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                                                   JUNE 12, 1987A

     Dr. Larry Mascarenas, with his wife Rosalie
      and their children, Brandon and Chrissy.

Tm OK, Dad,
                                 See cover story on page 2
                                                                          never complaining or lamenting
                                                                          his condition. Even through all
                                                                          of his suffering he was a posi-

 "I'm OK, Dad
                                                                          tive influence on others.
                                                                             He was a family man. His child-
                                                                          ren Brandon and Chrissy were
                                                                          the hub of his life. Rosie said of
                                                                          him, "Truly Larry was one of a
                                                                          kind — husband, father, son,
                                                                          son-in-law, friend, colleague,
   "How are you doing, Son?"        community and civic affairs.          relative, physician, Pathfinder
   "I'm OK, Dad."                      Larry was one of those rare        promoter, and head deacon, but
   A long-distance telephone        physicians who still made house what he enjoyed best was work-
conversation between Alfonso        calls. There was a family whose       ing with the Pathfinders and
Mascarenas of Dixon, New Mex-       car was not running and they          teenagers."
ico, and his son, Larry, a 37-      needed an important medica-              Larry's pastor, Lonnie Mela-
year-old pediatrician, about an     tion. So after a busy day Larry       shenko, said, in his tribute dur-
hour before Larry's death from      went to the office, found the         ing the funeral service: "He min-
cancer. Matter-of-fact words,       medication and drove it over to      istered. He loved his work. He
but laden with Christian father-    the home for those precious           missed it so much the last five
and-son love.                       children.                             months when he couldn't go to
   Later the father reflecting on      On a Sabbath afternoon a           his office. Many times he didn't
his loss, said, "My son Larry was   group of church members were          feel up to it, but he went to his
a real Christian. His mother and    hiking. A little girl slipped and     office and made rounds at the
I had provided him with a           lacerated her ankle. She was          hospital. They would be sur-
Christian education. He loved       placed in the back of a pickup       prised to see him there.
life. He enjoyed helping others,    truck to be taken to the hospi-          "He ministered from his bed,
especially children and teenag-     tal. The mother kept objecting,      calling others by phone. Some-
ers. God knows best and I trust     saying that she did not have         times he called just to be plea-
Him completely."                    insurance and couldn't afford to sant. One busy morning, I got a
   After his elementary educa-      pay hospital fees. But the driver phone call and the secretary
tion, Larry went to Sandia View     continued on to the hospital. Dr. interrupted a meeting we were
Academy. There he met Rosalie       Mascarenas was on call and           having. She said Dr. Mascarenas
Lara, who became his wife.          went right to the emergency          wanted to speak to me. He said,
Both Larry's and Rosie's parents    room. When told what had hap- 'Pastor Lonnie, I just wanted to
had met at Sandia View. They        pened and the predicament of         let you know how much you
began dating the next year at       the mother, he took a package        have meant to me — how much
Southwestern Union College          out of the emergency room and your ministry has meant to my
(now Southwestern Adventist         did the suturing on the tailgate     family, and how thankful I am
College).                           of the truck.                        that you have come to our
   Upon graduation from Loma           In March of 1985, it was dis- church and what you have done
Linda University School of Med-     covered that Larry was afflicted for our congregation.' "
icine in 1976, Larry took up a      with lymphoma. For the next 18          Keith Mulligan, another pastor
three-year residency in pediat-     months he received a series of       of the large Paradise church,
rics at Loma Linda University.      treatments, which seemed at          was a loyal friend to Larry. He
He loved children and decided       times to be effective, even mak- visited Larry every day during
he wanted to serve his church       ing progress in his battle for life. the last few months of his
in this very special way.           He struggled courageously,           illness. When Keith was away
   After completing his resi-                                            on a trip and couldn't come by
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Mascarenas
dency, Larry and Rosie moved to                                          in person, he called.
Paradise, California, where he                                              With tears in his eyes, Alfonso
set up practice with a classmate,                                        Mascarenas finished his testi-
Dr. Roy Smith. Besides being a                                           mony by saying, "Sure his mother
success professionally, Larry                                            and I are sad. Our boy wanted
was devoted to his church and                                            to live to help people, but he
especially its young people. He                                          answered the Master's call.
taught Sabbath School, worked                                            Through this experience per-
with Pathfinders, assisted with                                          haps many more will know of
campouts and projects including                                          God's love than if he had lived.
                                                                         We leave it in God's hands."
                                                                                         Richard W. Bendall
2 RECORD I June 12, 1987
Metroplex Celebrates                           checks were available that day for
                                               the community, who were invited to
Hospital Week
  In honor of National Hospital
Week, May 10-16, Metroplex Hospital
                                                  Employee Recognition Day was
                                               held on Thursday. On Friday, Metro-
                                               plex Hospital departments took part
                                                                                                                   \ ^ ^
                                                                                                                     \*tf ff*            -<P|
in Killeen, Texas, held several events
for both the community and the                 in a health fair at the Fort Hood Post                 A few of the many volunteers that made Health
                                               Exchange to help the Darnall Army                      Check '87 a success.
   Area mayors were invited to the             Community Hospital in celebration                      ments for the tests which included
hospital on Monday for a tour and              of National Hospital Week.                             height, weight, blood pressure, fit-
update on the progress of Metroplex.                                   Joyce S. Mayer                 ness, and flexibility, percent body fat
Tuesday was set aside for the annual            Director of Marketing/Development                     measurement, breast exam, vision,
foundation trustee meeting.                                                                           glaucoma, hearing, lower leg, lung
   On Wednesday, the Metroplex                 Health Fair                                            function, and blood work.
Hospital Auxiliary sponsored a rib-            Sponsored by Hays                                        Those who attended were in and
bon cutting ceremony officially                                                                       out within one hour. There were also
opening the new automatic doors to               Hays Memorial Hospital in San                        30 booths of exhibits to educate the
the hospital, which the Auxiliary pur-         Marcos, conducted a mass screening                     community in different areas of
chased. The opening of a new surgi-            day and health fair on April 23. The                   specialization.
cal waiting room, furnished by the             community was invited to receive                         Ray Carney, the new hospital pres-
Auxiliary was also celebrated with a           $300 worth of medical testing for                      ident, planned the event.
ribbon cutting. Free blood pressure            only $5.00.                                                                          Jodi Kirk
                                                 Over 1,000 people made appoint-                                  Public Relations Secretary

Southwestern Adventist College
Visitation Day Planned                         can, and come for the entire week-
                                               end," Brown says. Those wishing
                                                                                                         Special events are planned not
                                                                                                      only for the students but also for vis-
At Southwestern                                to visit the campus for the weekend                    iting pastors. Dr. Roger Coon and Dr.
  College Visitation Day at South-             should contact the recruitment                         Robert Olson from the White Estate
western Adventist College is scheduled         office for reservations by calling                     will lecture on current topics for pas-
for June 28, according to Victor               800/433-2440 (outside Texas), or col-                  tors and parents while students are
Brown, assistant to the president for          lect at 817/645-5613 (inside Texas).                   involved in touring the campus.
recruitment. The day is specifically
planned for high school seniors and
college-age young people throughout
                                               HOMCOMING 1987 IN PICTURES: (Left) Don
the Southwestern Union.                        Schneider ('62) spoke in the Keene church on
   Activities for the day will begin           Sabbath of alumni weekend, April 9 to 12.
with registration at 9:30 a.m. in the          Schneider, president of the Rocky Mountain
                                               Conference, was selected as co-Alumnus of the
Mabee Center, followed by financial            Vear. Other honorees included Lloyd Funk-
aid planning, academic counseling,             houser / '47), co-Alumnus of the Year; Betty Bell
campus tours, meetings with admin-             Gibb ('57), Alumna of the Year; and Hall of
                                               Fame inductees Jimmie C. Culpepper('27), Wil-
istrators and professors, preregistra-         lardB. Johnson ('32), Hubert V. Reed ('32), and
tion for the fall semester, and recrea-        Lillie Belle Clause Sanders ('47).
tional activities.                             (Right) Outgoing Alumni Association president
   "I'd like to encourage pastors to           Charles Beeler ('38) greets alumni gathered for
bring as many young people as they             the Friday prayer breakfast during Southwest-
                                               ern Adventist College's Homecoming Weekend.
Victor Brown, assistant to the president for   Beeler served as presiden t for three years; elected
recruitment, will conduct Southwestern's       to serve in the position was Howard Voss ('46).
summer visitation day June 28.                                          (Photos by Earle Cabansag)

