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The Evolution of Technology


									The Evolution of Technology
South Florida Business Journal
May 23, 2008

Hugo Alvarez
As CIO of Fort Lauderdale-based BankAtlantic, Hugo Alvarez oversees all IT
applications and initiatives for one of the state's largest independent banks. Under his
leadership, the bank has delivered leading-edge IT and consumer applications. He has
instituted a culture of innovative thinking that has streamlined the company's network,
with plans to incorporate VoIP for all of its public phone numbers this quarter.

A more cost-effective, robust network has helped deliver significant savings to
BankAtlantic shareholders while improving network performance by providing faster
application response times to customer service representatives at individual stores and its
customer service centers. BankAtlantic has also realized an improvement to its business
continuity capabilities through incorporating complete network redundancy of their core
application throughout their enterprise.

Working alongside President and CEO Jarrett S. Levan and Executive VP and COO
Lloyd B. DeVaux, Alvarez has been able to capitalize on his lengthy IT experience. He
previously was Miami-based CIO at the Latin American division of Marsh, a managing
director for AIG and VP at Chase Manhattan, both in New York.

Alvarez's accomplishments are recognized throughout the industry. Verizon Business
nominated Alvarez and his IT team, primarily because of the impact their solutions have
made to the bank, its shareholders and its customers. Since joining BankAtlantic in 2007,
Alvarez has championed change by updating the bank's core technologies, breathing new
life to a legacy network and implementing a state-of-the-art technology update that has
delivered cost savings to BankAtlantic and its shareholders.

Gary Bahadur
KRAA Security
Gary Bahadur is CEO of KRAA Security, a Miami Beach provider of information
security and technology strategy development. KRAA's client-focused strategy
development is a custom approach to enabling and sustaining security in an organization.
The company conducts security consulting in several key areas, including policy
development, security development life cycle, compliance strategy review and source
code analysis - all incorporated into the daily activities of the organization, helping
reduce risk on a daily basis.

Before launching KRAA, Bahadur was the co-founder and CIO of Foundstone, a $20
million security vulnerability risk management firm with seven offices in the U.S.,
Singapore and India. In 2004, Foundstone was sold to security applications leader
McAfee for $86 million. Bahadur also has been a senior VP with Bank of America,
president and co-founder of Ether2 Corp., and a manager at Ernst & Young.

A widely sourced author and expert, Bahadur regularly speaks on computer security
topics and writes articles for leading trade journals. Given the growing importance of
computer and online security, KRAA will continue to expand partnerships with local
companies in the IT implementation space to bring security to their client base. New
software is in development for security education and regulatory compliance. The goal
will be to help companies focus on day-to-day activities and look to maintain their
clients' security posture so KRAA can forecast security risks, trends and road map several
years out.

Hewlett Packard
Latin America
The "HP" name is known as a technology company that operates in more than 170
countries, exploring how technology and services can help address problems and
challenges - and realize possibilities, aspirations and dreams. The company's people
apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences
with technology. Its portfolio spans printing, personal computing, software, services and
IT infrastructure. HP is among the largest IT companies, with revenue totaling $107.7
billion for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31.

In Miami, HP's Latin American headquarters employs 426 and manages a staff of more
than 14,000 throughout the region. Hewlett Packard Latin America has three business
units that help drive industry leadership in core technology areas throughout the region:
the Personal Systems Group (PSG), the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), and the
Technology Solutions Group (TSG).

Though based in the U.S., HP acts as a global steward in each market, helping to reduce
environmental impacts and increasing access to information technology. The company
focuses on increasing employee diversity and volunteerism, educational initiatives,
community involvement and energy and recycling programs.

Rui G. da Costa, managing director for Latin America & Caribbean, and VP of Hewlett-
Packard Co.'s Technology Solutions Group, implements those global initiatives locally.
He has overall responsibility for developing and executing the Technology Solutions
Group business plan for the Latin American region, with the primary objective of
profitably increasing market share in the region. He joined HP Brasil in São Paulo as its
administrative and finance manager in 1976, and has since risen throughout the region. In
September 2001, he was appointed as the VP and GM of the Business Customer
Organization for the Latin America region.

NCCI Holdings
NCCI Holdings in Boca Raton is a leading database of statistics and employee injury data
for workers' compensation. Operating on a not-for-profit basis since 1922, NCCI studies
workplace injuries and other national and state factors impacting workers compensation.
NCCI analyzes industry trends, prepares workers compensation insurance rate
recommendations, determines the cost of proposed legislation, and provides a variety of
data services to more than 900 insurance companies and nearly 40 state governments.

NCCI employs 1,000 professionals, with many being actuaries, economists, data
researchers and collection analysts, and information technology professionals qualified to
handle technical applications. The company's core services include rate and advisory loss
cost filings, cost analyses of proposed and enacted legislation, residual market
management, production of experience ratings, statistical and compliance services, and
maintenance of the workers' compensation infrastructure of classifications, rules, plans
and forms. As manager of the nation's largest database of workers compensation
information, NCCI collects detailed information on up to 50 percent of the total workers'
compensation claims and policies filed in the U.S.

NCCI's expertise relies on the efficient collection and management of huge amounts of
data. The company must apply complex actuarial formulas, and accurately analyze the
information in numerous ways. Among its online tools are Data Manager Dashboard,
Data Transfer via the Internet, the trademarked RMAPS Online Application Service, and

NCCI's president and CEO is Stephen J. Klingel. Michael B. Spears is CIO and chief data
officer. The company in 2007 generated $140.6 million in revenue. It has a corporate
philosophy of fostering a healthy workers' compensation system by providing high-
quality information and analytical services that result in adequate loss costs and rates,
objective reform evaluation, self-funded residual evaluation and tangible value for
NCCI's stakeholders.

Interactive Marketing
As an interactive marketing firm, 3Cinteractive in Boca Raton is a mobile/wireless
application service provider that gives its clients the technology and professional services
necessary to integrate mobile communications into their brands, content and systems. The
company's services include SMS text messaging, application development, campaign and
compliance management, content delivery and IVR integration.

But, think of the company as a toll booth. 3Cinteractive is a central distribution and
billing channel between its clients' content and their consumers. Leveraging its expertise
in transaction processing and content distribution, the company has created unique
interactive applications for its clients, reaching 250 million U.S. consumers via their

The company's philosophy - to solve business problems for its clients by making it easy
for business to extend their brand and message to mobile devices - stems from its
founding by industry veterans with deep experience in telecommunications, broadcast
media and e-commerce. Since 1989, the company has been building and investing in
companies that develop various interactive applications, and, in turn, has amassed IVR,
Web and payment processing assets, and vast experience managing technology
businesses. The company's trademarked Text Collect, Shoutbox and Switchblade mobile
messaging platform are among its industry-leading applications that provide businesses,
schools and governments the most direct, instant, personal and cost-effective way to
reach people - through their mobile devices.

With Chairman David Ross, CEO John Duffy, President Mike Fitzgibbon and COO Mark
Smith at the helm, the four-year-old company and its 35 employees generated $2.9
million in revenue in 2007, up tenfold from the year prior. Among its community
initiatives, 3Ci works with the Dan Marino Foundation, the Jason Taylor Foundation and

BGT Partners
BGT Partners in Miami is a global interactive services firm that helps companies
strengthen brand and business relationships through digital marketing and technology
solutions. Originally known as BURNdevelopment, BGT has created interactive
marketing solutions for clients such as Florida Power & Light Co., the 2008 Beijing
Olympic Committee, Ryder, Avaya, Sony, the Walt Disney Co., and FedEx.

