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Addendum to


									                                         REF Realty
                                 Exclusive Listing Agreement
                                   Program #2 – $595 Fee

       This Agreement entered into this _________ day of _________, 20___ by and between
______________________________________________ of
______________________________________________, herein called the Seller and REF Realty of
376 Washington Street, Suite 101, Malden, MA 02148 herein called the Broker.

        It is mutually agreed by and between the Seller and the Broker that the Seller agrees and does
hereby grant to the Broker the exclusive listing to sell the Seller’s property, described as follows:
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Title Reference: ______________________________________________________
Listing Price: __________________ dollars, upon the following terms:

This exclusive listing shall be for a period from ______________ until the property has sold.

   a) In consideration of the above, the Seller agrees to cooperate in marketing the property, including
      completing lead paint (if property built before 1978) and other forms. The Seller agrees that the
      listing information obtained in conjunction with this contract can be published or used in whole
      or in part for statistical and comparable purposes.

   b) The Seller authorizes the Broker to disclose to prospective Buyers all information about the
      property provided to the Broker by the Seller, all of which the Seller represents to be accurate.
      The Seller has been advised that Broker will, under no circumstance act as a dual agent on behalf
      of the Seller and prospective Buyer. Broker only represents the interests of the Seller for the
      listing. The Seller agrees to comply with all applicable fair housing laws.

The Seller acknowledges receipt of a Mandatory Licensee – Consumer Relationship Disclosure form.

The Broker’s responsibilities are as follows:

       1. Post property on the Multiple Listing Service database (MLS) until sold

       2. Post property on and other 3rd party internet sites until sold
               NOTE: MLS allows automatic data transfers to several 3rd party real estate websites and we co-
               operate with them all fully, however we have no control over these sites and as such cannot
               guarantee reliability. Your fee to REF Realty is for publishing to MLS only; any other site is
               purely a bonus subject to change without prior notice.

       3. Issue a customized FOR SALE sign with Seller contact information
               NOTE: REF will have one (1) double-sided 18”x 24” For Sale sign delivered to site
               within 48 hours via an overnight mail delivery service. Additional signs may be
               purchased at Seller’s expense; see “a-la-carte” menu of items for pricing.

               Contact Phone # (_____)_____-_________
       4. Provide access to MAPass scheduling service
               NOTE: MAPass is a professional scheduling service that facilitates prospect calls who
               wish to schedule a property visit. A Seller will be able to create specific showing and
               contact instructions with MAPass representative.

       5. Provide access to REF’s Seller Strategy web based workbook
               NOTE: The Seller Strategy is an informational workbook designed to act as a
               navigational tool through the selling journey. The workbook is your roadmap, outlining
               each phase of the process and offering helpful tips and information throughout each of
               the six major components REF Realty has identified in the sale process.

       6. Provide Feature Sheets to Seller
               NOTE: A feature sheet is a one (1) page snapshot of the property, with pictures and
               bullets highlighting the “features” of your home. REF will issue one (1) draft for client’s
               review before a final is issued.

       7. Issue Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) information to Seller
               NOTE: Comparable Sold and Under Agreement MLS information will be issued to Seller
               in order to assist Seller is determining listing price for property. Information will be
               emailed or printed directly to client and will include no more than three (3) sold listings
               and three (3) under agreement listings.

       8. Issue a Seller Statement of Property Condition document for Seller to complete
               NOTE: The Seller Statement of Property Condition is a questionnaire to be completed by
               the Seller which discloses the known condition of a subject property based on numerous

     9.   Provide Referrals
               NOTE: REF Realty’s list of referrals for its clients include, but is not limited to attorneys,
               mortgage companies, home inspectors, appraisers, landscapers, licensed contractors, moving
               companies, etc.

The Seller’s responsibilities, in respect to #1-9 above, are as follows:

       1. MLS - REF Realty requires Seller to complete the Property Information Form in order for
           REF to have all relevant information when inputting MLS entry. Incomplete forms will not
           be input into the MLS until all information deemed relevant by agent has been provided.
           Seller is responsible for reviewing the posted property listing and must notify us of
           any and all errors or omissions within 48 hours.

