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ALTHEA                            CHILD, Lauren                       FRENCH, Vivian
Lunch Boxes. A guide to           I will not ever NEVER               and Alison BARTLETT
healthy eating                    eat a tomato                        Oliver’s Vegetables
Illustrated by Chris O’NEILL      Orchard ISBN 184121602X             Hodder ISBN 0340634790
ISBN 1905117051                   Charlie’s little sister Lola is a   Oliver goes to stay with his
By describing the contents of     very fussy eater. She has a         grandfather who grows his
several children’s lunchboxes,    long list of foods she will not     own vegetables. Oliver insists
Althea clearly explains the       entertain passing her lips.         that he only eats chips, so his
importance of a balanced          However, Charlie thinks of an       grandfather tells him to find
diet and shows that this can      imaginative way to encourage        the potatoes to make these.
be achieved in a number of        her to try everything, and          As Oliver searches for his
ways. Related issues such as      eventually, Lola eats even her      favourite food, he discovers
vegetarianism and allergies       pet hate, tomatoes, by choice.      what many other vegetables
are raised. Illustrated in a                                          look like and how good they
cheerful cartoon-like style.      DURANT, Alan and Mei                taste.
BURNINGHAM, John                  Burger Boy                          Also:
Avocado Baby                      Andersen Press                      Oliver’s Milkshake
Red Fox ISBN 0099200619           ISBN 1842704885                     Hodder
Red Fox Mini-Treasure             Benny hates vegetables and          £5.99 (0340754540)
ISBN 0099400022                   loves burgers. So much so, that     Oliver’s Fruit Salad
Eating an avocado suddenly        his mum tells him he will turn      Hodder
turns a weedy infant into a       into a burger and lo and behold!    £5.99 (0340704535)
menacing force – so Avocado       He does! He is chased,
Baby can push the family car,     Gingerbread Man style, by dogs,
chase a burglar and put bullies   cows and hungry boys who want
to flight in the park.            to eat him. There are twists in
                                  the tale, as Benny is rescued (or
                                  is he?) and converted to a love
                                  of vegetables (but what are the
                                  consequences?). The wildly
                                  humorous illustrations flow
                                  across the page with a real
                                  sense of movement.
GRAY, Kes & Nick SHARRATT            MAYNARD, Jacqui                      MULLER, Birte
Eat Your Peas                        and Katharine McEWEN                 Finn Cooks
Red Fox ISBN 0099404672              I Know Where My Food Goes            Translated by J Alison James
Daisy’s mother tries to persuade     (Sam’s Science)                      North-South Books ISBN
her faddy daughter to eat her        Walker ISBN 0744572339               0735819351
peas with increasingly wild          One of a series explaining           Finn does not like the “healthy
promises of tempting treats          science concepts, specifically       balanced meals” his mother
which are depicted rebus             in relation to health. In this       cooks, with her attention to
fashion. Daisy replies with a        narrative, Sam and his mother        protein, calcium and iron. He
repeated refrain “I don’t like       describe how digestion works –       offers to do the shopping and
peas”, her face looming larger       from salivating at the thought       cooking for the day. When he
and larger. After the breathless     of eating pizza and ice-cream        gets to the supermarket, Finn
build-up, there is a great           to excretion. Comparisons are        can’t resist buying sweets and
punchline as readers discover        used to aid understanding –          cakes. All that sugar makes him
mum has an aversion to another       “My stomach is like a big stretchy   feel very queasy. Playing outside
vegetable!                           bag. And it squishes and             all afternoon makes him feel
                                     squashes the food round and          better but he has learned his
HOOPER, Meredith                     round until it’s all gloopy and      lesson and enjoys spaghetti
and Alison BARTLETT                  gloppy, like soup.” Significant      and sauce and a glass of milk
Honey Biscuits                       words relating to the subject        for his dinner.
Frances Lincoln                      such as intestine and oesophagus
ISBN 1845070453                      are in bold type. The pictures are   VOAKE, Charlotte
A child and his grandmother          in keeping with the humorous         Pizza Kittens
make biscuits together. Along        style of the text.                   Walker ISBN 0744575958
the way they consider where all                                           Walker ISBN 0744598109
the ingredients have come from       Also in the Sam’s Science series     The humorous trials and
as well as describing the method     by Kate Rowan, illustrated by        tribulations of a mother and
they are using. The language and     Katharine McEwen                     father cat who try to persuade
illustrations are so inviting that   I Know How We Fight Germs            their three errant kittens to sit
they encourage all children to       ISBN 0744572223                      nicely at the table, eat up all their
join in. The recipe is given in a    I Know Why I Brush My Teeth          peas and not put too much