Founded in 1996, BGT today has offices in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and
Latin America. The company provides creative design, interactive marketing, strategy
and analytics, Web sites and applications. The company partners and collaborates with
leading industry technology innovators such as Omniture, Google, Ektron and Microsoft
to develop best-in-class solutions for clients.

Led by CEO David Clarke, BGT's 70 employees have worked to place Florida on the
map of the digital industry. In 2007 alone, the company was awarded 27 of the online
marketing industry's highest honors, and experienced growth of nearly 30 percent. Clarke
attributes the company's success and stature in the market to his perseverance, dedication
and a belief in the company's team members.

Clarke is a lecturer and a member of the board of the International Academy of the Visual
Arts. He also serves as a judge and panelist for prestigious industry awards. Clarke is
focused on driving the company's expansion throughout domestic and international
markets, as well as continuing to pursue new opportunities to highlight the strengths,
achievements and industry leadership that BGT is known for.

The company has provided pro bono services to such organizations the Web Marketing
Association's Interactive Marketing Association Competition Awards, and it sponsors
charity events for the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. is an interactive marketing firm in Coconut Grove. The concept creates an
online portal and marketplace featuring more than 500,000 condo listings valued at more
than $150 billion. provides buyers and renters with a superset of all available
condos to search from around the world. The company is also an advertising channel that
cost-effectively delivers exposure to developers, brokers and other sellers through the
seamless distribution of its listings to a global network of real estate Web sites visited by
more than 15 million viewers a month.

In March, more than 10,000 leads were generated by site visitors interested in buying or
renting condos, with over 55,000 total visitor hours spent on the site. The site is top-
ranked for all condo-related keywords on Google, Yahoo and MSN. The company relies
on search, mapping, XML data feed aggregation and syndication, self-service property
listings and search engine optimization.

The company was founded in 2005 by Richard Swerdlow, and was re-branded to in mid-2007. Chief Technology Officer James Smith, who joined the
company in 2005, directs all aspects of system architecture and site security, and
spearheads research and development. The company, which has a core of 22 employees,
had 2007 revenue of $822,224, up from $531,173 the year prior.'s identification and implementation of a solution to a local, regional and
global crisis in the condominium market, and development of an innovative and industry-
leading interactive marketing platform has helped executives develop a global brand and
Internet startup with no outside capital and create a real estate search platform, global
advertising portal and online community for real estate professionals who can network
locally and globally, thereby facilitating transactions.

Avisena is an Internet-based health care services company in Miami. Its core challenge of
revolutionizing health care is no small feat: Of the $2.3 trillion health care industry, some
$350 billion is wasted, the company noted. The culprit: manual, paper-based processes to
share data, which results in error-prone information, bottlenecks and delays in
determining eligibility, approving referrals and paying claims.

The company's services are designed to help clients succeed in a complex industry. Its
system combines the benefits associated with a billing company and in-house software.
Its processes enables Avisena to optimize the way medical providers run their business
by improving collections, dramatically reducing A/R balances, and increasing their
visibility and control.

The company's leadership includes founder, Chairman and CEO Albert Santalo, and
President and COO Mike Maseda. The 210-employee company had revenue of $9.1
million in 2007, up from $6.3 million the year prior - and more than double from 2005.
By December, if consistent, the growth rate will have reached over 250 percent, and $1
billion in lifetime billing.

Avisena seeks to be the premier provider of business solutions for the health care
industry. Its people, processes and technology revolutionize health care by transforming
the standards for conducting the business of medicine. The result is an effective and
efficient service model that optimizes patient care while maximizing profitability for their

Panorama Solutions
Panorama Solutions in Fort Lauderdale owns and operates, an
online destination for entertainment and professional career advancement where people
meet and compete to be discovered. Project Breakout is leveraging the powerful
convergence of online video sharing (e.g. YouTube), social networking (e.g. MySpace,
Facebook) and top TV talent contests (e.g. "American Idol") to offer emerging talent
"breakout" opportunities to advance their careers.

Currently, Project Breakout has active competition channels in five areas - music,
comedy, modeling, short film and broadcasting - with plans to launch channels in
categories as diverse as sports, business, animation, dance and magic.

Project Breakout is also a turnkey solution delivery platform to be leveraged by major
brands, content properties and those agencies that seek to assist the former in achieving
their promotional objectives. Project Breakout will power up the video competitions of
such other brands for career advancement or promotional initiatives, serving as executive
producer and platform producer to such organizations.

At the core of the Project Breakout Video Competition Community are the video
competition platform features - a video encoder/player, media pages, voting, sharing and
commenting modules, trivia challenges, as well as leader boards.

Founder, Chairman and CEO Gregory Sukornyk, former head of the X-Stream Network,
Europe's first free ISP launched in March 1998, leads the company. John Godinez is
COO and chief marketing officer. Panorama Solutions employs eight people.
Hollywood-based is an online retailer of restaurant, janitorial and office
supplies. When a visitor searches for any one of those items on Google or Yahoo, often comes up high in the search results. Founded in December 2003, has 18 employees. It has grown from $1 million in revenue in 2004 to
$12.2 million in revenue in 2007.

Created by business partners Matt Kuttler, director of operations, and David Redlich,
director of marketing, provides site users with an easy and reliable Web
experience. In addition, multiple databases and reporting applications have been built so
that the company can manage 90,000 products and more than 15,000 customer orders a
month. The company also has created systems and processes to add additional products
on an ongoing basis. This provides the company with the ability to get into new
businesses on a monthly basis.
Prior to, Kuttler and Redlich together managed and owned four
businesses - MDS Enterprises, BabyTime Productions, Florida Basketball Coaches
Association and PhoneCard Express. The keys to's ongoing success are
Kuttler's and Redlich's continuing commitment to innovation by building a nimble and
entrepreneurial-based organization that can quickly and efficiently react to changes and
opportunities in the marketplace.

The business has won numerous industry and business awards, including the 2007
Technology Award in the Internet-based category from the South Florida Business
Journal. It was a finalist for the 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the
Business Journal's 2007 Business of the Year Award in the general business ($10 million
to $25 million in revenue) category. In 2006, Internet Retailer magazine named the third-fastest growing e-commerce Web site in the country.

Rewards Network
The Hollywood office of Rewards Network is a branch of the Chicago company that
powers the leading frequent dining programs in North America. Thousands of
participating restaurants and other merchants tap extensive e-mail, Internet and print
marketing efforts; member ratings/feedback and other business intelligence; and access to
capital. In conjunction with major airline frequent flier programs and other affinity
organizations, Rewards Network provides more than 3 million active members with
incentives to dine at participating restaurants.

Senior VP and CIO Mario A. Cruz joined Rewards Network in November 2001, having
previously been director of technology infrastructure at Led by
President/CEO Ronald L. Blake, the company has 419 employees. Its revenue topping
$255.1 million in 2007, down from $252.9 million the year prior (though net income was

Rewards Network has invested significant resources in enhancing the technology
offerings that it makes available to both merchants and members. Its relaunched Web
sites leverage Web 2.0 technology, thereby featuring a content-rich online marketplace
for restaurateurs to promote their concepts to members. It also allows members to easily
obtain important information about participating restaurants that offer meaningful
benefits and incentives. Members can access photos, menus, maps, driving directions,
member ratings, member reviews, Zagat reviews and restaurant attributes, among other

The company's corporate culture embraces working philosophies of "do the right thing"
and "think like a customer, act like an owner." Companywide, employees participate in
various charities and pro bono activities. Rewards Network established the Mel Chasen
Rewards Network Scholarship fund in the School of Hospitality and Tourism
Management at Florida International University, named for the Rewards Network

SECNAP Network
Security Corp.