       2. 3rd Party Sites - Seller is responsible for postings to Craigslist and all other sites that do not
           receive automatic data transfers from the MLS.

       3. Signage - Seller is to provide a contact number in the space provided. If Seller prefers not to
          have contact information listed, REF Realty will list phone number of scheduling service
          (MAPass) as made part of this program.

               Contact Phone # (_____) _____-_________

       4. MAPass - Requires Seller to provide pertinent contact information.
5. Seller Strategy – The Seller Strategy can be used by Seller to input and save information
   relating to the sale of their home. Any information inputted can be accessed by REF. It is
   REF’s policy to neither collect nor review such information, unless specifically requested by
   Seller in writing, receipt acknowledged. Additionally, REF will comply with all orders of
   court or legal authorities in the disclosure of such information. Seller should take caution
   when inputting any personal data.

6. Feature Sheets - Seller’s approval in writing via email or fax before feature sheets will be

7. CMA Information - Seller is responsible for determining property listing price. REF’s
    assistance is limited to offering the aforementioned paperwork only. REF will not offer
    advice on setting a listing price for client, unless client purchases such service from attached
    a-la-carte menu.

8. Seller Statement - Complete document to the best of your knowledge with signed copies
    available for distribution to Buyers and their agents at scheduled visits and open houses.

9. Referrals – REF provides this information as a service to the public. While we have
   met and come to know the individuals behind these businesses listed (“listed
   businesses”) we can make no representations whatsoever as to any aspect of these
   listed businesses. Further, by using the information contained on its website, the user
   agrees as follows:

  1. Use of the information and data contained in this booklet concerning the various
     businesses is at your sole risk.

  2. The information and data on said businesses is provided on an "As is, As Available"
     basis without warranty of any kind.

  3. Information on these businesses is subject to change without notice and may not be

  4. REF:

      (i) makes no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the
      information and data contained on the listed businesses;

      (ii) accepts no liability for any use of the said information and data or reliance
      placed on it;

      (iii) makes no representations, either expressed or implied, as to the suitability of
      the said information and data for any particular purpose; and

      (iv) makes no warranties that the information and data contained in any website
      maintained by a listed business is free of infection by computer viruses or other
     5. REF does not endorse or in any respect warrant any third party products or services
        by virtue of any information, material or content referred to, included on, or linked
        from or to REF or any listed businesses.

     6. REF makes no warranties or representations that material on linked sites does not
        infringe the Intellectual Property rights of any other person and does not authorize

c. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Seller agrees to pay to the Broker, a fee of
   $595. REF Realty will be acting as a Facilitator for the Owner. The term “Exclusive” refers to
   REF Realty’s relationship to the Owner. Exclusive means that you will not be listing the
   property with any other office, however, you have the right to sell the property yourself with no
   commission. You may terminate this Agreement at any time; however, no reduction or discount
   of the fee shall be made. Upon cancellation, your MLS listing will be terminated. Any re-
   application for any Seller Program will be treated as a new listing and require a new fee based
   upon the services requested.

d. In the event the Seller acts in a cooperative capacity with a licensed real estate agent who is
   representing a prospective Buyer, the Seller will compensate said Buyer’s agent an amount to be
   determined by the Seller and to pay said sum separate from the $595 fee otherwise payable in
   paragraph (c) above. Seller acknowledges that properties posted on the Multiple Listing Service
   (MLS) require Seller to offer a cooperating commission as an additional fee if any real estate
   agent (this will include Buyer’s Agents and Facilitators), excluding REF Realty, procures a
   Buyer, ready and able to purchase subject property, or any part thereof, in accordance with the
   price, terms and conditions of this agreement, or such other price, terms and conditions as shall
   be acceptable to the owner. Commission is paid to Buyer’s Agent or Facilitator only upon
   closing and property is sold.