                                                                                                      The theme of Southwestern Adventist College's
                                                                                                      Homecoming Weekend was music, and Dr. John
                                                                                                      Read invited all members of his Mizpah Chora-
                                                                                                      liers (1962 to 1980) to return to campus to sing
                                                                                                      In the Alumni Choraliers. Here they rehearse for
                                                                                                      their Sabbath performances.
                                                                                                                               (Photo by Norbert Andrus)

                                                                                                                   June 12, 1987 / RECORD 3
                    Strange Fire Upon God's Altar (Part V)
                    Dealing with Denominational Offshoots
                         Some "offshoots" actually began as personal or private ministries with good inten-
Cyrii Miller          tions and objectives. At some point, perhaps even unexpectedly, a change occurred as
                      they offered "strange fire" upon God's altar. Lev. 10:1.
   At first they occasionally withheld some of their own tithe and used it for their private ministry. Later
they accepted tithe from others. In doing this they ventured upon the "enchanted ground" of Satan's
   In their so-called work of reform or endeavors to liberate the church, they made a discovery. They
could receive tithe support from certain members when they criticized the leaders, doctrine, or organiza-
tion of the church.
   Sooner or later this financial support gave a false sense of divine endorsement. As "strange fire" was
placed upon God's altar, they felt God was honoring their work. But according to Mal. 1:10, no such bless-
ing occurs when we misdirect God's tithe.
   Their distribution of printed materials, expressing false views or grievous attitudes, produced increasing
amounts of tithe from people whose beliefs or feelings were much the same. Thus they became hardened
or entrenched in persistent opposition to God's remnant church. Eph. 4:30.
   Those who rally and support such ministries are like Uzzah who thought he was doing a good work
when actually he was going against a direct command of God. These individuals are reaching out with
unholy hands to "steady the ark" of God's church, which they perceive to be falling. I Chron. 13:9, 10.
   God's church may be "enfeebled and defective," but it "is the only object upon earth upon which Christ
bestows His supreme regard," Testimonies to Ministers, p. 49. He will not allow it to be dashed upon the
rocks of spiritual and organizational disruption.
   May God help each of us to receive the "eyesalve" of the Holy Spirit so we can discern our true
motives and see our rightful relationship to this very serious spiritual condition found in Laodicea today.
Rev. 3:18.
   I earnestly pray that God will enable all of us to love and live "the truth as it is in Jesus" and be com-
pletely loyal to Him and His wonderful church.

                                                                         Huguley Hospital Tops Early
                                                                         Adventist Sanitarium Approach
      What's In a Name?                                                     Early Adventist sanitariums were
                                                                         relatively limited in their contacts
      <Seventh-day Adventists                                            with people as compared to our hos-
      A people of                          A society of                  pitals today. Huguley's Home Health
                                                                         Agency has visited 22,370 patients in
        Prophecy                              Saints                     their homes since beginning March
      A movement of                        A conference of               5, 1984. According to Director San-
        Destiny                               Congregations              dra Banfield, they do home nursing,
                                                                         physical therapy, speech therapy,
      A communion of                       A community of                and general technical assistance.
        Followers                             Servants                      The Home Health Service also
                                           A church of                   offers excellent opportunity for Chris-
      A fellowship of                                                    tian witness. Never in the history of
        believers                             Character                  Adventist Health Ministry has such
      A message of                         A kingdom of                  an impact been made in the homes of
        Truth                                 Priests                    people as today!

      A mission of                         A commonwealth of
        Mercy                                 Caring                     May Sabbath Attendance Report
                                                                         Ark-La .............. 4,937       60%
              "The remnant of... " Rev. 12:17                            OK ................. 3,446        55%
              "The church of the living God." I Tim. 3:15                SW Region .......... 3,989        34%
                                                                         Texas.............. 76,006        79%
                                                                         Texico .............. 3,174       68%
                                                                         SW Union.......... 31,552         62%
          Y,ou've heard it's
          hot in Texas in
          the summer.
             It is.
             But summer school is hot, too, at
          Southwestern Adventist College!
             You can pick up a free college class
          if you've never been a Southwestern
          student before. You can get a job lined
          up for the fall. You can get settled into
          a dorm. (An air-conditioned one.)
             Our summer classes for new students
          run July 27 to August 21.
             Your grades can sizzle in Intro to
          Business taught by Alan Weis (you've
          seen him in Insight ads); in Intro to
          Chemistry with Dr. Barbara Jones
          (you've seen her in Insight, too); or in
          Life and Teachings of Jesus with Dr.
          Mel Underbill.
            To tell you the truth, it's pretty cool
          to get a head start at a hot college -
          Southwestern Adventist College.

  ,t.     Adventist            College
**i« <a             Keene, TX 76059
           1-800-433-2240 (outside Texas)
          & collect 817-641-5613 (in Texas)
Tulsa Students Earn
AJY Honors
   The students at Tulsa Adventist       sixth grades have also completed the
Academy are working on the Advent-       requirements for the honors in          Michael Pilgrim, a sixth grader, dissecting a
ist Junior Youth honors in prepara-      mammals and dogs.                       frog.
tion for the May 11 Investiture.           Special attention was given by
Grades one to four are studying          grades five to twelve to the sand       world. Much to their surprise, post-
Indian lore, while grades three to six   honor. They made a collection of        masters in various states have
are learning about cats, ceramics,       sand samples from around the            responded to their request to send
and sign language. The fifth and                                                 sand samples from their area. As a
                                                                                 result, hundreds of various sand
                                                                                 samples have been shared, traded,
                                                                                 and collected.
        Oklahoma Camp Meeting                                                       Under the direction of Gary Affol-
                                                                                 ter, the principal, a former science
                          JULY 17 25, 1987                                       teacher, fifth and sixth graders have
                                                                                 recently dissected a frog, noting
HOLY SPIRIT: Presence, Power, Practice                                           comparisons of its digestive system
                                                                                 to that of humans.
Come for a "Spiritual Transfusion " of                                              Every Thursday afternoon the
                                                                                 fifth and sixth graders have visited
                                                                                 church shut-ins, giving them some-
                                                                                 thing they have made in class as a
                   Sabbath, July 25                                              token of love.
H. M. S. RICHARDS, JR., Speaker                                                                           Ellen Briscoe
           11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.                                                    Teacher, Fifth and Sixth Grades
                Thursday, July 23
           ROSS HARRIS, Speaker
                       11:00 a.m.

                                   July 19-24, 7:30 p.m.
                                   DR. RALPH S. LARSON
                                   "Christ in You — The Hope of Glory'
                                   July 25, 4:00 p.m.
                                   ROGER NELSON
                                   in "An Afternoon with John Wesley"
                   Julv25, 2:15 p.m.
          JIM McDONALD, Soloist, and
                      July 19, 5:30 p.m.
                 "YOU ARE SPECIAL"
   Dinner for Senior Members — Lodge

                                                                                These people are taking a quiz. They are attending a
                                                                                Revelation Seminar in Tulsa where Revelation
                                                                                Seminars seem to be in operation year round.
                                                                                Throughout Oklahoma seminars have become a
                                                                                way of life. More than 250 of them will be held dur-
                                                                                ing 1987. ONWARD OKLAHOMA 2% will be
                                                                                part of each one. Oklahoma Seventh-day Advent-
                                                                                ists are serious about the gospel commission taking
                                                                                the "good news" to everyone in our local mission