SECNAP Network Security Corp., based in Boca Raton, is a leading provider of network
security and e-mail security solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to
global enterprises, including government and educational entities. Through time-critical
security monitoring, SECNAP delivers measurable results that translate to bottom-line
savings for its customers.

The company's products include the trademarked SpammerTrap and Hosted
SpammerTrap, an award-winning application that effectively blocks the spam, viruses
and phishing e-mails that plague today's organizations; HackerTrap, a patent-pending
managed network security system that protects company information assets from external
threats; and expert auditing and testing services, including compliance and IT risk
management assessments and penetration testing.

President/Chief Technology Officer Michael Scheidell, an expert, speaker and author on
network and data security, founded SECNAP. Today, the company has three products in
patent-pending stage with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. During his career,
Scheidell has discovered and resolved vulnerabilities that are currently represented on the
Common Vulnerability and Exposures list. A member of the FBI InfraGard program
since 1996, he works with other IT experts and educators to assist the FBI's investigative
efforts in the cyber arena. Along with Scheidell, CEO Elizabeth Bates oversees 20

SpecialtyAutomated in Boca Raton provides premium online test products and green
solutions to streamline operations, automate testing processes, and improve the quality of
care. SpecialtyAutomated serves clients ranging from independent clinicians to
government transport agencies to national health care organizations.

The company's green catalog features hundreds of its proprietary online tests for vision,
cognition, knowledge and driving skills that have effectively eliminated the need for
paper tests, software, downloads, DVDs, CD-ROMs and bulky or expensive computer
setups. Products include the trademarked SpecialtyAutomated Automatic Clock Drawing
Tests, internationally recognized as outstanding assistive technology achievements by
empowering and actively engaging individuals with special needs and disabilities.

Chief Information Officer Lawrence Straus, an expert in computer programming,
networking and security, heads innovation at 10-employee SpecialtyAutomated. He
shares patents pending with CEO Sandy H. Straus on several key products, including the
revolutionary Automatic Clock Drawing Tests and the Online Dynamic Visual Acuity
Tests. Sandy H. Straus holds advanced degrees in engineering and is an expert on
numerous transportation and engineering topics. She is a noted inventor and author
widely published in engineering, government, medical, technical and legal journals and
Thinsolutions in Jupiter provides various technology services for small- and medium-size
business, yet is uniquely separated with such pioneering services as IT remote managed
service and application service provider offerings. The company offers both on-site and
remote systems monitoring and management (MSP), application service provider (ASP)
hosting services, backup and disaster recover services, system design, integration and
implementation services, IT outsourcing and Web site and application development

Led by partners - Chairman/CEO Mike Fischer and President Steve Mesenburg - the
company has grown in recent years through business development and acquisition.
Fischer is a veteran of information systems. Mesenburg is a longtime systems engineer.
With a team of five technical managers and 32 employees, the company generated
revenue of $4.1 million last year, up from $3 million in 2006.

Culture is strong at Thinsolutions, where an entrepreneur-type philosophy is encouraged
as it relates to client relations and employee performance. The staff is empowered take
the lead and satisfy client needs with the goal of enhancing the operations and fiscal
strength of the organization. Since its South Florida debut in 2006, the company's
managed services and application hosting products provide services underaddressed
locally. The company is on track to achieve its goal of $5 million in sales for 2008, with
half of the revenue coming from recurring revenue streams.

Boca Raton-based TradeKing is a nationally licensed online broker dealer offering
simple, low flat fees, with no hidden fees or account minimums. Since its 2005 debut, the
company's Web-based platform has featured powerful online equity, options and fixed-
income trading tools, including real-time portfolio information, advanced order entry,
customized charting and alerts, free research and integrated news, stock, option and
mutual fund screeners, volatility charts, a pricing probability calculator, enhanced option
chains and interactive educational information.

TradeKing uses Web 2.0 to include unique interactive features embedded into its
brokerage site to better serve its more than 7,500 members. TradeKing deploys rapid
improvements across the site, including ongoing stock portfolio performance tracking,
tailored RSS news feeds that allow investors to track news that is relevant to their
portfolios, and a certified trades feature that lets investors share their actual trades for the
community to see. To help keep clients protected from hackers, phishers and other online
predators, TradeKing employs advanced security and a multi-factor client authentication

Incorporating social networking features in online trading, TradeKing gives its clients a
means for finding and connecting with like-minded investors to share ideas and
strategies. Moreover, Chairman/CEO Donato A. Montanaro Jr. blogs on the site, and
provides his e-mail address for visitors to correspond with him directly.
The privately held company's president and COO is Richard J. Hagen Jr.

The executives and more than 70 employees operate by a simple motto Montanaro
selected when he launched the firm: "Be good." With a company as family culture, a
commitment to transparency and open client communications, the company has gone
where online brokerages only now are following, yet Montanaro expects one day will
become industry standard.

OpenClose Solutions
For more than a decade, OpenClose Solutions has been a viable technology business
operating amid the bars and clubs along Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. As a
mortgage software development firm that creates industry-innovative ASP mortgage
lending and mortgage broker software, all of its Web-based mortgage software solutions
are hosted, maintained and protected in its dual data centers.

OpenClose was among the pioneers in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for hosting
mortgage software nearly a decade ago. As such, the company provides lenders with a
Web-based end-to-end solution from loan pricing through post-closing.

The company is led by Chairman James W. Harpel, an investor in small to medium
businesses, and senior partner of Palm Beach Capital. Jason Regalbuto is co-founder,
president and chief technology officer, overseeing, selecting and implementing CTO Web
technology services and standards for system development and tools.

Today, OpenClose employs 40 people, each who take responsibility for their customers'
computing infrastructure. This allows customers to focus on managing their mortgage
business, not technology. By outsourcing all or part of its computing overhead to
OpenClose Solutions, mortgage companies can realize fixed IT costs and maximize their
technology return on investments.

TEKgroup International
TEKgroup International in Pompano Beach is an award-winning software and services
company that develops content management, e-commerce, interactive and e-business
solutions for the public relations, sports and entertainment industries. The company is
best known for its online newsrooms - Web pages that provide the media with vital
corporate information accessible 24 hours a day. Clients include Delta Air Lines,
Walgreens, Audi, Volkswagen, Detroit Lions, AOL Time Warner, Ford Motor Co., Best
Buy and the Public Relations Society of America.

TEKgroup's solutions go beyond basic HTML-based Web sites. They provide clients
more control over their sites, and deliver audience targeting within the standard feature
set. Site changes can be made anytime from any Internet-enabled computer, meaning
greater convenience, streamlined workflow and return on investment. Among
TEKgroup's other services are full-service graphic design, software, hosting, training and
Co-founders Eric Benson, Jay Blackburn and Steve Momorella bring key skills to the
company. Benson has 15 years' database systems experience in the Internet and high-end
technology arena. Blackburn previously worked with several large-scale organizations
and as a consultant for EDS, where he specialized in the telecommunications industry.
Momorella is experienced in HTML programming and high-end design and consulting.
All worked with Interzine Productions/Times-Mirror Magazines Interactive Media,
before launching TEKgroup.

TEKgroup has 27 employees who work amid a casual business environment where free-
thinking ideas and teamwork deliver results. To that end, the company posted $3.3
million in revenue last year. The company's success stems from a philosophy of
providing Web-based software solutions that are ready to use out-of-the-box, yet also
customizable to meet client needs.

Strategic & solution
Bluegreen Corp.

