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					Major Level Projects

      Voice controlled robot
      AI Chess Board
      Bus punching management system
      RFID PC based time recorder for attendance
      Bank and locker security system based 64bit iButton CRC code detection
      Zigbee based hotel automation
      Speed Control and vehicle tracking system
      Path finding robot
      Auto load Detection and Control
      Algorithm based positioning of an object
      Automatic pulse rate detector
      GSM based home automation
      PC based wireless weather monitoring system
      Prepaid energy meter using iButton
      Remote RPM meter
      Bluetooth enabled home/industrial automation
      RFID based access control system
      CNC drilling machine
      RFID Based Guard Patrolling system with hand held device
      Biometric fingerprint based guard alert monitoring system with PC
      Biometric fingerprint based access control system
      Remotely activated acoustic alert monitoring system (RAAWS)
      PC based mobile robot for navigation
      Wireless Automation Using Low Power Embedded Web-Servers algorithm using ZigBee
      Vehicle Gaseous Fuel Leakage Detection with Automatic Safety warning and alerting
       system Using GSM
      Design and prototype Implementation of Multi storage Vehicle car parking system using
       Infrared with PIC Microcontroller.
      Biometric fingerprint identification with PC based time recorder
   Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM
   Attendance monitoring using handheld device
   iButton 64bit code detection based Access control system
   Home appliances control using voice detection
   IVRS based electronic tele-voting system
   iButton based guard patrolling system with hand held device
   Thermochron
   Zigbee based PC controlling
   Embedded microcontroller based robots for weather forecasting
   Automatic valet parking system using conveyors
   Control of substitution equipments through mobile
   Zigbee enabled home automation
   Wireless access control enabled through zigbee
   iButton based time and attendance system
   GSM based student information managing
   Real time Implementation of Bio-Pad Finger print recognition based attendance
    maintenance System.
   VNC-based Access to Remote Computers and automation from Cellular Phones.
   Design and Implementation of Mobile based electrical appliances control for Industrial
    Automation with High Security.
   Intelligent Train Temperature Monitoring and Alert System.
   Industrial Power Saving System with Data Accumulation Using Multi axis MEMS
   RFID based patient management system
   PC based electronic weighing scale with set point
   College automation based on GSM
   PLC based traffic light control system
   GSM enabled vehicle tracking system
   Remote Control Through Internet
   RF based Automatic meter reading
   iButton based locking system
   GSM based vehicle security system
   RFID based race timing
   RFID based product tracking
   RFID based security system in textiles
   PIC based digitherma
   Microcontroller based industrial time operated machine
   Microcontroller based programmable temperature alarm
   Micro control based channel RF remote
   Microcontroller based line tracking robot
   Microcontroller based school bell with RTC and LCD display
   Micro controller based telephone operated device control
   Microcontroller based bidirectional object counter
   A Predestined multi axes Defense Aeronautic System using MEMS for a
   Design and Implementation of a multiplex parking system and toll collection based on
    time management techniques for Identifying the Parking.
   Antitheft System using I2C Inertial MEMS sensor and ZIGBEE using controller.
   Motion Operated scrolling display using dual axis MEMS accelerometer and LCD.
   A Periodic Analysis and Monitoring of Human Physical Parameters through a Locally
    Shared Network (LAN) for Bio-Medical
   Applications.
   DTMF Based Device Control System through Telephone
   A real time clock implemented Embedded System for Medicine Reminder Alarm System
    through audio announcement device.
   Controlling And Monitoring Of Industrial Parameters Using CAMAC
   Transformer Power Line Fault Scrutinize From Remote Area.
   Voter Credentials System Using RF-ID Technique.
   Intelligent Efficient Restaurant Maintenance System.
   Detection Of Train Collision And Location Using GPS And Send SMS Through GSM To A
   IVRS System Based Mobile Controlling Robot.
   Shortest Path Finding Using GPS Based Navigation System In Critical Situation.
   GPS Vehicle Theft Identification and Tracking And Control System.
   Controlling the Direction of A Robot And Fire Alert Using GSM Modem.
   Wireless Serial Communication Link for Chatting and Controlling of Devices Using RF
   Speed Control OF AC Motor Using SCR
   Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation for Control of Devices Using RF
   Finger Print Based Authentication And Controlling System Of Devices.


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