                   Continued next RECORD.....
                                                                                 OKLAHOMA 2%
6 RECORD / June 12, 1987                                                         BRANDING OKLAHOMANS FOR CHRIST
Sanchez Finds Christ in
Altus Revelation Seminar
    Santiago Sanchez and his wife
were baptized while living in Coeur d'
Alene, Idaho. Later, his wife left him
and in his desperate loneliness, San-
tiago started going to bars. But he
still suffered the pain of knowing
God was not happy with his drinking.
He would go home, pick up his Bible,
read it, and pray that God would help
him stop going to the bars and start
going back to Sabbath School and          Santiago Sanchez (left) with Pastor J. R. Haney       Santiago Sanchez, Mary Luton, and Connie Sul-
church. However, cigarettes and           at his side, gives his testimony after his baptism.   livan receive their baptismal certificates from
alcohol had their bands tightly en-                                                             Pastor J. R. Haney as a result of a Revelation
twined around him and he thought                                                                Seminar in Altus.
                                          two packs of cigarettes, he smoked
himself unfit to go to church.            one and began on the other. The                       eternal life with his Saviour and
    Traveling with some friends, Santi-   Holy Spirit was working with him                      Friend.
ago arrived in Altus, Oklahoma, with      and he was able to say, "I do not want                  Santiago's new prayer is, "Lord,
no money and no car. He took a job        to smoke any more of these! I will                    send a friend to talk to about the
to get just enough money to get out       leave this pack lying right here, but I               wonderful changes You have
of town. While waiting to get enough      will not smoke any more of them."                     brought about in my life." And when
cash to leave, he met a lady friend.      He has no desire to smoke another                     old acquaintances appear at his door
They went into partnership as co-         cigarette — another victory gained                    and invite him to partake with them
owners and managers of a Mexican          through God's power.                                  in the drug and alcohol scene, he is
bar in Altus, which lasted about two         After his baptism on April 11, San-                able to tell them, "No, that is not for
years. During this time he was intro-     tiago testified to the power of God in                me any more." He takes the oppor-
duced to drugs. When smoking mari-        his life by sharing his story with his                tunity to share with them the won-
juana no longer gave him a high,          fellow church members. He knows                       derful changes God has brought into
Santiago decided that neither it nor      that the pendant, earrings, beer,                     his life. He tells them of Jesus and His
any other drug was for him.               drugs, and cigarettes which he gave                   love for them. He introduces them to
    At this point, Santiago was study-    up are a very small price to pay for                  His best Friend, his Liberator.
ing his Bible and praying the Lord to
help him find a Spanish-speaking
Seventh-day Adventist church which                                     Reservation for
could help him get back to God. But
in Altus there was no Spanish-                                   OKLAHOMA CAMP MEETING
 speaking Adventist church and he                         Wewoka Woods Adventist Center • July 17-25, 1987
had no car to seek one in another            Name. _________________ Telephone_____________
 town; so he changed his prayer, tell-       Address.
 ing the Lord that he would try the
 English-speaking Adventist church.          Citv__                             State.      .Zip.
    Remembering an advertisement in          Date of Arrival ___________ Date of Departure.
 the newspaper about a Revelation            DEPOSIT: A deposit of $10.00 (non-refundable unless notified by July 9) is required with
 Seminar, he went to the church the          each reservation. The balance is due upon arrival. Reservations will be canceled after 6:00
                                             p.m., Friday, July 17, unless notified of late arrival. Applications for the full week will be
 following Sabbath and told Pastor J.        considered first.
 R. Haney he wanted to come back to           RESERVATIONS must be in our office by July 9. Make checks payable to the Oklahoma
 the church and be an active member.          Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and mail to P.O. Box 32098, Oklahoma City, Okla-
 He was told of the Revelation                homa 73123. Plan to arrive early on Friday in order to be settled and ready for the Sabbath
 Seminar and arrangements were                and the first meeting that evening.
 made for someone to give him a ride          ——— Tent, with electricity ............ $38.00 per week .                 _ $5.00 per night
 each evening. When the lesson on             ___ Steel cot with mattress .......... $ 4.00 per week                    - $l.00pernight
 baptism was presented and the invi-          ____ Chair .......................... $ 1.00 per week                     - $ ,50 per night
 tation given to be baptized, Santiago                                                      (each)                             (each)
                                              ___ Campsite for private tent or trailer $35.00 per week                  - $4.00per night
 responded along with two other                   (electricity only)
 persons.                                     ___ R V Hookup. ..^................. $70.00 per week                      _ $8.00per night
    Gainfully employed, but no longer                (electricity, water, sewer)
 associated with the bar, Santiago            ___ Cabin space .................... $27.00 per week                      - $4.00per night
 tried very hard to give up drinking                                                   (per person)                         (per person)
 and cigarette smoking. He did not            Indicate: age_____       handicapped____     single___                     couple___
 succeed on his own efforts. When he          (Age needed for cabins, only.)
 prayed that the Lord would take the          Cabins will be available for those 60 years and older or the handicapped. Two cabins will
  habits from him, God answered that          be for ladies only. The remaining cabins will be for married couples, but will be
                                              dormitory-style living, ladies on one end and men on the other, with two sets of restroom
  prayer by making him extremely ill          facilities. Limited cooking is permitted in the cabins.
  when he took a drink of beer.               Mail with your deposit to: Oklahoma Conference of SDA • P.O. Box 32098
  Through God's power he had the vic-                                    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73123 Attn: Camp Meeting
  tory! When Santiago bought the last
                                                                                                             June 12, 1987 I RECORD 7
                                                                                                     Guest speakers and former pastors: (From left)
Bentonville, Arkansas, Church Dedication                                                             Cyril Miller, Southwestern Union Conference
                                                                                                     president; Edmund Klute, former pastor; W. L.
                                                                                                     Woodruff, local conference president; Alvin Wil-
                                                                                                     son, former pastor; Lee Kretz, former pastor;
                                                                                                     Paul Clark, present pastor; and Marshall Chase,
                                                                                                     conference treasurer.

Bentonville Church dedicated April 18.
                                                                                                     Among other volunteers, these five men carried
                                                                                                     a large responsibility in the operations and
                                                                                                     workmanship of the church edifice. From left:
Spanish Crusade                                                                                      Albert Jordan, committee chairman; Pastor
                                                                                                     Paul Clark; Carl demons, Architect; Rex Vox;
Held in New Orleans                                                                                  and Jerry McGraw.
   A well-publicized evangelistic
campaign has just been completed in
New Orleans. Milton Peverini of the
Spanish Voice of Prophecy began as
speaker of the series in the Quality
Inn Midtown. Over 350 people were                   The Bentonville church at one time seemed
in attendance nightly. The same good                doomed to extinction when only two praying
attendance continued as Evangelist                  members were left. Pat Kohley and Georgia
                                                    Medcalf (at right) continued meeting together
Luis German Cajiga assumed the                      and praying that the Lord would send the right
leadership of the latter part of the                persons to help His work to prosper. The Lord
meetings and dwelt on the testing                   answered by sending W. H. Howard and wife        Bringing greetings from the city of Bentonville
                                                    Marguerite. This seemed to be a turning point    was Mayor Steve Berchey (left). Also, represent-
truths.                                             and since that time the Bentonville Church has   ing the local Chamber of Commerce was Andy
   At the close of that phase of the                flourished.                                      Lee accompanied by his wife.