Technology is pervasive at Bluegreen Corp., a flexible vacation ownership system and
community developer. Founded in 1966 and based in Boca Raton, the company depends
on technology and the competitive advantage it provides. With more than 100 remote
locations, technology links the company. Bluegreen was an early adopter of (multi-
protocol label switching (MPLS) network connectivity, which creates a reliable
communications network. To date, the company has some 2,000 VoIP phones deployed.

Innovative technology also facilitates marketing through automated detailed tracking of
all marketing program, Web sites, viral Web sites and e-mails, touch-screen applications
with electronic signature capture, sophisticated and integrated outbound and inbound
telemarketing solutions, and leading-edge Web services development. Even owners have
a network and online tutorials.

Internally, the company uses Microsoft's SharePoint solution for its BlueTube internal
collaboration solution. Additionally, the company has online associate training, business
intelligence, executive level reporting via executive dashboards, simplification of sales
contracts process, among other solutions.

Senior VP and Chief Information Officer Sheila Donahoe is joined in the executive ranks
by President and CEO John M. Maloney Jr. The company has 6,209 employees, and had
revenue of $691 million in 2007, up from $673 million the year prior.

The company's goals include further investment in a growing IT department as it
embraces the value-added capabilities of technology and the ability to use technology to
create a competitive advantage.

Gunster, Yoakley &
Stewart, P.A.

Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A., is a West Palm Beach law firm well-versed in the
abilities of technology to drive a professional practice - and serve the needs of a growing
client based made up increasingly of technology companies. The firm's technology
practice area lawyers have provided strategic and legal advice to emerging and
established businesses in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, medical
devices, licensing, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, insurance,
banking and financial services, and information technology.

The attorneys and support staff also work in the burgeoning areas of technology and
content licensing, invention assignment agreements, software and hardware acquisition,
trademarks and intellectual property protection and enforcement, software piracy defense,
business software alliance audits, Web development and hosting agreements, and domain
name transfers and disputes. The department is led by David G. Bates, Kevin M. Levy
and Robert C. White, shareholders in the corporate department and co-chairs of the firm's
Emerging Company Practice Group and Technology Practice Group. Each regularly
counsels clients in, among other areas, technology law, and has represented high-tech
companies in various high-level negotiations.

Such attention to this growing industry has helped the firm earn accolades from among its
peers and trade groups, including Best Lawyers in America, Florida Legal Elite and the
Business Journal's Up & Comers. Its technology lawyers were among the founders of the
Treasure Coast Venture Capital Association, and have served as chairmen of the
Enterprise Development Corp. Other associations include advisory board for the
University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation; the Beacon Council
High Technology Taskforce and Information Technology/Telecom Committee; financial
sponsor of countless nonprofit organizations supporting the local technology community;
and the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association.

RCG Information Technology
RCG Information Technology specializes in IT strategy and design, application
development, integration and management. Its specialized solutions include business and
technology planning, business intelligence and data delivery, development and
integration/SOA, as well as other technology services, which can be delivered on-site,
off-site and offshore.

The company serves more than 360 clients, including 43 of the Fortune 100 and South
Florida firms Ryder, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and Office Depot. Considered a leader
in its field, the company has received the CIO Award and the Best of New York
innovative technology awards.

President and CEO Robert Simplot has spent his 29-year career helping companies use
technology to solve their business problems. He joined RCG IT in 1999 following a 21-
year career at Unisys Corp. He is supported by CIO John Rooney, a 12-year company
veteran responsible for developing and implementing RCG IT's information
infrastructure and services including establishment of the server environment, voice and
data communications, and installation and maintenance of the internal application
systems. Gerard Lynch is CFO. The 1,400-employee company had revenue of $132
million in 2007, up from $120 million the year prior.

RCG IT is a minority- and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) and adheres to
disadvantaged business enterprise policy. Among its outreach efforts, the company has
donated to an orphanage outside of Pampanga, Philippines, and is a 20-year participant in
the Sam's Club MS 150 bicycle ride.

SGIS is a Fort Lauderdale company that, since 2002, has provided services and solutions
help protect the U.S. and its citizens from threats, aid soldiers who defend the nation and
assist government agencies in running their operations more effectively. SGIS works with
organizations in the intelligence, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, defense and
space communities to form alliances needed for successful missions.

From systems engineering and integration to information assurance, intelligence
collection and analysis, to counterintelligence and counterterrorism threat analysis, SGIS
areas touch many aspects of client needs in the realm of IT, engineering, intelligence,
logistics and global telecommunications services. Yet, each is customized to fit the
specific mission needs of its customers.

SGIS' distinct business model and infrastructure is its market differentiation. It hires only
the top talent to field the highest level of client services. Founder and CEO Hany Girgis
has more than 13 years' experience in the technical services and government contracting
industries. He's been recognized as a savvy small business owner, and 2006 regional
finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He is supported by COO
Vince Virga, CFO Poorvesh Sheth and Director of Marketing and Communications
Rebecca Amesbury.

SGIS has 850 employees and generated about $62 million in revenue in 2007, up from
$30.6 million the year prior. Throughout its life and growth cycles, the company lauds its
employees for exemplary client work. Yet, SGIS' mission has remained the same: to
provide solutions that make the nation safer and more secure, while keeping the company
on the cutting edge of technology and exploration.

TekPartners and MedPartners HIM are the brand names that make up P2P Staffing Corp.
in Coral Springs. The company is recognized as a premier staffing provider of strategic
and creative solutions to organizations recruiting for IT, health information management
and corporate professionals. It provides clients the ability to identify, screen, select and
hire the best professional talent that is available in the marketplace.

From strategic staffing and consulting to support, deployment and delivery of mission-
critical projects, TekPartners has extensive experience in providing clients the necessary
resources in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner. Whether upgrading network
infrastructure, converting a legacy application to a Web-enabled application, deploying
new desktops to field offices or providing additional resources to deliver a project on
time, TekPartners delivers quality talent at cost-effective pricing. This P2P "Path to
Profitability" process helps mitigate labor costs without jeopardizing results. To that end,
the company has placed some 2,000 IT professionals throughout the South Florida.

CEO Harris Katz co-founded TekPartners and today directs the organization's business
development and client relationship management strategies. President, COO and co-
founder Vito Scutero oversees finance, accounting, insurance, legal, strategic
partnerships, client and candidate relationship management. The company employs 280
people in offices nationwide. It generated revenue $22.5 million last year, up from $10.5
million in 2006.

The mission at TekPartners is as it was when the doors first opened: No other consulting
or staffing organization can embody the values and work ethic as those embraced by
TekPartners, with the goal of providing highly effective, innovative human capital
solutions for business partners - both clients and candidates.

Technology application
Auxis in Coral Gables is a business management and technology company that
maximizes business performance by focusing on enhancing value, improving operational
efficiency and enabling growth for its clients. Among its services: management
consulting, enterprise performance management, business process improvement, portfolio
management, merger and acquisitions services, supply chain strategy and
implementation, and demand planning, along with a host of strategic IT and
telecommunications management services.

Auxis helps clients ensure that IT investments are aligned and driven with the business
strategy and direction. The company's hallmark is the Virtual Integration Planning &
Execution Room (VIPER) solution. VIPER is used as the central management solution
for managing mergers and all of their related activities such as analysis, integration and
reporting. It allows stakeholders from across multiple organizations to share information,
track progress, automate data capturing and knowledge sharing activities, while providing
a secure infrastructure for critically sensitive information.

The company is led by President/CEO Baird Lobree and employs 96, each of who is
charged with maximizing business performance for its middle-market clients. The
company's mission is to improve the customers it serves through efficient and effective
targeted solutions that grow their business and increase operational performance.

