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									 In its original concept – College profiles
 Short easy to understand videos on the
  selecting the right college/university
 Need a distribution channel

 Approached Comcast to do a test over VOD
  platform in Philadelphia (Eastern Region)
 Colleges reluctant to pay for production and
  hosting over VOD
 Leveraged assets just to do the test - any
  college that had a video
 Branded with @College identity
                           a success!!!!
   18 Colleges and Universities participate
   High viewer interest in a hard to find location
   Great numbers – 5,000 viewers a month
   Expanded markets – Expanded test period
   Viewing trends

So what happened?

 Competing with Searchlight
 To costly to keep on VOD - Comcast wanted money to
  host content
 Penn State – Main Campus only one that would
  consider the high costs associated with hosting
                           on the web.
   Commercialization grant from Ben Franklin
    Technology Partners
   MBA candidates create subscription model
     Hard to convince that viewers would pay just to watch
      content – that they could watch for free on HEI sites
   Self-funded
   Site geared toward College bound students and
    their families as well as adult students
   Video content in centralized location
   Programming using @College produced videos
    and curated video from Magnify.net feeders
                     vs      YouTube
Comparison of Views (over the same 4 month period)

                          Posted on @College

                          Views: 158

                          Posted on You Tube

                          Views: 15
 Targeted business strategy
 Creating a strong respectable brand
 Owning a distribution channel
 More revenue streams
   Production
   Distribution
   Advertising
   Syndication

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