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					           The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong
                         3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
                            Tel: 2527 9121 Fax: 2865 4332

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April 01, 2008

Dear Sir/ Madam,

                  Accredited Play Therapy Training (2008/10)
             Beginning Play Therapy )             ! !                   *!

        With the aim of improving the quality of play therapy practice in Hong Kong,
the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association (#06-181) applies as the sole approved provider
with Association for Play Therapy( for offering accredited play therapy

        We are going to organize 4 days intensive training during 22/10/2008-
25/10/2008. For details, please see the attached. Early bird discount will be offered if
the enrolment is made on or before 30/09/08. If you have any enquiry, please do not
hesitate to contact Ms Lillian Mak or Ms. Yannis Yu at 25279121 ext 293 or 279.

Hope to see you in the training.

Yours faithfully,

Chung Yee-ping
Training & Development Officer
(For Director)


               The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong
                         3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
                            Tel: 2527 9121 Fax: 2865 4332

              Accredited Play Therapy Training (2008/10)
           Beginning Play Therapy )           ! !        *!

       To become a Registered Play Therapist with Association for Play Therapy in
United States, you will need to complete 150 hours play therapy training providing by
approved provider.

        The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong is the sole approved
provider (#06-181) in Hong Kong to offer accredited play therapy courses in line with
the standard of Association for Play Therapy ( All our trainers have
high reputation and extremely good experience in play therapy. We proudly ensure
that our audience should acquire high quality training. In this time, the participants
will gain 28 accredited hours in 4 days workshop. The details of the courses are as the

(2) Trainers

       Carla Sharp ( is a child psychiatric nurse, play therapist
and sandplay therapist. She got her nursing degree in University of Rochester, NY in
1970. Then, she studied her master degree of child psychiatric nursing in U.C. San
Francisco in 1973 with the emphasis on child-centered non-directive play therapy
with the school-aged child, family therapy and group therapy.

       Regarding Carla’s professional background, she attainted the Registered Play
Therapy/Supervisor qualification with Association for Play Therapy in 1992.
Moreover, she acquired the certification as a Sandplay Therapist by the International
Society for Sandplay Therapy and a teaching member of the Sandplay Therapists of
America in 1996. She has more than thousand cases using play therapy or sandplay
therapy with emphasis on the treatment of the sexually abused, traumatized, bereaved
and the attachment disordered children. In line with her front-line experience, she has
created different levels of play therapy training for therapists.

(2.1) Publications

Sharp, Carla (2000), “The Lighthouse”, in Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Vol IX, no.2,

Sharp, Carla (2001), “ The Parent-Child Clay Animal Activity’, in 101 More Favorite
Play Therapy Techniques, Schaefer, C. and Kaduson, H. eds., Jason Aronson,
Northvale, N.J.

                                       !           !                                 2
             (3) Training content

   Date         Time          Venue               Day                            Content
22/10/2008    9:00-5:00 Room 502,                 (1)    a. Introduction of Play Therapy
                        3 Lockhart Road,                 b. Axline’s Eight Basic Principles (with experiential
                        Wan Chai,                        exercises)
23/10/2008              Hong Kong                  (2)   a. The History of Play Therapy
                                                         b. Play From a Developmental Perspective
                                                            - Stage One of Play – Trust vs Mistrust
24/10/2008                                         (3)      - Stage Two of Play – Autonomy vs Shame
                                                            - Stage Three of Play – Initiative vs Guilt
25/10/2008                                         (4)   a. Responding and Reflecting: the use of words in play
                                                         b. Three Stages of Play Therapy: Chaos, Struggle and

             (4) Entrance requirement

                    Participants must have experience working with children and families. Such as
             social worker, psychologist, teacher, nursing…etc. Degree education or above is

             (5) Teaching language


             (6) Fee
                                                                                BGCA’s colleagues
             Pre-registration fee for 4 days: $4500 (on or before 30/09/2008)   $3500 for 4 days workshops
             Regular registration fee: $5500 for 4 days (after 30/09/2008)      Remarks:
                                                                                All the training hours should be
             (7) Enrollment Method                                              regarded as working hours

             Please send the completed form together with crossed cheque made payable to ‘The
             Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong’ by post to the following address:
             The Professional Training and Development Center, 9/F, 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai,
             Hong Kong.’

             (8) For enquiry

             Please phone to 2823 8607 or 25279121 ext 279 or 228 Fax.: 2865 4332

             (9) Remarks

             a. Acceptance notice will send via e-mail prior 1 week of the course commencement.
             b. Receipt and certificate of attendance will be issued after the participants have
                finished the course.
             c. No refund or change to other person is allowed.
             d. Should a typhoon signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm be hoisted within 3 hours, the
                course will be cancelled. Refund or reschedule of the course will be made.
                Reschedule will be held on 26/10/2008.
             e. Where the typhoon signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm is lowered, the course will
                commence 2 hours after the discontinuation. Reschedule will be held on
               The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

                        3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
                           Tel: 2527 9121 Fax: 2865 4332
             Accredited Play Therapy Training (2008/10)
           Beginning Play Therapy)           ! !        *!

                                  Registration Form

Full Name: ___________________ (As you would like it on a certificate)
(Please write in capital letter, i.e. CHAN TAI MAN)

Full Name: ___________________ (Chinese, if any)

Company/ Occupation (required field):_________________ Title: _______________

Correspondence Address: ________________________________________________

Education (Bachelor/Master/PHD): _________________ Institute: _______________

Phone: ___________________________ (Day) _______________________ (Mobile)

Email Address (required field): ___________________________________________

Cheque #:____________ Bank: _______________

Receipts’ Address to : School     Agency        Applicant   others :__________

Working experience in play therapy:       Yes                 No

Please describe your training background & working experience in play therapy
(required field):


Registration (please   the appropriate)

Pre-registration on or before 30/09/2008:
  4 Days Workshop                 22/10/2008-25/10/2008        $4,500
Regular registration after 30/09/2008:
  4 Days Workshop                 22/10/2008-25/10/2008        $5,500
                                              Total:           $

How do you know our course?


                                        !            !                           4
                        Nurture the Young Create the Future

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