Brand Tango
Fort Lauderdale-based Brand Tango is an award-winning full-service marketing
strategies, technology and graphic design agency serving clients in resort development,
leisure, entertainment, real estate and financial services. It designs and develops
integrated marketing programs for the leisure-lodging industry that combine Web-based
technology to support advertising and collateral materials.

Brand Tango has provided fresh and effective solutions for clients ranging from startups
to publicly traded companies. The company's customized Web-based software
centralizes, automates and dramatically lowers the cost of marketing and sales programs.
Brand Tango's technology platforms enable highly personalized interactive experiences
and campaign management, and also drive advanced e-commerce. The firm's innovative
use of technology facilitates interaction and integration across the multi-channel
marketing environment, from call centers to e-mail marketing to direct sales and retail

In 2007, Brand Tango introduced the new Tango CRM, an integrated, open-source, Web-
based software system. The system is designed to support the marketing and sales efforts
of timeshare and vacation-ownership resorts. It includes campaign and lead management
capabilities, enabling clients to maximize the efficiency of their entire online and offline
marketing mix. Moreover, the CRM allows clients to develop interfaces so client staff
members can interact with each other and with Brand Tango personnel, moving data
seamlessly. The system is flexible and scalable, adapting easily to growth and new
initiatives. It is highly customizable to fit an individual client's needs and existing

Co-founder and President Joseph G. Russoniello is joined by James E. Kluetz, co-
founder, VP and creative director, and Larry Talley, co-founder and VP for application
development. Under Talley's charge, the agency's initiatives and programs have helped
clients decrease costs while increasing performance and profitability. Brand Tango
employs nine people and had 2007 revenue of $2.1 million.

CountWise LLC
CountWise LLC is Sunrise-based global technology company providing people-traffic
monitoring solutions to private and public entities. The company's suite of products and
services are based on its patented technology that combines both sophisticated shape
recognition and video motion detection algorithms. Products include I-Count, Q-Count,
Z-Count and Analyzer. The programs help businesses optimize their people counting,
customer behavior and queue management for improved efficiency and profitability. The
company's applications capture traffic flows, prevent queue bottlenecks, monitor zone
activity and manage data applications with advanced military-based shape recognition
and motion detection technologies, delivering the widest entry coverage resulting in
lowest cost of ownership.

CountWise was established in 2003, and today has offices in New York, Toronto,
London and Dubai. The company is led by industry veterans and a strong development
staff with vast expertise in industrial vision control and data management. Among its
clients are tier-1 retailers, casinos, supermarkets and public transportation entities,
including Adidas, Lord & Taylor, Haverty's, Anna's Linens, H&M, Gucci, Tesco and
Hard Rock Casino.
The 34-employee company's leadership includes Ilan Lev-Ran, founder and former CEO
of ViewPoint Technologies; Amir Chitayat and Dave Gilad. It reported $8.5 million in
revenue in 2007, up from $2.4 million in 2007.

The company's goal is simple: to provide the most accurate and reliable people-counting

Docutek Imaging Solutions
Docutek Imaging Solutions is a full-service Savin (Ricoh), Konica Minolta, and Kyocera
Mita authorized dealer providing service and support to accommodate the demands of
any size business. Docutek delivers digitally connected devices, electronic document
management solutions, IT services and hundreds of other imaging related products.

The company's commitment to technology has led to achieving a Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner status and numerous awards within its industry. Among the applications
the company provides are DocuDash, an activity tracking application for document
output and monitoring; and ADS, or automatic dispatch, for tech streamline service and
network management.

DocuTek has achieved success through a simple strategy: Do anything and everything
possible to keep the customer happy. After the sale, the IT department takes over,
integrating new solutions into customer enterprises and implementing training where
necessary. This strategy filters down from the top of the executive ranks, starting with
President Steve Staller.

With 100 employees, the company did $15.3 million in revenue last year, up from $14.3
the year prior. The company also supports local community organizations, including the
Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami, the Jason Taylor
Foundation and the American Cancer Society, among other groups.

JES Hardware Solutions
JES Hardware Solutions is a Miami-based, American Indian-owned company that is
well-recognized for its expertise as a supplier of advanced technology CD-ROM
networking, redundant array of independent disks (RAID), network-attached storage
(NAS), storage area network (SAN) and Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI)
solutions. Affiliated with the United Indian Development Association (UIDA), JES
works with military operations, aviation and banking companies, cities and
manufacturers. Clients include Lockheed Martin Information & Technology Services and
L3 Communications to oversee various storage technologies used by the A10 aircraft
simulator program.

Chairman and President James E. Sessions is a 20-year computer industry veteran.
William Sessions is VP and director of integration. The company has been an innovator
in the industry with a business philosophy open to capitalize on change.
JES currently has five employees, and posted 2007 revenue of $2 million. Its philosophy
is to transform the computer hardware industry by becoming strategic partners with
organizations and manufacturers using a tailored approach to consolidate and standardize
materials management practices and processes using commercial, off-the-shelf products.

MGT Intel Group
MGT Intel Group of Pompano Beach is a complete back-office and business process
outsourcing company providing business advisory and sourcing services within the areas
of information technology, finance and accounting. The company's suite of outsourcing
services includes corporate governance and IT compliance, litigation support, IT
management and consulting, IT strategic planning, infrastructure, networking and
security and business continuity and disaster recovery, among other key areas.

In addition to innovations in software, MGT hires consultants trained in IT and with
strong business backgrounds who can see "the bigger picture" when it comes to IT. This
aids MGT in offering a hybrid delivery model that combines the advantages of global
scale with the ease of domestic project management. While given the opportunity to
utilize its global resources, customers experience a seamless service delivery as all
business communications.

MGT's leadership includes Mohamed F. Osman, founder and CEO; Tony Siler, president
and co-founder; Richard Luning, CFO and managing partner; Ed Thornton, VP of
technology services; and Jennifer Page, VP of marketing. MGT has 20 employees, and
reported 2007 revenue of $562,682, up from $222,736 in 2006. Facilitating its growth is a
company philosophy calling for providing innovative performance driven outsourcing
solutions to small and medium-size organizations.

Miami-Dade County
Enterprise Technology
Services Department
The Miami-Dade County Enterprise Technology Services Department (ETSD) is the
county's central technology. It oversees the use of existing and emerging technologies in
support of county government operations and services to the public.

Established as a department in 1966, the office was first created in 1956 as a data
processing operation. Today, the department has an annual budget of $130 million,
providing state-of-the-art technology services to a diverse customer base of internal and
external government agencies, public officials, businesses and a resident population of
2.3 million.

Services include applications development and support, enterprise solutions, technology
infrastructure and integration, information security, geographic information systems and
computer/telecommunications support. Its service offerings are designed to improve
government access, efficiency and public value through responsive service, integrated
information, and a shared infrastructure that is cost-effective, secure and reliable. Using a
Citrix platform, the office manages data related to such issues and departments as water
quality, parks and recreation, and housing applications, as well as the medical examiner's

The office is headed by director and Chief Information Officer Donald M. Fleming,
Ph.D. He oversees more than 600 employees who have a mandate to "provide exemplary
IT enterprise and infrastructure services for Miami-Dade County."

POWERi Technologies
POWERi Technologies in Plantation is an interactive marketing and digital public
relations firm offering clients strategy, technology, and creative services. The agency
combines interactive rich media technologies with creative design to deliver solutions
that help clients build and maintain high-value relationships with their customers. The
firm also specializes in new media, servicing clients with innovative technologies in the
field of social media, blogging, podcasting and online media relations.

