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					   6                                                                                                                                   Otago Daily Times       .    Friday. October 7, 2011

His aim to open a boxing school
By OtlVlA   GAtDWEtt                                                                                                                                    boxing career was cut short
                                                                                                                                                        whenhewas involved ina
EPIC Boxing Showdown                                                                                                                                    serious car crash.
organiser Stewart Mitchell                                                                                                                                He said his coachingcareer
wants to open a juniorboxing                                                                                                                            had helped fill the void leftby
academy in Queenstown.                                                                                                                                  the accident and that was why
  Buoyed bythe success oflast                                                                                                                           he was keen to see young boxers
weekend's event, Mr Mitchell,                                                                                                                           achieve.
who is the head trainer at                                                                                                                                So far he has eight registered
Queenstown's Fight Science                                                                                                                              boxers five ofwhom have
Gym, wants to build a local base                                                                                                                        competed. He wants to get a
ofjuniors to compete in the next                                                                                                                        "nucleus of kids" to begin their
showdown, which is scheduled                                                                                                                            amateurcareers.
for early next year.                                                                                                                                      MrMitchell has two
  To help achieve thatgoal, he                                                                                                                          daughters, a ged, 2 and 4, and he
plans to hold free training                                                                                                                             plans to have them wearing
camps in December during the                                                                                                                            boxinggloves "as soon as I can".
school holidays.                                                                                                                                           He said his l2-yearplanwas
  "This is forkids who seriously    Character building ... Fight Science Gym owner Braden Lee (left) holds a punch bag while head trainer               to create aworld championhere
want to try boxing with the         Stewart Mitchell works out at the Fight Science Gym on Repco Boulevard in Oueenstowl. pH0T0: olrvrA cALDWELL        in what he calls the "mini Vegas
possibility of competing," he                                                                                                                           ofboxing".
said. "It's not a babysitters       bar", which would hopefully          earlywere massive.                      can't shiftthe blame."
club."                              develop boxing in the resort and       "I realised the benefits of             He said boxing was a great           I Fight Science Gym will hold
  His plan is to run two classes    have the boxers ready for the        confidence, work ethic; and you         wayto develop discipline in            an open evening in November
a week for both 10 to l3-year-      next Epic Boxing Showdown.           can apply that to whatever you          both adults and children and      it   for parents and children to
olds and 14 to 16-year-olds, with     "In fourto five months, they       do in life," he said.                   "installs the will to win".            lodge their interest in the junior
about 15 children per class.        could be competing."                   "Boxinggives you                         "It's notjust about creating        programme. For further details,
  Mr Mitchell said by putting         Mr Mitchell started boxing at      accountability and                      champions in the ring, but             contact Stewaft Mitchell at
time into junior boxing in          the age of 17, but he said the       responsibility because you only         characters outside it as well."        Fight Science Gym on (03)
Queenstown he was "raisingthe       benefits of getting into the sport   have yourselfin the ring; you             Mr Mitchell's professional           441-8311.

                                                                                                       .-,   r

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