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					 Planet Dance
Parent & Dancer
      Planet Dance Policies and Procedures
Our mission at Planet Dance is to provide students an avenue for
learning discipline, respect, and maturity through structured
instruction in a competitive environment while encouraging
teamwork and fun beyond State supported athletic endeavors.

                                                             For the past fourteen
 Planet Dance is “A dynamic organization where talented      years, Planet’s success
 and creative people pass their knowledge, skill, passion,
 and love of dance, to students in pursuit of competitive    is unmatched. Under
 excellence.”                                                the direction of Coach
                                                             Todd   Sharp,    Planet
Dance All Stars have national recognition for being a “top-notch”
program. Our dancers build self-esteem through competitions and
recognize that hard work really pays off.

Success comes in many forms, and at Planet we recognize and stress
the importance of teamwork, safety, and personal development. We
entrust each of our staff members with your daughter or sons well
being, whether in our facility or attending Competitive events.

To maintain that level of professionalism, we require a code of
conduct for each of our students that includes respect and courtesy of

Policies for the 2012-2013 Season:

   1. Confrontational or combative behavior will not be tolerated at
       Planet Dance or Competitive events. Actions taken by the
       Dancing Student or Dancer’s family members that can be
       construed as such, will be grounds for immediate dismissal
  from all Planet programs. If dismissed, any and all Team or
  Competition fees previously paid will be forfeited.

2. Planet Dance Management and Coaches have full and final
  determination     of   Team     choreography,     apparel,    and
  Competitive activities. Each Team will have a Captain(s) as
  determined at the Team’s Coach, based on the criteria
  established by the Head Coach, Todd Sharp, reflecting talent,
  effort, and level of responsible leadership.

3. Planet Dance Logos are the sole property of Sports Fanattic,
  d.b.a Planet Dance. Planet Dance, Planet, PD, or the Planet
  sphere logo cannot be replicated in any form or medium
  without the expressed written consent of Planet Dance

4. Planet is a competitive Dance studio. There are many different
  types of fees associated with Planet’s competitive activities;
  from the monthly Team fees, Choreography Fees, Competition
  Fees, and sponsored Camps, to specialized costumes and
  accessories. Account Statements will be maintained for each
  student. Statements are available upon request. Please contact
  business manager Robin Ipsan at

5. Monthly competitive Team Fees are $155.00 (Mini $75.00) or
  discounted to $130.00 each for multiple siblings. If ACH payments
  are arranged, the fee is $150-Monthly Technique Fees are $80 – All
  Monthly Team Fees are due the first day of each Calendar
  month. Payment not made by the fifth day of each month, will
  be subject to a 10% late fee, compounded monthly until paid.
  Unless payment arrangements are made with the management
  of Planet Dance, payment not made by the tenth day of the
  month will result in the students’ removal from Team activities
  until such time that the students account is brought current and
  paid in full. Payments may be made in cash, check, money
  order, or credit card. You may also pre pay the entire years
  Team Fees at a discounted rate of 10% (1,705). Monthly Team
  & Competition fee payments are to be placed in the black
  metal Payment box located on the wall opposite of the
  entrance. Planet Management is not responsible for payments
  left on the desk in the lobby area.

6. Competitions: The planning and scheduling of Competition
  events is the sole responsibility of Planet Dance Management.
  Determination of Planet Dance Competition costume(s) will be
  the sole responsibility of Planet Dance Staff. Planet reserves the
  right to assign a volunteer the responsibility of procuring all or
  part of costume apparel.

7. Competition Fees: There are Competition Fees associated with
   almost all competitive events Planet Dancers participate in. In
   all circumstances, Planet Dance assesses Competition Fees,
   either solely or in addition to; the venue’s fee. These additional
   fees go towards underwriting the additional Coaching hours
   required to compete at the highest level; and Coaching hours
   which are not covered by Monthly Team fees. Competition Fees
   are to be pre-paid by deadlines established by Planet Dance. A
   schedule of Competition dates will be published for the 2012-13
   Season no later than July 30, 2012. On each statement, deadlines
   for competition fee payment will be clearly marked. Any
   student, whose competitive fees are not paid in full by the
   deadline, will be pulled for that competition.
8. Competition Fee Timing: Fees are to be paid in advance of
  scheduled competitions. The timing of fee payment is at a
  minimum, one month prior to scheduled competition.
  Competition payment dates will be posted in the Lobby of
  Planet Dance Studios. Payments made after specified date are
  subject to, and will follow the monthly Team Fee late payment

9. Uniforms, costumes, and accessories: Uniforms or costumes
   required for competitions will be determined by the Coaches
   and Management of Planet Dance. Fees associated with apparel
   requirements will be posted in advance of ordering. Payment
   must be made prior to the order being made. Attachments
   (Camp/practice wear).

10.Competition Travel: will be arranged by Planet for all
  competitions outside of the local region unless otherwise stated.
  Those competitions requiring Team travel by air or bus will
  determined by Planet. Independent travel by students is
  allowed only under special circumstances and must be pre-
  approved by the Student’s Coach, and or Planet Management.
  Dancer preparation requirements and arrival time for those
  Competitions within the region will be communicated to each
  Dancer prior to scheduled event and are the responsibility of
  the Dancer.

11.Planet Dance Classes: All competitive team members are
  entitled to unlimited technique class participation at Planet

12.Refunds: In order to operate at the lowest cost per student,
  Planet Dance fees are structured in a manner that is time
      sensitive. It is for this reason that if a student opts out
      voluntarily or dismissed by the Studio based on the Code of
      Conduct; all competition, Uniform, Deposit, Technique and
      Team Fees previously paid are non-refundable.

                              Planet Dance

                        Calendar of Events


Dates and events subject to change:

                        2012-13 Competition Options

      UDA Events:
     Smoky Mountain Spring Championship     Sevierville, TN
     Floyd Central UDA event      TBA       Floyds Knobs, IN
     Male HS Dance                TBA       Louisville, KY

      Additional Events:
      Jamfest Slugger Field           TBA    Louisville, KY
     Floyd Central Nationals Preview TBA    Floyds Knobs, IN
     Ladybird Challenge                     Louisville, KY
     Eastern Dance Expo              TBA    Louisville, KY

      Nationals:                             Orlando, FL

  We are excited about the year ahead and depend upon both Parent
  and Dancer to follow these polices for the continued success of
  Planet Dance and it’s programs. Go Planet!
     Planet Dance Parent and Dancer Handbook Signature Page

I ________________(student) along with ______________(parent or
guardian) do hereby agree to comply with the above policies. I
understand that actions that would breech the above policies will
result in immediate dismissal from Planet Dance and forfeiture of
all fees paid.

______________________ _______ ____________________ ______
Student’s signature             Date         Parent or Guardian signature   Date

_______________________________ __________

Management/Coach signature      Date

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