POWERi works in the travel and tourism industry in South Florida, serving such
customers as Regent Hotels & Cruise lines, Marriott Hotels, Cable & Wireless, the
Shelborne Hotel, North Broward Hospital District, Fort Lauderdale Convention &
Visitors Bureau and the PGA Golf Resort & Spa.

Among its services, the company offers website development, search engine
optimization, e-mail marketing, online marketing, brand development, and a host of
online press services. Its Online Pitch Page is a landing page that can easily be created
and integrated within a company's Web site exclusively for the media. The company also
hosts free seminars throughout the U.S. and Caribbean to help educate business owners
about new media, and interactive strategies to help them capitalize on these new

CEO David Andrade heads POWERi Technologies. The company has 12 employees, and
last year had $1.6 million in revenue, up from $500,773 the year before.

Preferred Care Partners
Preferred Care Partners of Miami is a leading privately owned Medicare Advantage Plan
in Florida. The company's plans cover all services offered by Medicare, plus many
additional benefits Medicare does not provide. The company is the second-largest
Medicare Advantage Plan provider in Miami-Dade County and the fifth-largest in
Broward County.

The company's software solution goes beyond claims processing, enabling it to respond
quickly to changes driven by government regulations and medical cost trends. In 2007,
the company implemented Facets, an enterprisewide software solution for health plan
administration from TriZetto. This platform, with deeply integrated applications,
automates processes across our entire enterprise and drives greater cost-efficiencies.

The system is overseen by Chief Information Officer and Senior VP Doug Cormany, a
Spherion, NationsRent and Walt Disney Attractions IT veteran who spearheads all
aspects of the company's systems operation, support, development and implementation of
new hardware and software. Preferred Care Partners is led by CEO Joseph L. Caruncho,
an attorney versed in health care plans and issues. He is backed by President Justo Luis
Pozo. With 256 employees, the company logged $290 million in revenue in 2006, up
from $227 the year prior.

With growth has come Preferred Care Partners' commitment to improving the health of
its member base upon four fundamental principles: access to health care, greater choice
regarding health care needs, a simplified process, and diversity among members,
providers and employees.

Print Basics
Print Basics is a Deerfield Beach provider of online print order solutions, variable data
printing, personalized URLS and other technologically advanced creative services to
corporate clients. The company's agency-level creative services focus on client ROI, with
full-service digital and offset commercial printing, 24/7 online proofing and ordering, and
on-demand pick and pack programs. From business cards to more extensive content,
online services facilitate a simplified print process.

The company has created an environment that redefines the relationship between the
printer and the print buyer. Today, it's viewed as a partnership between two companies
looking to conduct a relationship with honestly, integrity and the pursuit of excellence.
The company sends employees for extensive equipment and software training and
industry symposiums. The company also continually invests in leading-edge software
designed to improve its workflow and finished product.

Recently named the official printer of the Florida Panthers Foundation, Print Basics seeks
to be an active participant in the local community.

That philosophy begins with Craig A. Tanner, a South Florida printing industry veteran.
Today, the company has 14 employees. It reported 2007 revenue of $1.9 million, up from
$1.5 million in 2006.

All along, the company has operated by an admittedly simple corporate philosophy: to
bring the finest technology to mid-size and large corporate accounts. As with many
technology applications, this enables clients to focus on core competencies and improve
bottom line results. As Tanner has stated for years in the closing line of his e-mails:
"Consider it done."

Radiation Shield
Radiation Shield Technologies is a Miami company focused on the research, design and
production of personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation. Launched in
2002, the company's core technology, Demron, is engineered to combine radiation
protection with ease of use to maximize radiological defense. An advanced polymer
layered between fabric, the product has been manufactured into several lightweight,
nuclear-blocking garments.

Ronald DeMeo, an M.D. with an MBA, is president and CEO of Radiation Shield
Technologies. He developed the concept from his Miami medical practice to protect
medical personnel and patients from the harmful effects of X-ray radiation in the
operating room. He recently announced NATO's funding of a purchase of numerous
Demron suits for nuclear, biological and chemical protection, which will be deployed by
the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus.

Radiation Shield Technologies employs 20 people nationwide and hundreds of
contractors worldwide. Company revenue topped $1 million last year. As a local
company, RST has grown to become a world leader in the research, design and
production of personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation.

RMS Networks
RMS Networks is a Fort Lauderdale-based independent digital marketing agency that
helps its clients reach across the digital divide. Although it has a reputation for producing
top-quality video content, the company is best known for its in-store digital video signage
networks deployed in leading retailers nationwide, including AutoNation, Blockbuster,
Subway, Accenture and Advance AutoParts. RMS pioneered digital signage content and
delivery applications and methodologies facilitated by the internet and tracked and
confirmed by metrics.

RMS' groundbreaking technology application is rVue, the first free-to-download,
Internet-based advertisement delivery exchange for digital signage, the internet and
mobile venues. The application serves three audiences - retailers, advertisers, and
consumers - by allowing retailers to build playlists of advertising and informational
content selected to suit specific demographics. The proprietary application uses an open-
source backbone, Web 2.0 technologies and complex automation to deliver the highest
quality distribution and playback application at the lowest possible cost of operation.
Leading the technology team at RMS is Chief Technology Officer Jay Wilson.

CEO Jason Kates founded the company in 1996. RMS associates work in a progressive
office founded on a timeless principle: Deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction - every
time. Along with client work, the company has performed extensive pro bono and
reduced-fee work for such organizations as the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery &
Science, Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County and the National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children, for whom an RMS-produced "Amber Alert" video resulted in the
safe return of a missing child.

Runaware is a Fort Lauderdale-based online software demonstration service. Founded in
1999 and with offices in North America and Europe, Runaware offers ISVs and software
publishers a way to provide a hassle-free online demonstration environment that runs full
versions of software safely and securely over the Internet. More than demonstrations,
Runaware delivers intelligence and measurable results, producing higher sales and
conversion rates, faster time-to-market and shorter sales cycles - all at a lower cost.
Runaware's flagship solution, TestDrive, consists of a suite of services including all
aspects of online marketing: customer profiling, lead capture, downloads, trial CDs, and a
hosted interactive online demonstration environment complete with tutorials and detailed
customer usage reporting.

The company's hosted online demos deliver a company's full software package to its
prospects in the prospect's web browser. This is done using its proprietary technology
along with Citrix XenApp (formerly Citrix Presentation Server).

The company is led by CEO Tim Keyes, who joined Runaware in 2002 as a senior
account manager. CTO Andy Poulter joined the company as product manager focusing
on product technology and major U.S. accounts. Prior to joining Runaware, Poulter was a
founding member of the Citrix EMEA team. Today, the company has 40 employees in
North America, Sweden, India and England. Revenue was $4 million in 2007, up from $2
million in 2006.

Throughout its growth, Runaware's mission has remained to make online demos the
global standard for how ISVs, large and small, conduct online software marketing via a
superior demonstration experience while providing ISVs with the results a competitive
industry demands.

Silversea Cruises
Silversea Cruises in Fort Lauderdale is known in the travel industry for creating
exceptional ocean journeys with unique opportunities to explore remote ports of call from
an intimate haven of incomparable luxury. But it's the company's focus on IT that makes
the experience seamless to customers and travel agents.

Silversea currently is converging voice, data and video into a single TCP/IP network on
its newest expedition vessel. When it sails this summer, it will be the first in the Silversea
fleet - and possibly the industry - to use a single network to host all services such as
property management, point of sale, interactive television, VoIP telephone, and shipwide
guest Wi-Fi service.

