Gift Ideas For The Wine Enthusiast by shoaib222


									Gift Ideas For The Wine Enthusiast
Gift giving should be a fun experience, not only for the recipient but also the person who has chosen the gift. These

days the choice is not just limited to what you can find in your local store but you can also find items online and can

have them delivered to just about anywhere in the world. When it comes to choosing what to buy, following the theme

of their hobby, favourite pastime, or sport that the recipient enjoys is a great place to start. For example, if you are

choosing a gift for a wine enthusiast there are some great ideas you could consider.

Wine Appreciation Course

Hosted by a master of wine or a wine enthusiast, an appreciation course takes the class through the different types of

grapes, the unique characteristics of wine grown in the various regions and countries in the world, how to tell a good

one from a great one, food matching, and which varieties cellar the best. This gift would really suit someone who

knows a little bit about wine and who is keen to extend their knowledge. Classes can be a single day event, hourly

classes over several weeks, or held at a retreat over a weekend, where they can enjoy a holiday as well as learning

something new.


Different wines suit different glasses to allow for the full appreciation of the drink that is being consumed. Different

shapes and sizes suit different varieties - flutes and coupes are perfect for champagne or bubbly wine, large wine

glasses, both stemmed and stemless, suit reds, where it exposes a larger surface of the wine to the air and allows

the wine to 'breathe'.

Gift Box

A gift box allows you to choose the perfect bottle for your recipient and then team it with either gourmet snacks or

sweet treats (or both), to make a wonderful gift experience. You'll be able to choose from pate, cheese, crackers,

stuffed olives, and other items, or for the sweet tooth handmade chocolates, truffles, and shortbreads. Mix and match

the contents to suit the wine styles, the occasion and the recipient.

Wine Journal

A wine journal is a great gift for the wine enthusiast who likes to record their wine tasting notes. It allows for the

recording of the name, year, and notes about the drink that can be referred back to. Some wine labels have a peel off
section that can also be included in the journal.

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