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					Boys Junior League:
Both Junior Managers and/or Assistants of the first match need to be at the park for 8.30AM
to put in position jointly, the goals/nets/dustbin/signboard and the 'Respect' barrier system.

The Junior Goals: Require 1 Qty metal 'U peg' per side at the front to secure to the ground,
the wooden baften should be threaded through the back of net and again secured with 2 Qty
'U Pegs'. The pitch must be checked jointly by Junior Managers and/or Assistants for any
debris and dog mess and should be cleared prior to kick off.

The Sign Board: Should be placed at the top end of the central pitch channel between The
Senior and The Junior pitches.

The Dustbin: Should be placed outside of the respect barrier and level with the half way line.

Junior Managers and/or Assistants of the last match: Must ensure all the above
equipment is put Inside the lock up and stored correctly (under no circumstances must goals
be left outside of the garage, this should not be necessary as goals can be stowed in any
order!) Each league has colour coded plastic boxes in which to store their pegs, etc.-..

The 'Respect' rope barrier system has to be put away correctly in the bags provided, each
bag should consist of '10 Qty plain poles and 2 Qty poles with the rope wound on and
attached. Please make sure the rope is wound on neatly and not left as a bird nest! lt is your
responsibility to clear any litter from around The Junior Pitch (if we leave the park in a mess
The Council will fine the league). lf equipment is not put away correctly the teams involved will
receive one warning from The Sutton Little League Executive Committee and each further
offence will result in a one point deduction.

Refereeing: All Junior Managers and/or Assistants are required to Referee. Please make
sure you arrive on time. lf for any reason you or your Assistant are unable to referee it is your
duty to find someone to referee the game in your absence. lt is not your League
Representative’s duty to find you a replacement referee although you should contact him/her
as soon as possible in case he/she is able to help you. Failing to turn up or provide a
replacement to referee a match will result in one point being deducted from your team.

Referees are required to fill in a score cards, these will be issued by your League
Representative prior to the matches. The scorecard must be handed to your League
Representative directly after each match to enable him/her to get results posted promptly and
accurately on the SLL website. Any issues that occur during the match should be written on
the reverse of scorecard and made clear to your League Representative when handing
him/her your completed scorecard.

Discipline: The behaviour of your teams’ players and parents/supporters is ultimately the
responsibility of you as team manager. Should you experience any problems regarding
behaviour/conduct please contact your League Representative who will be able to
advise/assist you in dealing with such matters. Players who are sent off for foul and abusive
language will serve an automatic 1 match ban. Players who are sent off for violent conduct
will serve an automatic 2 match ban.

Players: Should any team lose a player, you must inform your League Representative
straight away. Long term injuries must also be reported. Replacement players will only be
issued via your League Representative once they have been allocated by The Boys
Administrator and all the necessary checks have been completed.

Managers Assistants and Parents: Only the Manager and up to 2 named Assistants are
permitted in the area between the barrier and the pitch, 3 in total. All half time team talks
should take place either on the pitch or on the outer touchlines of the park (not in the centre
channel between pitches). Team talks after the match must not be carried out on the pitch.
During your match, as Manager, it is your responsibility to keep the central channel clear for
the use of St Johns Ambulance personnel and Sutton Little League Committee Members, and
can only be used by The Managers/named assistants and substitutes during their particular

Safety: The central channel between pitches and goal ends of the pitch must be kept clear off
bikes/equipment/water bottle carriers/clothing, etc. at all times.

Warming Up: Please do not warm your team up directly in the goal mouth areas. These
areas obviously wear and damage enough during our matches; this will help enormously to
prolong the quality of the Junior pitch.

Match Balls: All teams will be issued at the start of the season with a SLL Match Ball. These
should be brought to the park every week by all teams and are strictly for match use. Please
make sure they are inflated correctly prior to your match to avoid any delay in kick off times.

Squad Sizes: 12 players playing in a squad. All players must play half of the allocated time of
the match unless the League representative has been notified by the players’ parents prior to
the match. The minimum number of players to start a game is 8 players. Failure to field the
minimum requirement of players will result in a 2-0 forfeit being awarded against the offending

Matches: League matches will consist of 20 minutes per half with a three minute half time
interval. All cup competition formats will be set by your League Representative.

Sponsorship: There is a maximum limit of £600 that any team can be sponsored for, if a
team receives more than £600 sponsorship the surplice will be put into the Sutton Little
League general account. Sponsorship can be used for kits but not for purchasing players
jackets or tracksuits. ln cases where the teams’ players’ already have them, they will be
permitted, but should not be replaced once they come to the end of their life.

Corner Flags: The corner flags must be put out when setting up and taken back when putting
away. During the game corner flags must stay in at all times. If a player removes it to take a
corner the referee must stop the game and ask for it to be replaced before play can

Friendlies: It will not be allowed during any competitive match (including friendlies) for adults
to play any part in that game. However, the managers are allowed to play while training your
team if you wish to do this. (Remember they are only children and remember what you have
learnt from your safeguarding children and other courses.)

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