VP and Chief Information Officer Tim Rand joined Silversea in 2006 from a similar post
with HBE Corp., bringing an extensive background in hospitality industry, health care,
manufacturing and finance. CEO Amerigo Perasso leads a team of 145 local employees
and 1,500 worldwide.

Unlike other providers in the ultra-premium market, Silversea Cruises has taken the lead
in providing leading-edge technology services to its crew and guests. This approach often
can be risky, fraught with higher costs and maintenance issues. Yet in the Information
Age, employees and guests come to expect a certain level of communications and
information services in their work and travel experiences - even when exploring remote
regions of the globe aboard a luxury vessel. The IT services aboard the new Silversea
vessel will become the standard-bearer of guest service and IT deployment.

Telefonica USA and Telefonica International Wholesale Services in Miami are leading
providers of global corporate communications and managed data center and IT services.
Telefonica USA operates a Category 5 data center facility in Doral, and provides business
continuity and disaster recovery consultation and education services to South Florida
companies as part of an ongoing proactive effort to increase awareness and foster
preparedness for potential natural or man-made disasters impacting the region.

In addition to its core domestic datacenter business, Telefonica USA has deployed and
operates a telecommunications landing station in Boca Raton, which houses the fully
redundant U.S. entry point for the company's undersea fiber optic cable system, which
interconnects Telefonica customers in the U.S. to Latin America and Europe, plus the
local buildout in Miami of redundant network communications fiber optic systems
supported by multiple centralized network operation centers.

From inception in 2000, Telefonica has been a leading IT and telecommunication service
provider for multinational companies and large corporations with operations in South
Florida and 17 countries in Latin America.

The company is led by President/CEO Pedro R. Pizarro, who formerly held the same post
at Esavio Services Corp., a network integration and managed services consulting
company based in Philadelphia. He oversees 139 employees as the company seeks to
become the largest integrated telecommunications group in the world. To that end, last
year, the company achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 96.4 percent. in West Palm Beach is a leading provider of localization technology
services. Its TransPerfect Translations family of companies can deliver large-scale
initiatives amid personalized service for all of its clients. Its flexible modular technology
solutions deliver end-to-end technology results to facilitate the globalization of
information across languages, media and formats, allowing customers - including Avis
Rent A Car, Hilton International, Citrix, Motorola, Office Depot and Zimmerman
Advertising - easy access to production facilities, safe transfer of data, efficient reuse and
control of translated content, as well as visibility to project status and progress. is committed to continual improvement of its processes and operations
in order to enhance the client experience. The company was founded in 1992 by
President/CEO Phil Shawe and co-founder Liz Elting (who today is president/CEO of
operating unit TransPerfect Translation) as a document translation company,
TransPerfect Translations.

In 1999, was spun-off as a separate corporation focusing on the
increasing needs for localization technology, software localization, Web site localization,
and enterprisewide translation services. In 2002, acquired localization
firm Language for Industry and eTranslate, picking up several blue-chip clients.

In 2005, the founders repurchased stock from outside investors, and merged with TransPerfect to create the world's third-largest technology and
services localization firm.

With Mark Hagerty as chief technology officer, the combined entities have more than
750 full-time employees in 50 offices worldwide. In 2007, it had $156 million in revenue.

U.S. Sugar Corp.

U.S. Sugar Corp. in Clewiston is a leading grower and processor of sugar and citrus.
Although the company traces its roots back to 1931, the latest technology has proven
beneficial in keeping the company at the forefront of agribusiness.

The company uses 187,858 acres in Hendry, Glades, and Palm Beach counties to produce
up to 700,000 tons of cane sugar a year and recently completed a three-year
"Breakthrough" project.

The project consolidated the company's two older raw sugar milling operations into one
state-of-the-art processing facility. It incorporates the best sugar technology from
throughout the world.

The company is implementing SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning system and piloting
two new applications from SAP aimed at managing the sugar and citrus farming

U.S. Sugar is the first sugar or citrus company in North America to have those businesses
managed centrally within SAP. The effort was overseen by Chief Information Officer
Carl Stringer, and together these modernization and systems and operational streamlining
help the company compete against global challenges borne from foreign trade

U.S. Sugar, led by President/CEO Robert H. Buker Jr., is one of the country's largest
privately held agricultural firms, yet it still possesses traditional farming values that when
tapped with modern technology and 1,700 employees, create farming that is compatible
with the environment and with the economic realities of the next century.

Wood Business Systems
Wood Business Systems is an office products company with locations throughout the tri-
county area. The company's 53 employees service customers with leading-edge document
products providing printing, copying, faxing, scanning, enterprise document
management, electronic filing and archiving, as well as network connectivity,
information systems and technology, software and hardware service and integration,
including software and solutions that allows companies to manage and control costs
related to printed materials.

Since it was founded by Charles Wood, the company has strived to exceed national
benchmarks for customer call response time, high-level fix rates, technician training and
parts management. As such, the company has earned the J.D. Power & Associates
certificate for customer and client satisfaction. It generated $10.8 million in revenue last
year, up from $9.5 million in 2006. Today, Wood Business Systems is led by President
Michael L. Cozzens, who has 20 years of experience managing and implementing
reprographic equipment and solutions.

The company has partnered with Kyocera, Sharp and Kip wide format to offer and
support premier solutions and leading edge technology. Today, the company is one of the
largest independent networking, integration and document solutions providers in Florida,
offering solutions and technical education for the corporate knowledge worker.

Woolbright Development
Woolbright Development in Boca Raton is one of Florida's largest buyers of retail
properties and one of the largest owners of shopping centers located throughout the state.
Woolbright specializes in the development and redevelopment of open-air shopping
centers, with the mission of enhancing the quality and value of each community in which
it invests.

Technology is central to the company's success. In order to remain one of Florida's
largest buyers of retail properties and one of the largest owners of shopping centers
throughout the state, Woolbright Development has created and implemented a cutting-
edge software database program, the Project Tracking System (PeTS), that enables the
company to answer almost any question pertaining to the commercial real estate industry
with relation to Florida shopping centers.

The Windows-based research module, collects information from more than 2,500
shopping centers in six major metropolitan markets statewide. It also integrates with
location intelligence software such as GoogleEarth, business intelligence software (SQL
Server Reporting Services) and document/content management software (SharePoint
Portal Server2007). PeTS facilitates Woolbright's ability to successfully analyze and
target each market accordingly and has been a key component to the success of the
company. The knowledge gleaned provides a clear blueprint for future acquisitions, far
beyond what competitors can do, as Woolbright is one of the only shopping center
developers to have such a program in- house.

The 160-person company is led by founder and President Duane Stiller, and with COO
Larry Bernick, Executive VP of Development Donald B. Stiller and Executive VP Soraya
Tyriver, the company enjoyed a record-breaking 2007, signing leases totaling more than
1 million square feet in 34 shopping centers statewide. This comes on the heels of another
record set during the year when, in one quarter, Woolbright acquired eight centers in
Florida totaling 1.1 million square feet and valued at more than $100 million.

Airspan Networks
Airspan Networks is a Boca Raton-based supplier of broadband wireless equipment
supporting the WiMAX protocol standard. The company's wireless systems use digital
radio technologies to provide wide-area or local-area coverage, robust security and
resistance to fading.

Airspan (NASDAQ: AIRN) has operations, manufacturing and product development
centers in Uxbridge, U.K.; Airport City, Israel; and Espoo, Finland. Its primary target
customers are communications service providers and other network operators that use
fixed and mobile WiMAX networks worldwide.

President and CEO Eric D. Stonestrom joined Airspan in 1998 following a lengthy career
in telecommunications and engineering. The company now has 295 employees.