                                                    meetings 11 persons indicated a
                                                    desire to prepare for baptism. Four              OAA Choir, Band
                                                    of these are attending church now.               Visit Mountain Home
                                                      Lucas Diaz, pastor, and Arnaldo
                                                                                                       The Mountain Home, Arkansas,
                                                    Bello, personal ministries director,
                                                                                                     church invited the choir and band
                                                    are using a smaller room in the same
                                                    location to host Friday evening meet-            from Ozark Adventist Academy to be
Milton Peverini presenting Evangelist Luis Cajiga                                                    their guests for Sabbath services on
as he comes forward to assume leadership of the     ings in order to follow the interests
New Orleans Spanish meetings.                       and prepare them for baptism.                    April 25. The National Guard Armory
                                                                                                     was rented for the day to accommo-
                                                                                                     date the 175 persons who attended.
                                                                                                     The Mountain Home members felt
                                                                                                     they were privileged to have the visit
                                                                                                     of these young people as this trip was
                                                                                                     only the second time the band and
                                                                                                     choir had spent a weekend away
                                                                                                     from the Academy.
                                                                                                       Both the band and choir partici-
                                                                                                     pated in the Sabbath School and
                                                                                                     church services. They gave a sacred
                                                                                                     concert in the morning, and a secular
                                                                                                     band concert in the evening. Both
Milton Peverini speaking to a capacity crowd in the Quality Inn Motel in New Orleans.                groups were under the direction of
                                                                                                     Bruce Kuist, music director of the
Ozark Academy Choir                                                                                  Academy.
                                                                                                       A potluck noon meal was provided
                                                                                                     for everyone, and a 6:00 p.m. supper
                                                                                                     was served to the students. The
                                                                                                     young people were entertained in the
                                                                                                     church members' homes.
                                                                                                                                 Kay Cree
                                                                                                                Communication Secretary
Second Family Life                            Administering Trusts                                   Eagle Pass. When brochures were sent
                                                                                                     out, there was no response. So he
Convention Held                               (Continued)                                            decided to hold it in Crystal City. There
                                                                                                     was a good response, and 17 were bap-
  Over 400 persons attended the                  The trust officer of the Texas Con-                 tized. Now the church that should have
seven seminars offered at the                 ference introduced this month is                       closed but didn't has a congregation.
Second Family Life Convention.                Gaston Wallace, a field representative.            •   Sign at an Arlington Baptist church:
Rene and Alvy Quispe coordinated                                  He was born in                     "Happiness is the flag that waves from
the three-day event held in Keene.                              Burnet, Texas. He is                 the human heart when the King is in
                                                                married to Marjorie                  residence."
Positive comments abounded during                                                                •   Texas Conference tithe increased for
seminar breaks.                                                 Sue Miller (sister of                the 4th quarter of 1986. The per capita
                                                                Cyril Miller, union                  giving was up from $ 131.27 to $ 156.51.
                                                                president) of Sapulpa,           •   Corpus Christi will host Conference
                                                                Oklahoma. They                       President Bill May for a week of evan-
                                                                have two children,                   gelism, June 6-13. Interest names from
                                                                twins: Karen Sue                     the area should be sent to the pastor,
                                                                Hill of Keene, Texas,                Brian Savage.
                                                Gaston Wallace and Linda Lou Nor-                •   Amazing Facts Folders by Joe Cruz:
                                                                ris, of Jefferson,                   If you have folders to donate or know
                                                                                                     of someone who does, please contact
                                              Texas.                                                 Pastor Henry Barren hy writing to the
                                                 Wallace is a graduate of South-                     Arlington Adventist Church at 4409
                                              western Junior College, received a B.S.                Pleasantview Drive, Arlington, Texas
                                              from Union College, and holds a                        76017 or by calling the church at
Family Life Directors, Rene & Alvy Quispe      master's degree from Louisiana                        817/483-4837.
introducing their Second Annual Family Life                                                      •   The Texas Association of Non-public
Convention.                                   State University. He has served the
                                                                                                      Schools (TANS) has elected Jim Clizbe
                                              denomination for 40 years as a litera-                  vice president. Clizbe serves the Texas
                                              ture evangelist, a teacher in acade-                    Conference as superintendent of
                                               mies and junior academies, an asso-                    Adventist schools. TANS was organized
                                               ciate book editor at Southern                          to monitor State Legislation that may
                                               Publishing Association, and a pastor.                  affect non-public schools. Its members
                                               He has been involved in trust service                  represent most major denominations,
                                                                                                      Catholic and protestant. Our common
                                               work since 1984.                                       bond is to protect our schools from
                                                                                                      government infringement while simul-
                                              FAST FACTS                                              taneously endorsing the state's goals in
                                                                                                      advancing education."Contrary to
                                              • Charles H. Tidwell, president of the Sri              what many people think, our state offi-
                                                Lanka Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka, will                 ces governing education are anxious to
                                                be the guest speaker for the New Hope                 cooperate with the private schools,"
Marcia Dyche teaching "Parenting With Love"
                                                Church Homecoming, June 27. This                      said Clizbe. "They recognize very well
— Video tapes will be available through the     special one-day celebration will be held              the huge monetary savings they enjoy
Conference Print Shop. Call Spencer Gordon,     in the Adventist church in Marietta.                  as a direct result of denominational
817/641-4143.                                   Evelyn Tidwell will give a first-hand                 schools." Clizbe was the unanimous
                                                report on the mission work in the Far                 choice for vice president from this
                                                East during the Sabbath School.                       select group. Texas Adventists can be
Mother in Prison                              • God is still on the throne. Since there               assured that we not only have a pres-
                                                were virtually no members left, it had                ence in high places but a capable,
Gladdened by ASM                                been voted to close the Crystal City                  respected advocate. Clizbe also serves
   Valentine's Day was celebrated in            church. A year later the Conference                   on the board of TEPSAC, a spin-off of
a unique way by the Adventist Sin-              Committee repeated its vote to close.                 TANS, whose specific responsibility is
                                                Still no action. David Contreras chose                to determine acceptable qualifications
gles Ministries of Keene. In conjunc-           to hold a Revelation Seminar in nearby                 for accreditation.
tion with their annual party they held
a baby shower for three-month-old
Kinta, and his mother LaSonva.                (Left photo) David Patterson, party photographer, gets his picture taken holding little Kinta. (Right
LaSonya is an inmate of the Federal           photo) Stella Harris, president, Keene ASM Chapter, holding baby Kinta. The baby's mother, La
                                              Sonya (left) is seated by Donna Bailey, director of the MINT program.
Correctional Institution in Fort
   For about a year and a half, the
Adventist Prison Commission,
directed by Tim Culver, has been
working with many mothers in pri-
son through a program called MINT
(Mothers and Infants Together). ASM
responded to Tim's invitation to con-
duct this baby shower. Both mother
and baby joined in the fun as they
 received "showers" of gifts and
 much love.
                                                 Texas Conference
         Adventist                               Entertains Alvarado
      Singles Ministry                             The Texas Conference is the larg-
     1987 CAMP MEETING                           est employer in the city of Alvarado,
           Keene,Texas                           and occupies the largest office build-
        June 28 — July 4                         ing there. Recognizing the civic
      Fellowship & Recreation                    responsibility that this entails, the
      Six Flags - Wet & Wild                     Conference hosted a dinner and
                                                 made a contribution to the city.
      Tuesday and Wednesday                        One hundred thirty non-Adventists
       Inspiration and Counsel                   gathered in the Conference assembly
   Monday-Thursday-Friday-Sabbath                room to listen to the mayor and
GYM: Will be open until 12:00 midnight every     other officials outline the needs of                Alvarado Mayor John Moore accepting check
                                                 the city. Visitors toured the office                from Ross Lauterbach, conference treasurer.
  evening except Friday.
SWIMMING POOL: Will be open until 11:30          building and received brochures on                   hospitality seemed to warm the
  every evening except Friday.                   the Adventist denomination, the                      hearts of the guests, and they liked
CAFETERIA:                                       Texas Headquarters, and a book,                      the vegetarian dinner catered by
  BREAKFAST $3.25 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. [M-F]         What the News Media Doesn't Tell                     Anna Simpson of Southwestern
                        7:30 - 8:00 a.m. (S-S)   You, by Don and Marjorie Gray. The                   Adventist College.
  LUNCH        $3.50 12:00-1:00 p.m.
  SUPPER       $3.25 5:00 - 5:30 p.m.
DORM: Double occupancy S7.50 per individ­
  ual per night.
  Full Week:          ASM Member $60.00
                       Non Member 85.00
  Three days or less: ASM Member $40.00
                       Non Member 55.00
Mail Reservations by June 23, to:
  Diane Butler
  415 S. WestgateDr. #20
  Weslaco. Texas 78596
For Information Call:
  Custer Feather (817) 645-3573
  Howard Sinclair (817] 641-4102
                                                 Buffet dinner for the officials and citizens of Alvarado.

Saragosa Sanctuary                               Amarillo Students                                   cosponsors of the award program. In
                                                                                                     praising the students, Haywood said,
Unharmed by Storm                                Win State Award                                     "We applaud their accomplishments
  The Saragosa church building was                   Students from the Amarillo                      and the recognition they bring to
left intact by the tornado that                  Adventist School were recently noti-                themselves, their school, and their
wrought severe damage to the city                fied that they were winners of the                  community through this award."
on Friday night, May 22. Edward                  State Champion Physical Fitness                       In a congratulatory letter, Mark
Herbert Berdan, 70, was the only                 Award. Official notifications of the                White, then Texas Governor, wrote,
Seventh-day Adventist church                     award selection came to Deloris Tru-                "Your outstanding efforts in keeping
member to lose his life in the storm.            jillo, school principal, from George                physically fit exemplify the spirit of
Two other members are reported                   Alien, chairman of the President's                  this award and make you truly
hospitalized in critical condition. The          Council of Physical Fitness and                     deserving of this honor." The State
church school building which was                 Sports, and Hal Haywood, acting                     Champion Physical Fitness Award
located in another section was de-               executive vice president of the Amer-               program recognizes schools in three
molished. Some of the church                     ican Alliance for Health, Physical                  enrollment categories in each state
members lost their homes.                        Education, Recreation, and Dance,                   that have the highest percentage of
  The Texico Conference disaster                 U.S. Congressman, Beau Boulter and Amarillo Adventist School Texas State Physical Fitness cham-
van went to the stricken area at once.           pions (from left): Krystal Tyler, Sandy Chapman, Joquita Swingle, Laura Trujillo, Misty Stuteville,
                                                 Brian Vaughn, and Tanya Stuteville.
Several male students and faculty
members from Sandia View
Academy went and worked Saturday
night, Sunday, and Monday in the
disaster relief operation. Members
from the Odessa, Pecos, Van Horn
and El Paso churches also helped.

