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Welcome to KFC
Intensify of Customers
Founder Harland Sanders
            (born 1890)
       Started with “Sanders Court & Cafe” at a gas station


      • Number of franchised
 1960   outlets 600

      • Sold the entire
 1964   KFC franchising operation

                                        The title of honorary
         • KFC went public              ”Kentucky Colonel”
New Era
      Kentucky Fried Chicken =>> KFC (in 1991)

   KFC has been a division of what is now YUM!
   Brands since 1997 and is presently one of the
          world’s largest fast food chains

Changes: Red color to make it more vibrant, a
          Smiling face and a apron
Brands Under Yum!
1997, PepsiCo, Inc. spined-off of its qsr’s into independent
Tricon Global Restaurants.

2002, Tricon changed it's corporation name to Yum! Brands, Inc.
Today the company owns and franchises more than 14,800
outlets in more than 100countries, 5,300 plus of which are in the

PT Fast-food Indonesia Tbk was founded in 1978 by the Gelael
Indonesia’s first KFC: Jalan Melawai, Jakarta (1979)

The Company was given the license to use KFC brand
by its franchisor, Yum!
Vision, Mission, Objective
To maintain KFC's market leadership in   Strengthening KFC brand image
the QSR business in Indonesia and        through innovative strategies and
always be regarded as the No. 1brand     ideas, improving customers' dining
by being the most modern and favorite    experience by continuously providing
restaurant in terms of product, value,   quality products, services, and assets
service, and assets                      suited to customers' changing needs
                                         and taste

               Objective                  Work as team
Continuously undertake renovation to
                                          Focus all our resources to our
provide the most modern and trendy         restaurants operation because that is
store appearance and design offering       where we serve our customers.
good ambiance, the most comfortable       Be open, honest and direct in our
and serving top quality food suited to     dealings with one and other
customers' preferential taste with        Encourage new and innovative ideas
speed and hospitality beyond compare       because these are the key to our
                                           competitive growth
The CHAMP Program

        Maintenance of Facilities
•   KFC is the first international product franchising in Indonesia
•   KFC has so many branch restaurant
•   KFC specialize in “Fried Chicken”
•   KFC has the biggest market share
•   KFC has achieved the ISO 14000 because they concern about
    their cooking process ( They don’t use the same oil for the
    second time fried)
 KFC is classified as junk food which is the cause of
 Most of KFC’s menu are specified in “Fried Chicken”
 KFC is quite expensive

o KFC is the most dominant fast food product in Indonesia
o KFC has already well-known in Indonesia, so it is easier to
  open new branches
o KFC has joined with Department of Health and Department of
  Agriculture to campaign about the right way to cook chicken

 Competitors, such as McD, Pizza Hut, A&W, Texas, CFC,
  Wendy’s, etc
 Nowadays, KFC threats by the SARS/ birdflu issues, that is
  appeared to the word
Definition of Advertisment
 According to Wood, "Advertising is causing to know to
  remember, to do."
       According to Wheeler, "Advertising is any form
          of paid non-personal presentation of ideas,
          goods or services for the purpose of inducting
          people to buy."
 According to Richard Buskirk, "Advertising is a paid
  form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or
  services by an identified sponsor."
       According to William J. Stanton, Advertising
          consists of all the activities involves in
          presenting to a group, a non-personal, oral or
                   The main features
   Increasing the sales of business.
   Form of publicity
   It is non-personal
   Advertisements are identifiable with their sponsor of
    originator which is not always the case with publicity or
           The function of advertising

• Preparing Ground for New Product
       New product needs introduction.
• Creation of Demand
       to create a favorable climate for maintaining of improving
• Facing the Competition
       Under competitive conditions, advertisement helps to
build up brand image and brand loyalty.
• Informing the Changes to the Customers
       made in the prices, channels of distribution or in the
product by way of any improvement in quality, size, weight, etc
• Neutralizing Competitor's Advertising
       Advertising is unavoidable to complete with or neutralize
competitor's advertising.
• Barring New Entrants
       From the advertiser's point of view, a strongly built image
through long advertising helps to keep new entrants away.
          The principle of advertising
1. Grab People
2. Be Clever and Creative
3. Speak Loudly
4. Don’t Make Them Think (Too Much)
5. Colors That Pop But Make Sense
6. Be Informative
7. Stand Out and Be Memorable
8. Give Off a Feeling
9. Show Not Tell
10. Use Humor: Use a Metaphor
    Advertising Psychology
                       advertising was an important form of

Designed, and
communicated in a manner
that reflects the relevant
and important needs of
How Advertising Works

•   Getting Attention
•   Processing Information
•   Information Evaluation
•   Attitude Formation
•   Intentions and Behavior
Various media of advertising
     What Advertising Does Not Do ?