With a culture built on integrity, trust, commitment and empowerment, Airspan's clear
leadership and appropriately devolved responsibility provides for a customer-focused,
adaptable and high-quality environment. Moreover, the company supports community
outreach programs, as well as programs supporting area schools.

Sensei in Boca Raton is a pioneer in mobile and Web-based solutions that motivate and
empower consumers to lead healthier lives. With health and wellness solutions as its
focus, Sensei was formed in 2005 by Humana and Card Guard AG. Sensei launched its
first product, the trademarked Weight Loss, a mobile-phone-based program for weight
management, in November. This innovative solution addresses a major health challenge
to the more than 90 million adults in the U.S. who struggle to lose weight.

An entrepreneurial company built on innovation and creativity, Sensei's mission is to
provide innovative solutions to improve the health and well-being of individuals. In the
future, this is expected to include solutions for diabetes, hypertension, smoking,
cardiovascular risk, stress and asthma. Its breakthrough solution to enable busy
professionals to lose weight is the first of its kind, adapting to each individual's lifestyle
without the inconvenience of pills, attending meetings or eating special foods. For
employers facing rising health care costs and declining productivity due to weight-
management problems, Sensei for Weight Loss represents a practical and sustainable

Sensei's executive team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of wireless
technology, behavioral psychology, medicine, nutrition and software development. Chief
Information Officer Timothy J. Dion is responsible for operations, technology
implementation and infrastructure for the company. Prior to joining Sensei, Dion was the
director of enterprise architecture for Biogen Idec, a $2.5 billion global biotechnology
firm. President and CEO Dr. Robert J. Schwarzberg is a 20-year expert in disease
management and telemedicine.

Wholesale Carrier Services
Wholesale Carrier Services (WCS) in Coral Springs was created in 1994 to serve the
medium to large enterprise, commercial telecommunications users and resellers of
telecom network services. WCS provides services to enterprise clients via a distribution
channel of value-added resellers throughout the U.S. and 26 countries. The company
directly purchases services from more than 85 network providers and offers a
comprehensive line of network solutions to service the needs of nearly any customer

WCS utilizes a variety of applications to serve its customers, from its PartnerNet platform
to a telecom expense management solution to ABACUS, a unique, unified billing
platform that allows for simple, easy-to-navigate bill management with only a Web
browser. These applications allow customers to manipulate and evaluate call, circuit and
service data. Combining this with back-office procurement and maintenance systems, the
entire process of contracting, provisioning, billing and technical support is simplified for
both WCS' clients and channel partners. Clients include Pediatrix Medical Group,
Interval International, Tommy Hilfiger, Sony and DKNY.

The company's chief information officer is Greg King and the president and CEO is
company founder Chris S. Barton. WCS has 35 employees and generated revenue of
$32.4 million last year, up from $29.1 million in 2006.

The company's mission is to be the most trusted, respected and valued provider of
telecommunication services. This includes providing a corporate culture that embraces
CHAMPS (customer first, humor, automation, measurability, profit, solution-oriented).
From community service to employee recognition, the company encourages participation
and entrepreneurship to foster future growth.

Mark Wyllie
Mark Wyllie, COO of Compuquip Technologies, is a 25-year veteran senior manager and
sales executive. He oversees day-to-day management and implementation of the strategic
and tactical direction for Compuquip, as well as the integration of services capabilities
into responsive customer solutions.

Wyllie started his career as a sales representative at GAF Corp., eventually becoming
district manager. He also has held managerial and executive posts with Burroughs, NCR,
Mail-Well Corp., Champion Solutions Group and Mainline Information Systems.

He holds a bachelor's degree in management and certifications as an IBM e-business
Solution Advisor, IBM Disaster Recovery Top Gun, IBM RS6000 Specialist, and
IBMAS400 Specialist.
Wyllie is treasurer and an executive committee member with the iCoast Economic
Development Board, and is an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 356. He is
married to Lori, his wife of 24 years, and has a 16-year-old son, Alexander

Deborah Vazquez
Deborah Vazquez is founder/CEO of Protech, a Fort Lauderdale information technology
placement and staffing company. Protech is retained by clients to conduct IT career
management and leadership seminars and customized local compensation surveys. It
publishes the annual South Florida CIO Survey and IT Talent Survey.

Vazquez has more than 20 years of technology and executive management experience.
She started her career as a software developer and was working for a multi-national
software manufacturer as senior vice president responsible for the launch of subsidiary
offices around the globe before launching Protech.

Active in the local IT community, Vazquez writes and speaks on technology and the

In 2004, she was nominated for South Florida Business Journal's Businesswoman of the
Year Award. She was named to the publication's Heavy Hitter in HR (2004) and Heavy
Hitter in Technology (2005) lists.

Vazquez earned her undergraduate degree in business management and management
information systems from Florida International University. She has been programs chair,
VP and president for the South Florida Technology Alliance. This year she was elected as

Dale Gregory
Dale Gregory is executive VP at Cherrystone Management Consultants and 30 years of
diverse executive leadership experience.

Gregory is as an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University's College of Business
and provides strategic business services to business and not-for-profit organizations.
Gregory was co-founder of an initiative to facilitate more rapid deployment of affordable
broadband access services throughout Palm Beach County. He is a past member of the
city of Boca Raton Telecommunications Advisory Board and past executive director of
the South Florida Community Leadership Foundation.

Chris Muccio
Chris Muccio is the "CFO Strategist" recognized by CEOs and CFOs for his ability to
deliver strong, sustainable results in finance, operations, and information management.
An award-winning entrepreneur, Muccio draws upon insightful experiences from his
career to guide emerging businesses toward effective strategies to uncover profit and
growth opportunities, create rapid and sustainable results and minimize the overwhelm
factors that challenge many entrepreneurs.
Named a Matherly Scholar - the highest honor awarded by the University of Florida's
M.B.A. program, Muccio began his career with Coopers & Lybrand in audit, where he
passed the CPA exam. He has held senior management posts at billion-dollar global
companies with projects across five continents.

He speaks on business analysis and corporate performance, has hosted numerous global
seminars and training sessions, and blogs on information and strategies for business
leaders (

Brian P. Callanan
Brian P. Callanan has been in the South Florida market for 13 years, and currently is a
business solutions consultant for Verizon Business.

He provides solutions to help businesses better run their enterprises with the convergence
of a number of technical applications. Callanan works closely with Avaya, Cisco, EMC,
Juniper, Nortel and Siemens deliver many of the applications, including data center and
co-location, business continuity and disaster recovery, VoIP, unified communications,
domestic and international WAN, and storage back-up and recovery.

Callanan is vice president of marketing and holds a board position with the
InternetCoast's CIO Council. His responsibilities include driving membership as well as
working with the manufacturer community providing sponsorship and speakers for events
held privately and publicly for the CIOs.

Bob Kristal
As an executive with more than 29 years of technology and management experience, Bob
Kristal has pioneered a refreshing client-centered and pragmatic approach to small
business consulting.

In 2003, Kristal co-founded NIA Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Partner providing
on-demand, on-site and remote outsourcing IT services to small to mid-sized business,
healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Services include network analysis, installation,
and maintenance, security, applications, data communications, backup, and disaster
recovery and helpdesk support.

Kristal is an active participant in many South Florida civic and IT organizations,
including the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (board of directors,
technology committee chair), South Florida chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation (board of directors), Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce (technology
committee), Parkland Chamber of Commerce (past vice president), South Florida
Technology Alliance, Parkland Business Club, and the Greater Deerfield Beach and
Greater Pompano Beach chambers of commerce. n

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