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					The Three Things That Matter in Internet Marketing

 The three things that matter in internet marketing is the ability of a person to discern what market to
enter, driving traffic to a website, and converting that traffic into sales. When you boil Internet
marketing down to this point, you find the core of Internet marketing. Everything else is just filler. The
newest technique of the week only confuses a person who does not know Internet marketing very well
into doing things that do not really matter.

It does not matter what new website comes up or what new technique to generate traffic and clients
comes about, everything still boils down to traffic and conversion. Therefore, if a person masters one
type of traffic and masters how to convert that traffic then they can pretty much guarantee themselves
the ability to write their own ticket.

The only caveat to this ability is that the marketplace has to be able to support that particular person
and their lifestyle. No matter what in Internet marketing guru says there are certain niches that they
cannot go to generate a large amount of money. This is because economics and the situation dictate
that there is not enough money in the situation to make a large sum of cash. Therefore, do not let any
guru tell you that they could solve your problem if you suspect that your market is too small and there
are not enough people in the niche that are willing to buy.

Therefore, what you really need is the ability to get traffic and convert that traffic inside of a viable
market place that has money which people are willing to spend on your solution. If you do not have a
mix of these three things then you are not going to make it in Internet marketing. These are essential
skills in Internet marketing and defining a market in which you can make money is one of the most
essential things you can do before entering a market space.

It is unfortunate that many marketing gurus and Internet marketing gurus alike tend to overstate their
ability to teach you how to market. If you are in a market that does not have any money then you will
not make money either it is really just that simple. It does not matter how good that guru is at
generating traffic and conversions if the market is too small. Even they would fail at making enough
money to feed their family.

Therefore, the only thing that matters in Internet marketing are those three skills. If you can master
each of these three skills, you are able to make as much money as you want to in your lifetime. You will
not have to be tied to collecting a check from someone else. This is the best possible life you can have
because you have time to deal with life on your terms. Remember, if you do not have a viable market
then it does not matter what you do in regards to that market. You are not going to make enough
money to feed your family. Therefore, you cannot beat yourself up if you do not do well in a market
space that could not support you in the first place.

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