Advertising is not able to create needs that did not
already exist
Much advertising does not have its intended effect
advertisers can actually mold people’s needs
              PUBLIC RELATION

Public relation is fundamentally the art
and science of establishing
relationships between an organization
and its key audiences.
The function of Public Relation
            Public relation Principal
•   Deceit
•   Contact Information
•   Target Information
•   Photographs
•   Media Relations
•   Tools
•   Timing
•   Availability
•   Stay Active
•   Fact Checking
            PR concept on restaurant
• Restaurant PR broadens your reach.
• Restaurant PR builds relationships with the media.
• Restaurant PR establishes you as an expert in your
• Restaurant PR stimulates qualified sales leads.
• Restaurant PR builds brand awareness and loyalty.
• Restaurant PR is cost effective; restaurant advertising is
• Restaurant PR builds credibility while restaurant
  advertising breeds skepticism.
• Restaurant PR personalizes your brand and your story.
             Sales promotion on KFC
• Collective Promotion and Individual Benefits
• Thwart a Competitor
• Boost Traffic During Slow Sales Periods
             To provide a special
              offer for a limited

              To increase trade
             during quiter period
             To increase customer
            awareness of particular

                To boost event
            Promotion’s KFC
This study is just focus on depth-
interview,    content    analysis    and
evaluation. Marketing research is the
systematic gathering, recording, and
analysis of data about issues relating to
marketing products and services.
Marketing research is often partitioned
into two sets of categorical pairs by
methodological approach:
•    Qualitative marketing research
•    Quantitative marketing research
The reasons of author using qualitative research:
To more understand a topic by studying it simultaneously.
To try to “understand” any social phenomenon from the
perspective of the actors involved, rather than explaining
it (unsuccessfully) from the outside.
To understand any phenomenon in its complexity, or one
that has be dismissed by mainstream research because of
the difficulties to study it, or that has been discarded as
irrelevant, or that has been studied as if only one point of
view about it was real.
Research Framework
           Research Instruments

• Five basic methods: surveys, focus groups,
  personal interviews, and observation.
• In this research, the author use primary data
  as the source with survey, interview, and
  observation as its instrument.
• The authors is more understand if it doing
  directly and make it efficiencies for authors.

We use this method to get more
information about how to
manage and strategy advertising
here from the store manager in
KFC Lippo Cikarang.
       Data Collection

After doing some survey and
interview in KFC Lippo Cikarang,
we got the data about marketing
strategy which is consisting of
some key point
Packet Super Baser KFC
approximately 25k so if you
paid 50k for two.
You’ll get 2 big pieces of
crispy/original chicken, 2 rice
and 2 large coke.
It’s more expensive than Combo
Hit list. I
f you buy combo hit list, all you
get is 2 pieces of chicken (not
too big),2rice,2 drinks,2goceng
menu (you can choose), and the
CD’s artist.
Consist of yakiniku chicken,
salad, and rice in one
package. You can choose
additional menu such as
fried potatoes, or fresh
There are 3 favorite
chickens in KFC, you can try
this: original chicken, crispy
chicken, or wing chicken in
the bucket.
Promo KFC
For the sales promotion KFC introduced their goods like
                watches , keychain, e.t.c :
           Comparison sales data

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant has continued to
expand its network in Indonesia, which until now has been
located in 94 cities in Indonesia. KFC brand image and
brand is growing very first thought of by consumers when
said fast food,it shows that KFC simply win the market by
using good advertisement and sales promotion strategy
          Sales promotion strategy

KFC is quite keen in understanding the behavior of its
target market, which are mostly young. Young people
around high school age are usually happy to music or
enjoying music. Usually, they always update to the latest
developments in Indonesia and the world music scene
            Social media advertising

    KFC use social media to advertise their brand, they use
television, internet, radio, and newspaper. They spend a
lot of budget to do their advertisement. As we know the
social media is the best way to advertise a product, KFC
know that very well and use it. They become sponsor of
many varieties television program and radio. And they also
take a part in many public events. In the internet, KFC
promote their product through social site such as face
book and twitter.
Advertising of KFC
Despite his death in 1980, Sanders remains a key symbol of the
company in its advertising and branding. Early television
advertisements for KFC regularly featured Sanders, and the Colonel
made several appearances as himself or fictionalized version of
himself in various B movies and television programs of the period,
such as What's My Line? And The Tonight Show Starring Johnny
Before he became a platinum-selling pop star in the 1970s, Barry
Manilow sang the commercial jingle "Get a Bucket of Chicken",
which was later included on Barry Manilow Live as part of "A Very
Strange Medley.
   The KFC logo in Nevada as seen from
By the late 1990s, the stylize
d likeness of Colonel Sanders as the KFC logo had been modified.
KFC ads began featuring an animated version of "the Colonel"
voiced by Randy Quad with a lively and enthusiastic attitude. He
would often start out saying "The Colonel here!" and moved
across the screen with a cane in hand. The Colonel was often
shown dancing, singing, and knocking on the TV screen as he
spoke to the viewer about the product.

KFC strategy is considered quite successful visits of the
music band link with KFC. If the song is played in other
places, it is not impossible that we will immediately
remember the KFC because it is often played here that
makes us remember the relationship with KFC.
The strategy is fitting that they want to combine food and
music as their target market of young people, but should
not be in the form of a compilation album. KFC should
just pick up one artist only, and completely screened if
the artist is the song can be perceived by the market.
So, if KFC can focus only to a band's
potential and will be selling, positioning
of KFC in the eyes of young people
getting stronger, compared to orbit
compilation album. KFC should do more
participation in youngster event to
promote their products. Most of KFC
promotion is just doing in the outlet; they
have to do more intensity in young
generation market.
Our suggestion for KFC in advertises their products are:
1.Do more improvement and try to develop marketing strategy in
Public Relation rather than do the social media advertising
2.Know what the is the most people need in fast-food restaurant
3.Advertise their products through the events
4.Create an event that makes people always remember about KFC
5.Choose the good ambassador for the brand

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