If you want to increase your recruiting results, your objective is to create more opportunities to
connect with others and consistently host parties! Have you listened to “Fast Start: A
Comfortable way to Fill Up Your Calendar”? The recording specifically addresses the
advantages of hosting a “Celebration Party” for your friends, previous hostesses, and guests.

Create your “Who’s Interested, Who’s Talented and Who has Potential” list. Those are your top
guests on your invitation list. You’ll also want to invite guests who you’d love to host a party for
because if they decide to host, you’ll have more opportunities to meet their friends and share
your business opportunity. Your list is an administrative task. Always complete it 24 hours prior
to making your connection calls. Why? Because your connection call time is the time that YOU

Now that you have your invitation list complete, you’re going to schedule time in your calendar
to make connections calls. Most likely you’ll be leaving more messages than talking with others

How might you prepare prior to making your connection calls.

   1. Schedule times to make connection calls and follow through. If you schedule 2 hours for
      connection calls, start on time and end of time. Be of your word with yourself!
   2. Make notes about the guests you’re calling. How do you know them? What to
      remember that’s important to them? What’s happening in their life? What have they
      purchased in the past? On a 5 X 7 card write down a few lead questions to remind you
      how to connect (How’s life? How’s your fall going? How are you enjoying your products?
      Last time we talked you were ___________).
   3. Create an ideal environment! Make your favorite beverage, light a few candles and find
      a comfortable place to make your calls.
   4. Ask yourself how you want to be perceived? (fun, playful, outgoing, energetic). Take on
      the characteristic. Be what you want to become! If your mindset is “I don’t feel like
      getting on the phone. Why aren’t others calling me back? I need more parties on my
      calendar. I need to sponsor more people,” your present state is self-absorption. Get
      into a place of service. Make it about them. Leave warm, sincere messages. Amplify
      the enthusiasm.
   5. What are the dates and theme’s of your upcoming celebration parties?
What will your voice mail message sound like?

“Hi Janie, how are you? It’s Steve Wiltshire! I’m calling because I want to extend a special
invitation for you to join me for a “Friends Night out Holiday Party” on (date). Every year I host
an amazing party for a special group of guests. Santa has delivered my holiday gifts for my
guests. I’m going to serve hot spiced wine, eggnog and I’m making a special dinner for my
guests. I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing group of women! I have several surprises up
my sleeve. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you. Give me a call and I’ll give you the
details. Take care and be well!”

Don’t hold back! Be dynamic! Imagine them listening to your voice mail and then saying to their
spouse. “She is so positive!”

What might your conversation sound like?

“Janie, it’s great to hear from you! How’s life?” Pause and listen. She might say “great!” and
then you say. “Right on! What’s making it great?” Most often they’ll start telling you what’s
really happening after you say “Right on! What’s making it great?” What you don’t want is a
casual surface conversation. Here’s a quote that I live by… “Being listened to is so close to being
loved most people can’t tell the difference.”

Stay in the moment, be curious and ask open ended questions. Service is the highest activity to
which we can aspire. You’ll feel good about yourself and make a greater connection if your
focus is on them and how you make them feel. At one point you’re going to extend an
invitation to your party and distinguish what opportunities might support her NOW (product,
hosting, or the business opportunity).

“I want to extend a very special invitation for you to join me for the party of the year. Every
year I host a very special holiday party for my guests, previous hostesses (my new friends) that
I’ve met through (company name). Santa has delivered my holiday gifts for my guests! I’m
going to serve hot spiced wine, eggnog and I’m making a very special dinner for my guests.
You’ve got to meet some of these women. I have an amazing group of women that will be
attending. I have several surprises up my sleeve and my house is decorated for the holidays. It’s
going to be magical. I have so many that I’m inviting (Her name) that I’m hosting to events,
which date sounds best for you. (Give them both dates).

If your guest can attend asked them “Who’s a friend that you love to party with?” After they
respond, invite them to bring them along and offer to send an invitation to her guest. This can
increase your attendance and double your opportunities.
If they can’t attend, your intent is to go visit them! (GET OUT AND SEE THE PEOPLE) IF YOU SEE
THEM IN PERSON “RESULTS HAPPEN!” if your guest responds by saying “I’d love to attend your
party, it sounds like so much fun, but I’m busy both nights.” Consider responding by saving, “I’m
so disappointed! I wanted to see you. I have a card and a gift for you! Let’s meet for a glass of
wine or a Starbucks! What’s your schedule like over the next few weeks?”

During the peak of the conversation ask questions that elicit interest in hosting or seeking your
business opportunity.

          How are you enjoying (specific products)

          How much fun have you been having lately?

          Make it personal to them (last time we spoke you were really overwhelmed with
           your job, how’s that going for you?)

          Have you ever thought about creating an ideal career with (your company)?

Stay in the moment! Listen intently and simply give value and offer opportunities!

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