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					                                    Ceramics II
Course Description:
This studio-oriented class enables students the opportunity to further explore the
possibilities of clay and to produce a variety of both sculptural and functional forms. A
continued development of throwing skills on the potter’s wheel and more advanced work
associated with the craft and art of ceramics will be covered in this course. Such as,
expanded glaze application and hand built techniques. Students will continue their study
of art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Reading, writing and research are involved.

Grading System:                                              16 Point Rubric Scale
             100 – 93 A       92 – 90 A-                     16 – 100%     11 – 69%
89 – 88 B+    87 – 83 B       82 – 80 B-                     15 – 94%      10 – 63%
79 – 78 C+    77 – 73 C       72 – 70 C-                     14 – 88%      9 – 56%
69 – 68 D+    67 – 63 D       62 – 60 D-                     13 – 81%      8 – 50%
              59 – 0 F                                       12 – 75%      7–↓

Grades for the Trimester will be taken as outlined:
1st 6 weeks: Projects (5)                                                       16 points
             Rules Quiz                                                         29 points
             Throwing Quiz                                                       8 points
             Midterm                                                            40 points

2nd 6 weeks: Projects (5)                                                       16 points
             Project Presentation                                               16 points
             Glaze Grades (4)                                                    8 points
             Clean Up                                                            8 points
             Final Exam                                                         25 points

Late Projects:
Late work will NOT be accepted!

Rubrics will be used to grade each project. Assessment of each project includes teacher
observation, student evaluation and the work of art itself. Each work of art is scored on a
four level scale with 4 representing an advanced level of performance and 1 representing
a weak level of performance. Two points will be deducted for any projects not turned in
with a rubric that was handed out ahead of time.

Keep in mind your idea sketches are to be done before the project is made in order to
serve the purpose of coming up with ideas and using your best, most creative one. You
will also use this sketch to help keep track of how you glazed your project.
                             Ceramics II Preview
You will be expected to manipulate the clay as a media of creative expression. Each project will
be graded and you will complete each project to the best of your ability. In this class you will not
only refine and learn more ceramic techniques but work with other students and learn all aspects
of art (art history, art criticism and aesthetics) and the importance of art in our society.

First Classes: Go over: Course description/ Rules
                        Preview handout (these projects are subject to change)
                        Ceramic Vocabulary handout/ Equipment & Procedures
                        Tips and Suggestions Journal

On Going Project: Mixing Clay – re-wedging boxed clay as you use it and mixing your own clay
       if we run out of the boxed clay, so don’t waste the boxed clay!

On Going Project: Glazing Projects – keep up with your glazing using any free time you have

Project: Bird House – hand built or wheel thrown, texture and creativity

Project: Throwing Quiz – practice the art of throwing five inches with good craftsmanship

Project: Candle Holder/ Oil Burner – hand built or wheel thrown, creativity

Project: Chip and Dip Set – wheel thrown, matching set or as one piece

Project: 3-D Song (Interpreting a song into a 3-D piece) – wheel thrown and/or hand-built.

Project: Casserole Dish or Cookie Jar – wheel thrown, greater or equal to five inches by eight
        inches including the lid

Project: Pop Art Food – Hand built – Create clay food to go with your casserole dish/cookie jar

Project: Tea Set – wheel thrown (hand built if approved), matching tea pot, sugar, creamer, and
        four cups

Project: Mystery Project – You will be given “the mystery of the stolen sculpture and you will
         need to create your vision of what you think the sculpture looked like.

-Keep up with sketchbook assignments. You will be required to create idea sketches for
        ALL projects before you start constructing them. These idea sketches will be
        graded both on your rubric and as part of your sketchbook grade.
-Read and understand all handouts.
-Study for quizzes and Tests.

*ONLY well constructed projects will be fired at my discretion, poorly made projects will be

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