of magnitude) billed for work of this type during the past five years.
      Process weather data
      Develop and deploy a complex scalable real-time information system
      Develop weather product displays
      Integrate Government Furnished Information (GFI), such as source code, into a
      Deliver weather related services in the NAS
      Meet the FAA’s requirements in each of the areas discussed in Attachment 1,
       Draft Goal, Scope and Capabilities for the NextGen Weather Processor.

RESPONSES must be received by 10:00 A.M., Eastern Time on June 16, 2011. The
FAA requests that responses, including attachments, be submitted electronically to the
Contracting Officer, Dennis L. Scanlon, at Responses should
be in MS Word, Excel, or PDF format. The maximum size of any e-mail response
should not exceed ten (10) megabytes.

Government Points of Contact:
              Dennis L. Scanlon, AJA-475
              Contracting Officer
              Federal Aviation Administration
              800 Independence Avenue, SW
              Room 506
              Washington, DC 20591
              Office number: 202-267-9422


     A - Draft Goal, Scope and Capabilities for NWP
     B - Business Declaration Form

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