   Check Cooperating Compensation to offer to Buyer’s Agent or Facilitator:
   ___1%, ___1.5%, ___2%, ___2.5%, ___3%, ______Other Amount

   It is specifically understood and agreed that no fee will be payable by the Owner under this
   Agreement in any case where no Agent or Facilitator has directly or indirectly introduced the
   said property to the Buyer or otherwise assisted or participated in the sale in any way. The
   Owner may sell the property to a Buyer procured without the aid of an agent or facilitator and
   there is no additional fee payable.

e. Seller further agrees that said fee payable in paragraph (c) above shall be due and payable by
   credit card, cash or certified check upon signing this Agreement. Program 3 is referred to as
   limited and/or entry only listing program and a property will not be listed on the MLS or any
   other form of advertising by REF Realty until payment has been received in advance and all
   applicable transaction documents have been executed and completed by Seller. Such transaction
   documents include, but are not limited to REF Realty Listing Agreement, MASS Relationship
   disclosure and REF Property Information Form.

f. The services offered in Program 2 are of a limited basis and are best suited for Sellers who have
   knowledge of real estate and the selling process. Seller acknowledges that due to the limited
   scope of Program 2, Seller is fully responsible for all standard seller actions not included in
   Program 2. Such actions can include, but are not limited to responsibility for obtaining a smoke
   certificate and carbon monoxide detector certificate from their local fire department; obtain all
   final utility readings from the city or town; obtaining a Condominium 6d Certificate; obtaining a
   Title 5 Certificate; and/or Obtaining an Insurance Certificate. This can also include, but is not
   limited to, providing access for and/or accompany the Buyer’s appraiser and/or inspectors.
   Seller acknowledges that the preceding items are not an exhaustive list of Seller responsibilities
   and that the failure to complete any of these or other actions may have serious implications,
   including preventing the completion of a sale of real estate and creation of legal liabilities. REF
   Realty always advises Sellers to have the assistance of legal representation when selling or
   buying real estate.

g. REF Realty’s service is limited to those items as identified for this particular program. REF
   Realty can provide, at an additional cost, further services. In the event that a service is requested
   that is not included in Program 2, such additional service will be charged separately from the
   program charge at the rate listed per the A-la-carte menu of items. Seller understands and
   acknowledges that REF Realty is not responsible for completing any service not included with
   Program 2 until and unless such service is purchased and paid for separately and REF Realty has
   acknowledged its responsibility for such service.

h. Additional Terms

      i. In the event of editing or revising your listing for upcoming Open Houses or any general
         changes, please provide REF Realty with proposed changes as soon as possible. In the case
         of a scheduled Open House, it is important to have correct dates, times and information
         reflected well in advance of scheduled event. We recommend posting Open House dates at
         least one (1) week in advance.

     ii. In Program 2, REF requests that all forms of communication regarding revisions to your
         listing be in the form of a fax or email to ensure accuracy. All fax requests can be sent to
         781-322-4745 and all email requests to or to the REF agent that you
         have been corresponding. Time is of the essence for all requests, however, we kindly
         request a 24 hour period to have all requests complete.

    iii. As referenced in Listing Agreement, at least one (1) photo must be submitted within 5 days
         of the property’s posting on the MLS. Failure to do so will result in a fine imposed by
         MLS of $25, which will be passed on to the Seller. A total of 30 photos may be posted on
         MLS for the subject property. Please note that it is your responsibility to send us the
         photos in the order you want them posted. Please label each photo as “address 1”, “address
         2”, etc. If not done in this method, REF will post in the order received. Please send all
         photos in JPEG format to

     iv. It is imperative to notify REF Realty of any status changes to your listing, which includes
         your property going under agreement with a Buyer or the sale of your property. Any status
         change must be sent to us by email or in writing via fax so we may reflect on the MLS.
         Additionally, please notify REF with anticipated sale dates as well as the broker’s name
         and office name representing the buyer, if applicable.

     v. REF Realty reserves the right to assess a charge for requested changes and revisions to
        Seller’s property listing information in the event said changes are excessive or represent a
          major amendment to the initial listing. Said assessment will be at the sole discretion of
          REF Realty and will be at a charge of $250.00 per hour or portion thereof. Seller may
          request a quote prior to any changes being performed.

i. The following a-la-carte items are to be added to Program 2. Seller acknowledges that he/she
   have been explained and understand the selected additional items. Seller hereby selects the

                           Item                                       Fee



   A-la-carte total                                $__________
   (Payment due in advance)

   _________________________________               _________________________________
   Broker                                          Seller


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