10 RECORD I June 12, 1987
students who qualify for the Presi-
dential Fitness Award on the Youth
                                                 Odessa Spanish Holds
Fitness test. Fifty percent of all eligi-        Revelation Seminars
ble students at Amarillo Adventist                 On Sabbath and Wednesday even-
School achieved well enough to earn              ings, Faustino Baeza, first elder of the
the Presidential Award and to rank               Odessa Spanish church, conducts a
within the top 15 percentile of all              Revelation Seminar in Spanish.
students in the nation who took the              Twenty-two adults are registered.              A quilt made by the ladies of the Odessa, Texas,
tests.                                                                                          Spanish church. Luzmila Herrera fright) is
                                                   J. L. Muniz, church treasurer, is            director of Community Services, and Adelaida
   Commenting on the recognition                 teaching a Revelation Seminar in               Burciaga is director of personal ministries.
accorded the achievements of her                 English for the young people at the
students, Deloris Trujillo noted that            same time.
"the Adventist philosophy of educa-                                                             Bible Course
tion emphasizes not only the spiritual
and intellectual development of each                                                            Leads to Baptism
student but also his/her physical                                                                  Alberto Munoz studied his Bible
development. This recognition and                                                               and took the Bible lessons offered by
award make all of the work and sac-                                                             the Voice of Prophecy.
rifice worthwhile."                                                                                After completing the course, he
    U. S. Congressman Beau Boulter                                                              wrote to the Voice of Prophecy to
 made the formal presentation of the                                                            help him find someone in his area
awards at a special ceremony on                                                                 with whom he could share his new-
Thursday, November 13, 1986, at the                                                             found faith.
 Olson Park Seventh-day Adventist                                                                  His name was sent to Pastor Car-
 church. The event was marked by                                                                Ivle Raymond and they began stu-
 television and press coverage.                                                                 dies together in his home.
                                                 Faustina Baeza conducts a Revelation Seminar
                                                                                                   On April 4, Alberto and his wife
Maranatha Pathfinders                            in Spanish.
                                                                                                Irma Maria with her children, Mabel,
Camp in Wilderness                                                                              Isabelle, Jazhol, and Delfino Moreno,
                                                                                                were baptized into the Deming, New
   Saragosa's Maranatha Pathfinders                                                             Mexico, church, along with her niece.
spent the weekend of April 11 in the                                                            On this same date, Wilfredo Rascon,
wilderness south of Interstate High-                                                            Jr. was baptized. His father, Wil-
way 10. There was no water or elec-                                                             fredo, Sr., 2 sisters, a brother-in-law,
tricity, but only the world of wind                                                             and 2 nieces were baptized earlier.
and coyotes.                                                                                       The Deming church is growing.
   Friday afternoon the Pathfinders
and their leaders arrived at different                                                          Plans are now under way to enlarge
times. The first group set up the tents                                                         the church building. Several
and other important facilities. The                                                              members are giving Bible studies.
second group set up the rest of the                                                              Plans are to have a stop-smoking
camp, including the flagpoles.                                                                   class in the near future.
   Friday night the Sabbath evening              J. L. Muniz, church treasurer, teaching the                               June Tauton
vespers were conducted by Bill                   Revelation Seminars to the youth in English.                Communication Secretary
Wendt. This was a totally new expe-
rience for eight of the Pathfinders                 1987 Camp Texico Application                               OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                                               Date App. Rec'd ___ 19 .
who are not Seventh-day Adventists.
Sabbath morning they were awak-                     Mail with registration fee of $10 to:                      Rec. No. __________
                                                                                                               Amt. Enc. $ ________
ened by the two leaders singing to                  CAMP TEXICO                                                Bal. Due $ ________
the group and wishing them a happy                  P.O. Box 7770                                              Store # __________
 Sabbath.                                           Amarillo, TX 79109                                         C.____         _CH_
   After Sabbath School the Path-
                                                    Discount of $5 if application and deposit received before July 1. Total Camp Fee: 1st
 finders took a five-mile hike for                  child: $100; 2nd: $95: 3rd: $90.
 intermission. The Eagle (boys) coun-                       (Send separate application for each child)
 selor, KiKi, led the hike through                  (Camp Texico: July 12-19, 1987)
 mesquite and cactus up the slope of                Ages: Must be 9-14 years old
 the nearest hill. Louie Rojas, Saragosa            Working Youth: 15 & older — $75
 pastor, conducted the church                       Craft Fee $5.00. (Camp cost does not include materials used in crafts.)
 service.                                           The registration fee is not refundable. The balance is due on or before registration.
 Front row: Maria, Michelle, Pricilla, Ysenia,      Camper's Name _______________________________________
 Ramiro, Ki Ki, Danny, Chuyita, Lisa, and Lor-
 ena. Back row: Albert, Junior, and Manuel.         Telephone                        _Sex_                -Birthday-

                                                    Address _
                                                                                             _Church Preference.
                                                     We are in favor of the above person attending camp. As parents or legal guardian we
                                                     accept the conditions named, including the release of the Conference and camp
                                                     management from liability in case of accident or illness. Permission is granted for
                                                     emergency medical treatment if necessary.

                                                     Signature of parents or guardians ____________________________
                                                     Street __________'.__________________________________
                                                     Telephone: Day                                -Evening.
Especially for Juniors and Earliteens

The Hall of Faith
  Created for Sabbath School
"Sabbath School" means "World Mission"!
    For 110 years the Sabbath School has inspired men and women
"to go" and "to give." The lives of those who chose "to go" and
plant the third angel's message were filled with adventure, bravery,
emotion, and faith. The idea behind the HALL of FAITH is to tell
their stories.
   The Pacific Press and Mission Spotlight have joined talents in the
development of 24 stories in the form of books and audio-visual
programs. Persons selected for this distinction are those whose
lives demonstrated unusual faith. An honor plaque for each is hung
in the Mission Spotlight HALL of FAITH. The art piece for each
plaque is reproduced into posters, collector's cards—and, used for
the book cover.
   The tribute honors people like J. M. Andrews, O. E. Davis, Anna
Knight, Dr. Harry Miller—the list goes on! Their stories have price-
less value: they instill future goals, they rebuild childhood dreams,
they provide a deep respect for the roots of this church.
    "The whole purpose," say the producers, "is to rekindle the fire
of the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the hearts of
our young people. Our generation has an obligation to tell these
stories! And, to keep on telling them! After we are gone, who will

