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									                        Agility Trial Premium List

                        (North American Dog Agility Council)

                                    Hosted by:
                     Agility Club of Evansville

                          Sept 21-23, 2012
                  Gibson County Fairgrounds (indoors on clay mix)
                      701 N Embree, Princeton, IN 47670

                      Judge: Robin Carberry, Joliet, IL
   This trial is limited to 500 runs, with no more than 350 runs with jumps.
                                 Classes Offered:
                      Friday: Chances, Weavers and Hoopers
Saturday: Tunnelers, 2 rounds of Regular, Jumpers, Chances, and Touch N Go.
Sunday: Touch N Go, Jumpers, 2 rounds of Regular, Weavers, and Tunnelers

           Judging will begin at 6 pm Friday, 8am Saturday and Sunday.
    Mail entry forms to Brenda Peters 1751 E Baseline Rd, Evansville, IN 47725
    Make checks payable to ACE
                                       Trial Committee
Trial chairman, Jim Wolfe, Brenda Peters, Trial Secretary, Nancy
Naylor, hospitality, Rick Mullen, timers, Teresa Hatcher, chief course builder and Sherri
Hurm, awards,
Once again ACE will be hosting the “Q for the cure” event in honor of Polly
Fisher. So think Pink! We are selling our annual new designed Q for the
cure shirts. We also will be raffling 2 pink jumps and taking challenges
from exhibitors. ACE will make a donation for each Q. All proceeds from
these activities will go to the Susan G. Koman foundation.

Exhibitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are knowledgeable
of NADAC rules and regulations, and agree to abide by all rules in effect at the time
of this trial.
 No entry fee will be refunded if the trial cannot open or be completed by reasons of
    riots, civil disturbances, fire, acts of God, public emergency, an act of a public
    enemy, or any other cause beyond the control of the organizing committee.
 Refunds for bitches in season or injured dogs shall be made minus $6.00
    administration fee per day.
 Checks not honored by the bank do not constitute a valid entry fee. There be a
    $25.00 service charge for bank returned checks.
**Dog must be registered and have a valid registration number before entries will be
ACE shall offer placements First to fourth place in each jump height for each class in
each category with appropriate ribbons. No placement ribbons will be awarded in
Chances as it is a pass/fail class.
            1st     Blue        2nd    Red       3rd    Yellow   4th    White
            Qualifying Round:          Purple
Through submission of their entry, the exhibitors acknowledge they are familiar with the
rules in the current Exhibitors Handbook.
A copy of the current Exhibitors Handbook may be downloaded free from the NADAC
web site: Exhibitors may request a written copy of the current
Exhibitor Handbook by sending $5.00 to:
                      North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)
                         5190 Neil Rd., Ste. 430, Reno, NV 89502

Agility Club of Evansville will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any dog
exhibited, or for the possessions of any exhibitor whether the result was by accident or
any other cause. It is distinctly understood that every dog at this event is in the care and
custody and control of his owner or handler during the entire time the dog is on the show
premises. Any exhibitor whose dogs and/or children create unnecessary disturbances or
repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may, at the discretion of the Show
Committee shall be asked to leave the show site. In such case, no refund of fees paid
will be made.
Exhibitors may unload and set up on Friday at the owner’s discretion beginning at 4pm.
ACE will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items.

      IMPORTANT. Please check your dog's NADAC registration number on
      your trial confirmation as soon as you receive it; also, please check the copy
      of the results posted at the trial. You should report any errors to the Trial
      Secretary immediately.
      NADAC records trial results as they are submitted by the host clubs/groups.
      The individual trial results submitted by the club are uploaded to
      the within two weeks after the NADAC office
      receives them from the club. Please accept the responsibility to review
      those results, and check that your registration number and qualifying points,
      as reported by the club, are correct. You can join the Forum by going
      to and submitting your request. If you find an error
      in the reporting of your dog’s qualifying points or registration number, please
      contact the host club. The host club is responsible for correcting any errors
      and informing NADAC.
      Levels. Points earned at a higher level of a class, prior to the completion of
      the lower level title, will not be recorded by NADAC for future use. If a dog
      earns points in a level of a class that they are not eligible to title in, those
      points will not be added to the dog's records.
For class descriptions check out the NADAC website

Non-Jumping classes – Veteran Handler:
Disabled handlers or handlers aged 60 yrs. or older may opt to enter the non-jumping classes as a
Veteran Handler and receive 10% more standard course time. This division is for handlers only.
The 10% additional SCT is for qualifying purposes only for those who may need the additional
time to negotiation the course due to physical limitations. Veteran Handlers in the non-jumping
classes will be scored and placed with their standard division jump height. When entering as a
Veteran/Disabled Handler, you must enter all classes and all dogs in this division for the