more conventional form at the        ISBN 0744572320                      ketchup on their food. Finally the
end of the book.                     I Know How My Cells Make Me          whole family enjoy a meal of
                                     Grow ISBN 0744572347                 pizza and the kittens succumb
                                                                          to having a little lettuce with it.
PLACES TO VISIT                                                      WEBSITES
Street Markets                    New Spitalfields Market            Recipes
                                  23 Sherrin Rd, London,             www.bbc.co.uk/food/
Balham Market
                                  E10 5SQ                            The Food section of the BBC
Hildreth St, Balham,
                                  Tel: 020 8518 7670                 website has a good search engine
London, SW12
                                  Palmers Green Sunday Market        for all kinds of recipes.
Billingsgate Market
                                  Station Car Park, Palmers Green    Health
Trafalgar Way, London,
                                  Station, Aldermans Hill, London,   www.healthyliving.gov.uk/
E14 5ST
                                  N13 4PR                            healthyeating/
Tel: 020 7987 1118
                                  Tel: 020 8886 7781                 Scottish website with quiz to
Borough Market (Southwark)
                                  Portobello Road Market             find out how healthy your diet
8, Southwark St, London,
                                  72, Tavistock Rd, London,          is and tips on how to improve it.
                                  W11 1AN                            www.nutrition.org.uk/home
Tel: 020 7407 1002
                                  Tel: 020 7727 7684                 Lots of information about healthy
Brixton Market
                                  Seven Sisters Market               eating, energy and nutritional
Brixton, London, SW9
                                  231, High Rd, London, N15 5BT      requirements.
Camden Market                     Tel: 020 8802 1970
54-56 Camden Lock Place,                                             www.5aday.nhs.uk/living/
                                  Shepherds Bush Market              Information.aspx
Chalk Farm Rd, London, NW1 8AF
                                  Arch 185, Railway Approach,        NHS site promoting the
Tel: 020 7284 2084
                                  London, W12 8DG                    five-a-day message.
Elephant & Castle Market          Tel: 020 8743 5089
Unit 240, Shopping Centre,                                           Safety at home
                                  Tooting Market                     www.capt.org.uk/activity/
Elephant & Castle, London,
                                  21, High St, London, SW17 2JE      default.htm
                                  Tel: 020 8672 4760                 Child Accident Prevention Trust.
Tel: 020 7708 2313
                                                                     Information and statistics as well
Greenwich Market                  Pick your own Farms
                                                                     as downloadable quiz and activity
11a, Greenwich Market,            Heathfield Farm                    sheets.
London, SE10 9HZ                  Coombe Lane, Croydon,
Tel: 020 8293 3110                                                   www.belfastcity.gov.uk/
                                  CR0 5RH
Jubilee Market Hall               Tel: 020 8657 7890
                                                                     Interactive game to play
1, Tavistock St, Covent Garden,   Parkside Farm                      with children.
London, WC2E 7PG                  Hadley Rd, Enfield, EN2 8LA
Tel: 020 7836 2139                Tel: 020 8367 2035
Merton Abbey Mills                                                   FURTHER RESOURCES
Watermill Way, London,            Farmers’ Markets
SW19 2RD                          London Farmers’ Markets            Family Health Folder
Tel: 020 8543 9608                London, N1 7WB                     Materials for embedded learning.
                                  Tel: 020 7704 9659                 Available from DfES Publications.
Nags Head Market
                                                                     Tel: 0845 60 222 60
22, Seven Sisters Rd,
                                                                     Quote ref Embedded/FH
London, N7 6AG
                                                                     ISBN 1-84478-281-6
Tel: 020 7607 3527
What you eat     Fruit and    Cereals, bread, pasta, Milk, eggs, cheese,    Meat, poultry, fish   Biscuits, chocolate,
                 vegetables   rice, potatoes         butter, yoghurt and                          butter, fatty foods
                                                     other dairy products

Total portions

Name for your meal

Ingredients needed (including measurements and quantities)

Equipment needed

Method (including cooking times and temperatures)
Why not create your own wordsearch
by choosing words and filling in the
grid opposite
You can find answers to some of the games in the cookbook below

Fruity anagrams
1. tomato                11. apple
2. mango                 12. grapes
3. lemon                 13. lettuce
4. strawberry            14. potato
5. lime                  15. greens
6. carrot                16. melon
7. celery                17. beetroot
8. cauliflower           18. kiwi
9. peach                 19. corn
10. banana               20. mushroom

Cross off the words as you find them in the wordsearch.

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