    Six Programs and Books a Year
From Mission Spotlight—for use in Sabbath School
  • Audio-visual programs       • Posters
  • Hall of Faith logo          • Collector's cards
 For details or to order, contact your conference Sabbath School Depart-
ment, or write Mission Spotlight, 4284-D Memorial Drive, Decatur, Geor-
gia 30032, or call Mission Spotlight's toll-free number 1-800-221-8663,
ext. 222.
From Pacific Press - For every young person to build a
   • Companion books
   (Available at Adventist Book Centers)                          2233
General News
Hall of Faith Honors                                      Fortunately, Adventists don't have                   of our pioneers. Many, if not most,
                                                       to travel to Mission Spotlight head-                    have never heard these stories
Mission Pioneers                                       quarters to see the Hall of Faith.                      before," says Jerry Heinrich, narra-
   Football and baseball players,                      Each local church can create its own                    tor and producer of the series.
rodeo cowboys and rock and roll                        hall of faith in the earliteen and jun-                    For information on how to order
stars, to name but a few, are being                    ior Sabbath School rooms.                               the audio visual programs, posters,
inducted every year into halls of                         Mission Spotlight is reproducing                     and other materials, please contact
fame that honor them for the contri-                   the colorful montages, created exclu-                   your local conference Church Minis-
butions they have made in their                        sively for each plaque by Adventist                     tries Department or write to Mission
respective fields.                                     artist Jim Padgett, as posters that can                 Spotlight, P.O. Box 849, Decatur,
   Until now, however, there has                       be hung on the walls of the Sabbath                     Georgia 30031. You may also call
never been a "hall of faith" honoring                  School rooms.                                           Mission Spotlight's toll-free number:
the mission pioneers of the Adventist                     In addition, Mission Spotlight is                    1-800-221-8663, ext. 222.
Church who have left their homes                       also producing a 12-minute audio-
and sacrificed their lives to take the                 visual program on the life of each                      FFT Telecast Receives
                                                       honored missionary to be shown to
gospel of Jesus to people in foreign
                                                       juniors and earliteens during Sab-                      Broadcasters Award
lands — accomplishments that
render the exploits of athletes and                    bath School. The children will even                        Faith For Today's weekly series,
musicians meaningless in the light of                  be able to collect cards of each                         Christian Lifestyle Magazine,
eternity.                                              member of the Hall of Faith much                         received an Award of Merit in Pro-
   At Mission Spotlight headquarters                   like they do with baseball players.                      gram Production at the 44th annual
in Decatur, Georgia, such a hall of                    The cards will feature the same art-                     National Religious Broadcasters
faith was inaugurated early this year.                  work as the posters, with a brief bio-                  (NRB) convention in Washington,
Every two months a special plaque is                    graphical sketch printed on the back.                   D.C. in early February. Christian
hung in a room in honor of men like                     For more detailed information, the                      Lifestyle Magazine was one of only
J. N. Andrews, the denomination's                       children can buy books in the new                       three television ministries to be so
 first overseas missionary, and                         Hall of Faith Series published by                       honored.
 women like Anna Knight, the Missis-                    Pacific Press.                                            The award plaque and medallion
sippi slave girl who overcame pov-                         "The whole idea is to rekindle the                   were presented to Dan Matthews,
 erty and illiteracy to become an out-                  fire of the mission of the Seventh-                     executive producer and host of
 standing nurse and educator as well                    day Adventist Church in the hearts of                   Christian Lifestyle Magazine by Tom
 as a missionaory to India.                             our young people so that they will be                   Wallace, general manager of KFAX-
                                                        motivated to follow in the footsteps                    FM in San Francisco and a member
Announcements                                                                                                   of the NRB board of directors.

Upcoming programs and events that may be of interest to Record readers are announced here in brief. Additional information is available as indicated in each item.

National AAW Conference                                                             Teachers:                                 Dentists:
Scheduled for October
                                          Special People                              Elementary .............           2      General................. 8           3
                                          Resume of Unfilled                          Adult Education.........           1      Periodontist............. 1
  The Fifth National Conference                                                       Math-Physics............      2
of the Association of Adventist           Mission Opportunities                       Home Economics .......        1         Physicians:
Women will meet in Takoma Park,                                                       English .................     4    3      General.................       7     5
Maryland, October 8-11, 1987.                                                         Business-Commerce .....       2           Internal Medicine .:.....      3
  Sponsored by the Washington             Some of these opportunities are
                                          for volunteers, and some for                Bible ...................     2           Ob-Gyn .................       5
Metro Chapter of AAW. the con-                                                        Music ..................      2           Family Practice .........      2
ference's theme will be "The              regularly-employed denomina-
                                          tional workers. Many require a              Science .................     1           Pediatrics...............      2
Adventist Woman and the Caring                                                        Industrial Education.....     1    1      Radiology...............       2
Church." Programming will stress          specified academic and experience
                                          background, and some a second               Archeology .............      1           Ophthalmology..........        2
several areas: personal growth,                                                       Physical Education ......     1    1      Orthopedic Surgery .....       2
both social and spiritual, involve-       language proficiency.
                                                                      Reg. Vol.       Theology ...............      2
ment in church activities, unity of                                                   Chemistry ..............       1
men and women in all aspects of           Administrators:
                                             Auditors ................    3     1     Bible Instructors ........         2    Conference Postponed
church life, and development and
use of women's leadership talents            Directors:                                                                          The conference on The Seventh-
                                               Health & Temperance..      1         Nurses:                                    day Adventist Mission in a Secular
within the church.                                                                   Supervisors ............. 2         6
   Delegates and attendees from                Publishing ............    1                                                    World, originally scheduled for
                                               Mission ...............    3          Teachers................ 3                June 14-20 at Andrews University,
North America and around the
world will fellowship and study                Ministries .............   4                                                    announced in the May 22 issue of
                                             Development............            2    Office Skills:                            the Record, has been rescheduled
together at the meetings, which                                                        Accountants ............ 2
will be held in Sligo Church and             Pastors .................    4    11                                              for September of 1988. Particulars
                                             Dean of Girls ...........    1            Office Secretary.........         1     will be announced later and
Columbia Union College facilities.                                                     Computer Specialists ....         2
   Activities will include the               Consultant..............           1                                              further inquiries may be directed
Women of the Year banquet and                ADRA Directors .........      2                                                   to the Institute of World Mission at
                                             Food Company..........        1         Practical Skills:                         Andrews University, Berrien
award, keynote address, worships,                                                      Maintenance Engineers ..           5
seminars, musical programs, busi-                                                                                              Springs, Michigan, 49104.
                                           Medical-Related:                            Agriculturalists.......... !       1
ness meetings, social hour, an open                                                    Builders ................ 1
forum, agape supper, reception for           Physical Therapy........           1
                                             Laboratory Technology .. 2                Food Technicians .......           1
special guests, leadership dialogue,
and a special event that will focus          Dental Hygiene ......... 2
on challenging women to full par-            Dental Technicians ...... 1
ticipation in the church.
                                                                                                                              June 12, 1987 / RECORD 13
Cincinnati First Church               Milton, Wisconsin Marks                 Clear Lake                               planned for Friday evening and
                                                                                                                       Sabbath afternoon. Former pas-
Observes Centennial                   100th Anniversary                       Celebrates 90th                          tors, teachers and members are
  The First Church of Cincinnati,        The Milton (Jet.) Wisconsin            The Clear Lake, Wisconsin,             invited to attend. Anyone with cur-
Ohio will celebrate a centennial,     Church will celebrate on July 10-       Adventist Church will celebrate its      rent names and addresses is asked
July 3-4, 1987, according to A. C.     12, 1987, its 100th year of continu-   90th anniversary July 3-4. Elder         to send them to Mrs. Norman Brit-
Becker, pastor. All former            ous meeting in the original church      Dean Hubbard will be the Sabbath         ain, Rt. 2, Box 213 A, Clear Lake,
members are invited. Roland           building built in 1887. For informa-    morning speaker. Programs are            WI 54005. 715/263-2457.
Lehnhof, former pastor will be the    tion, contact Helen Anderson, P.O.
Sabbath worship speaker. For
details, write to Marvin Hugo, 3800
Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220.
                                      Box 234, Milton, Wisconsin 53563;
                                      608/868-2601.                           Obituaries
                                      Madison College
Rockford, Indiana                     Invites Alumni                          IVERSON, Cella Faye, was born            REITZ, Margaret Elizabeth, was
Church Centenary                                                              March 7, 1900, in Jasper County,         born Sept. 8, 1909, in PA, and died
                                        Madison College Homecoming            MO, and died Jan. 31, 1987, in Ft.       Feb. 23, 1987, in Ft. Worth, TX.
  The Rockford Church in Indiana      will be held in the Campus Church,      Worth, TX. Was a member of the           Was a member of the Ft. Worth
is conducting its 100th anniver-      Madison, TN, June 19-21, 1987.                                                   church. Survivors: sons, Ron and
                                                                              Keene, TX church. Worked as a
sary. July 25-26. Former members      Guest speakers: Ed Reid and             secretary in Adventist conference        John, both of Ft. Worth; daughters,
and pastors are invited to attend.    Henry Scoggins. Honor classes are       offices. Survivors: husband,             Eunice, Arlington, TX, Nancy, San
The main speaker will be Ralph        1927,' 1937, 1947, and 1962. By                                                  Bernardino, CA; brother, William
                                      request we are including Madison        Berger, Keene; sons, J. C. Lane, Jr.,
Watts of the General Conference.                                              Ft. Worth, TX, John Lane, Phoenix,       Ulrich, AZ; sister, Myrtle King, AZ;
Contact Jeanine Engle, 1500N          Academy Class of 1962. For more         AZ; and sister, Alsie Orr, Los           10 grandchildren; and 2 great
500W, Blufton, IN 46953.              information, write or call Mable        Angeles, CA. Burial was in Keene.        grandchildren. Burial was in Ft.
                                      Towery, Box 6303, Madison, TN                                John Griswell       Worth.
Centennial Set for                    37116.'Call 615/865-1615, or at the
                                                                                                                                                   Joe Ray
Fremont, Nebraska                     hospital, 615/865-2373, ext. 4626.      PETERSOM, Beulah M., was born
                                        The long awaited historical pic-      Dec. 25, 1905, in Huntington, WV,        SICHER, Anton, was born May 17
  The Fremont, Nebraska, Church,      ture book on Madison, titled Madi­
East 1st and North Platte, will                                               and died Feb. 18, 1987. in Hem-          1905, in Austria, and died Feb. 16,
                                      son College, School of Divine           phill, TX. Was a member of the           1987, in Keene, TX. Survivors:
celebrate its Centennial Program      Origin, is now on sale for $35.00.
Sabbath, August 15, 1987, starting                                            Hemphill church. Burial was in           wife, Paula, Austria; son, Erwin,
at 9:30 a.m. All former members                                               Hemphill.                                Keene. Burial was in Keene.
                                      Bangkok Hospital                                           Mavis Shockev                              John Griswell
and pastors who plan to attend are
urged to write to Hazel Friestad,     Anniversary
646 8th Street, Fremont, NE 68025,
or to Elder Harry E. Curl, 2405 6th
Street, Columbus, NE 68601.
                                        Bangkok Adventist Hospital in
                                      Bangkok, Thailand, will hold their
                                      50th anniversary celebration June
                                                                              Classified Advertisements
                                      3-6, 1987. See February 27, issue of
                                      the Record for more information.        Send all business notices to your local conference office for approval. Rate:
                                                                              $12.50 for one insertion, 50 words or less, including name and address;
                                                                              $15.00 for 51 to 60 words, plus $.25 for each additional word. (Ads originating
                                                                              outside the Southwestern Union: $17.50 for 50 words or less; $21.00 for 51 to