All dogs entered in Novice, Open or Elite jumping 4”, 8”, 12” or 16” are required to be measured
(except Veteran or JH dogs jumping 16”). Dogs jumping 20” and 20+ are not required to be
measured, nor are Veteran or JH dogs that jump 16”, nor are Skilled category dogs at any jump
height, nor those with a permanent jump height card. An exhibitor may request to have their dog
measured to determine if the dog should be entered in 20” or 20+, but no height card will be
issued for any dog jumping 20” or 20+.
               Small Dogs                       Dogs            Large Dogs
 Standard      Withers 11”     Withers 14”      Withers 18”     Withers 20”    Withers     over
 Division      &     under     &     under      &     under     &     under    20” are in the
               jump 8”         jump 12”         jump 16”        jump 20”       20+ class &
                                                                               jump 20”
 Junior        Withers 11”     Withers 14”      Withers 18”     Withers over 18” jump 16” (may
 Handler       &    under      &    under       &     under     NOT jump higher in this
 Division      jump 4”         jump 8”          jump 12”        division)
 Veterans      Withers 11”     Withers 14”      Withers 18”     Withers over 18” jump 16” (may
 Division      &    under      &    under       &     under     NOT jump higher in this
               jump 4”         jump 8”          jump 12”        division)

 As the table shows, there are five Standard Division-Proficient jump heights: 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”,
 20+. There are four Standard Division-Skilled jump heights: 4”, 8”, 12”, and 16”. There are four
 jump heights for the Veterans and Junior Handler divisions: 4”, 8”, 12”, and 16”.

 Veterans and Junior Handler dogs must jump their valid jump height and may not jump higher;
 thus, a Vets or JH dog may not jump higher than 16” in the Proficient category and no higher
 than 12” in the Skilled category.

 There is no 4” Standard Division jump height in Proficient; the 4” Proficient height is for veteran
 dogs/handlers, disabled handlers, and junior handlers only. In the Skilled category, 8” dogs may
 jump 4” as their standard jump height. No dog may jump lower than 4”.

         Skilled and Proficient Categories will be combined for placement ribbons.
         There are no placement ribbons in Chances as it is a pass/fail class.
         Move-ups will be accepted Saturday for Sunday’s trial.

Levels will run in this order all weekend: Elite, Open, and Novice.
Friday, Saturday: and Sunday: tall to small.
Running Order:
Friday: Chances, Weavers , Hoopers
Saturday: Tunnelers, Regular 2 rounds the order will be Elite, Elite, Open, Open,
Novice, Novice, Jumpers, Chances, and Touch N Go.
Sunday: Touch N Go, Jumpers, Regular 2 rounds the order will be Elite, Elite, Open,
Open, Novice, Novice, Weavers, and Tunnelers

                              Checks payable to ACE
                   Mail to Brenda Peters/ACE Trial Secretary/NADAC
             1751 E Baseline Rd, Evansville, IN 47725

Day of trial entries accepted. Entry fees will be
$3.00 more per run/entry/class.
                                    Agility Club of Evansville
                            Gibson Co. Fairgrounds, Princeton, IN 47670
                                     September 21-23, 2012
Owner’s name:
NADAC registration number (required):                                       Dog’s call name:
Breed:                                                                      Birthdate:
Height at the withers: _______ Male____Female Category: Skilled                              or       Proficient

         Please indicate the Jump Height you actually want your dog to jump:
Proficient Standard Division Jump Height:                         8      12         16      20       20+
    Proficient Vet/JH/VH Jump Height:                     4       8      12         16      16
Skilled Standard Division Jump Height:                    4      8      12       16
    Skilled Vet/JH/VH Jump Height:                                4      4        8        12
NOTE: Dogs entered in the Skilled Category must take a 4” reduction in jump
           height from what their Proficient, Standard Division height requires.

      Class                 Division                    Level                       Circle Day & Run
                        (circle one)                 (circle one)
      Chances         Std     Vet      JH   Novice       Open       Elite        Friday               Saturday

 Regular Agility      Std     Vet      JH   Novice       Open       Elite   Saturday Run 1            Saturday Run 2
                                                                            Sunday Run 1              Sunday Run 2
      Jumpers         Std     Vet      JH   Novice       Open       Elite          Saturday           Sunday

     Weavers             Std     VH         Novice       Open       Elite                Friday Sunday

   Touch N Go                               Novice       Open       Elite           Saturday      Sunday
                         Std     VH
    Tunnelers                               Novice       Open       Elite           Saturday      Sunday
                         Std     VH
     Hoopers                                Novice       Open       Elite                    Friday
                            Std VH

 Fees: $13.00 per run for Regular agility, $11.00 for all other classes.
                          Weekend package (all 15 runs) $155
                       Junior Handlers: $10.00 per run per day
In consideration of the acceptance of the entry, I/we certify that I/we have knowledge of, and are familiar
with, and agree to abide by, the rules and Regulations of NADAC in effect at the time of this trial, and by
any additional rules and regulations as approved by NADAC for this trial. I/we certify that the dog
entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. I/We further agree to be bound by the "Agreement"
printed on the reverse side of this entry form.

