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									                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

   Quick Tips For Marketing
    Your Business Offline

About the author

                     Eirik Vold started his first business with a partner in 1996 and sold it five
                     years later for millions. He used some of the cash to start a second business,
                     with services aimed for Media & IR Contacts, during a period of 3 years
                     served more than one hundred thousands clients, and Eirik ultimately sold
                     that business to a larger international media company.

                     After working as a consultant and marketing strategist for small and medium
                     businesses on four continents, Eirik realized his passion and talent was
                     helping other entrepreneurs be super-successful (online & offline) and in
                     2005 coined the term Marketing Coaching to describe his work.

Internationally recognized as a business advisor and author, Eirik has worked with thousands of
small and medium businesses whose names you’ll never know, but whose entrepreneurial
owners have pocketed a substantial sum in increased income and proceeds from sales. (50%
year over year client growth is typical, and 100% sales increases are not uncommon) Thousands
more have read Eirik’s publications, cources and reports, including his wildly successful website
nofluffreports.com. “No Fluff Reports” has hot little reports with topics and some of the best
strategies for marketing your business online as well as offline, to make more profits and serve
your customers better. These reports is a must read for anyone in the "biz".

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

If you've ever told yourself that marketing your online business offline doesn't apply in
your case, you may be missing opportunities to:

   o Mine untapped sources of really targeted traffic

   o Make important local networking connections

   o Become the "go-to" person in your community - with very little local competition -
       compared to online, where your competition can be in the millions.

   o Increase your authority status

Even if you're positive that offline promotion is not for you, check out these 27 tips you
can put in place straight away -- then in a month or two, take stock and see if you're
noticing a difference in your sales and exposure.

23 Quick Tips to Use Right Away

   1. Make sure your blog or website URL is prominently displayed on all your offline
      stationery, including your:
          o Business card
          o Letterhead
          o Envelopes
          o Postcards
          o Brochures
          o Gift Certificates
          o Invoices
          o Receipts

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

   2. Give away promotional items with your website URL embedded onto them

   3. Provide these same promotional items as prizes to local business networking
      conferences and meetings

   4. Send out Press Releases linking back to your website, containing a story
      angle that is relevant both to your target market and local viewers, providing the
      two are the same. Be sure to put your link with the resource box information --
      not in the body of your article.

   5. Submit a proposal for a weekend workshop or evening course to your local
      community college's Continuing Education department -- as well as to your library.
      Your website and online business will give you credibility. Many community
      colleges are eager for experts to pad out their continuing education programs.

   6. Volunteer at community events. You can participate in a variety of ways, so
      you're sure to find one that feels comfortable. Plant trees or assemble food
      baskets wearing your URL-imprinted t-shirt. Donate prizes. Teach a short mini-
      workshop for free.

   7. Sponsor a local team or event. And if you're budget is too small for that,
      sponsor a participant in a community event (e.g. a runner in the annual Terry Fox

   8. Run a contest. (Check local regulations.)

   9. Create a Contra. Call the advertising manager of your local community
      newspaper and ask if he would be interested in a "contra" where you supply goods
      for a contest they can run; they get the glory and give you free advertising.

       If you're nervous about doing this, remember that your local community paper will
       know more about this phenomenon than you -- it's been a time-honored tradition
       between newspapers and local businesses for decades.

   10. Offer a contra to your local radio station. Contact their advertising
      manager and suggest swapping free advertising for a prize you're willing to
      donate. (Make sure the prize is something that will cost you less than the cost of
      radio advertising, however!)

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

   11. Offer to guest on your local radio station. Let them know why you'd be the
      perfect guest for their listeners.

   12. Offer to guest on a local TV station show (especially if you have something
      that's better shown than explained.

   13. Propose writing a column for your local newspaper -- particularly if yours
      is a business that can provide relevant service.

   14. Use your vehicle as a billboard. If your company name and phone number is
      already on your car or truck, add your website URL too. If you don't want your
      company name and contact information actually painted right onto your vehicle
      body, there are magnetic signs you can have made (this is an especially good
      strategy if your car's color doesn't fit in with your website brand colors.)

   15. Make sure your URL is easy to remember -- especially if you are promoting
      it by having it on the side or back of your vehicle.

       People who are left-turning behind you at the advanced green may be capable of
       remembering "10TaxTips.com"... but I guarantee they won't remember

   16. Donate a bench. Contact your town offices and see if you can donate a bench
      with your company name (and URL) on it, if your town doesn't already have a
      program where you can buy advertising space on a bench. Provide it in a
      prominent place your target customer will most likely frequent -- a bus stop, if
      seniors are your target market: A park boardwalk, if roller bladers are more -- no
      pun intended -- your speed. In a dog walking area, if pet owners are your target
      market, etc.

   17. Have an offline promotion plan for the whole year. Don't just focus on one
      form of offline contact -- plan new ways to keep your URL fresh in people's
      attention spans the whole year round.

   18. Think seasonally. Decide how you can tie in offline promotion to local,
      seasonal trends. For example, if you're in maple syrup country, sponsor or put on
      a pancake breakfast and have your staff or volunteers, if you're a one-person
      business wear t-shirts displaying your URL or have your URL printed on all your
      paper cups.