  NEW™                                                                        60 words, plus $.35 for each additional word.) Payment must accompany
                                                                              copy. No refund on cancellations. 80 words maximum. Limited display ad
                                                                              space available by arrangement with the editors.
                                                                                Classified advertising in the Southwestern Union Record is published as a
  Michael Pettijohn                                                           service to the members of the Southwestern Union Conference, and as an
                                                                              accommodation to the advertisers. It is printed without any express or
  AND                                                                         implied endorsement or recommendation by the publishers. The Record
                                                                              management reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. Such rejection is
  Chapel                                                                      not to be construed as disapproval of the product or service involved. The
                                                                              Southwestern Union Record does not accept responsibility for factual or
  Records                                                                     typographical errors in advertising.

 No                                                                           Employment
                                                                              ACCOUNTING PROFESSOR
                                                                                                                       LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY is
                                                                                                                       seeking a Health Educator to teach
                                                                                                                       in the undergraduate Health
                                                                                                                       Science program. Qualifications

                                                                              needed for the School of Business
                                                                              and Management. Minimum quali-           include a DHSc or equivalent
                                                                              fications: MBA and CPA or Masters        degree. Position requires teaching,
                                                                              in Accounting. Send resume to:           advising students, and coordinat-
                                                                              School of Business and Manage-           ing field work. Contact: Vernon
                                                                              ment, Loma Linda University — La         Scheffel, Chairman HPER
                                                                              Sierra Campus, Riverside, CA             Department, LLU, Riverside, CA
                                                                              92515, or call 714/785-2088. Dead-       92515,714/785-2082.           10-3t
                                                                              line: 6-30-87                 10-It
                                                                                                                       MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Man-
                                                                                                                       chester, Kentucky, has an opening
  *  Piano Arrangements by Michael Pettijohn                                  PEDIATRICIAN — Immediate                 for a Radiological Technologist. We
                                                                              need. Third pediatrician in town
  * Orchestra arranged and conducted by Tom Keene                             relocated practice out of the area
                                                                                                                       are in a rural area with an eight-
                                                                                                                       grade school and church adjacent.
  *  Produced by Jim McDonald                                                 for personal reasons, leaving a          Member AHS. Please call Richard
  * First album recipient of the 1986-87 Angel Award as                       deficit in pediatric coverage. Uni-      Smith at 606/598-5175, or write,
                                                                              versity city between Austin and          401 Memorial Drive, Manchester,
    Instrumental Album of the Year                                            San Antonio, population 30,000,          KY 40962. Think of the possibili-
  * Special appearance on July 25, Oklahoma Camp                              combined city-countv 65,000 with         ties!                          10-2t
    Meeting, Wewoka Woods                                                     large pediatric population. Ample
                                                                              office space immediately available.      MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Man-
  For concert information or booking:                                         Church and nine grade church             chester, Kentucky has an opening
                                                                              school. Climate and cultural             for a Physical Therapist. Good
        M. Pettljohn                                                          advantages good. Contact: Per-           benefits. Member AHS. Contact
        2508 Robin Circle                                                     sonnel 512/353-3200, or write to:        Richard J. Smith at 606/598-5175.
        Altus, Oklahoma 73521                                                 Personnel, P.O. Box 1666, San            Rural area, church and school
        405/477-0872                                                          Marcos, TX 78666.              9-2t      adjacent. Don't miss out on the
                                                                                                                       good life.                   10-2t