Signature:                                     Date:                                Phone:_______________

Email address:                                             Check # __________ Check amount ___________

The person who signs this agreement represents that he/she is authorized to enter into this
agreement on behalf of both exhibitor and the owner of entered dog. In consideration of
acceptance of this entry:
1.1     As used here NADAC means North American Dog Agility Council, its members,
officers, directors, employees, show chairs, show committees and agents.
1.2     Exhibitor/owner, agree to abide by the rules and regulations of NADAC and any
other rules and regulations appearing in the premium for this event.
1.3     Exhibitor/owner certify that the entered dog is not a hazard to persons, dogs or
property and that the entered dog’s rabies vaccination is current in accordance with the
requirement of the state in which the dog resides.
1.4     Exhibitor/owner acknowledge all hazards presented by the event and the event
premises, including but not limited to, the condition of the floors, stairways, halls,
lighting, security measures or lack of, electrical appliances, fitting, show rings, parking
areas and the presence of unfamiliar animals and people; exhibitor and owner assume the
risk of any harm arising from these.
1.5     Exhibitor/owner release NADAC (Including NADAC officers directors,
employees and members), and ACE and will defend them and hold them harmless from
all present and future loss, injury, damage, claims, demands and liabilities involving the
entered dog, the event or event premises. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing
hold harmless provisions, exhibitor/owner hereby specifically assume sole responsibility
for and agree to indemnify and save aforementioned parties harmless from any and all
loss and expenses (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon
any of the aforementioned parties for damages because of bodily injuries, including
death, at any time in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, howsoever such
injury or death may be caused and whether or not the same may have been caused or may
have been aleged to have been caused by negligence of the
forementioned parties or any of their employees or agents or any other persons.

If you are not coming to have fun with your dog, then this is not the trial for you. We are
here to have fun and make it as great of an experience as we can. These trials are very
laid back and take place in a relaxed atmosphere. No aggressive dogs or people are
We will kinda run on some type of schedule. If the exhibitors come out and help set
jump heights then the trials run quite efficiently. If no one helps, then as main workers
get tired, the trial will run late and slow. We appreciate your help and thank you in
                        There will be food available on the premises.

                            Good luck to all of exhibitors!!!
Directions: From the North:
Take Hwy. 41 South to Lyle Station Road. This is before the Princeton exits. You will
see a Case-IH store on the right before Lyle Station Road. Turn left onto Lyle Station,
follow over railroad tracks and take a right onto Old Hwy. 41. Follow to Embree Street
and take a right onto Embree. The Fairgrounds will be on your right.

From the South:
Take Hwy 41 North to second Princeton exit. This is the Indiana 64/Mt. Carmel exit. Go
east on Indiana 64 (also known as Broadway). The second light is Fifth Street and you
will take a left. Follow to Brumfield and take a right. Follow Brumfield to the
roundabout. Take the 3rd street off the roundabout heading north. This will be Embree
Street. The fairgrounds will be on your left.

Hotels that accept WELL BEHAVED DOGS and OWNERS

Lodging: Quality Inn (Host Hotel)
Intersection US 41/I64, RR 1, Haubstadt, IN 47639
812-768-9977 (Must mention Agility Dog show when booking)
15 minutes from show site
Continental Breakfast (dogs not allowed in food areas)

Fairfield Inn (Must mention Agility Dog show when booking)
2828 Dixon St. Princeton, IN 47647
812-385-4300 (dogs not allowed in food areas)
These hotels only take dogs for our trials. Please be responsible dog

Super 8
19601 Elpers Rd Evansville, IN      812-867-8500
20 minutes from Show Site

Comfort Inn
19600 Elpers Rd Evansville,IN 812-867-1600
20minutes from Show Site

Holiday Inn Express
19600 Elpers Rd Evansville, In 812-867-1100

RV Camping:
RV Parking, $20.00 per night
Heated Showers and bathrooms indoors.
Reservations are required, Contact Pam Kruger, 812-306-7629
If you would like to volunteer to help out at the trial please fill out this form and send
with your entry.

                 We Need Your Help!
Name: _______________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________
                Volunteer Worker Form
          Jobs you'd consider doing and when:
    Job                             Friday        Saturday     Sunday
     Assist Scribe
     Gate Steward
     Ring Crew
     Scribe Sheet Runner
     Leash Runner
     Score Table
     Course Builder

                      Classes you're available to work:
    Class                            Mini         Maxi       Both
     Novice Standard
     Open Standard
     Elite Standard
     Novice JWW
     Open JWW
     Elite JWW
     Touch N Go

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