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

   19. Give out samples -- with a coupon. One of the biggest advantages of offline
      contact: It allows your target audience to touch, taste, feel and experience your
      products, first hand. If you do have a physical product such as maple syrup, give
      them a "taste" at public events -- supply the syrup for that church event, complete
      with your URL stamped on the containers. Offer samples at local farmer's markets
      -- and even if they buy your actual product, hand out at the same time a coupon
      to be redeemed "next time" they visit your URL and sign up for your mailing list!

   20. Offer free workshops. You don't have to wait for a community college to take
      you up on a proposal: Host it yourself! It doesn't matter whether you own a local
      plant nursery and offer Saturday classes on "How to Dig Your Garden without
      Hurting Your Back" or your business is strictly online. Be creative, and make it
      happen. (One VA I know hosted a paid "Business Brainstorming for Women"
      class, right in her home; promoted it through the local government self-
      employment program -- and collected three valuable new customers that way, as
      well as having a new network of people added to her list.)

       The only "trick"? Make your participants sign up online.

   21. Omit your phone number. This is a risky ploy not to be used without careful
      thought, but if contacting you by telephone would actually be counter-productive
      to your business operation or profits, you might want to consider dropping your
      telephone number from handouts (either permanently or for particular events) and
      making your easy-to-remember URL the only way to contact you. (Be aware also
      that not providing a phone number can decrease local credibility: The ideal IS to
      make both available!)

   22. Include local, geographic keywords in your site META data and site
      keywords. People looking for a Virtual Assistant they can actually meet with will
      be far more able to quickly find you!

   23. Target and research your audience or recipients, when implementing any
      of the above practices. Don't assume they'll be the same people who usually buy
      from you online.

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

        Research what your local customers want (especially if they don't normally shop or
        hang out online) -- then provide them with a big enough incentive to visit your
        URL anyway.

        Research organizations you're targeting to see what they need for their customers,
        users or audience -- then show them how you can provide it.

Creative Thinking 101: The "Extra Step"

Take the case of a local business owner who realized that even the most un-tech-savvy
people had got into the habit of responding online to cash receipt survey URLs put out
by big companies like Staples and Home Depot. His employees handed out "free
tickets" at a local sporting event duplicating the visual format of these cash receipt
survey invitations -- with a step. His free tickets promised prizes with 1-5 odds of
winning for the first hundred respondents. In addition to three "big" cash prizes (the top
one was $250), they gave out promotional items already in stock to meet that 1 in 5
promise. He reported doubling his business that year, linking it back to the survey
"ticket" promotion.

Notice also he did five things that greatly increased the effectiveness of his promotion:

    o    He observed and researched the habits of the group he wanted to target -- those
         in his niche who did not habitually shop online, finding out about a stress-free
         place where they hung out (the sporting event)

    o    He delivered his information in a format they were comfortable with (the "cash
         receipt" formula)

    o    He upped the incentive to participate (the 1-in-5 odds of winning)

    o    He created a sense of urgency to participate (the first hundred participants only
         were guaranteed 1-in-5 odds)

    o    He delivered on his promise
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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

There's absolutely no reason why any online business owner -- no matter how small
their business -- can't achieve similar results. All it takes is observation and a smidgen
of creative thinking.

To get your brain going, ask yourself the following six questions:

    1. "What is in it for my local customer, if she visits my site? Why will this be a good
         thing for her?"

    2. "What is the biggest barrier that prevents her from doing this?"

    3. "What can I offer or do now, to help her overcome that block?

    4. "How can I up my incentive even more?"

    5. "Have I included the principles of exclusivity and urgency?"

    6. "Is my call to action strong enough and clear enough?"

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

3 Most Common Offline Promotion Mistakes

The three mistakes most commonly -- and fatally -- made by those wishing to drive an
offline audience to their websites?

          o Rushing into it without proper research, interaction and thought

          o Doing something that's easy for them -- not for their target market

          o Relying on others for ideas and strategies as a substitute for your own
              research, thought and interaction

Social Marketing and Your Online Business

We've spoken mostly about driving your target market to your online site: You can also
use your online presence to encourage local customers to contact you offline.

Sometimes being able to connect with you offline provides the biggest incentive for
dealing with you in a professional relationship online. (Case in point: The VA mentioned
in example #22, who got the "job" because the company contracting her services
realized she was local and could attend vital on-location team meetings.)

An ideal way to geo-target offline customers is through social media.

Take Facebook, for example. One of the hottest new trends this year is geo-targeting.
Facebook automatically detects the exact physical location its users are operating from -
- and serves up ads and events they can reach in person.

Facebook gives great prominence to localized events and keywords.

Besides, if people can attend your workshops or meet you at the local food bank drive,
they retain a much stronger memory of you. They "know" you -- and that boosts trust.

The important thing to remember lies in realizing that "offline" and "online" promotion
are not only two halves of a whole, they are interchangeable. Offline promotion can net
you online business; online promotion can bring you valuable, new, local customers.

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

And just as you can tailor your online presence, you can also tailor your offline
promotion to match:

          o Your personality, strengths and skills

          o Your ideal target customer

          o Your business

I hope these 23 quick tips have provided some inspiration and incentive to promoting
your online business offline too. The rewards can be well worth the effort of stretching
outside of your comfort zone.

Here's to your successful promotion -- both online and off!

Eirik Vold

P.S. If you're ready to go offline in a big way, be sure to grab a copy of my new report,
"Success Strategies for Marketing Your Online Business Offline." It covers
everything you need to get started with offline marketing, no matter what business
you're in.

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                              Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

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                                     Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

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                                     Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline
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                                      Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

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                                    Quick Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

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