14 RECORD / June 12, 1987
NEEDED: LAUNDRY MAINTE-                   FOR SALE: Physician's 6-year-old
NANCE ENGINEER—An auto-                   3-bedroom, 2-bath country home
mated health systems laundry,             overlooking beautiful Lake Eucha
operated by the Adventist Health          near Jay, Oklahoma. 15 minutes to
Systems, is under construction in         SDA church, 30 minutes to 10-
the Southern California, Loma             grade SDA school, 45 minutes to             Official Organ of the Southwestern Union Conference
Linda area. It will feature the latest    Ozark Adventist Academy. Owner                            of Seventh-day Adventists
in computerized automated                 has noved, will sacrifice for no
washers and other high tech                                                                         Member, Associated Church Press
                                          money down, assume payments of
equipment. The facility will              $556 per month. 918/687-0566.             777 So. Burleson Blvd. • P.O. Box 4000         Burleson, TX 76028
 initially serve four hospitals and                                                                         817/295-0476
 produce 175,000 Ibs/wk. The                                          10-lt
 wages are competitive with the                                                                          Richard Bendall, Editor
 industry and will be commensu-           FOR SALE Country Classic, five                           Charles R. Beeler, Managing Editor
 rate with the experience of the          acres near Ozark Academy, five-
 applicant. The duties will be to         bedroom older home, shop, barn,             SOUTHWESTERN UNION CONFERENCE DIRECTORY
 maintain the equipment, boilers,         storage building, pasture, nice         President .............................................. Cyril Miller
 distribution rail system, folders,       garden spot, natural gas, paved         Secretary ........................................ Clayton Pritchett
 etc. Interested parties should con-      road, $55,000. Call 510/736-2204,       Treasurer .......................................... Max A. Trevino
 tact: Roger Miller, Personnel Ana-       501/736-8774, Dick Carlson, Gen-        Vice President..................................... Richard Bendall
 lyst, P.O. Box 2000, Loma Linda,         try Town & Country Realty, P.O.         Vice President........................................ W. C. Jones
 CA 92354. 714/824-4330.          9-2t    Box 676, Gentry, AR 72734. 10-lt        Vice President....................................... Max Martinez
                                                                                  Associate Treasurer................................ B. Page Haskell
DESIGNER. Review & Herald                 FOR SALE IN GENTRY: Brand               Associate Treasurer.................................... Don Upson
Publishing Association has an
opening for an Art Designer \vith         new two-bedroom home on dead                                       DEPARTMENTS
commercial design experience.             end street, nice lot, quality built,
                                                                                  Church Ministries, Sabbath School .................... Robert Wood
Send resume/slide portfolio to:           spacious, ready for comfortable         Communication ................................... Richard Bendall
Personnel, 55 West Oak Ridge Dr.,         living, $41,000.00. Call 501/736-       Education........................................... Frances Clark
Hagerstown, MD. 301/791-7000,             2204, 501/736-8774, Dick Carlson,       Health/Temperance, ASI, Community Services .......... Fred Murray
ext. 400.                    9-2t         Gentry Town & Country Realty,           Ministerial P.R.E.A.C.H. Program .................... John McFarlane
                                          P.O. Box 676, Gentry, AR 72734.         Publishing ........................................ Larry Townsend
REGISTERED NURSES: ICU/CCU,                                             10-lt     Religious Liberty ................................. Clayton Pritchett
Medical-Surgical nurses needed                                                    Retired Workers Fellowship ....................... B. L. Hassenpflug
for 50-bed hospital located in east       Miscellaneous______                     Stewardship.......................................... W. C. Jones
Tennessee. Excellent opportunity
to gain experience. Excellent                                                                    HOME HEALTH EDUCATION SERVICE
benefits. Near church and school.         OPENING SOON! A Christian
                                          Learning Center offering child          Director, HHES; ABC .............................. Larry Townsend
Contact Jack King, Jellico Com-                                                   Associate Director; Treasurer ....................... W. B. Robinson
munity Hospital, Route 1, Box 197,        care for ages 6 weeks — 12 years.
Jellico, TN 37762, 615/784-7252,          Programs include infant/toddler,                                  TRUST SERVICES
ext. 304.                     9-12t       preschool, kindergarten, school         Director ........................................... Charles O'Dell
                                          age. Hours 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.,       Treasurer ............................................. Don Upson
                                          Monday-Friday. Vegetarian meals.
Real Estate________                       Located at 725 E. Renfro, Burle-
                                          son, Texas, The Little Green                           LOCAL CONFERENCE DIRECTORY
FOR SALE — spacious house,                Caboose Learning Center, Inc.           ARKANSAS-LOUISIANA — William L. Woodruff, President; F. Lee
                                          Contact Virginia Gifford or Ellen        Thompson, Secretary; Marshall L. Chase, Treasurer; P.O. Box 31000
plus separate 3-room house with                                                     (7025 Greenwood Road). Shreveport, LA 71130.
2-car garage in Pur vis, MS.              Thomas. 817/447-1287.       10-lt
Approximately 1 mile from Bass                                                    OKLAHOMA — Robert Rider, President; Deryl Knutson, Secretary-
Memorial Academy, church, 120-            MOTOR HOME, Travel Trailer, 5th          Treasurer; (P.O. Box 32098) 4735 N.W. 63rd St., Oklahoma City, OK
bed medical center. 2,408 sq. ft. liv-    Wheel, or Tent Trailer in your           73132.
ing area with 336 sq. ft. porch,          future? Adventist owned and
                                          operated RV dealership can usu-         SOUTHWEST REGION — Richard E. Barron, President; S. L. Green,
upstairs 1200 sq. ft. 4 large rooms                                                 Secretary-Treasurer; (P.O. Box 226289) 2212 Lanark, Dallas, TX 75266.
with sheet rock available to finish,      ally save SDAs thousands of dol-
with bath. Appraised for over             lars. Most major brands available.      TEXAS — Bill May, President; Rex Bell, Secretary; R. Lauterbach,
$100,000. Will sacrifice for $75,000      Call 405/733-1753 and ask for             Treasurer; (P.O. Box 800) U.S. 67 & I-35, Alvarado, TX 76009-0800.
or $80,000 with adjoining lot 100 x       Jerry Watts or Lee Litchfield. Lee's
234. Phone 205/272-7493 or
                                          RV "City, 9300 SE 29, Oklahoma          TEXICO — Don K. Sullivan, President; Arnold Trujillo, Secretary; Edward
                                          City, OK 73 130.               5-26t      Stacey, Treasurer; (P.O. Box 7770) 4909 Canyon Dr., Amarillo,
504/893-4666.                   10-lt                                               TX 79114.

KEENE, TX Area — Buy now.                 FILM/VIDEO COMPETITION:
Interest rates going up. Several          Compete for cash awards by solv-        Those desiring to make wills, trust agreements, and annuities, should
beautiful brick homes available           ing one of several creative prob-       make them in favor of the legal association rather than the conference.
looking for new owners. For pic-          lems in either film or video. Entries   Write your conference Director of Trust Services for further Information.
tures and detailed info, contact          will be judged on creativity. Pro-
HERMAN GRIFFIN, Realtor/As-               fessional equipment not required.                   ADVENTIST BOOK CENTER DIRECTORY
sociate, Century 21, A-One Realty,        For more information write to
 1510 W. Henderson, Cleburne, TX          CREATIVE VIDEO COMPETI-                 ARKANSAS-LOUISIANA — 7025 Greenwood Rd., P.O. Box 31000,
76031. Office: 817/641-9817.              TION. Review and Herald Publish-         Shreveport, LA 71130. 318/631-6248.
Home: 817/641-8565.         6-10t         ing Assoc., 55 West Oak Ridge Dr.,      OKLAHOMA — 4735 NW 63rd St., P.O. Box 32188, Oklahoma City, OK
                                          Hagerstown, MD 21740.            9-2t    73123.405/721-6114.
                                                                                  SOUTHWEST REGION — 2215 Lanark, P.O. Box 226289, Dallas, TX
Sunset Calendar                                                                    75266. 214/948-6382.
                                                                                  TEXAS — 200 W. Magnolia. P.O. Box 716, Keene, TX 76059. 817/641-
                                                                                    6661; Toll-free: In Texas — 800/722-8005; outside of Texas — 800/882-
                                                                                    7676. (The Texas ABC also serves the Texico Conference.)
                             June 12        June 19      June 26         July 3
 Abilene, Texas ............. 8:46             8:49         8:50           8:50
 Amarillo, Texas ............ 9:02             9:04         9:06           9:05   Communications or copy not originating in a local conference of the
                                                                                  Southwestern Union should be addressed to the Southwestern Union
 Brownsville. Texas ......... 8:22             8:24         8:25           8:25
                                                                                  Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, P.O. Box 4000. Burleson, TX
 Dallas, Texas .............. 8:35             8:38         8:39           8:39   76028. ALL COPY, SUBSCRIPTIONS, ADVERTISEMENTS AND COR­
 El Paso, Texas ............. 8:12             8:14         8:15           8:16   RESPONDENCE from church members in the Southwestern Union
 Fort Worth/Keene, Texas . . . . . 8:37        8:40         8:41           8:41   should be addressed to the LOCAL CONFERENCE OFFICE.
 Galveston/Houston, Texas . . ..8:19           8:21         8:22           8:23
 Gentry. Arkansas .......... 8:35              8:37         8:39           8:38                          COPY DEADLINES
 Little Rock, Arkansas ....... . . 8:22        8:25         8:26           8:26    Announcement for Events                             Should Be in Local
 Muskogee, Oklahoma ...... . . 8:35            8:39         8:41           8:40    on Weekend of                                     Conference Office by
 New Orleans, Louisiana .... . . 8:01          8:04         8:05           8:05    July 4 and 11 ............................................. May 27
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . . . . 8:46          8:48         8:50           8:49    July 18 and 25 ............................................ June 9
 San Antonio, Texas ........ 8:34              8:36         8:38           8:38    August 1 and 8 ........................................... June 22
 Santa Fe, New Mexico ...... .8:21             8:24         8:25           8:25    August 15 and 22 .......................................... July 15
 Shreveport, Louisiana ...... 8:23              8:25        8:27           8:26
 Tulsa, Oklahoma ........... 8:41               8:43        8:45           8:44    Volume 86, Number 10                                      June 12, 1987

                                                                                                                     June 12, 1987 / RECORD 15
IP                                                                                                                                                    Non-Prolit O
                                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postag
                                                                                                                                                      Permit No. 1/
                                                                                                                                                        Dallas, TX
                                                                                                                                                     Union Conference
                                                                                                                                                    Seventh-day Adver
                                                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 4000
                                                                                                                                                     Burleson. TX 76C
                                                                                                                                                      address correct!*

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